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2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

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  • 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

    Last year I hit the nail right on its proverbial head and called the season for our St Louis Rams right down to the wire. I will once again put my meager brain cells to work and let’s see what comes out.

    Week One

    Arizona Cardinals at St Louis Rams
    Sunday, Sep. 12

    The Rams open at home in the “Ed” and should put the Cardinals to the wall. I see the Cardinals as a far better team this year with their new Head Coach Green. But this will be a building year for them and it will take Green more than one season to take this franchise out of the cellar. Rams Win: 1-0

    Week Two

    St Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons
    Sunday, Sep. 19

    The Rams go on the road for a match up with Vick and his motley crew. This is one of my 50 – 50 games but I will put my neck on the line here and mark the Rams down for a win in a squeaker. Rams Win; 2-0

    Week Three

    New Orleans Saints @ St Louis Rams

    Sunday, Sep. 26

    Right, its about time we met up with our old buddies from the west. We remind them what they have been missing and quickly stomp on them. This is also the ClanRam Bash so we have a lot to look forward to. Rams Win: 3-0

    Week Four

    St Louis Rams @ San Francisco Whiners

    Sunday, Oct. 3 Sunday night game.

    The whiners will be a bad team this year but I get the uneasy feeling it wont be at this game. The whiners will keep this game close but will still come out losers. Rams Win: 4-0

    Week Five

    St Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Sunday, Oct. 10

    This will be a premier match up of two very good teams. It will also be the Rams first loss of the season. Rams Loose: 4-1

    Week Six

    Tampa Bay Bucs @ St Louis Rams

    Monday, Oct. 18

    Rams will loose, what can I say. They just don’t play well under the spotlight. A two game loosing streak and the Rams Nation will be up in arms. Rams Loose: 4-2

    Week Seven

    St Louis Rams @ Miami Dolphins

    Sunday, Oct. 24

    Going into the open week and the Rams are reeling with a two game loosing streak. Will they turn it around? Away from home against the Dolphins. Mmmmm, this is another 50 – 50 game for me but I am going to say. Rams Loose: 4-3

    Week Eight

    Open Week

    Week Nine

    New England Patriots @ St Louis Rams

    Sunday, Nov. 7

    Man, we just come off a 3 game loosing streak then have to suffer a by week and to top it all the Rams Nation is about to implode on itself. What the hell will happen against out SuperBowl nemeses? I will tell you what will happen. We will take them apart. Rams Win: 5-3

    Week Ten

    Sunday, Nov. 14

    Seattle Seahawks @ St Louis Rams

    Seattle Seahawks come to the Ed and go out again with their tails firmly placed between those chicken legs. Rams Win: 6-3

    Week Eleven

    Sunday, Nov. 21

    St Louis Rams @ Buffalo Bills.

    This is another one of my 50 – 50 games and I am really up in the air about this game. Something tells me would could trip up hear and I am going to go with my gut. Rams Loose: 6-4

    Week Twelve

    St Louis Rams @ Green Bay Packers

    Monday, Nov. 29

    Another mouth watering game for the Rams and a Monday night game against a team that we have had the measure of for some time. Only problem is that its been at our home and not at theirs. But you know what, RamDez gut has a good feeling for this game. Rams Win: 7-4

    Week Thirteen

    San Francisco Whiners @ St Louis Rams.

    Sunday, Dec. 5

    Whiners reeling and stagger into the Ed. They leave on their backside as the Rams Stomp all over them. Rams Win: 8-4

    Week Fourteen

    St Louis Rams @ Carolina Panthers.

