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[PD]: Linehan: We weren't on the field long enough to start the run

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  • [PD]: Linehan: We weren't on the field long enough to start the run

    Linehan: We weren't on the field long enough to start the run
    Compiled by Jeff Gordon
    Monday, Nov. 20 2006

    After reviewing the accident footage from the Rams’ 15-0 loss at Carolina, coach Scott Linehan didn’t promise sweeping changes for his suddenly feckless offense.

    Yes, Linehan will try to renew his commitment to running the football. “I’ve got to call more runs and have runs that stay on,” he said.

    And, yes, some shuffling along the offensive line is probable – since Adam Goldberg, a natural right guard, got abused at left tackle.

    “We’ve still got to look at what is our best five, and put guys in position where they are most comfortable, will have the most success,” he said. “You have to deal with that. It’s the hand we’ve been dealt. We’ve got to keep working on it and get better.

    “We haven’t decided one way or another, there are a couple of options that we’re mulling over there.

    “You can’t go out and replace your team at this point just because you have injuries. Everybody has to deal with them and we’ve got to deal with them and we’ve got to get better there.”

    Here were some of his thoughts on Sunday’s fiasco:

    On why the Rams didn’t run more: “I intended to run the ball more. We came out of some runs because we have some run-pass options on some. I think I counted six that were called that were thrown because of the (defensive) look. We left a couple on that weren’t successful because we still have to run the football.

    “When you don’t stay on the field, when you go three and out, when you don’t convert on third down, it doesn’t give you an opportunity to do much of anything.

    “We weren’t on the field long enough to establish a mix that you need to have to run the football. If you have a lead going into the second half . . . you really look at the teams that ran the football yesterday, you’re looking at teams that had a pretty good lead heading into the second half, fourth quarter. They ran the ball a lot more than anybody else. That’s when you get the majority of your extra carries. It’s going to going to be, at best, 50-50 against NFL defenses in first, second, maybe early third quarter because people are going to play to stop the run, make you one-dimensional.

    “We just need to convert our third downs so we can continue to run more plays. We had more three-and-outs than we’ve had all year. That doesn’t give you any chance to keep it going.

    “Our first two series, we put ourselves in manageable third downs. But when we did run the ball in the first half, our efficiency wasn’t there. We were not good on first downs. Our inability to have success on first down affected our ability to get to third downs that were manageable. When you’re third and long and second and long the whole game, you’re going to have a long day. We’ve got to improve what we do on first down as much as improve our third-down success.”

    On facing a lot of eight-man defensive fronts: “Early downs, normally on first downs, which is what they’ve done before. Again, we weren’t on the field to know what they were going to do as you got into drives and things like that. Once you do that, you are able to establish some better looks. If you can manage to sustain drives and get into situations where you get the red zone, areas of the field where they give you a lot of base looks. We were never able to establish that.”

    On whether he ever considered lifting Marc Bulger for back-up quarterback Gus Frerotte: “No, never.”

    On whether Bulger held onto the ball too long on some of his sacks: “Marc takes accountability for those. There’s a few. It was a team effort. It wasn’t just one guy.”

    On missing Orlando Pace: “It’s a factor, but what are you going to do? You have to move on. You have to find more and more ways to adjust. We can sit around and lament the fact we don’t have him or we can go out and get better and find ways to get it done.”

    On how right tackle Alex Barron played: “He played the best up front. Todd (Steussie) played real solid inside. He played real good against (Julius) Peppers. He had help as well. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to match up with the rest of their front as much as we needed to. But Barron did play well.”

    On how Goldberg played: “It was not one of his better days. He was asked to do something that was relatively new to him. When he has played and started, he has been a right guard. He’s been a right-side player. I don’t think (left tackle) is his best position. He competed hard, but we’ve got to evaluate what we’re doing that. We’ve got to get our best five at the right positions our there. We’re still working on that, obviously.”

    On the team coming out flat: “That’s my observation. That’s how I saw it. I take responsibility for that. (The players) can take exception to it, but the whole point is we can’t play that. We can’t have a lack of whatever it is . . . you can’t bottle it up, but we have to find it. There just has to be a spark and guys know that somebody has to make things happen. It starts with me, to get the team prepared better. I take exception to how we played. We should take exception to how we played.

    “Pride should set in at this point. We have to have some players step up. We as coaches have to step up and do a better job. The players have to play better. Your pride has to be something to motivate you. I don’t know if anger is the word, but it’s got to hurt your pride enough to where you have to change how you are doing things.”

