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Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

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  • Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

    A quick question to you guys Whos is the best pair?????? they are both in there Prime????

    for me it would have to be BRUCE and HOLT,

    Bruce reminds me so much of Ellard, nice to see that Ellard is still with the Rams on the coaching staff...


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    Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

    Bruce/Holt hands down !! Wait, is it the receivers or the system ??



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      Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

      Holt is the most physically gifted receiver the Rams have ever had, and I don't think he's necessarily reached his peak. Bruce is a future Hall-of-Famer who could be the best route-runner ever.

      No contest.

      How about Ron Jessie and Harold Jackson? Maybe not (though they were very good).


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        Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

        How about crazylegs hirsch and tom fears? Two hall of famers who played together for at least one ram title. Let us not forget to give respect to the great rams from eras gone by. Granted, I doubt either of those guys could compare speed wise to holt and bruce, but in their era, they were both incredibly dominating.

        ramming speed to all

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          Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

          One thing that I think made all these receivers special is that they each complimented each other.

          You look thought history and you will find that with every great receiver comes another great one lined up opposite of them.

          Without Holt you have no Bruce, Without Flipper you have no Ellard. I think the combo thing is a very important factor. :helmet: :helmet:


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            Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

            Well I wasn't born yet for crazylegs and fears, unfortunately.

            I would have to say Bruce/Holt in a close one because of their speed and physicalness.


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              Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

              This is a great question and an extremely tough one to answer as far as I'm concerned.

              Ellard and Anderson were incredible receivers. I don't think anyone ran better routes than Ellard in his day. Inside, outside, possession or deep, Ellard could do it all and hes got the numbers to prove it. Still 5th all-time in receiving yards and tenth all-time in receptions. Anderson was an epic receiver who had soft hands and breakaway speed which he used to smash (and continue to hold) the NFL record for most receiving yards in a game, 336. In the Rams glory year of 89, he averaged 26 yards per catch. Truly a great tandem.

              Bruce and Holt are still obviously as good or better than any tandem in the NFL. IMO, Bruce runs the smoothest, most precise routes in NFL history. Hes as good as anyone ever has been in making tightrope sideline catches as well. His numbers are huge as are his legendary big game performances. Holt could arguably be considered the best receiver in the NFL, and is only getting better. Amazing hands and another great Ram route runner with epic numbers. At the rate hes going, hell follow Bruce into the HOF.

              At this point in time, taking into consideration numbers, performance, consistency and ability, its a close call, but I give the nod to Bruce and Holt. If Holt had a few more years under his belt, it would be no contest.


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                Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

                How about Jack Snow. I've seen old footage of him and I was impressed. Bruce and Holt would be the logical choice, both have been to the Big One twice. Ellard and Anderson were really good when Everett was tossing them the rock. I still remember that playoff game vs the Giants, when Everett hit Anderson for the game winner in OT and he kept running all the way into the tunnel.
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                  Year of The Reverend and The Bolt

                  Yes sir indeed! Excellent question.

                  Seeing how Torry Holt has come of age and into what could very likely be his best season or two coming up, how he and the great Isaac Bruce really compliment each other as a terrific challenge for NFL defenses, yes, I would say this tandem is the most exceptional we've had ever.
                  Again, possibly to improve even more! :rolleyes:

                  As Rams, we've been so privileged to see other tremendous duos in our receivers corps. Mentioned in previous posts, Hirsch and Fears, Henry Ellard and Willie Anderson ... I remember Jack Snow and Wendell Tucker / Harold Jackson, excellent WRs of the late 60s - early 70s.

                  I hope this season will be a highly productive year for Bruce & Holt, even if the Rams do manage to work out a new, formidable running game with our rookie sensation-to-be, Steven Jackson, mentored by none other than
                  The Marshall.

                  I hope Coach Martz goes Mad Mike again with his schemes (including Curtis, Furrey and Looker) and our QBs play well, very well.

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                    Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

                    Well never being one to avoid a controversy I will start one. I think flipper
                    was a bit of a flare up. Ellard was one of the best most humble receivers of all time. Flipper though had very little staying power. What did he do after the Rams late 80's team started to crumble and Georgia started destroying a good team? Ellard went on played a little in Washinton did his part until he retired. Flipper though just seemed to vanish. I know he had a couple single game records but is even in the HOF? (honestly I dont Know) It seems to me he was just another one of the 80s Rams flare ups (maybe the most notable but still).

                    Its for this that I will put Bruce and Holt at the top of my list. Ellard coaches them so we gotta love him. Flipper I still love you I will never forget the game winning catch in OT vs the Giants. Where did you go though?


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                      I agree with LA

                      I think Ellard and Bruce are close to a push, with the nod maybe to Bruce. Either way you couldn't lose with either one of those guys. So, it comes down to Flipper vs Holt. Holt beats Flipper. And you know, that's nothing against Flipper. Flipper Anderson is one of my all time favorite Rams. However, Torry Holt has the tools to become when it's all said and done, one of the great WR's in the history of the NFL. He's that good.
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                        Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

                        I think Ellard and Bruce are close to a push, with the nod maybe to Bruce. Either way you couldn't lose with either one of those guys. So, it comes down to Flipper vs Holt. Holt beats Flipper. And you know, that's nothing against Flipper. Flipper Anderson is one of my all time favorite Rams. However, Torry Holt has the tools to become when it's all said and done, one of the great WR's in the history of the NFL. He's that good.
                        I couldn't agree more. It's nice to know that one of the best receivers to play the game is on your team. :ramlogo:
                        JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                        "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                        Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                          Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

                          Great thoughts guys, LA you ask about Flipper and where he went, I'm sure he signed a FA contract with the Colts if I can remember, then he got injured and that was that.....sad... :disappoin

                          steve :ramlogo:
                          "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                            Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

                            I heard he was in prison. I'm not sure if that's true or not though.


