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    As a U of I alumni, I have been following Robert Holcome since he was at Illinois. Since he has been with the Rams he has, to my knowledge, been a quality fullback and has excellent blocking skills. I was dismayed when I heard that he would leave his starting position at fullback and was switched to halfback behind Marshall. What does this move represent? Is Martz unsatisfied with Robert's service as fullback? Is Martz simply looking for a little more depth at halfback? Any thoughts on the issue?

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    I don't know the full situation behind them switching him, but it may have alot to do with the questions surrounding who will back up Marshall. They may just want to have someone dependable there instead of the questionable Trung. His recent weight loss doesn't seem to affect how he plays, at least not in camp. If they can depend on him to perform when he's not 100%, then that may be reason enough.


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      He only moved to fullback last season.

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        Pardon my ignorance.


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          Reply to Ramdez

          Thanks for the reply. However, if I am not mistaken last year was his second year as fullback. I think he may have been part of that "runningback committee" with Hill (who was eventually traded to Detroit). Then Marshall came along and DV had him gain some weight and switched him to fullback, a role he held during 99-00 (superbowl year) and then last year. That's two full years of service as fullback.
          Back to my original issue, as I recall, he was a serviceable halfback (but nothing great). He is more known for his power and durability than speed, which seems to be in contrast to the Ram's philosophy. Anyhow, he seemed to be more of a solid fullback then halfback. I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything.


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          • RamWraith
            Mike Martz Conference Call
            by RamWraith
            By Site Staff Giants Insider
            Date: Sep 28, 2005

            Re: How tough has it been playing three games that were like right down to the wire? Those are always difficult because I think the toughest part is when you start to get control of the game and then you turn it over. That's hard on the defense. I think that has been terrific for the defense the way they have responded. Those are things that you always hope you grow from as a team.

            Re: When you watch tape of the Giants on Sunday night and watching their defense, how do you keep your offense from getting too overconfident?

            Well, I think that is not a fair question at all. I don't think that's an issue for us obviously because it makes us sound like we are real, real good on offense and we are not. The other part of the issue is that you are in San Diego, they are 0-2, and they have to win. That's probably as good as they'll play. When things start going too bad, it's hard to stop it sometimes. That's just the way it is. You have games like that, but that's no reflection on their defense, their capabilities, or what they'll do in the future. Anything that has been done last week or before has no bearing on this Sunday. I think everybody in the league understands that.

            Re: Would you say that their defensive performance on Sunday in comparing it to the first two was maybe an anomaly?

            That's not my job to compare and do that. I don't coach that team.

            Re: You said your offense hasn't been playing well. What are the specific problems that you can pinpoint?

            We still have some mental errors. We have some technique issues. The turnovers have been bothersome. And protection, obviously we have our problem at the right tackle at times. So, those are issues that we need to resolve.

            Re: Are you changing your right tackle?

            We are. We are going to start the rookie. And obviously that's not a good matchup for him this week to have his first start against (Michael) Strahan, obviously. So, we'll have to do something to help him or we are just going to play the game and do what we can.

            Re: How is (Marc) Bulger weathering the storm of being sacked 15 times?

            Pretty good, really. When he started off, he was getting hit pretty good early and I think to come back and play the way he did'I never worry about Marc (Bulger) in that respect, I worry about keeping him healthy. The biggest issue for me is some of the late hits that have happened that go uncalled and that's the biggest deal, the things that are unnecessary. The sacks you tuck it and get to the ground and you like to get rid of the ball, but it's those other things that really you worry about.

            Re: Has it been a difficult transition over the last couple of years for Marshall (Faulk) to have his role reduced and have Steven Jackson become the guy?