    Ouch. A game away from home in December against a team the knocked us out of the SuperBowl race. Rams Win: 9-4

    Week Fifteen
    St Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

    Sunday, Dec. 19

    Rams starting to feel good about themselves and this game only makes them feel better. Rams Nation is still in denial over Warner but they start to rally late as the Rams make it 2 against our ***** Boy Green. Rams Win: 10-4

    Week Sixteen

    Philadelphia Eagles @ St Louis Rams

    Monday, Dec. 27

    Eagles come to town, try to take over the Ed but fail in a miserable fashion. Rams Win: 11-4

    Week Seventeen

    New York Jets @ St Louis Rams

    Sunday, Jan. 2

    Chuckle. The Jets will be a good team this season but the Rams are on a roll and we will show the NFL that we are a Power House. Rams Win: 12-4

    Well there you have it. Rams will win 12 games this season. Rams Nation will go through the usual trauma as the Rams have a mid season slump and the by week will come at a cruel time for them. Giving the Nation a extra week to rip themselves apart. Still, they will rally around in the closing stretch apart from the usual suspects.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

    Aye Right!


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      My breakdown

      Wk 1 vs. Arizona: WIN. Arizona is making some strides, but like Dez said, it'll be a while before they're really competitive.

      Wk 2 @ Atlanta: LOSS. Honestly, I don't think our defense will be able to contain a healthy Vick, especially now that he has more targets. This could be a shoot out, but I think Atlanta wins at home.

      Wk 3 vs. New Orleans: WIN. I don't expect much from the Saints this season, and I think Aaron Brooks is overrated.

      Wk 4 @ San Fran: WIN. The ***** should begin looking forward to their first overall pick of the 2005 draft. ;)

      Wk 5 @ Seattle: WIN. Remembering last season's game in Seattle, the Seahawks were able to win because of turnovers. The Rams were up 23-10 going into the fourth quarter. I think they can pull off a win this time around.

      Wk 6 vs TB: WIN. The Bucs have a strong defense, but they let guys like Sapp and Lynch walk. The Rams were able to win last season against a strong defense (Baltimore). This one may be ugly, but I think we can win it.

      Wk 7 @ Miami: WIN. If 'Wale does sit out, the defense is that much weaker. This is a 50-50 game, but I'll give the nod to the Rams since I'm a homer like that.

      Wk 9 vs New England: LOSS. While I'm hoping Bulger improves from last season, I don't think it'll be enough to have a great game against the Pats defense. Nor do I see our defense being enough to stop the NE offense. Unfortunately, I think we'll lose this one.

      Wk 10 vs Seattle: WIN. We'll sweep Seattle this season. I'm confident of it. *knocks on wood*

      Wk 11 @ Buffalo: WIN. Buffalo had a fairly good defense last season, but I don't think their offense is good enough to warrant a win here.

      Wk 12 @ Green Bay: LOSS. Rams in the cold at Lambeau. I hate to say it, but I don't think we'll come out with a win.

      Wk 13 vs San Fran: WIN. We'll sweep the Whiners as they continue marking off the days 'til April's draft.

      Wk 14 @ Carolina: WIN. We almost beat them here, and with a better run defense, we should be able to beat them there.

      Wk 15 @ Arizona: WIN. Sweep the Cards and we win the West.

      Wk 16 vs Philly: WIN. I think Philly's overrated, especially the defense. I'm hoping Bulger works wonders against a weakened secondary.

      Wk [email protected] NYJ: WIN. I'd like to see a win here, because I think our defense will be able to handle Pennington and the Jets.



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        Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

        Originally posted by DODRAM
        Aye Right!
        man that was some insightfully and interesting dissection of a thread ???

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

          I see the two most likely losses as at green bay and at seattle. I think we beat atlanta in week two, mainly because while i agree with nicks concern about controlling their offense, our defense is a lot better than theirs. Since i will be at that game proudly wearing the rams colors, i cant pick against us in that game.

          I agree with nick on 13-3, but i cant say for sure where loss #3 will come from. I worry about on the road against sf and arizona. SF is terrible, but they are always up for us and that game is right before the seattle game- a real trap game. Arizona will be much improved and wasnt bad at home last year anyway, so the road game in december coming right before the philly war at home is scary too.

          Health considerations aside, the key to home field advantage in the nfl playoffs is to beat the inferior teams home and road, beat the good teams at home, and split against the good teams on the road. That will get you 13-3, 12-4 at the worst. The trap games kill you every time if you dont watch out, ie see the detroit debacle last year.

