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  • Thoughts from Section 113

    So I'm back from the Ed, flew back home this afternoon. Talk about an amazing game! Kind of strange that the last game I attended was Martz's final game coaching the Rams against Seattle, and here I am back to see his return. Anyways, some thought from Section 113...

    -Got to the Dome around 1pm CST. Stood along the gated walkway at the Drury to see if anyone would come out. Sure enough, just like my first visit to St. Louis, Torry Holt comes strolling out to loud cheers from the fans. He waves to the fans and has his normal big grin. As he approaches the Dome he spots a woman with a poster board sign with Big Game comments on it. Torry takes a moment to take a photo with her, and signs for a few kids before heading in. Great guy, really upbeat and fan friendly, and what a great way to start off the day.

    -That's it. I don't want to hear about it any more. Marc Bulger came through for the second week in a row with an excellent outting and shows he has what it takes to excel without Martz pulling the strings. Neither Detroit nor Arizona are powerhouse defenses, but you'd expect good quarterbacks to have great days against these kind of units, and he did. I hope the people calling for the Rams to move him or bench him step up to the table and eat their plate of humble pie. Like any other QB, Marc will have his bad days. But he's shown he can play. The least he deserves now is our support.

    -Steven Jackson had a solid game, especially as a receiver. I can't tell you how pumped his hurdle over one of the Lions defenders got the crowd, which for the Dome I thought was fairly spirited. However, earlier in the game, Jackson had me pretty disappointed. First and goal from the one, and the Rams can't punch it in. Same on second down. Jackson seemed more interested in walking into the endzone than lowering his shoulder and powering it in. It's nice to be able to get those walk-ins like the one he had later in the game, but sometimes you've just got to get low and pound someone.

    -The receivers were for the large part on the money this game. I think I saw maybe one or two passes that Bulger threw where either Holt or Bruce didn't realize the ball was coming. But for the vast majority of the game, these guys were on top of things. Holt made an amazing catch and run across the middle of the field, dodging and weaving between defenders. So much for catching it and just going down, eh? These guys are still one of the best duos in the league, and Curtis was spot on when his number was called as well.

    -How pumped am I that I got to see my boy Joe Klopfenstein's first career touchdown pass? What a great play. The middle of the field was wide open for a perfect strike from Marc to Joe. That's the kind of play we need to see more of in the red zone, especially from 10-20 yards out where there's still room to kind of stretch the field and find some solid holes.

    -Even without Pace, I was pleasantly surprised by the line. They had their share of mistakes, but when you're missing your All Pro left tackle that's to be expected. The pocket collapsed a few times, but Bulger showed excellent awareness of his surroundings, stepping up to avoid trouble and even taking off on a great run (immobile my ass) that got called back because of a hold. Run blocking still left something to be desired in terms of consistency, but that should improve once we get a clear line-up in order. We're a pair of guards away from having a pretty good line, as I think we should keep Richie at center since he'll already be spending the entire year there.

    -Defensively, this game was a bit of a let down. The Rams still forced their share of turnovers - two interceptions and a fumble. But they gave up quite a few yards and points. That's not surprising really, because when you think back to the Denver game, the Broncos turned the ball over a good bit but were still able to move the ball.

    -The problem as I saw it is that we brought a fair share of pressure with the blitz but a lot of times just couldn't get there in time, leaving our corners stuck in man to man coverage against fairly talented receivers. I like that we're being aggressive, but we need to do a better job being successful with that pressure.

    -Will Witherspoon once again showed why he brought big money when he came to the Rams. This guy can play, and seems to be having few problems transitioning to the middle! If Rams fans felt they needed a defensive leader of this team, I think we found one. Witherspoon sets the tempo - he's always around the ball, always making plays.

    -Travis Fisher seemingly had another rough outting when covering Roy Williams, but then again, so did Fahkir Brown whenever I watched him trying to hold down #11. It's easy for fans to blame players when things don't go right, but sometimes you've just got to give it up to the talent on the other side of the ball. Between Williams, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald, the Rams have seen their share of talented receivers the last two games.

