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  • Where would you rather be?

    elAcky brought up something interesting. Would you rather see the team play in LA or St. Louis??
    Stay home in St. Louis. That town isn't too bad.
    Return to LA. Thats where we belong

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    Re: Where would you rather be?

    The Rams are St. Louis's team now. The support is tremendous.


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      Re: Where would you rather be?

      I really was disenchanted for a while when they moved to STL, but I am used to them there now. They are the ST. Louis Rams...
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        Re: Where would you rather be?

        St. Louis was there for them when they were down. The dome stayed mostly full even when we were 5-11. The fans are great even when we lose. St. Louis is home and will be for a long time.


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          Re: Where would you rather be?

          All the above responses are true, St. Louis has adopted the Rams as their own. Fan support is better than it was when they were in LA. Though, if they were to move back I would be very happy, and a season ticket holder.

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            Re: Where would you rather be?

            No disrespect towards the true SoCal Ram Fans that we have on this board, but the Rams have received more support from the 2 million in the St. Louis area than they did the 11 million in the LA area. Again, I will be the first to say that some of the most diehard fans I've ever seen are from Cali, but I'd say on a per capita basis, St. Louis has been better to the Rams.
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              Re: Where would you rather be?

              gotta be st louis, its a shorter flight from the UK! But seriously, these are the St louis rams now, how many fans would fight to stop this team moving from Missouri??

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                Re: Where would you rather be?

                I hate to admit it, but the Rams seem to be better off in St. Louis. Having said that, I sure whish they'd come back, because I only get to see 1 or 2 games a year at most now.


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                  Re: Where would you rather be?

                  Wouldn't it be crazy if some team (like the rams) that has been in more than one city, claimed 2 cities as home??

                  and played 3 or 4 "home" games in each?

                  I realize this isn't totally realistic, but then again, why not?

                  Teams have free agency now and we're starting to see the trend of moving to a new city to get a better deal/stadium, etc...

                  It might work if a new team came on board and didn't call themselves by a city, and just cut a deal with 2 towns to play games.


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                    Re: Where would you rather be?

                    Originally posted by sbramfan
                    Wouldn't it be crazy if some team (like the rams) that has been in more than one city, claimed 2 cities as home??

                    and played 3 or 4 "home" games in each?
                    Oakland is trying to claim they own both the Oakland and L.A. markets. Green Bay used to play half their games in Milwaukee.

                    You're right. That is crazy.


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                      Re: Where would you rather be?

                      For selfish reasons I would love to see the Rams in LA, but must admit the fit in St. Louis has been nothing but great for the team. Most LA Ram fans were never able to get past the move to Anahiem, let alone St. Louis. Now nobody in LA seems to care about having a football team and everyone I know hates the Rams. Too many transplant Green Bay fans, New York fans, Chicago fans, Philly fans, Detroit fans..... well you get the picture.


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                        Re: Where would you rather be?

                        hell, with how good they have been in the past few years, STL it is! man, it would be sweet to see some live games though in LA.


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                          Re: Where would you rather be?

                          Considering the regional choices left to an Ozarks resident....the Rams HAVE to stay in St. Louis...
                          Our only other choices around here are the team from KC (who I am still pissed off at for releasing my niece from the cheerleaders), the goat ropers, er, cowpokers, or the Oilers, um, Titans....everyone else is too far away to really feel any connection to. Of course, I guess we could go to Branson and watch some old has-been country artist try to act like they know rock music....
                          Nah....the Rams belong to St. Louis now....


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                            Re: Where would you rather be?

                            I will like them no matter where they are, but for selfish reasons I would like them to stay. I do not like the two cities theory. I am not sure I really care...I like so many teams all know. I mean the Rams are my team, but I like most teams, so location is not key for me...but I cannot root for the Titans or the Broncos.


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                              Re: Where would you rather be?

                              I agree with Tx and RAMPOWER the rams are St Louis team now but on the odd occasion I come over from england the warm weather of LA would be easier to convince 'er indoors to visit for a holiday


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                                Rams need to move out of St. Louis !!
                                by Guest
                                The Rams would be so much better off in my mind getting out of St. louis and coming back to L.A. As a californian Rams fan it makes me sick to watch the home games in STL the fans are worthless, through the tv you could here a pin drop. Not to mention the out of date music they play during and before games. How they come onto field in the dark with smoke blowing it reminds me of a NBA game. It is the stupidest thing iv'e ever seen. RAMS get out of that middleaged baseball town and come back to your home, Hurry up and sell the team Chip, the sooner it happens the better. ST. LOUIS SUCKS !!!!!!
                                -01-30-2009, 08:06 PM
                              • TNRamFan23
                                St. Louis
                                by TNRamFan23
                                Me and the soon to be wife were thinking about moving up to St. Louis possibly in the next few years..

                                We've visited several times, been to a few Cards gams and a few Ram games..

                                anyways.. It seems like a great city, I've heard the crime is high but didn't really see much when we were there..

                                Can anyone tell me a little about it ? I used to have a friend that moved to Nashville from the Poplar Bluff area and he proceeds to tell me that there are alot of rednecks down there, are there alot in St. Louis ?

                                Any information would be great.
                                -02-14-2007, 05:39 PM
                              • Rampingitup
                                Do you care where the Rams play?
                                by Rampingitup
                                So on a slightly different note we see how many folks here would stay Rams fans no matter where they play. In my case I never lived in LA or St Louis. I became a Rams fan back in the 70s. I just liked the Rams players, and the way the team played. So for me where they are is irrelevant. So how about the rest of you?
                                Yes, I follow my local teams.
                                No. My team is my team regardless of where it is.
                                -02-18-2010, 06:04 PM
                              • socalramfan
                                Philly or St. Louis?
                                by socalramfan
                                We obviously lost to them by a point. I still think we are better than them what do you guys think?
                                -12-19-2005, 11:13 PM
                              • laram0
                                Where do our RAMS belong?
                                by laram0
                                In another thread in the Rams Talk forum titled "Diversity, money are key issues with Khan's RAMS bid". RamsFanSam responded with his 4 items of concern. (#2- Will Khan keep the team where it belongs in St. Louis?)
                                This jumped out at me because I'm an old school RAMS fan and still believe our team belongs in L.A..

                                I know a very large percentage of us would remain RAMS fans no matter where they called home. However where do they belong? St. Louis or Los Angeles?
                                St. Louis
                                Los Angeles
                                -02-16-2010, 07:15 AM