          I think if we hope to win the superbowl, the two most important games on the schedule are seattle and philly at home. We really need to win both if we want home field throughout the playoffs. Notwithstanding the carolina game last year, i still like our chances anytime against anyone playing in the dome. Not saying we cant win on the road in the playoffs, but philly on the road in january is no fun.

          The seattle game on the road potentially has the most upside for us. If we beat them on the road, and i hope that nick is correct about that, it will be very, very tough for them to finish ahead of us in the division since i am very confident we will beat them at home, thereby giving us all the tiebreaker advantages.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel


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            Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

            I just love doing this. Problem is that my track record at this stuff really stinks. Bet against me, I'm most often wrong. But here goes.....

            Wk 1 vs. Arizona: WIN.

            Wk 2 @ Atlanta: Win.

            Wk 3 vs. New Orleans: Loss.

            Wk 4 @ San Fran: WIN.

            Wk 5 @ Seattle: Loss.

            Wk 6 vs TB: Loss.

            Wk 7 @ Miami: WIN.

            Wk 9 vs New England: Win.

            Wk 10 vs Seattle: WIN.

            Wk 11 @ Buffalo: WIN.

            Wk 12 @ Green Bay: Win.

            Wk 13 vs San Fran: WIN.

            Wk 14 @ Carolina: Loss.

            Wk 15 @ Arizona: WIN.

            Wk 16 vs Philly: WIN.

            Wk [email protected] NYJ: Loss.

            I guess that makes the Rams 11-5, winning the division. Into the playoffs we go.


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              Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

              Originally posted by RamDez
              Rams will loose, what can I say. They just don’t play well under the spotlight. A two game loosing streak and the Rams Nation will be up in arms. Rams Loose: 4-2
              Dez, I like everything you did except for this Tampa game. I just don't think we lose to this Buc team and certainly not in the Ed. This Buc team is too far removed from that SB team. Rams 13-3
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                Coy Bacon, week 17 is home vs. the jets, not on the road. does that change your view on the result of the game? By the way, i picked up a nice coy bacon autograph this week, its really cool.

                general counsel


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                  Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                  If we're at home against the Jets, I'd say we take it....

                  Rams 12-4

                  Did you get a chance to meet the real Coy Bacon?


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                    Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                    First of all, as far as I am concerned, YOU are the real coy bacon. The other guy just played for the Rams.....

                    No, i didnt meet him, if i had i would have asked him to sign one for you. I picked up an old signed rams item from the early 70's and his autograph was on it.

                    general counsel


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                      Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                      Originally posted by HUbison
                      Dez, I like everything you did except for this Tampa game. I just don't think we lose to this Buc team and certainly not in the Ed. This Buc team is too far removed from that SB team. Rams 13-3
                      HUbison, Yes I agree with you that the Bucs are just not the Bucs of resent time (caught myself there, I almost said the Bucs of old) But its the first Ram Mondya night game of the season and we will be coming off two tough divisional games. I am looking for a big let down and this will be it. Of coarse, if I am wrong and please the football gods that I am, then this will put a different slant on the rest of the season

                      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                        Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                        Heres my thoughts for the season

                        Wk 1 vs. Arizona: WIN.

                        Wk 2 @ Atlanta: WIN.

                        Wk 3 vs. New Orleans: WIN

                        Wk 4 @ San Fran: WIN.

                        Wk 5 @ Seattle: Loss.

                        Wk 6 vs TB: WIN

                        Wk 7 @ Miami: WIN. I hope we win this as I'm hoping to go

                        Wk 9 vs New England: WIN.

                        Wk 10 vs Seattle: WIN.

                        Wk 11 @ Buffalo: loss

                        Wk 12 @ Green Bay: loss.

                        Wk 13 vs San Fran: WIN.

                        Wk 14 @ Carolina: Loss.

                        Wk 15 @ Arizona: WIN.

                        Wk 16 vs Philly: WIN.