    -Speaking of secondary performances, I was very impressed by OJ Atogwe's interception. The kid looks like he's coming along and shows good instincts in coverage. I've kept free safety on the list of potential needs for the Rams simply because Atogwe hasn't proven himself yet, but if he keeps playing like this, then I'll be ready to lock him up in that spot.

    -Special teams, ugh. Not entirely impressed by our coverages. Drummond had a long return of 65 and an average of 35, but I'm not entirely convinced the average was inflated from that one return. Watching from the side, it looked as if Drummond was very capable of breaking a couple of those open, and gained his share of yards. That being said, for the love of God keep Tye Hill on special teams coverages. That guy could run down a lightning bolt.

    -After the game, we went to the End Zone Club entrance close to the B entrance and near the Drury, simply because that's where we expected some bigger name players to come out. We were right. We'd brought two WVU hats to the game - one to give to Bulger and one for him to sign. We ran into Gus Frerotte and told him we were from WV and asked if he'd give Bulger his hat. Gus ratted his fellow QB out and said Marc would be out in a few minutes. We waited and saw Andy McCollum, whose knee was heavily wrapped and braced. Wished him well and a speedy recovery so we could get him back on that line. About 15-20 minutes later, Bulger comes out another side door a few feet away from where everyone was waiting. We jumped into action. Marc was walking rather quickly away from the Dome toward the Drury, signing autographs as he walked. We flanked him on the left and told him we'd come all the way from Morgantown to see the Rams. That stopped him in his tracks. "Really?" he said. We told him we brought him a Mountaineers hat ("Thanks!") and asked if he'd sign our's for us. He said of course he would, stood there, and took the time to sign the hat. I asked him when he'd be coming back in town, and he said probably to see his sister play. Told him we'd save him a seat in the student section for the game and he laughed then started back up for the hotel. Classy guy, real approachable and down to earth.

    -Oh, and a special shout out to my best bud Chris and his Bears for stomping on Seattle last night. What a freakin' great game, and a nice way to end the night after the Rams game. Sitting in the Dome I kept thinking to myself, "Well the Cardinals and Whiners both got beaten, how great would it be if the Rams were the only NFC West team to win this weekend?" Sure enough, Chicago came through when we needed some help from the other NFC teams. Now the Rams and the Seahawks are both sitting at 3-1, and the Rams have a shot to make it 4-1 if they can travel to Green Bay and put the hurt on Brett Favre. The Packers aren't a team that the Rams should overlook, though it would be easy to do so with Seattle just around the corner. Hopefully the last two games have really helped this team get some good momentum which they can carry over into the next two contests. Being 4-2 (or even 5-1) going into the bye week would be huge for this team.

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    Re: Thoughts from Section 113

    Cool stuff Nick and I am totally jealous!! You choose a hell of a game to attend


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      Re: Thoughts from Section 113

      Too bad I get to go to Lambaeu;)

      Great insight nick!

      Yea, I loved that play where Jackson hurdled Dre Bly, I went Crazy!. I also loved that play where Little hurdled Kevin Jones, too bad he didnt get to the QB in time!


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        Re: Thoughts from Section 113

        Never been one to chase athletes down for autographs. Once you see them naked in the locker room shower bending to pick up a bar of soap they dropped, they kind of lose their glossy allure!


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          Re: Thoughts from Section 113

          Originally posted by bigredman View Post
          Never been one to chase athletes down for autographs. Once you see them naked in the locker room shower bending to pick up a bar of soap they dropped, they kind of lose their glossy allure!
          There's a story here that no one should ever be exposed to. Ever. In life.


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            Re: Thoughts from Section 113

            Originally posted by Nick View Post
            We flanked him on the left and told him we'd come all the way from Morgantown to see the Rams. That stopped him in his tracks. "Really?" he said. We told him we brought him a Mountaineers hat ("Thanks!")
            Imagine my surprise when I checked out the Bulger interview vid and he wasn't wearing the WV hat you guys gave him. What's up with that!?


