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Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

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  • Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

    Advice please from my clanram brothers. I will be seeing the rams in september when they visit atlanta. Question, is a three year old too young to go to a live football game and sit down close where its very loud? Technically, she will be a month from her third birthday. Loves the rams, but I wonder whether she can handle the noise and make it the full five hours including pregame without resulting in numerous trips up the aisle, which would not be good during the game.

    How young were your kids when you took them to their first rams game.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

    My son went at 3 and had the best time. 3 Hours gets to be a long time, so plenty of food helps.

    He is six now and has seen 3 games. I think his favorite was his first, he still talks about it.


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      Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

      Well, the fact that you're going to a Rams away game and rooting for them will probably increase the chance of her hearing something you might not want her to hear. Honestly, I'm not sure I would do it at that age to an away game, now that I remember some of the comments that were made to my family and I in Pittsburgh when we were sporting our Rams gear.


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        Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

        I don't think a three year old has the attention span to sit thru an entire game, but perhaps that depends on the three year old. The noise can bother them and you can not count on the fans to act in any civilized manner especially if you are not the home team.

        My brother brings his kids to the Steelers games. He has season tickets and he gets some cooperation from the fans that sit close by. His 8 year old son sat thru a raining cold game with us. He was a trooper.

        Try it, but be ready to leave before the game is over if necessary.


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          Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

          Originally posted by general counsel
          Advice please from my clanram brothers. I will be seeing the rams in september when they visit atlanta.

          general counsel
          Well well well, So will I. Do I see a mini-bash coming ?

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

            I took my 2 yr old to the Green Bay game last year and he sat thru it no problem and even cheered for the Rams sometime he was the first to yell go. We were at the dome so it was friendly people. I would think that three would be great and the bond you will make will last forever. Go for it.


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              Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

              I took my 2.5 y/o to Barney a few weeks back... it went on for 2 hours (couldn't beleive it)... she loved it and danced in the aisle (she dances better than me - thats for sure)... the downside (not for me) is that she was exhausted for the last quarter nad spent it on my lap with her thumb in her mouth.... I'll remember that bit more than the show.


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                Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

                Originally posted by NickSeiler
                Well, the fact that you're going to a Rams away game and rooting for them will probably increase the chance of her hearing something you might not want her to hear. Honestly, I'm not sure I would do it at that age to an away game, now that I remember some of the comments that were made to my family and I in Pittsburgh when we were sporting our Rams gear.
                Accept my apologies for the cretins you encountered in Pittsburgh. I went that game too, and the behavior of some Steeler fans around children was pretty bad. And these kids were wearing Steelers gear!

                I would be concerned about taking little ones to a game in hostile territory, just because people sometimes can't or don't want to control themselves. If you go, enjoy yourself, but be prepared, even if it means leaving early.


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                  Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?


                  I was in ATL during the SEC championship game last year and the police were saying that crowds were thin for the 'cons games. If Vick stays healthy and ATL has a winning record then I may be a bit concerned about the noise but if they stink again like last year than I would think it would be an opportune time to introduce your daughter to a live football game.

                  ATL :ramlogo:
                  Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!


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                    Re: Taking your kids to the dome-How young is OK?

                    Thanks fearlessone, my thoughts exactly. the thing is, its the falcons home opener and hope springs eternal. Of course, if vick gets hurt again in the preseason......

                    Thanks everyone for your input. I think i am going to take her to a falcons preseason game, sit her up close and see how she does before i take the big plunge on the rams tix for her.

                    ramming speed to all

                    sign the big man

                    general counsel


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                      Here are the scorecards from the event:

                      Chili # 1: Mike's Maniac Mobster Monster Chili

                      JUDGE ONE: A little too heavy on tomato. Amusing kick.
                      JUDGE TWO: Nice, smooth tomato flavor. Very mild.
                      CAMERON: Holy smokes, what is this stuff? You could remove dried paint from your driveway with it. Took me two beers to put the flames out. Hope that's the worst one. These people are crazy.

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                      WHY MEN WATCH FOOTBALL (NOT written by RamTime)
                      by Guest
                      "Why do you bug me during football? Did I bother you during childbirth?"

                      Tim Taylor
                      TV Host, "Tool Time"

                      Why Men Watch Football.
                      By Bob Andelman

                      Mothers. Daughters. Wives. Sisters. Women in-laws.

                      Perhaps the greatest unspoken reason that men love football is because it gives many of us a few precious, uninterrupted hours away from those wonderful women in our lives.

                      Football presents one of the last great places where men can hide out. It's a game that women are not going to start playing any time soon and that few women care to attend in person, so men can still be men and watch the games, hootin' and hollerin' and behaving like jerks. Like Three Stooges movies, women just don't get it.

                      "Has football gotten in the way of relationships? I'm sure it has," Barry Dreayer says. "Past relationships didn't have a clue what was going on, didn't want to to have a clue."

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                      * * *

                      Retired Nabisco Brands sales management executive and Los Angeles Rams superfan Jim Runels decided two could play that game. He divorced his football-hating wife and married a woman who not only tolerates the game but loves it.

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