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    We as Rams fans have been spoiled at times by one of the best offensive minds in the game. In my opinion Martz has some of the best plays ever yet he lacks continuity. The 3-5 step drop that made his team famous was replaced by 5-7 with his qb usually getting killed. The front office fealt like it was time to change and they did. He left behind a offensive legacy that was stained by madness. There is alot to learn from the Rams offensive regime and hopefully Linehan does just that.

    The Rams have Holt one of the best in the league at WR. Then there is best route runner in NFL history Issac Bruce. When you add in the super Fast Curtis you have weapons that teams just dont see very often. Not to Mention we have a Moose of TE that is just a huge target(I know he is a Rookie). Then you have an extremely accurate Bulger throwing to these guys. Factor that in with the threat the SJ can break one at any time and we should have a top tier offense.

    The offensive line though at the moment is shakey and already has been hit with an injury. Bulger will face pressure and The Rams are gonna have to limit the play calls at times with max protection schemes. Or they could start using quick drop pass plays that limit the time defense has to react. I think one of the greatest things that can be learned from Martz is how effective quick drops can be when you have the weapons. Its a shame that he abandoned it in the first place. I really want to see quick slants and little 5 yard outs. A couple more screens would have been nice as well. Get the ball out of Bulgers hand and into the receivers hands.They make plays that is their job.

    Im not asking for Martz ball, I want to see more balance and less flinging the ball around then we have in the previous years. The thing is I think Linehan yesterday showed us balance on the drives but not in the red zone. This was a problem Martz had in the Red zone as well. Kind of a "Lets try to outsmart the d instead of pound their d." When you start from the 3 yard line you pound once twice 3 times a lady hell even 4 times if you have too. I say use Davis like the Steelers used Bettis if you dont want SJ doing the carrying inside the 5 (something I do not understand by the way.) Coach those little pass plays intended for the TE or RB off the goalline work alot better when you are not facing extremely fast linebackers. Sorry for the smart alec routine but that play really pissed me off.

    I like the balanced attack. I like the commitment to the run.We just need that commitment in the zone too. We will have to get this passing game going If we want to put up some points though. I would give the play calling a d minus yesterday. They really did not work the middle of the field very much. I like the direction I like the focus but you have to be a little bit wild at times on both sides of the ball not just defense. Open up the playbook in the open field please.

    Great win in a grinder. Im very happy about the game. The above story was the one problem area I saw and I think it could just be nerves. There is times when you will play too conservative. The first home game as a head coach is probably on that list of times. Overall I like Linehan I think he has this team motivated and they all seem to beleive in him. That is a hard thing to gain so quickly especially when replacing a Coach that helped get a franchise its first ring.
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    Re: Play Calling -Offense

    love the commentary you hit the playcalling miscues right on the head. Our red zone offense has been horrible the past 3 years and something has to give in the play calling. When there is only 20 yards to go, linehan cant overthink as martz did and call crazy pass happy plays but just run the rock, play a little smashmouth football down there... if you look at all the touchdowns in the redzone yesterday by other teams expect for maybe the cards( kurt;s back at it again) they were hard nosed, hard fought runs by mike bell, frank gore, edge james, fred taylor, etc... we need to let stevie do his thing in the red zone...


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      Re: Play Calling -Offense

      Great post, LaRamsFanLongTime. Was their any "drives" until the end of the game? I did not see the entire game but most of it and I would agree with everything you stated except my grade for the playcalling was F+.

      Like your post states a balanced gameplan will keep the D on their heels even in the redzone. You can have your balanced attack without ramming the run but intelligently calling run plays when the D thinks you are going to throw those 5 yard slants, quick drops etc.

      Our RZ OF looked even worse than the last three or four years. Miami's OF was pretty boring last year too so watch out ...

      Nerves, well un you are just being nice. Remember the pre games our offense stunk!
      Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!


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        Re: Play Calling -Offense

        Was their any "drives" until the end of the game?
        The first drive of the game for the Rams took up 7 mins and 46 sec. The longest after that was 5 mins 36 in the 4th which really helped drain the clock.


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          Re: Play Calling -Offense

          FLT, a well dedicated, nicely thought out and written commentary.

          Scott Linehan's very first NFL game as HC. At home. New players. New football mentality. Starting center injured in game. We need to settle down, gel, focus!

          Yes, we still have much of that Martzenian legacy in and around the offense, at least "in spirit". Namely: Bulger, Bruce, Holt, Curtis, the 'Steven Jackson Project' and a couple of the OL stalwart members or three.

          By all means, we could have, should have scored at least ONE TD! But, alas, as noted since yesterday during and after the game, it seems that Coach Linehan played it extremely conservatively, all the way to having Bulger take the knee during the last few minutes of the game [rather than having Jackson take a shot at the end zone to what could have, should have, enhanced his production for the day; or even allowing Money and friends to hit a 7th FG].

          Not a spectacular finish, for sure. And the failure to score one single TD was already beginning to take the form of a burden. Now it is nothing less than a full fledge challenge. Yet another reason why it would have been so meaningful and substantial to get a 7 pointer in lieu of a 3 yesterday.