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              Re: Thoughts from Section 113

              Hey Nick --All the Rams players have always been cool to be around. I especially love Bruce. He is a class act. As for the game. I only saw the main highlights- So i am looking forward to the game being one of the NFL Replay games on Tuesday.
              We really came out firing and Bulger was just awesome. He deserves a huge high five. Especially when our defense was not as good as it have been.
              Given all that it was a great outing--Green Bay should be a win. And Seattle will be a real test for all the three elements on this team. Momentum is here.
              But the ***** game is still killing me--Especially seeing the Chiefs tear them apart. Oh well we will get them at home and end this streak.


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                Re: Thoughts from Section 113

                I have to see this game. I found a NFL torrent site that has alot of games from evey week and it has this game. Can't wait to watch it!!


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                  Re: Thoughts from Section 113

                  Nice thoughts, Nick. This game, for me, has got me believing a little. The 1st quarter of the year, acclimating to a new coach/system doldrums seem to be subsiding and the offense is looking like what we all have envisioned and hoped for.

                  Bulger needs to work on...doing what he's been doing. Linehan has him playing his best ball ever and I think he's finally going to be completely out of certain shadows by the end of the year. 5 td's and 0 int's to start the year is simply great. That's always been the biggest drawback to Martz's system and Bulger's game, the obigatory interception. The Rams aren't quite good enough yet to dominate teams so every little thing is going to make a difference in close games.

                  It took Miami quite a bit of time to come around last year but it looks like the Rams might be hitting their stride about four games earlier than the 'Fins of 2005. Seattle's hurting, San Francisco's still San Francisco and the Cardinals are the football equivelant of the Titanic right now. A lot can happen but the Rams are in great shape at the quarter mark and things are looking up. Who'd a thunk it?


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                    Re: Thoughts from Section 113

                    Originally posted by Nick View Post
                    There's a story here that no one should ever be exposed to. Ever. In life.
                    There's a LOT of things in that story that should never be exposed.

                    Hmm, wait a minute....if Big Red were in the same vacinity as naked shower-dwelling athletes, does that mean that he too was na...nak...nake.....RAAAAAAALPH !!!!
                    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                      Re: Thoughts from Section 113

                      Nice stuff Nick, also was watching SJ on the one, just does not get low and use his power to blow it up. I'm not sure why, if he get low he's good for 2 plus every time.


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                        Re: Thoughts from Section 113

                        I was at the game also section 139 row b. Like Nick my uncle and I caught a few of the players before the game. The most memorable however was Jim Haslett. My Uncle(Larry) is 69 years old and not that familiar with the Rams coaching staff. So as Haslett is walking through Larry asks me who's that. I tell him it's Haslett. What's his first name Larry asks ? I tell him Jim. Larry proceeds to call out to Jim asking him to sign his white POW shirt. Haslett comes right over and says to Larry your to old for this **** !(exact words) But does sign the shirt. Haslett left us speechless, Laughing our asses off.
                        sigpic :ram::helmet:


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                          Re: Thoughts from Section 113

                          whats that torrent site with all the nfl games i gotta watch this one
                          Torry Holt Dont play that


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                            Re: Thoughts from Section 113

                            The website is You have to register first. Nice site, they have games from every week. Tons of seeders too so download was pretty fast.


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                            • Nick
                              What I Saw from Section 113
                              by Nick
                              Well, here a couple notes of what I saw from the Edward Jones Dome on my trip this weekend.

                              -The officiating to start the game was absolutely horrible. I saw two blatent holding calls that were missed, one on the long pass and run from Hass to Jurevicius. We may as well have dropped all 11 defenders into coverage, because they weren't getting to Hass at all at first, part legit and part from some non-calls, IMO. The PI call on Fisher was absolutely horrendous. It amazes me that the Rams can be called for that as PI, but opposing DBs can practically take Kevin Curtis's head off with no flag on the play.

