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    With so many new faces on the defense and with a handful of them being rookies, what is a realistic goal this D should strive for? I just cant imagine it being as bad as last year. That seemed like a total lack of effort and motivation was the cause...Should we expect a slow start where we could give up some points, or will the offense get out ahead and then the D can play more wide open and get away with making some mistakes..It will be interesting...

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    Although we did score a lot of points last year there were a few games where putting 3 tds on the board in the first 3 series may have put more pressure on the opposing team. Although our D was so bad last year it didn't really matter. fresh faces and a willingness to play may well be enough to improve things enough for a better run this year and our offense is so good that the D may have enough time to become a highly dominant unit by the last 4 games or so giving us a good run at/in the playoffs. Everyday I a starting too feel so good about this year.
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      I still think we will have problems for the first couple of weeks until the D beds in and jells together.

      Once that is done then we will dominate teams on both sides.

      I think the whiners game will see the start of the Ramination

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        I think determination will be the key to this year's D. They will be determined not to repeat last year's mistakes. A great motivator.


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          Speed is the major key this year for our D. I honestly think Little on the other side will make Wistrom that much more better.


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            Speed is needed, but it won't help you if you get to your target and can't take them down. A lot of emphasis in camp on strength to get past blockers and getting your target on the ground.


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              Absolutely MsWistRam, thank you. Part of our problem last year was tackling, but it was 10 yards down the field. Carter failed to get in the backfield. I only hope that Little gets back there this year.


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                I also honestly hope that if our D line gets in the backfield, that they can at least this year tackle the QB. Remember the Tampa game?


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                  Pressure the QB

                  I fly into a rage pretty quick watching football, but I felt that in the game against the Seahawks I was justified. John Kitna was unstoppable. I cursed up a storm for a defensive stop! I brought the sacred helmet out and placed it on top of the TV! Nothing worked...I thought for a minute it was Jim Zorn out there! No pressure on the QB.... AT ALL! And most of the sacks the Rams did get last year were just weak...I want blind sided hits on 3rd and long! Not touching the QB down after he fumbles the snap or trips...(70% of Carter's sacks) Haha..Man, I just cut on my boy! I really like Kevin Carter, I am just bitter. Now I will have to watch the United Way commercial with him and Farr cooking steaks with a tear in my eye.....


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                    I liked Carter on a personal level, nice guy. But I have no respect for a player who puts himself and personal problems before the team. He stunk on the field and took the rest of the d down with him.


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                      Fortunately for us, new defenses can gel MUCH faster than new offenses. The offense talks timing, especially with QB - WR, and QB - RB. With our defense scaled down to a more useable system, it shouldn't take much time for these talented players to get together. I just hope Little can make the critics forget about Carter.


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                        We will never win with the critics. if we paid carter we were wrong if we traded carter we were wrong. On a human level you can never pay someone for mucking the team about like he did. Maybe he will be a good player for the tit-ans but he was such a cancer to the team no doubt when he gets to the pro bowl he will want more money again and be moving on again to a bigger cheque. Good ridance I would rather have 11 triers than an outstanding lazy greedy player. I think Little could easily fill the Kevin Carter of 2000's boots as long as he turns up.
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                          I just want to see our defense play aggressive.Last year they didnt seem like they wanted to hit anybody.In my opinion,Grant Wistrom,Dexter Mcleon,and London Fletcher were the only ones who played like they were hungry.This season many players seem hungry.Adding Williams and Fields should make a world of difference.If we can avoid giving up 30 points a game and reduce that to maybe 20 points a game,there is no reason why we cant win the NFC title.Hell,our offense should still be the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.
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                            Quote from London Fletcher:

                            "There's a lot of times where there's an outside play, and I'm not the first guy there to make the tackle," he says, laughing. "That was never the case (last year). I think we probably have the fastest linebacker corps in the league right now. I know we do."

                            If these boys can we all have seen Fields hit....OH BABY!!!


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                              I really think Carter will be greatly missed.

                              Keep in mind that he took on the double teams and that opened it up for Wistrom to make the plays he made.

                              Carter didn't "Get in the backfield" but that was mostly due to his being double teamed. Every team needs a guy like that who will take on the double team and open it up for the others.

                              The true test is whether he can be effective against the double team. Who will take on that double team this year and will he still be effective?

                              If the double team takes a guy out of the picture, it's a bad sign. If it's learned that a guy doesn't even NEED to be double teamed... it's a horrible sign.

                              Wistrom could be that guy but it remains to be seen.


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                              • AvengerRam_old
                                What style of team will the Rams be this year?
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                The media still wants to portray the Rams as a pass-happy, weak defense team like the 2004-05 squads. Do you think this still accurately describes the Rams?

                                What style of team do we have?
                                The GSOT Continues - the Rams are still a high-flying offensive team
                                GSOT-light: Under Linehan, offense is still the key, but a bit more conservative
                                Holy cow, we're a running team now!
                                Forget the offense, the D is the key. Low-scoring on both sides of the ball.
                                The word is AGGRESSIVE. Aggressive on offense. Blitzing on D. That's the style.
                                The Rams are a team without an identity and will continue to be in 2006.
                                Crane Style. If done correctly, no can defend, Daniel-san.
                                -08-31-2006, 08:46 AM
                              • MauiRam
                                Is Our Team Really That Bad?
                                by MauiRam
                                Yesterday’s game was excruciating to watch. I really believed we would and could compete. We didn’t. One cannot help but wonder what product we will see come Thursday. The only good thing I can remember about yesterday, was the whiners getting their collective butts handed to them handily in their own house. That was as soothing an ointment as could be hoped for after the debacle in Dallas.