                        Wk 17 vs NYJ: WIN

                        That makes the Rams 12-4, and winning the division and on the road to the SUPERBOWL


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                          Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                          Dez, I've got to dissagree with you on the Tampa game.
                          1) The Bucs will be a mediocore team at best.
                          2) We have lost to them consistantly over the last 4 seasons. We are due.
                          3) Though it's Monday night, It's at home and the Rams do not loose at home during the regular season. (Hopefully the post season too)

                          My prediction is 13-3, Win the west as usual, Home field, Super Bowl Champs! :king:
                          JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                          "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                          Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                            Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                            I see the panthers as a loss so 11-5 for me.
                            The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                              Re: 2004 – RamDez puts it on the line

                              I have to admit, I have trouble ever predicting a Ram loss. However, for the sake of posterity and objectivity, I will make the following preseason picks.

                              Wk 1 vs. Arizona: WIN.

                              Wk 2 @ Atlanta: WIN.

                              Wk 3 vs. New Orleans: WIN

                              Wk 4 @ San Fran: WIN.

                              Wk 5 @ Seattle: WIN.

                              Wk 6 vs TB: WIN

                              Wk 7 @ Miami: WIN. (I'll be there!)

                              Wk 9 vs New England: WIN.

                              Wk 10 vs Seattle: WIN.

                              Wk 11 @ Buffalo: loss

                              Wk 12 @ Green Bay: loss.

                              Wk 13 vs San Fran: WIN.

                              Wk 14 @ Carolina: Loss.

                              Wk 15 @ Arizona: WIN.

                              Wk 16 vs Philly: WIN.

                              Wk 17 vs NYJ: WIN

                              Final Record: 13-3


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                                Blog: St. Louis Rams: Oddsmakers Have Rams Going 2-14
                                by MauiRam
                                By David Heeb May 10, 2012

                                The offseason brings hope to every team in the NFL. With free agency and the draft, every team gets a chance to fill in a few roster holes and hopefully get some injured players ready to start the new season healthy.

                                In April and May, hope springs eternal in the NFL. Right now, everybody is undefeated.

                                So today, we all think our team has a chance to make the playoffs. That's what we're supposed to think, because we're fans, right? We are supposed to believe that our struggling right tackle is finally going to be the player we thought he'd be when we used the No. 2 overall pick in the draft to take him. We are supposed to think that this coaching staff, and this new GM, aren't going to make the same mistakes as their predecessors.

                                But what about the people who make their money by being objective?

                                Today I came across this interesting article where Cantor Gaming has released betting odds for the NFL season. So forget what us fans think right now. For just a minute, let's "put our money where our mouth is" and see what the oddsmakers are saying.

                                Week 1: Rams @ Detroit, LOSS

                                Week 2: Rams vs. Washington, LOSS

                                Week 3: Rams @ Chicago, LOSS

                                Week 4: Rams vs. Seattle, LOSS

                                Week 5: Rams vs. Arizona, WIN

                                Week 6: Rams @ Miami, LOSS

                                Week 7: Rams vs. Green Bay, LOSS

                                Week 8: Rams vs. New England (game played in London), LOSS

                                Week 9: BYE

                                Week 10: Rams @ San Francisco, LOSS

                                Week 11: Rams @ NY Jets, LOSS

                                Week 12: Rams @ Arizona, LOSS

                                Week 13: Rams vs. San Francisco, LOSS

                                Week 14, Rams @ Buffalo, LOSS

                                Week 15, Rams vs. Minnesota, WIN

                                Week 16, Rams @ Tampa Bay, LOSS

                                Week 17: Because of uncertainty concerning which starters might suit up for the final week of the regular season, Week 17 lines were not available. So I'll call this one, Rams @ Seattle, LOSS.

                                So the bad news is, the oddsmakers are saying the Rams are going to go 2-14. The good news, they are also saying the Redskins are going to go 4-12.