                              -Michael Hawthorne shouldn't just be benched. He should be cut. But unfortunately, the Rams don't seem to have someone else they feel confident in back there. Furrey has me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if he makes a mistake in coverage. If I'm OJ Atogwe, then I'm seeing an opportunity and trying to make the most of it right now. Reports seemed to suggest he was coming along slowly. That strategy didn't work well for Jason Shivers, so hopefully OJ can get in the action where we need him most. I'll give Schottenheimer all the credit in the world and eat a big plate of crow about Chris Johnson, but he sure hasn't looked right about Hawthorne.

                              -Bulger started slowly, and heard it from the home fans. But he settled down and looked good for the rest of the game. He threw what seems to be the standard "what the heck were you thinking?" interception, but was perfect on both touchdown passes.

                              -I wish the Rams could shore up the interior of the offensive line, because it looks like the bookends are going to be fine between Pace and Barron. The interior rush however is creating a problem, and I wasn't surprised to see Timmerman on the sideline late in the game.

                              -I love the screen pass to Steven Jackson, but how many times after the initial successful play did we try to go back to it? Seemed like we tried it another time or two and it didn't work out quite as well, but that first time... MAN!

                              -One handed grab by Torry Holt. Is there any question he isn't one of the top five receivers in this league? Not only that, but he hurts his knee and then comes back and brings in a touchdown. What a talent.

                              -Our defense at the end of the first half was embarassing. The ease at which the Seahawks were able to move on us had me shaking my head through the break.

                              -I don't care what you think of Marmie. Personally, I'm leaning toward the side of telling him to start working on his resumť. But like him or not, Ram defenders were blowing assignments and missing tackles like crazy yesterday. It's a coach's job to have them playing well and efficiently, but it's also a player's job to do what he's supposed to be doing. The 18-yard TD run by Alexander was something the players should have been ashamed of. They need to get the job done,...
                              -10-10-2005, 06:40 PM
                            • rammiser
                              Monday morning hangover...long
                              by rammiser
                              Going from the high of a new to season to the absolute let down by my Rams has left me feeling woozy. I had hope and dreams of an improved football team that would play hard for four quarters. I saw some flashes as I did last year. Then again we only decided to play 2 quarters again.

                              The walking penalty box that is Incognito has got to go. He isnt all that great in the first place and constantly costs us 15 yds when he feels the need to punch guys in the chest or hit guys late. He's a mess and embarassing if you ask me. He was cheap shotting guys the whole game but was only caught twice. It's hard not to like him for his fire,i do like him. Unfortunately he isnt talented enough and neither is this team to keep putting up with his stupid mistakes.

                              We shelled out tons of cash for Bartell, yet Wade looked like the best corner on the field yesterday. Bartell was getting beaten on everything thrown his way. I thought for sure hed get a pi call against him on a fade route but he managed to flail his arms up just at the right time to hit the ball. If Bulger takes all the flak for being paid huge jack and not performing than Bartell should be getting killed today.

                              Atogwe is just flat out awesome. He is a bigtime playmaker and needs to be locked down with a huge contract. Nice job by the front office to wait so long to pay the guy that he may be a top 2 safety by the time they decide to pay him instead of a relatively good but unknown player around the NFL. Butler was a great aquisition and has raised the level of play of Atogwe. Now OJ isnt by himself back there anymore.

                              Finally we have a middle linebacker. Laurinitis is going to be really good. Heck he was really good yesterday. He made some mistakes but hes a rookie and was always around the ball. He absolutely did not look like a rookie. Witherspoon on the other hand seems to vanish into thin air during games anymore. I remember when we used to hear his name mentioned four or five times for big plays in games. Now I only hear his name for missing tackles and gettig hurt. Vabora had a decent game, seeing how he was a 7th round pick and is playing some half way decent football is a tribute to him as a hard worker. It is fair to say however that we may need two olb's after this year.