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                              Re: Flipper, Ellard V Bruce, Holt

                              Just some info on Flipper (Trying to find where he is now):

                              Decade-by-Decade: The 1980s and Flipper's Record

                              Anderson "Flips" his way into the record books
                              Coming into twelfth week of the 1989 season, second-year wide receiver Willie "Flipper" Anderson's greatest performance had been a 112-yard output eight weeks earlier. That was all about to change in a big way as Anderson recorded one of the greatest offensive displays in NFL history during the Los Angeles Rams' overtime win against the New Orleans Saints.

                              With their leading receiver Henry Ellard on the sidelines, the Rams were relying on Anderson to have a heavier presence on offense. He responded by shattering the NFL record for receiving yards in a game. During the afternoon, he caught 15 passes for 336 yards and one touchdown.

                              Not surprisingly, it was Anderson who put the exclamation point on his amazing afternoon when he hauled in quarterback Jim Everett's pass for a 26-yard gain in overtime. His catch set up the game-winning field goal by kicker Mike Lansford at 6:38 of the sudden death period to give the Rams a 20-17 victory.

                              "FLIPPER" ANDERSON FILE

                              Willie Lee Anderson, Jr.
                              Wide Receiver - 6'0", 175
                              Born March 7, 1965 at Paulsboro, NJ
                              College: UCLA
                              Drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2nd round of the 1988 NFL draft.

                              1988-1994 Los Angeles Rams
                              1995 Indianapolis Colts
                              1996 Washington Redskins
                              1997 Denver Broncos

                              Career Statistics
                              Games: 114
                              Receiving: 267 receptions for 5357 yards, 20.1 average, 28 TDs
                              Rushing: 3 carries for 23 yards
                              Kickoff Returns: 1 return for 9 yards

                              THE "300" CLUB -
                              NFL RECEIVERS WITH 300 YARDS RECEIVING IN A GAME

                              336 -- Willie "Flipper" Anderson, Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints, 11/26/89
                              309 -- Stephone Paige, Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers, 12/22/85
                              303 -- Jim Benton, Cleveland Rams vs. Detroit Lions, 11/22/45
                              302 -- Cloyce Box, Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Colts, 12/3/50
                              This space for rent...


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                              • AvengerRam_old
                                If Andre Reed is a HOFer, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt should be locks.
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Congratulations to Andre Reed, part of the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame class. He is a deserving player, so I am glad to see that he was selected.

                                I am also glad, though, because his selection should mean that Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt will also be HOFers one day.

                                Look at the stats:

                                Games Played (Career)
                                Reed 234
                                Bruce 223
                                Holt 173

                                Receptions (Career)
                                Bruce 1,024
                                Reed 951
                                Holt 920

                                Yards (Career)
                                Bruce 15,208
                                Holt 13,382
                                Reed 13,198

                                TD Receptions (Career)
                                Bruce 91
                                Reed 87
                                Holt 74

                                1,000 Yard (Receiving) Seasons
                                Holt 8 (consecutive)
                                Bruce 8
                                Reed 4

                                Receptions (Single Season Best)
                                Bruce 119
                                Holt 117
                                Reed 90

                                Yards (Single Season Best)
                                Bruce 1,781
                                Holt 1,696
                                Reed 1,312

                                TD Receptions (Single Season Best)
                                Bruce 13
                                Holt 12
                                Reed 10

                                The only area where Reed has a clear statistical advantage is total playoff numbers, as his Bills team played in many more playoff games than Bruce's and Holt's Rams teams. Nonetheless, Holt and Bruce both had 100 yard games and TDs in the Rams' Super Bowl win.

                                There have been many HOF worthy WRs who had to wait a year or two before finally making it in, so I don't know that Bruce or Holt will make it on the first ballot (Bruce has the better chance). But I defy anyone to come up with a compelling basis why Bruce and Holt are not at least as deserving as Reed for the HOF.

                                The numbers don't lie, and the GSOT deserves its due.
                                -02-05-2014, 07:56 AM
                              • Rambos
                                If the Rams had Bruce and Holt
                                by Rambos
                                If we had Bruce and Holt as one and two wide-outs.... and no other changes to the current roster.

                                How far would we go? Win the west? Get to the championship game? Super Bowl?
                                -08-24-2011, 05:39 PM
                              • UK Ramfan 83
                                Bruce and Holt still diving then ?!?!
                                by UK Ramfan 83

                                Sorry if this has been said before. I'm new to the board, though not to the Rams..(25yrs and counting)

                                I noticed this trend started about 7yrs ago between Holt and Bruce, and infected the likes of Az, and Prohel a little bit..

                                They catch the ball in open field, and then as they approach 'ANY' defender that is in front of them....well,.....they just fall to the floor at the tacklers feet?!

                                I hated watching that when it all started, and I noticed that they were doing it again on Sunday a bit. Now I don't get access to very many games on tv, so I don't know if they have never 'stopped' this practice. It looks lame, and re-enforces the stuff that used to get said by the likes of Joe Horn and some of the Bucc's players, that the Rams play soft..

                                I'm all for avoiding injury, and no, they aren't the biggest and strongest of receivers, but come on, cover the ball, dip your head, and .....BAM!
                                You don't see other 'slight' receivers doing it. I don't think I have ever seen Marvin Harrison do it, and he is similar in stature (not size) to Bruce and Holt.

                                Impetous is an odd thing you know guys! You may just run over a few of them, or at least cause a miss tackle.

                                Not only that, but it looks real wet!

                                But hey, is it just me who is seeing it creep back in? (That's if it never left in the first place!)

                                -11-20-2007, 12:20 PM