                                Hey, at least the Rams will have two top-five picks, right?
                                -05-10-2012, 03:32 PM
                              • Guam rammer
                                The time to win is now!
                                by Guam rammer
                                With a win @ Denver and a surprising loss to SF we need to win our next 3 games against the Cards (1-1), lions
                                (0-2) and packers (0-2). Awe heck! it'd be nice to win all our games.
                                Our next 5 opponents after the above said will be Seattle, SD, KC, Seattle and Carolina. All are definately contenders for something in this league.
                                If we go into the Seattle game in week 6 @ 4-1, We'll be in good condition to battle for a share of the top spot of our division.
                                Arizona has tough contests against Atlanta, KC, and Chicago after this week, and SF also has tough games against philly, and KC comming up.
                                We will need the momentum going into the Seattle game, and 4-1 will be a great confidence booster. If we come
                                away with a win at Seattle and are at 5-1, we won't be out of the thick because then everyone will focus their attention on us and our next 4 opponents are capable of punching us in the mouth!! and amongst those 4 we get Seattle again, this time on their turf.
                                Seattles next 2 games are @ home against the Giants, and away against the Bears. They could come away w/ 2 wins, a win and a loss , or 2 losses(wishful). Then they get a bye week to rest up and plan against us. If the Rams are gonna to make a move, i think this time now is critical because The middle of our season looks brutal.
                                Planning ahead in the NFL isnt always a good thing and i'll admit i had us Destroying the 9ers last week, but who knows, anything can happen. Lets just hope it isnt 1-4.
                                I know, i know, 1 game at a time and the cards won't be an easy task but THESE 3 GAMES ARE CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF OUR TEAM!!
                                -09-20-2006, 04:14 PM
                              • ZiaRam
                                The Rams Will Make Playoff Party
                                by ZiaRam
                                by Alvin Reid

                                Reid is also a part-time weekend host with 101 ESPN on the 101 SportsLine program.
                                Last year I predicted that the St. Louis Rams would bounce back from an embarrassing 1-15 mark in 2009 and finish Steve Spagnuolo's second season as head coach at 8-8. I just didn't pick the record, I forecast what games would be won and lost.
                                Not only was I mocked locally, a couple of national bloggers got in on the fun.
                                Well, I've been spouting off that the Rams will win nine games this year in the regular season, and the 9-7 record will make them NFC West champs.
                                No one seems to be laughing this year. In fact some very wise football minds have the Rams winning 10 games, closing at 10-6.
                                I can't find that 10th win. I was off by one last year thanks to the season-ending setback at Seattle. Maybe I'll be off by one win again, but this time on the positive side.
                                Here we go!
                                Sept. 11: Eagles at Rams. The media will say the Rams shocked the world. I'll say that they had the right team in the right place at the right time. 1-0
                                Sept. 19: Rams at Giants. Monday Night Football! The Giants have injury problems, but lately the G-Men have been better early in the season than late. In a tight game, the Rams fall. 1-1
                                Sept. 25: Ravens at Rams. The smiles that graced the Edward Jones Dome after the Philly win will be frowns as Baltimore escapes with a win. It could very easily come in overtime. 1-2
                                Oct. 2: Redskins at Rams. While not a "must win," the Rams need to handle the Redskins and will. 2-2
                                Oct. 16: Rams at Packers. After a tough first-month schedule and bye week, the Rams head north to Green Bay. A loss awaits them, but the Packers don't blow out the Rams. 2-3
                                Oct. 23: Rams at Cowboys. The Rams could easily win this game. But Jason Garrett's team is vastly improved mentally over that of Wade Phillips' teams. 2-4
                                Oct. 30: Saints at Rams. New Orleans could represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. But the Saints will be wondering how they lost to St. Louis on the eve of Halloween. The Rams will have a big day on the ground. 3-4
                                Nov. 6. Rams at Cardinals. Kevin Kolb might put together a strong season with Larry Fitzgerald making the Pro Bowl. St. Louis is still better and wins on the road in the heat. 4-4
                                Nov. 13: Rams at Cleveland. This one scares me. Pat Shurmur can't wait to take on the offense he once directed. Rams should be clicking on both sides of ball by halfway point of season. In another possible overtime game, Rams win. 5-4
                                Nov. 20: Seahawks at Rams. Get ready for the big payback. A blowout. Rams rip Seattle to avenge the final-game loss that kept the Rams out of the playoffs. 6-4
                                Nov. 27. Cardinals at Rams. Another blowout win for the Rams. Playoff talk begins after the Seahawks win. It intensifies after the win over Arizona. 7-4
                                Dec. 4. Rams at *****. Winning at San Francisco is in the realm possibility. But Jim Harbaugh...
                                -09-08-2011, 01:11 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next
                                by Guest
                                What does this win mean? It means we are right in the hunt for the nfc west title and still have a real shot to have an elite season. We now have a huge tiebreaker advantage against seattle, and if we can beat them at home, we in effect have an enormous benefit as we will win the west in the event of a tie. Its also a division win, which i believe helps conference record and tiebreaker wise for both home field and other playoff positioning.