                              Our d-line is dreadful. The Seachickens had two starters out on the o-line and i'm not sure we knocked Hasselcrack over once. When we blitz it get picked up easily. Not too mention that he would take a three step drop and have 3 wide open wr's to throw to. We got no pressure and were getting gashed for four or five yds almost everytime a guy would run the ball. They did do a nice job on the goal line untill play action and of course wide open in the back of the endzone was Jay Novacek err i mean Carlson. Chris Long hustles but most of his plays are made five yds down field, I want to see him making some behind the line of...
                              -09-14-2009, 07:18 AM
                            • RamWraith
                              Bulger and Jackons quotes November 14
                              by RamWraith
                              QB Marc Bulger

                              November 14, 2007

                              (On the improved performance of the offense in the last two games)

                              ďIíd say a big part of that is Steven (Jackson). You canít ignore the fact that when heís in there good things happen. He just brings that energy we need in the huddle and if we can keep him healthy I think weíll continue to get better and score more points.Ē

                              (On being more in sync with his receivers against New Orleans than any other game this year)

                              ďI think just having that extra second to let them get open. Those guys know when Iím getting hit early that they have to break their routes off short and our timing gets off, but when they know Iím getting time and the lineís going, they can get that extra move and know that I can hold it and they can get that separation. Thereís definitely more separation this week than in the past and I think thatís because of the line giving me more time.Ē

                              (On WR Drew Bennett)

                              ďHis health is good Ė that helps. We worked on that play in the end zone. We didnít hook up earlier in the year. I threw an interception because I donít think we were on the same page. We made a conscious effort to work on that. We got the matchup we wanted and it was just nice that we practiced it while the defense was going last week and it paid off. He did a good job on some deep routes, too, so if we can keep getting him going itíll take some pressure off of Ike (Isaac Bruce) and Torry (Holt), too.Ē

                              (On the ***** pass rush)

                              ďItís a 3-4, which is a little different. They do like to blitz the inside guys a lot. I just donít think we played well up front last time. I think would tell you that. We did get some big plays and threw for a lot of yards, but it was at the expense of getting me killed. We just have to do a better job up front of establishing a running game, which will help. I think our defense is playing better. If they can give us some good field position, that will help. If we play from behind, that hurts, too.Ē

                              (On being named NFC Offensive Player of the Week)

                              ďWhen youíre a quarterback and you get it, itís a whole offensive award. When receivers get it or a running backs gets it, itís an individual thing. Itís not a big deal, it just shows that our line played well, our receivers played well, Steven played well. Itís a good thing for our offense.Ē

                              (On how you become a better team at this point in the season)

                              ďKeep winning games. You hear college coaches and NFL coaches say how good of a team you are, but in this business itís about winning and the bottom line. If youíre 1-8, youíre not a good team. If we can win a couple more games and get a more respectable record then I can say weíre a better team, but weíre still 1-8 and thatís a bad football...
                              -11-14-2007, 05:11 PM
                            • HornIt
                              HornItís Rams vs. Raiders review Ė The Revenge of Chris Johnson
                              by HornIt
                              Yes folks itís true. The thing you never, ever, thought could possibly happen, happened.

                              Rams castoff Chris Johnson, the guy who stepped out of bounds on the Rams own 1 yard line on a kickoff return the first time he ever touched the ball as a Ram, made the Rams pay dearly Saturday night for their decision to set him adrift in the NFL sea of uncertainty. Well, he hooked on with the Raiders and haunted the Rams much of the night, be it with his excellent coverage or his TD saving big plays such as knocking the ball out of Fitzharvardís hands as he was driving for the goal line and through the back of the end zone.

                              This was just sort of the way the entire night went. Nothing much went right. What could go wrong did go wrong. Even what we thought couldnít go wrong, such as Johnson getting his revenge, went wrong.

                              Funny thing though is, after digesting my first viewing of the game and then watching it again on NFLN this afternoon, maybe not as much actually went wrong as I thought it did initially, and as a lot of people thought it did initially. At least, not as many fundamentally bad things came out of the game as it first appeared.