          Absolutely. Considering all those weapons and former forte we once enjoyed as an offense not too long ago, our victory over the Broncos can be viewed as odd and somwhat tentative, even timid!

          Say what? The RAMS OFFENSE TIMID?!? :O

          That's okay. Lets not forget, meanwhile, that this was a CRITICAL, first-game win, thanks to a revamped Ram D that came in to play some serious football. Thank you, Coach Haslett. You and your D delivered.

          I think Bulger must have been tossing over and over in bed last night, mentally seeing one or two of his receivers celebrating a TD. Rest assured, nonetheless, that the entire Rams offense will be...

          a) Working on reality, on practicing those red zone situations to the point of...
          b) Functional and practical perfection until they can...
          c) Truly feel comfortable and confident of scoring touch-downs on many more opportunities this season.

          Untill they can achieve all that, even in their sleep.

          GO RAMS OFFENSE!
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            You make the call
            by Guest
            Maybe we should poll this. How many would have challenged.

            Lets say the other team kicks off to your team and one of your ST bone heads steps out at the one you don’t have the advantage to see it on TV but regardless you think it was the right call would you challenge it. (Please read the following before jumping to conclusions on what should be done).

            The challenge slows things down and the offense does not have to rush out on to the field cold and start at their own one when the 9ers D is all pumped up because they get to start the game with the team pinned at the one yard line. As a coach I might do that to start a game to calm every one down make the other teams players that might not have got a good look at it set there and wonder and take some of their momentum away. If I did that I don’t think I would come out and tell the media I was trying to take their momentum away and slow down the game because I would not want my team thinking I did not believe in them rushing out there pinned at the one and making the right decision.

            What if that team came out after the challenge poised and drove the ball down the field? Or what if the team would have not taken the timeout rushed onto the field against a pumped up defense and an offense thinking they had to do too much and they fumbled it or thrown an INT it would have been 7-0 9ers on the first play.

            Maybe a coach just wants a timeout to talk it over because a fumble, sack, INT, or failed run would turn into points for the defense. If you are going to call a timeout to talk it over why not challenge the play if you are going to burn a time out anyway.

            I don’t know why any one would even question it really its not like its 3rd quarter and the team is down wasting timeouts foolishly. Maybe if the defense is pumped up and offense is down the defense gets a score if you don’t take the timeout. That timeout costs nothing and maybe even helps.

            We came out of it and marched the ball down the field.

            I would challenge.
            -09-17-2005, 06:55 AM
          • psycho9985
            What do you think about becoming a westcoast O
            by psycho9985
            The weastcoast offence was originated in Cleaveland,so it should have been named the Great lakes Offence.

            It was resurected by Bill Walsh in 1979 much to the woe of the Rams and the NFL in general,IMO.

            It has turned out a number of SB trophies.

            The question is;are you alright with this,or are you Mad.

            There are a lot of Ram fans who dont want it(myself included) since Martz's offence showed it self to be superior why would we change?or is westcoast as close as linehan can come to it?
            -03-06-2006, 10:29 PM
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            This Offense Would Be Better If We Actually Threw The Ball
            by Guest
            I mean, here we were 0-2 going into Seattle. I THOUGHT we'd open up the offense and pass more. That was why I originally posted that we'd pull out a close one. Then I saw Saunders tell everyone "were gonna run Jackson more". SO I then turned that game into a huge loss. See, you and I, we see what everyone else see's. That this team has little defense so your offense better be moving the ball and scoring to stand a chance. Just a chance.

            However this coaching staff still insists on forcing the run on early downs with lame-ass toss sweeps repeatedly. Forcing 3rd down after 3rd down. Why would you want to force an ever struggling offense into more and more 3rd downs!? This is Linehan ball, pure and simple. It's the same insanity we saw last year, and were seeing it again regardless of the offensive coordinator. This is the kind of offense you might run with a great offensive line, stable of running backs and a great defense. However we have none of those things.

            This team could be better if the gameplan were openned up more, I have no doubt about that. They'd at least be more competitive and our opponents would not have it so easy out there to just load up the box on early downs and wait for the inevitable pass on 3rd and 6.

            The commentators during the Seattle game kept using the phrase "baffling" when referencing why we kept running the ball so much when were down that much. What alternate universe are we in, where a coach can have such a lame gameplan of defeat and still remain coach?

            Putting Trent Green in, will only help if he is able to actually throw the ball to SETUP THE RUN. Otherwise we'll continue to get blown out.

            If we try that 50/50 run balance, we'll get killed. We should be running about 40% of the time to open the run game up more and spread teams out with the pass. That would work, that's why were not doing it.