            -09-29-2005, 04:58 AM
          • Nick
            Five Questions: Rams coach Mike Martz
            by Nick
            Five Questions: Rams coach Mike Martz
            By Bill Coats
            Of the Post-Dispatch
            Sunday, Jun. 05 2005

            The full-squad minicamp this weekend at Rams Park marks the unofficial
            beginning of Mike Martz's sixth season as the team's coach. The Rams' former
            offensive coordinator, Martz succeeded Dick Vermeil after the Super Bowl
            victory over the Tennessee Titans in 2000. Martz has a 54-33 record (including
            playoff games), which makes him the third-winningest coach in franchise
            history. But Martz also has been a lightning rod for controversy and criticism
            during his reign. This past week, he agreed to answer five questions from the

            Q: You've picked up several veteran free agents who potentially could be
            starters, including linebackers Chris Claiborne and Dexter Coakley. How do you
            feel about the offseason moves?

            A: This is probably as active as we've been. The combination of being able to
            make a decision on a guy, then actually finish it off, has been excellent.
            Identifying what you specifically need and then being able to get it is a big

            The offseason hasn't ended yet, in terms of our procurement of talent. That
            continues. But we had some bullet points that we had to meet, and we met them,
            in our opinion. And after watching them on the field, at this point we're very

            Q: What convinced you that Steven Jackson was ready in just his second NFL
            season to take over for Marshall Faulk as the No. 1 running back?

            A: I think it's important for Marshall more than for Steven to have Steven take
            over. Marshall's role will be very significant. It's not limited. It's what he
            wants it to be. But it's important for Marshall to get Steven in this role so
            that he can mentor him and they can kind of feed off each other.

            It allows us to use Marshall maybe even in a different role, too, out of the
            backfield. Maybe both of them in the backfield. But the whole idea here is, as
            soon as we made that decision, it's not an issue throughout the offseason for
            anybody. Marshall suggested this during the (2004) season as a way of helping
            Steven, so he's not always looking over his shoulder and makes one mistake and
            he's coming out (of the game), that kind of thing. He's just ready to do it,
            and Marshall's ready to have him step into that capacity. And yet, this could
            be a 50-50 deal throughout the season.

            Q: You've already handed the starting right tackle job to first-round draft
            pick Alex Barron. Why make that commitment now, rather than have him prove it
            on the field later?

            A: For one reason and one reason only. When he comes in here and you say to
            him, 'Listen, I know...
            -06-05-2005, 01:18 AM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Was It Just Me....
            by r8rh8rmike
            ....or did it look like the offense REALLY began to click when Faulk got a lot of touches? He just seemed to kick things up a notch and almost made it appear that the GSOT was back in business. His presence had the Titan defense off balance and on their heels. He still can do so much, especially in the red zone and in the flat, I for one would really like to see his role increased just a bit. It was disappointing, at least to me, to see him get only one touch after his fumble midway through the third quarter.
            -09-26-2005, 07:19 PM
          • ramhard
            Stephen "Give me the ball" Jackson's Durability?
            by ramhard
            In all the hoopla and press given SJ about getting the ball more, I am starting to wonder if he can't handle the workload (and maybe Martz wasn't so dumb in not using him more). He was nicked up in college, and continues to get nicked up as a pro. Running the ball as much as he says he wants requires the ability to stay healthy and play through minor injuries. Given his running style (upright and vulnerable to hard hits); body type (very muscular so pulls and sprains are likely); and past history, I'm not sold that he can carry the load. In fact I'm guessing a 2nd round pick next year on a RB is something we'll see.

            I hope I"m wrong, but I'm guessing the Rams will get 11-12 games out of him this year if he touches the ball 20+ times a game.
            -08-09-2006, 06:49 AM
          • coy bacon
            Dump Marshall?
            by coy bacon
            As far as I can tell, Marshall has not been much of an impact player this year. I have not been able to see many games, but I don't hear "Marshall, Marshall, Marshall" very often it seems.

            If he is one of the "offensive salary-cap eatin pigs" who is no longer pulling his weight, should the team dump him, trade him, or re-negotiate his contract? Jackson certainly has earned being designated the future RB, and we need help on the D, which will cost cap bucks.

            So what do you think? Sentimentality aside, is Marshall actually pulling his contract weight?
            -11-02-2004, 09:08 AM