                              This would seem to give credence to the age old adage, never do game analysis after only one emotionally invested viewing of the game. You may just see things much differently after youíve had a chance to get over the original disappointment of the results not being exactly what you were hoping for. Thatís what happened to me this time anyway.

                              Watching it all again, really only two things stuck out in my mind as being responsible for how bad things appeared on first viewing last night. Those two things were penalties and Bulger, in that order.

                              The key play in every Raiders scoring drive was some kind of key penalty, and not just any old penalty, but big, huge, game changing penalties. 10 penalties for 157 yards, and the worst thing about that is, several of them truly were completely bogus calls. But even if they werenít, itís better news than the initial news that they simply got their butts whooped. That actually didnít happen.

                              Additionally, contrary to the popular narrative thus far, they were not conservative on offense and they did actually show quite a bit of their passing game, and they were making a concerted effort to go vertical and get the ball downfield. The thing is, they (mostly Bulger in this case) just didnít execute.

                              Think of 44 passes and 17 rushes, averaged 13 yards per completion and does that sound conservative to you? Does that sound like they didnít open up at least a little? The problem on offense last night was not a lack of imagination, it was a lack of execution.

                              So, letís take a look at it.


                              Initially I thought the O-line played fairly poorly, but on second...
                              -08-25-2007, 07:25 PM
                            • Goldenfleece
                              Thoughts on the Steelers Game
                              by Goldenfleece
                              First off, Bartell got burned pretty badly on several occasions. Chavous was almost as bad in run support as he was in coverage, and Wade looked more like a track star than a corner (running with the receiver but not even attempting to find the ball). Chavous had 12 tackles, but it seems to me that was mostly because they were throwing to his man all night. On one play Wade straight up tackled the receiver before the ball ever got there, got flagged, and the receiver made the catch anyway! That's pitiful. The Steelers secondary made ours look even worse as they frequently got their hands in there to try to break up those passes. It was hard to believe we could give up that many plays on 2nd or 3rd and long. In the first quarter, the defense produced numerous plays for loss of yardage and then would give up a huge play on like 3rd and 18. The only good news in the secondary is that I'm not sure I saw them throw to Brown's side once all night.

                              The pass rush on the other hand looked about as good as we've seen all year. Glover only got 2 sacks, but he got into the backfield a lot more than that. I was watching the defensive alignment throughout the game, and I have to admit Haslett throws a whole lot of different looks out there. Maybe I was seeing things, but I'm pretty sure I saw us line up in a quarter defense and then blitz defensive backs from both sides. I used to love doing that in Madden, but I sure didn't expect to see the Rams do it. It worked, though. We'd line up with 3 down linemen, 4 down linemen, 7 guys at the line of name it. Of course, all that mad blitzing is part of the reason we gave up such ridiculous gains. Even when Big Ben was getting no time in the pocket, he could pick apart our secondary.

                              As far as the linebackers go, Chillar had several really good plays early in the game, including a sack. I remember noticing another particularly good hit later in the game by Draft. Each of the 'backers had 5 tackles, but I have to think they're partly responsible for the runs we gave up to the outside. Yes, the safeties are blame for that, too, as Davenport broke way too many tackles. One play in particular stuck out in my mind where two Rams defenders hit him simultaneously at the line of scrimmage, and he broke past both of them for another good run.

                              Finally some good news. We moved the ball very well throughout most of the game. The offensive line held up surprisingly well against a supposedly intimidating Steelers defense. Jackson ran with authority throughout the first half and still picked up decent gains into the second. I would note, however, that whichever back was lining up in the shotgun at the end of the game was blocking horribly. Jackson was on the sideline at that point, and the guy was white, so it had to be Owens, Leonard, or possibly Klopfenstein. Whoever it was barely put a hand on the guys he was supposed to be blocking. I'm going...
                              -12-21-2007, 07:16 AM