                                Its not just the huge road win against a quality team, its how we came back and won. There is no quit in this team and we will only continue to improve if we can stay healthy.

                                At this point, the real key is not to rest on our laurels, but to be able to carry the fourth quarter and OT performance into the next two games, tampa at home and miami on the road, two games that we have to win. 5-2 at the break is very competitive. I would absolutely hate to see us give it back with a subpar performance that leads to a loss against the two inferior teams coming up.

                                The new orleans loss eliminates any margain for error at this point, given the tough games ahead. We cant afford to lose any more games to teams that we are better than, for 100% sure at home, if we want a shot at home field through the playoffs.

                                Good health, better defense, and continued improvement by the offense and we are still a 12-4 team, maybe even 13-3 if we get a break.

                                Can you imagine the odds of winning in seattle with a minus three turnover ratio? We really need to do a better job pressuring the passer, tackling and creating turnovers, but for tonight, lets enjoy one of the greatest comebacks in rams history.

                                ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-10-2004, 06:17 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Here are ALL the possible outcomes for the next three weeks (*UPDATED*)
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Rams (6-7) Remaining Games
                                Week 15: Kansas City
                                Week 16: San Francisco
                                Week 17: @Seattle

                                Seahawks (6-7) Remaining Games
                                Week 15: Atlanta
                                Week 16: @Tampa Bay
                                Week 17: St. Louis

                                Niners (5-8) Remaining Games
                                Week 15: @San Diego
                                Week 16: @St. Louis
                                Week 17: Arizona

                                Here are all the possible outcomes for the final three weeks:

                                Rams win remaining 3 games

                                The Rams automatically win the division with a 9-7 record.

                                Rams win 2 of 3 remaining games
                                • If the wins are against SF and SEA, the Rams win the division. Seattle can finish no better than 8-8, and the Rams win the head to head tiebreaker, while the Niners would finish no better than 7-9.
                                • If the wins are against KC and SEA, the Rams win the division (by virtue of head-to-head over Seattle) as long as the Niners do NOT sweep their remaining games. If the Niners were to sweep, they would finish at 8-8 and win either the head to head tiebreaker with the Rams, or the three-team tiebreaker with the Rams and Seahawks.
                                • If the wins are against KC and SF, the Rams win the division only if Seattle loses its next two games, thereby giving the Rams the best overall record in the divison (Seattle would finish 7-9, and the Niners would finish no better than 7-9). Notably, this is the only scenario in which the Rams could clinch the division before Week 17.
                                Rams win 1 of 3 remaining games
                                • If the single win is vs. KC or SF, the Rams CANNOT win the division, as Seattle would finish no worse than 7-9 in this scenario (having beaten the Rams in Week 17), and would hold the tiebreaker. San Francisco could also win the division in this scenario if it wins at least 2 of its remaining games.
                                • If the win is vs. SEA, the Rams win the division if (1) Seattle loses at least one more of its remaining games, thereby finishing 6-10 or 7-9, and (2) San Francisco loses its other two (non-Rams) games, thereby finishing 6-10. Note: because of this scenario, if the Niners lose Thursday night to the Chargers, and Seattle loses to Atlanta on Sunday, the Rams CAN'T be eliminated before Week 17, even if it loses its next two games.
                                Rams lose all 3 remaining games

                                The Rams cannot win the division at 6-10.
                                -12-14-2010, 12:54 PM