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  • No Missed Tackles

    I may be wrong but I personally did not see any missed tackles.The LBs did a great job of finishing there tackles and not letting the RB get any more yardage and the secondary did a great job of wrapping up the recievers,this is a very welcome change from last years terrible tackling I am very impressed with our new revamped D but I will hold judgement for a while longer untill I see this week in week out and its not just week 1 exuberance and hype.

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    Re: No Missed Tackles

    There were some miscues on the D line to let Denver run for a few big ones. But there were no missed open field tackles none at all.


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      Re: No Missed Tackles

      Pretty sure Corey Chavous missed a big one open field on a long Denver run, actually. But they seemed to be few and far between.


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        Re: No Missed Tackles

        There were a few. One that comes to mind was Adeyanju missing a Sack. But he got pressure everytime he was in the game.

        Man, OJ was laying some wood today, nothing noticeable but definately let recievers know on the sidelines that he was there.


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          Re: No Missed Tackles

          Originally posted by Rip32 View Post
          I may be wrong but I personally did not see any missed tackles.The LBs did a great job of finishing there tackles and not letting the RB get any more yardage and the secondary did a great job of wrapping up the recievers,this is a very welcome change from last years terrible tackling I am very impressed with our new revamped D but I will hold judgement for a while longer untill I see this week in week out and its not just week 1 exuberance and hype.
          It's all Attitude! This is the Defense I hoped would show up. this is haslett football at it's best! although i must disagree with the missed tackles. We had at least three plays that broke down due to missed tackles, the fact that they did not score was due to the support our secondary gave each other. :r


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            Re: No Missed Tackles

            nok missed tackles like last year though for sure... no mike furrey mess ups for sure...


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            • realchamp11
              Last years Defense
              by realchamp11
              Was last years defense horrible cause or Larry Maine (or how ever you spell it), or was it because of the players we had, or was it a combo. of both

              -03-16-2006, 09:21 PM
            • HornIt
              HornItís Rams vs. Raiders review Ė The Revenge of Chris Johnson
              by HornIt
              Yes folks itís true. The thing you never, ever, thought could possibly happen, happened.

              Rams castoff Chris Johnson, the guy who stepped out of bounds on the Rams own 1 yard line on a kickoff return the first time he ever touched the ball as a Ram, made the Rams pay dearly Saturday night for their decision to set him adrift in the NFL sea of uncertainty. Well, he hooked on with the Raiders and haunted the Rams much of the night, be it with his excellent coverage or his TD saving big plays such as knocking the ball out of Fitzharvardís hands as he was driving for the goal line and through the back of the end zone.

              This was just sort of the way the entire night went. Nothing much went right. What could go wrong did go wrong. Even what we thought couldnít go wrong, such as Johnson getting his revenge, went wrong.

              Funny thing though is, after digesting my first viewing of the game and then watching it again on NFLN this afternoon, maybe not as much actually went wrong as I thought it did initially, and as a lot of people thought it did initially. At least, not as many fundamentally bad things came out of the game as it first appeared.

              This would seem to give credence to the age old adage, never do game analysis after only one emotionally invested viewing of the game. You may just see things much differently after youíve had a chance to get over the original disappointment of the results not being exactly what you were hoping for. Thatís what happened to me this time anyway.

              Watching it all again, really only two things stuck out in my mind as being responsible for how bad things appeared on first viewing last night. Those two things were penalties and Bulger, in that order.

              The key play in every Raiders scoring drive was some kind of key penalty, and not just any old penalty, but big, huge, game changing penalties. 10 penalties for 157 yards, and the worst thing about that is, several of them truly were completely bogus calls. But even if they werenít, itís better news than the initial news that they simply got their butts whooped. That actually didnít happen.

              Additionally, contrary to the popular narrative thus far, they were not conservative on offense and they did actually show quite a bit of their passing game, and they were making a concerted effort to go vertical and get the ball downfield. The thing is, they (mostly Bulger in this case) just didnít execute.

              Think of 44 passes and 17 rushes, averaged 13 yards per completion and does that sound conservative to you? Does that sound like they didnít open up at least a little? The problem on offense last night was not a lack of imagination, it was a lack of execution.

              So, letís take a look at it.


              Initially I thought the O-line played fairly poorly, but on second...
              -08-25-2007, 07:25 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              JL More Than Holding His Own Among Rookie LBs
              by AvengerRam_old
              While many others have noted this, it bears repeating that the play of James Laurinaitis continues to be one of the bigger bright spots of this otherwise dismal season.

              Here's how he matches up with some of the "big name" LBs from this year's draft (all but Rey Maualuga were drafted before JL).

              James Laurinaitis
              40 tackles
              31 solo tackles
              2 passes defended
              1 interception
              1 fumble recovery

              Brian Cushing
              39 tackles
              22 solo tackles
              .5 sacks
              1 safety

              Aaron Curry
              32 tackles
              29 solo tackles
              2 sacks
              2 forced fumbles

              Rey Maualuga
              22 tackles
              15 solo tackles
              2 sacks
              2 forced fumbles

              Brian Orakpo
              15 tackles
              11 solo tackles
              2.5 sacks

              Clay Matthews
              7 tackles
              4 solo tackles
              1 sack
              1 forced fumble
              1 fumble recovery
              1 TD
              -10-12-2009, 08:13 AM
            • Nick
              Some observations
              by Nick
              -Talk about a defensive match-up. Neither offense looked great today, but the Bears's offense made more of their opportunities than the Rams did and certainly made more plays defensively.

