Ladies and gents, put on your tuxedos and gowns and get ready to walk the red carpet. The ClanRam Awards (or, the "Clannies") are coming.

Here's how it will work:

1. On this thread, you may nominate one poster for each of the following categories:

Most Valuable Poster
Most Knowledgeable Poster
Funniest Poster
Most Congenial Poster
Best Thread Starter
Most Controversial Poster
Thread of the Year

2. You may not nominate yourself in any of the first 6 categories. You may nominate a thread that you started or particpated in for Thread of the Year.

3. In one week, polls will go up with every person/thread nominated by at least two people in each category. The polls will decide the winners.

Here's your chance to give a nod to your fellow posters!

Let the nominations begin!