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A big THANK YOU and a message to all

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  • A big THANK YOU and a message to all

    After speaking with Utterblitz I really did some reflecting. These polls have brought in some interesting debates, conversations, turmoil, greed and even friendship.

    Sometimes we all don't get recognized by any for all the contributions we make to this site, or the Rams community. I would like to take this time to say thanks to EVERYONE for their participation in the great football talk.

    Whether you are a daily poster, an occasional poster or a lurker. You all play a very important role in making this thing click. If the "stars" didn't have their fans who would they be. You all are the Clan whether your name was chosen as "Best dressed" or not. We all deserve some recognition and I would like to give it.

    NAME at leaset 5 POSTERS THAT HAVE GIVEN YOU A FOOTBALL FIX and you would like to say thank you to.

    General Counsel
    Maui Ram

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    Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

    That's what I was talking about RamWraith. We all play a part in the Clan and we all can't be stars.

    Thanks to:

    and many more....these were the ones to come off the top of my head at this particular moment.


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      Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

      Wonderful idea, RW. Here's my list (strictly off the top of my head, and certainly not intended to be comprehensive)

      General Counsel
      Bob L. Head
      Last edited by HUbison; -06-25-2004, 07:29 AM. Reason: addition to list, I knew I'd forget people
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

        Deac, err, Bob L. Head,
        JRam (Sorry, you will always be JRAM to me),
        The Ladies (Utter and Rammie),

        and many others...
        This space for rent...


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          Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

          Like I said when nominations were being solicited, it probably isn't fair to single any one person out for acclaim or easy to try and list everyone who has made an impression on this site, but I gathered a handful and I'll repeat them again:

          28rulz, Thoey, evildiscoman, Ram Hog, shale, AvengerRam, Bob L Head, Ramtime, JRam, Radjohns, Ferter, Txramsfan, Yodude, Moklerman, Blacktrout, Rammiegirl, Utterblitz, afrightertoo, RamMyrow, MaineRam, MauiRam, NickSeiler, General Counsel, KarlBaker, r8rh8rmike, DodRam, Ramdez, ramstiles, drMartinVonNoStrand, MisterBlond, Sportsmac, oO0Oo, Hubison, theNewbie, eLacky, rampete, Coy Bacon, mobius, FargoRamFan, Zakdar, Ramman68, Rubbersoul65, SBramfan.

          (If you can't find your name in here, what can I say? Blame the site - I didn't see it on the members list ...; and if you do find it - well all I said was that you made an impression ... )
          Last edited by adarian_too; -06-25-2004, 08:17 AM. Reason: Because I forgot some names.


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            Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

            Yes, JRams is right.

            My appreciation to all who have contributed not only the entrée of Ram's football knowledge, but also the cuisines of creativity, wit, and humor, seasoned with grace.

            Special thanks to Adarian, Blacktrout, and Av, for going above and beyond mere writing.


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              Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all


              Great thread~

              Everyone deserves credit for stepping up to the plate and making themselves heard at this great site. Special thanks goes to

              Bob L Head
              Coy Bacon
              and the guys named "guest" - they deserve special recognition to get their butts in here to post. I know I was that guy at one time. This place can be pretty intimidating for some.


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                Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                I sort of don't like posting to these kinds of threads, because I have a bad memory, and I'm sure I'll leave someone out. So, then I'll have to leave another message to add the people I remember, but I still won't remember them all. So then...well, you get the point.

                Anyhow, I do want to single out one poster. Over the past few days, Avenger has really made the whole funniest post thread incredibly fun. It's nice to get into a battle of wits with someone who is armed with weapons of mass destruction.

                Thanks Avenger!

                (now maybe I'll get some write-in votes for Miss Congeniality)


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                  Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                  Cool thread! These are some of the people that have enriched my ClamRam stay:


                  Thanks to all that contribute! That's what ClanRam is all about!!!!!!


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                    Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                    A big thanks to all the other mods and Dez for giving me this opportunity and welcoming me with open arms. I am truly honored to be with you guys and appreciate every one of you.

                    My respect and special thanks go out to...

                    Jorge Valdivia
                    General Counsel
                    Nick Seiler
                    Bob L. Head
                    The Newbie aka ZigZagRam
                    Coy Bacon

                    I'd sure as hell be one lonely Rams fan without this place. :ramlogo:

                    Long Live the ClanRam


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                      Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                      I agree, there are too many to give all a mention.

                      Bob L. Head (and adarian) - I agree, the funniest poster thread has been great fun. I would be proud to have you wear the crown. You've earned it for sure.


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                        Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                        I feel inclined to add the people that I enjoy talking to on a regular basis, especially since I seem to be upseting people lately. I would assume that you all would know that I like posting with you, but you know what happens when you assume anything.

