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  • Free agents?

    Who's contracts are up next season?? Is there any of the Rams that will be working deals during the season? Can they work on any if they don't sing Pace long term? What will the statis of their salary cap be next season?

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    Re: Free agents?

    Tommy Polley is an unrestricted free agent at the end of 2004.

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      Re: Free agents?

      The following Rams will be up for free agency next season, to my knowledge:

      -Cam Cleeland
      -Rich Coady
      -Andy Eby
      -Bryce Fisher
      -Erik Flowers
      -Joey Goodspeed
      -Arlen Harris
      -Bernard Holsey
      -Andy King
      -Sean Landetta
      -Chris Massey
      -Sean Moran
      -Orlando Pace
      -Tommy Polley
      -Justin Smith
      -Scott Tercero
      -Aeneas Williams

      Keep in mind I'm only considering guys that are probable to make the 53-man roster. Some of the lesser known depth free agent signings we had I did not take into consideration. Also, I'm not entirely sure which are RFAs, but I imagine it's not too hard to tell.

      Interestingly enough, there are a number of players -- starters and depth men -- whose contracts expire after the 2005 season. That's going to be a make or break year for a number of players.


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        Re: Free agents?

        I'm sure ok I'm hopeing that the Pace deal will be sealed and delivered before THIS training camp so we won't have to worry bout him come next off season the Rams may look to lock up Polley during the 04 season depends on his play/cap etc... I'm sure we will pretty tight against the cap if Pace is locked up long term!!!

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          Re: Free agents?

          Sean Landetta a free agent after next season, say it isn't so! Why haven't they signed him long-term?


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            Re: Free agents?

            Originally posted by jjsram
            Sean Landetta a free agent after next season, say it isn't so! Why haven't they signed him long-term?
            If we sign him long-term, can we defer him AARP discount over the length of the contract?
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              Re: Free agents?

              I understand that the league is considering allowing a 5 yard handicap for landetta based on the celebration of his 50th year in the league.

              Gentlemen, my prediction (in the category of wishful thinking, not based on any actual knowledge), is that our opening day punter will be one Mr. Jesse Nicasso. You have to love those guys from eastern washington with a 44 yard plus average!

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