                                Was yesterday’s stomping simply a bad game as in our drubbing by the Cheatriots in London, or was it an indictment of our player talent and coaching staff including our GM? Surely it shakes one’s confidence. As a fan, I have no answer. I do know this: If we lie down against the whiners at home this Thursday, it will be déjà vu in Rams’ land. Bad team, or bad game? Thursday’s contest should go a long ways in answering this question.

                                Fisher’s teams have been known to play tough physical football. This “rep” was established over a lengthy period, not a flash in the pan. There really isn’t a valid reason to believe Jeff suddenly lost three steps as a coach. I do believe that we can and will regain/display some of the attitude and toughness we witnessed on occasion last year at times. Hopefully we will witness some come Thursday evening.

                                My only suggestion to Jeff and crew is this: After Dallas what have you got to lose by letting Sam run the offense for a drive or two or three. Sam’s a bright guy, and surely is capable of calling a few plays at a brisk tempo – as in some version of a hurry-up offense. Good Lord, we are paying Bradford millions to lead our team on the field. Perhaps it might be a good time to remove the training wheels for a drive or two?

                                Jeff pointed out after the Atlanta loss that too much of it (the hurry-up) could result in the Rams’ defense being on the field too long. My recollection of yesterday’s massacre was that our D was on the field too long and too often anyway.

                                When I first came to live on Maui back in 1970, I learned to free dive and spear fish for a living. Often I would hear the admonition: “Eh bruddah, mo bettah you no go dive dat place. Get plenny shark, an bum bye da shark gonna kau kau yo leg.” For quite a while I listened and was scared. Then one day (in supposed safer waters) I encountered a very large tiger shark while in possession of a stringer full of fish and found out what my gut reaction would be/was. After that encounter, I realized in a very up close and personal way, there is no guarantee one won’t encounter sharks in the ocean – particularly when towing bleeding fish. In time I began to view the “shark warnings” as a boon, discovering the diving was usually awesome, as many folks heeded the “warnings” and thus the fish were plentiful and not spooked by the sight of a diver.

                                Yesterday in Dallas, Fisher, Schotty, Walton, and the entire team saw sharks. Playing it safe did not result in safety. Perhaps this Thursday it might...
                                -09-23-2013, 01:09 PM
                              • AvengerRam
                                A calculated risk that is... and isn't (yet)... paying off
                                by AvengerRam
                                When McVay took over, and Les Snead was advised he was staying, they apparently hatched a two part plan:

                                1. Focus the bulk of the available resources on fixing the offense from an OL and receiving corps standpoint.
                                2. Stand pat with the defensive personnel and see if Wade Phillips can work his magic.

                                Part 1 is working out extremely well. This is an entirely new offense with the addition of Andrew Whitworth, John Sullivan, Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Gerald Everett and Cooper Kupp. What was a "middle school" embarrassment is now a dynamic, balanced and diverse attack that is scoring points (in 3 games, they've score 48% of the points total achieved in 16 games last year). Just how good this offense is, and can be, remains to be seen. However, the improvement is undeniable.

                                The flip side is the defense. Other than Kayvon Webster (who has missed 2 of the 3 games played,) and Connor Barwin, the personnel consists primarily of holdovers who are trying to adjust to a 3-4. At this point, it would be fair to say that the defense is struggling. Indeed, that's an understatement. While this is not the desired outcome, perhaps its not a surprise either. You simply can't (particularly w/out a first round pick) address every aspect of the team in one offseason. The hope is that Wade can figure out the right mix with the parts he now has.

                                Time will tell.

                                With 2 wins in 3 weeks, though, I'd say the plan is (mostly) working.

                                Hopefully, that trend will continue....
                                -09-22-2017, 01:31 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Hate to say it...
                                by RamWraith
                                ...but I told you so.

                                I go back to my comments I made earlier this preseason. We are going to have to rely on the defense for the next couple of weeks while these players get use to this new system. When we start clicking, look out folks. This could be a fun season of growth and maybe even a few wins along the way. The team in my book looked solid. And I fully expected the offense to stumble this week.
                                -09-10-2006, 06:05 PM
                              • laram0
                                Defense vs. Offense
                                by laram0
                                The RAMS defense ranked 23rd overall last season and 28th in the points allowed category. For the season the RAMS scored 367 points while allowing 381 points that's a (-14) point differential. Out of the 12 teams that made the playoffs only the Seahawks (-6) and Giants (-7) had negative point differentials. There are alot of areas of concern on our Defense. DE, DT's, SLB, Safety and even cornerback has been brought up. It will probably take more than 1 year to upgrade all the areas of concern defensively.

                                So let's think outside the defensive box for a minute or two.

                                Our offense was ranked 4th passing and 17th rushing with an overall ranking of 6th. Considering the offense got off to a slow start last season and Marc Bulger was sacked 49 times.(Only 3 teams allowed more sacks) Also taking into consideration the COLTS won the Superbowl.

                                How many areas of concern are there on the offensive side of the ball? Imagine if Marc Bulger was sacked 1/2 of the 49 times from last season.
                                Could our offense be potent enough to overcome some of the defensive inefficiencies. I use the word "some" because I feel like the Rams will be able to address some of the issues on defense for 2007 but not all. Again, the offense could take us to the promise land (playoffs) thus allowing the team to plug the holes on defense intelligently without haste. The key question in my mind is how much tweaking needs to be done on the offense to makes us that potent. Should the RAMS focus on the offensive needs this off season 1st and foremost? Understanding that the defense will get the obvious attention it needs, just not all in one off season.

                                Imagine making the playoffs in 2007 knowing that there are still a few defense holes to fill for 2008. How would we look for 2009,2010 etc..
                                A long run of playoff appearances and possibly another SUPERBOWL or 2?
                                -02-15-2007, 01:09 PM