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Clarification for Mr. Ferter on the punters

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  • Clarification for Mr. Ferter on the punters

    Ferter, not sure whether it was a serious question, but waterfield was the stud punter in his day. Waterfield, married to jayne mansfield, she of the prodigious yabos, was the hollywood man about town celebrity type athlete. Van Brocklin was more of the counter culture bad boy who could really light it up on the field. Van Brocklin took over the job full time in 1953 and was our qb until he demanded a trade after a fall out with coach sid gillman following the 1958 season.

    You probably knew all that stuff, but it was fun to check my reference materials and write it down anyway.

    ramming speed to all

    Sign The Big Man

    general counsel

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    Re: Clarification for Mr. Ferter on the punters

    ferter's favorite position on the foosball field is the kicker. Why do you think they call it foosball?



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      Re: Clarification for Mr. Ferter on the punters

      Thanks GC!

      It was a serious question. I saw one of those ESPN documentaries on the 51 Rams and the two QBs. I remembered one of them was a very good punter. They actually showed some clips of him punting for a demonstration. He was very accurate and could nail the corner of the field.

      Thanks again for refreshing my memory.....;)

      Originally posted by txramsfan
      ferter's favorite position on the foosball field is the kicker.
      Shhhhh! tx, don't give away my secrets.....LOL
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        Personal story about Slater
        by Guest
        Quick story about big jackie and how mean he was on the field.

        One of the guys that worked for my prior company was a defensive end in the nfl in the late 80's early 90's. When i met him, i of course asked him who the toughest offensive tackle he ever played against was.

        He had no idea i was a rams fan, and without hesitation, he told me "Jackie Slater." After a brief discussion, he told me that his first play in the nfl was opposite big jackie. It was a third and long and big jackie buried him. Next play, as they are lining up, my guy says to big jackie, "Nice block,"

        Big Jackie spits a HUGE goober right into this guys face, growls at him, something to the effect of "Shut the F---- up rookie"

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -05-10-2005, 02:23 PM
      • fearsome foursome
        by fearsome foursome
        At one time the Rams had Ficken kickin'. Next up will it be Dicker the kicker? Sounds like some competition at the punter spot. I wonder if he can pass too?
        -05-05-2022, 09:43 AM
      • general counsel
        in deference to jkrams, wilma or betty?
        by general counsel
        Betty for me.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -01-28-2006, 09:59 AM
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        What would Mr Goat find in your garden?
        by Fat Pang
        It's a beautiful day here, and I find myself looking out of my study window at a large, black, male goat on the hillside behind my house. If I squint he almost looks like a Ram of dubious reputation. He's not mine, he's my neighbours, but we've been staring at each other on and off for 2 years now and have developed an understanding. Non-coital of course. (I could see Dez' finger hovering over the button there)

        Anyway, watching him munch his way through the tall grass (he has a fascinating method which I'll describe someday) I got to thinking that his life is deceptively hazardous. You see, he has to avoid 4 different kinds of poisonous snake, of which the Barrel crate is the most agressive,rock pythons (rare), poisonous giant centipedes (have found them in the bathroom and they really hurt when they sting. More feared than snakes round here ), and a Japanese hornet the size of a grown man's thumb that has been known to kill the elderly and particularly young with a single sting.

        We have spiders too, big ones, the size of my hand, that jump about 6-8 feet when threatened. (they get threatened a lot in my house as Mrs FP hates 'em) Not poisonous however. (I think)

        What would Mr Goat encounter in your garden?
        -02-02-2006, 12:23 AM
      • general counsel
        F Troop
        by general counsel
        The end of the civil war was near when quite accidentaly, a hero who sneezed, abruptly seized defeat and turned in victory,

        His medal of honor please and thrilled his pround little family troup, when pinning it on some blood was spilled and so it was planned he command,

        F TROOP

        Where indian fights are colorful sights and nobody takes a lickin, where paleface and redskin both turn chicken.....

        Boy do i miss that show.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -12-07-2007, 10:57 AM