                        Please note if I have made obnoxious comments towards you in the past, it's all in play and fun. I am a brat and this is what brats do to get attention. Don't take my silly comments personally, k.

                        Added to the Thank You list:
                        TxRamfan, Ferter, Adarian, BlackTrout, Coybacon, AvengerRam, RamWraith, 28rulz, Nick Seiler, Thoey, RamHog and of course Dez


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                          Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                          I don't post very often but I always enjoy reading the chatter about the rams so a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has posted especially Adarian for listing my name


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                            Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                            Everyone adds a little something and is quite enjoyable to read. Being more of a lurker/poster it was nice to see me on someones list. What can I do though to move up the depth chart ??
                            AH, QB controversy - Bulger / Smoker, no Bulger / Chandler. Boy that Chandler throws a nice long ball :tongue:

                            Thanx to all !!



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                              Re: A big THANK YOU and a message to all

                              Nobody can beat the sense of community we have here at ClanRam. I've been to other NFL boards and have yet to see anything like the ClanRammies. I joined last summer and this has been my football sanctuary. I'd like to thank everyone for making my offseason bearable.

                              With that said, I should be calling off everybody's name, but since I know I'll leave somebody out, I'll just name a few.

                              TheNewbie: What a great guy! Absolutely a sweetheart. I miss him. =)
                              Ferter: Great to argue with, even better to agree with.
                              Avenger: Your polls and ponderings keep me awake at night.
                              TX: Always glad to hear the insight of a man who I can see eye to eye with regarding the QB controversy.
                              Bob L: I haven't been able to read your posts until the move to, I must say, your posts are glorious. It is as if God was looking in my face saying, "You are my most wonderous creation!"


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                                Huge THANK YOU TO general counsel
                                by RamDez
                                Once again I feel I must publicly say a Huge THANK YOU TO general counsel who has kindly donated a wad of $$$$$ to the site to help with the upkeep. I do know he is uncomfortable with me doing this publicly but I would sure love it if you could all thank him for his contributions now and in the past.

                                Thank you, general counsel

                                -06-11-2018, 02:55 PM
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                                Remembering our Hero's
                                by BIG-BLUE
                                Just wanted to give a huge Thank You to all of our Troops in harms way. Here's wishing you a fast & safe trip home. To all the Veterans that have served, Thank you also, for with out you, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today.

                                And last but not least, the Hero's. To all the Families of sevicemen & women who have lost their loved ones fighting for what this country believes in, we are forever in debt to you. Memorial Day is a day for remembering these Brave young men & women & I hope all here on the Clan Ram will give a moment of your time to remember.

                                Have a safe & wonderful weekend

                                To the Mods wasn't really sure where to put this, so please put it where you see fit. Thanks
                                -05-23-2008, 07:02 PM
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                                naked bike ride in nyc
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                                Go on and watch the highlights from todays naked bike ride through new york city to protest the oil spill. If you look closely, you can see the picture of one of the mods (i will not name him since i dont want to cause any embarrasment) cycling along, until his noted Tripod like member gets caught in the spokes, hurtling him over the front of the bike! Nothing stops the Clan!

                                Ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -06-13-2010, 03:49 PM
                              • OldRamsfan
                                I Missed you guys !
                                by OldRamsfan
                                I have missed you all very much ! I not been well the last two months and I'm not completely well as yet , But I can tell you that I Really have missed you all here at the Clan its family to me and of course the love of our rams , I'm going to try and be on as much as possible , hopefully thing will work out god willing and I'm very excited about the possibilities of our team it great this family here has been one of things that has kept me going and I want to thank you for that , you guys and gals are a very important part of my life thank you for being here ...
                                -05-12-2006, 09:31 AM
                              • RamsFan16
                                Thank you guys
                                by RamsFan16
                                This should probrably go in the Off Topic thread but thank you for the enjoyment of last season, and also making this board feel like family. I know how frustrating I am, how arrogance gets out sometimes and I get a little carried away but you guys keep giving me chances, even when I got Suspended for a week for bein' really cocky and arrogant when I came back after the first day you guys made this place feel like family again. I guess just thanking you for seeing this past Successful Rams season look that much better with the confidence and positive attitude you guys have.

                                Another season here and gone, and onto the Offseason, I look forward to battling Nick in the "Battle of the Mocks" and having this slow offseason present itself as a great one with the help and family like atmosphere here.

                                Thank you, also in the next year or two I hope to get to one of these 'bashes' that people crave about. I'm going off to college right after high school to get a degree in Business, and Sports Management (such as a sports agent/front office worker) and I'm really going to try and get a job within the St. Louis area to get Season Tickets for the games and have the enjoyment be that much better.

                                God Bless you all!
                                -01-04-2007, 09:42 PM