            I am simply amazed at how bad our playcalling/gameplan is. So what difference does it make who our qb is, if he's going to be put in the same ridiculous 3rd down's continuously?
            -09-23-2008, 12:23 PM
          • RamsInfiniti
            Just don't know what to think ....
            by RamsInfiniti
            Wow, what a way to lose a game. It took me all night to get over this one, and not that it really had a profound effect on our season, as 3-8 and having to win out just to have even a minute shot at the playoffs, isn't a whole lot to be excited about. But after seeing the ***** light up the Cards and knowing that at 3-8 we could have been 3 games back is a little hard to swallow considering we have two games coming up we should win before we hit a rough part of our schedule ...

            All that said, I can't believe we blew that game yesterday. Everyone can point the finger at Linehan all you want, but the real fault he had in losing the game yesterday was having Frerotte as our backup quarterback. He is absolutely terrible, and I have pointed this out after every game he's played in. He's a career 54% passer: he would be just fine if he played in the late 80's and early 90's. However, today's game is all about being a smart, accurate QB and Gus is not that. The blame solely falls on his shoulder's for the following:

            1. Inability to get the ball in the endzone with 1st and goal.
            2. Inability to hit a wide open Bruce on the play where DPI was called on the final drive. He was still wide open, and a good pass goes for 6.
            3. Inability to hit a wide open Bruce from five yards out with no pressure at all. He hits this pass, and we are all rejoicing at this point. No way our D lets the Hawks take this game if the O could come through.
            4. The fumbled snap

            Gus also missed on so many passes today that we easy conversions. He's slow and he is no better at getting rid of the ball than Bulger is. He's terrible and has no business in the NFL at this point in his career ...

            With all that said, I don't know what to say about Linehan. Latest rumor I hear is (per Glazer) is that he is coming back next year if he is willing to accept the introduction of a GM. I don't know if Linehan can right this ship next year. I don't think we've gotten an honest, baseline view of what he is capable of. He has proven in the past that he knows how to manage an offense. He fielded an explosive offense in Minnesota, and made alot out of a little in Miami. Everything looked up at the end of last season: the injuries have shattered us this year ...

            Before we discuss Linehan, the sad part about him potentially getting fired would be the loss of Jim Haslett. Yes, Haslett was a terrible head coach in New Orleans, but boy is he starting to click with this defense. Despite the absolutely horrible offense performances and consistent turning over of the ball, we are fielding a defense that is ranking 15th in the league. We are giving up 109 YPG on the ground, for 4.0 YPC, a HUGE improvement over last yield. Our pass defense is 12th in the league, 5th in the league with 59.2% completion against, and top third with a QB rating of 83.3 against. They play with passion all game long, and fight...
            -11-26-2007, 08:29 AM
          • RamWraith
            Offense Looking for Red Zone Rhythm
            by RamWraith
            Monday, September 11, 2006

            By Nick Wagoner
            Senior Writer

            Given a day and a film session to review his team’s continued inability to put the ball in the end zone, Rams coach Scott Linehan likened the offense’s touchdown struggles to a slumping baseball player.

            “I liken it to last week, watching the Yankees play, I think A-Rod (shortstop Alex Rodriguez) hadn’t had a hit in 22 or 23 at bats,” Linehan said. “Then he got two hits in a row and they stopped talking about the hitless streak. I think we have just got to go in there and get it done and start a new streak and that is scoring down there.”

            Apparently, breaking that scoreless streak is easier said than done, though. Taking into account the preseason, the Rams’ first-team offense has now failed to score a touchdown on 23 possessions including the preseason.

            While the group hasn’t exactly sputtered in its overall performance, there has certainly been a glaring lack of touchdowns. The Rams posted 320 yards of offense against Denver, a respectable total considering the short field they often worked with.

            Running back Steven Jackson had 121 yards on 22 carries and quarterback Marc Bulger threw for 217 yards. So, it’s clear the Rams can move the ball, but a lingering issue remains the team’s inability to score when it gets in the red zone. That is, inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. St. Louis finished 19th in 2005 in the red zone with 24 touchdowns in 51 attempts.

            The Rams ventured inside Denver’s 20 on five occasions Sunday (the last of the five to take a knee to run the clock out) and came away empty each time.

            After moving the ball well on the first possession, driving 69 yards to Denver’s 7, the Rams settled for Jeff Wilkins’ 26-yard field goal. The defense got the ball right back, though, as linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa recovered a fumble on Denver’s 3 to give the Rams a prime opportunity for a touchdown.

            Jackson gained a yard on first down, setting up a play action pass call on second down. But a protection breakdown let the Broncos come at Bulger free up the middle. Bulger spun away and threw the ball away, but there was no receiver in the vicinity and Bulger was still in the pocket. He was flagged for grounding.

            Two plays and another penalty later and Wilkins missed from 44 yards away. Linehan said coming away with no points on that opportunity might have put a bit of a mental block on the offense.

            “That right there was more so than the drive before, the one that got us a little bit out of whack and got us a bit tight and tentative after that that we were snakebit or whatever,” Linehan said. “The natural tendency was to start pressing a little bit.”

            Whether it was pressing or poor execution, the offense failed to get the job done after that point despite a few good opportunities. It didn’t help that the Broncos...
            -09-12-2006, 04:51 AM