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My call with a former Rams player

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  • My call with a former Rams player

    Interesting story that i think might entertain the group. I consumated a business transaction this week with a former rams player who has asked to me not to reveal his identity. As a result, I cant disclose who it is, but i can tell you this story that i think you will all find interesting.

    i asked him about deacon jones, the allegedly unblockable one himself. He told me that taking nothing away from deacon, who was a fantastic pass rusher, a lot of the legend as to his play as an all around defensive end is hype. Bottom line, the deacon never played the run and he lined up further outside than any defensive end in the league.

    What was the key to deacons success as a pure pass rusher? Merlin Olsen, who was apparantly so quick and strong that he was able to stop the run on one entire side of the defensive line without any help at all from deacon. This freed deacon to focus solely on getting after the passer.

    I would love some input from some of our clanram brothers that watched the team in detail in the mid to late 60's and into the very early 70's on this matter. I would love to see some video tape of the old fearsome foursome, but really all you can get is some highlights, none of the old games from the 60's are available to the best of my knowledge.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: My call with a former Rams player

    Ok, so I'm guessing it's Rosie Grier or Lamar Lundy?

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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      Re: My call with a former Rams player

      Originally posted by general counsel
      I consumated a business transaction this week with a former rams player who has asked to me not to reveal his identity.
      I hope this "business" transaction wasn't with Darryl Henley.


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        Re: My call with a former Rams player

        I can assure you mr. bobblehead that the transaction was not consumated with the only currently known incarcerated Ram, Mr. Henley. Rumour has it that Mr. Henley is auditioning for a part in The Longest Yard, part 2.

        general counsel


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          Re: My call with a former Rams player

          I know that Wendel Tyler has a real estate business out in Palmdale (California).. I saw his adds in the yellow pages! (I realize he didn't play with these guys, but just some FYI).


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          • general counsel
            rams all time greats-defensive ends
            by general counsel
            While there are great debates in which to engage regarding our all time greats at various positions, i dont think defensive end is one of them. I believe it is indisputable that our two all time greatest defensive ends were jack youngblood and deacon jones. Deacon potentially qualifies among the five meanest and brutal players in the history of the game (butkus, lambert, maybe ray lewis or LT)

            Other notables over the years would include andy robustelli, larry brink and leonard little, but i think that youngblood and deacon stand alone.

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -10-24-2007, 07:37 PM
          • general counsel
            Great New Addition to Rams collection
            by general counsel
            I picked up a great item last night that i wanted to share with you guys. I bought Deacon Jones' last passport. It's really cool, but what makes it especially unique is that the signature inside is "David Deacon Jones" rather than Deacon Jones. I have dozens of Deacon signatures and did a lot of signings with him over the years, but i could never get him to sign the name David. This is likely the only known David Deacon Jones original signature that has been available on the open market in the last several years. This came directly from his family, the provenance is flawless.

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -05-15-2016, 09:43 AM
          • general counsel
            All time great rams team-the two easiest positions to name
            by general counsel
            Back by popular demand, more on my all time rams team.

            THe two easiest positions on the team are offensive tackle and defensive end.

            Offensive Tackle- Pace and Slater
            Defensive End- Youngblood and Deacon Jones

            I dont think that there can be any legitimate dispute over those selections as starters. As backups however, there is plenty of food for thought.

            My picks

            Offensive Tackle- Charlie Cowan, Eberle Schultz (other possibilities include Irv Pankey). I think Cowan (a 14 year rams and multiple all pro, along with Schulz (and all pro in the 1940's and the anchor of the 1945 championship teams offensive line) are the best backup choices (even though schulz only played three years for the rams, therefore meeting the bare minimum time of service requirement for the all time team).

            Defensive End. Leonard Little (superior pure pass rusher) and Larry Brink (first team all pro for the 1951 championship team). Others to consider include Andy Robustelli (who made the HOF, but whose best years were with the Giants), Fred Dryer and Lamar Lundy. I am sure many will mention wistrom, but i dont believe he was dominant enough to be in this group, although he was an excellent ram.

            Comments invited.

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -02-22-2010, 10:37 AM
          • RamWraith
            Q&A with former Rams DE Deacon Jones
            by RamWraith
            By Dan Arkush
            Jan. 27, 2005

            Widely considered one of the most dominating defensive
            linemen in NFL history, David "Deacon" Jones reached
            his peak as a member of the Los Angeles Rams' famed
            "Fearsome Foursome" along with fellow Hall of Famer
            Merlin Olsen, Roosevelt Grier and Lamar Lundy.

            The 6-5, 260-pound Jones is credited with adding the
            term "sack" to the NFL lexicon. A nine-time Pro
            Bowler, including seven straight berths with the Rams
            from 1964 to 1970, Jones unofficially recorded a
            team-best 159 sacks with the Rams and 173 for his
            career. He had seven seasons with double-digit sacks,
            including an unofficial league-record 26 in 1967 (the
            NFL began keeping sacks as an official statistic in
            1982), and also became the first defensive lineman to
            record 100 solo tackles in a single season.

            Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1980,
            Jones played with the Rams from 1961 to '71 and then
            with the Chargers in 1972-73 and Redskins in 1974. He
            was a unanimous All-Pro selection five consecutive
            years and was selected to the NFL's 75th Anniversary
            team in '94.

            PFW: (Longtime L.A. football writer) Bob Oates told me
            you came up with your own nickname. How did you settle
            on the name 'Deacon'?

            Jones: Well, you know the business and what makes it
            tick. I fell in love with football as a little kid,
            and it was all I ever wanted to do my entire life. I
            wanted to be the best, but I had a difficult road to
            hoe. In 1961 when I came into the league, there were
            only a few positions black players could even qualify
            for. There were a lot of obstacles, but I was born
            with a little touch of publicity in me, and a
            businessman I met suggested to me that I needed a
            nickname. I knew he was right when I looked in the
            L.A. phone book and saw a million guys named David
            Jones. But then one day I just happened to be looking
            at the Rams' press guide and saw the name 'Deacon' Dan
            Towler, who happened to be one helluva fullback. The
            name 'Deacon' just clicked. I just started signing
            everything with that name, and you guys (the media)
            did the rest.

            PFW: Talk about how 'The Fearsome Foursome' came

            Jones: When I came to the Rams, the team had a lot of
            problems. Early on we were getting our brains beaten
            in. Luckily for me, one of the coaches (Harland Svare)
            wanted to build a defensive line. Lamar Lundy was
            already there, and I was the second guy. Then in 1962
            the Rams made one of their best draft picks ever when
            they selected Merlin (Olsen). He was this smart, white
            Phi Beta Kappa guy, but for some reason, he and I hit
            -01-31-2005, 10:32 AM
          • RamWraith
            Which Ram player is the greatest of all time
            by RamWraith
            If we can do a Rams team of all time, who alone was the best player the Rams had and could carry a team. Not your favorite, but the best :tongue:

            Offense -
            Defense -
            -06-23-2004, 07:18 AM