              -Sam Bradford didn't get much help out there today, specifically with dropped passes in the first half. But he also exhibited some bad habits of holding onto the ball too long and throwing into some dangerous situations. Still, his issues were more a symptom of the offense's larger problems.

              -There was nothing to really speak of in the running game today. The occasional decent run was outnumbered by short sputters that Chicago stopped quickly. Steven Jackson fought through a groin injury to average 2.6 yards per carry. Richardson showed better speed and should be in the mix more, but that's hard to do when the offense fails to sustain drives.

              -This is the Brandon Gibson Rams fans are more used to seeing. The early game drop on the deep left sideline pass was inexcusable. The Rams desperately needed some receivers to get open and make plays, but it wasn't happening. Chicago didn't get the memo that they were supposed to play soft zones all day like Washington did.

              -The offensive line, gosh what can you say? Quinn Ojinnaka shouldn't be starting in the National Football League. I suspect there was a reason he was cut the first time this season, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams did it again. He looked awful today in both run and pass blocking. Barry Richardson had some moments he'd like to forget as well. Even Harvey Dahl had disappointing moments. Maybe it's an obvious point that applies to every NFL team, but it's one that needs to be restated after a game like today - the Rams' success in 2012 will largely depend on how well or how poorly the offensive line plays on any given Sunday.

              -Defensively, I thought the Rams played about as well as you'd like considering how long they were on the field. They allowed only one offensive touchdowns, made some nice stands when it mattered, came up with another interception and should have had at least one more. They apparently go down in history as the first team to force Jay Cutler into having two bad games back to back, something we were told never happens (sorry, had to!). Bush had some nice runs but his overall production was very average.

              -The defensive line did not get as much pressure as I would have liked, considering what the Packers were able to do to this OL unit last week. Having said that, Cutler wasn't exactly sitting back in a comfortable pocket all day, either. Chris Long looks poised for another big year; he came into this game among the lead leaders in hurries, and added his first two sacks of the season. Quinn had to be chipped and held at times to keep him at bay. Still waiting for more push up the middle.

              -Maybe the bad is just standing out in my head more than the good, but I thought this linebacker unit...
              -09-23-2012, 01:49 PM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Rams' Infinite Analysis: Game 1 vs. Carolina
              by RamsInfiniti
              I'll take a first crack at this. I've calmed down, watched the game for a second time, and here is what I can make of all of it. The sky might not be falling yet:

              Quarterbacks - Grade D: I'm not quite sure what is wrong with Bulger, but he looked pretty much the same he did all preseason: average. I was going to write a post earlier about how I felt something was wrong with his mechanics, but I passed, so I'll talk about it now. It seems he isn't getting planted in the pocket and he is releasing alot of passes off his back foot. He looked OK in the first half, but his timing is off and he's probably 50% of passes by 1-2 yards. That misfire to Bruce on 3rd down was awful. He got progressively worse as the game progressed and he looked a tad rattle after getting smacked around a few times. The loss of Pace definitely affect any rhythm he had, as I'm sure he was worried about his backside all day. He did make a few nice runs and hung in there well, trying his best not to show the pain from a few hits he took. On a sidenote, there was not one pass attempt over 30 yards all game.

              Running Backs - Grade F: I think this game is proof enough why you don't rest guys like Jackson in the offseason. After a few strong runs early, Jackson had what I believe is his worst game as a Ram. The two fumbles took away any momentum we had and were a decisive factor in losing this game. After the second, his confidence was clearly reduced to nothing. He only had one reception, albeit he made a nice diving attempt to grab a misfired flare sideline flare route by Bulger. Maybe he can quit worrying about 2500 yards and get back to business against the *****. Leonard was a non-factor, catching a few balls out the backfield. No creativity at all. Hedgecock did a great job, as usual, as the lead blocked. He busted open a few huge holes for Jackson early.

              Wide Receivers - GRADE B-: This group didn't have a terrible day. I don't think we have to say anything about Torry. He looked fine. I saw Bruce open several times in seems, where Bulger either didn't see him or misfired, I.E. the third down incompletion. Dante Hall dropped a pass that might have led to a first down, but he had a pair of nice grabs, particularly the one out of the backfield. That was about the most creative play we ran all day. Nice to see Looker get involved with a few short grabs. Unfortunately, it didn't look like we tried to stretch the field at all, the entire game. We desperatetly need Bennett in the lineup as a the 3rd down target, and someone from this group is going to have to emerge as a deep threat. I know who that man is - Marques Hagans!

              Tight Ends - GRADE C-: You didn't hear a thing about this group the entire game, until McMichael made two grabs late in the game. They blocked adequately, but I a baffled at the lack of use of the games as passing targets. I saw McMichael open numerous times all game and he was...
              -09-10-2007, 07:33 AM