    On whether he saw the flat outing coming: “Actually not. I felt we had one of our best weeks of practice last week, very competitive. I did not see it coming. Sometimes these things happen.”

    On drawing from his coaching experience to get the team out of this funk: “I’ve been coaching a lot of years. We were 3-7 last year in Miami. We were fortunate enough to win our last six games. We were shut out a year ago at this exact same week by Cleveland. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience. I draw on experiences like that. It’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with a tough loss or a tough stretch of losses in my life, as a head coach or not a head coach.”

    On all the dropped passes by Rams receivers: “We just weren’t sharp. That’s just part of it.”

    On whether this team has enough character to succeed: “Their character never disappointed me. I’m just disappointed with how we played. The character of the team is excellent. Our performance just hasn’t been good enough in recent weeks. Up until yesterday’s game, we’ve been in every game. Our guys have competed hard. We lost two heartbreakers to Seattle. We were shoe to shoe with San Diego on the road, deep into the third quarter, getting ready to tie the game when we had a fumble. Two key turnovers against Kansas City that didn’t enable us to stay in a one-score game. This was the first game where I was just disappointed with how we performed as a team.

    On the status of fullback Paul Smith: “He’s the only one questionable. He has a right hamstring that he strained, he was unable to finish the game. He is questionable at best this week.”

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    Re: [PD]: Linehan: We weren't on the field long enough to start the run

    Stop throwing on 3rd and short and maybe we would be on the field longer.


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      Re: [PD]: Linehan: We weren't on the field long enough to start the run

      Great Job Coach. At least he realizes his lack of prep. But it is clear this team is in a need of some brandy. Versus the ***** we cannot come out like this week, especially at home.


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        Re: [PD]: Linehan: We weren't on the field long enough to start the run

        Every time a coach is asked how practice went the week prior to a game, It's the same old....Yeah the guys were really flying around it was one of our best weeks of practice this season. Yeah right. What's he going to say?..Practice was a joke we weren't ready to play this week??

        Might as well save that question and ask something more important like what the heck is going on with our team? Do you know what you're doing or what?
        sigpic :ram::helmet:


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        • RamWraith
          Head Coach Scott Linehan
          by RamWraith
          Head Coach Scott Linehan

          September 17, 2007

          (Opening Remarks)

          “Claude Terrell does have a sore left thigh. It’s categorized as a bruise. He had an MRI today. We do not have any results from it, but we don’t anticipate anything other than that. Randy (McMichael) has a tight right hamstring that he pulled on the first catch of the game. He played with it, but it’s fairly sore today. Milford Brown did come out with a left ankle injury. Unless he has issues with it on Wednesday, as far as it being too sore to play on, we’ll assume he’s going to be okay. If he does have any problems at Wednesday’s practice we’ll MRI it, but he seemed to be getting better. Drew Bennett came out of the game okay. Pisa (Tinoisamoa) and Richie (Incognito) will be evaluated each practice this week as to how realistic they will be for being up this game. Both of them are still in question.”

          (On DE Leonard Little)

          “He has a sprained toe. He’s okay. He’s played with it, on and off throughout his career. He should be fine. I wouldn’t even anticipate him missing any time in practice.”

          (On QB Marc Bulger)

          “He just has sore ribs. He’s been hit a lot. It’s not just the line not blocking. We’ve been in some situations where we got third down and they (San Francisco) got free on a couple of their blitzes. He got a couple of them off, but he got hit on two. That’s a normal day’s work for a quarterback. I’d like to keep it to a minimum if we can. That’s going to be the key to our success in upcoming games.”

          (On the game vs. San Francisco)

          “It’s a similar story to the week before. We entered halftime with a lead. We came out of the blocks with the ball and we weren’t able to add to a six-point lead eventually. We had opportunities two weeks in a row to make it a two-score game, twice. Both times we turned it over. That will always come back to haunt you. I don’t know if it’s a lesson learned. We haven’t learned it yet. If we’re going to win these kinds of football games we’re going to have to take care of the ball better and we’re going to have to play better in the second half.”

          (On turnovers)

          “It can’t last because we can’t allow it to last. It’s happening because we’re too loose with the football. That starts with coaching. We say that we practice it, but it’s not carrying over in the games. To me, you play in games like you practice. Hopefully it’s a lesson we’ve learned the hard way and won’t continue it.”

          (On if he wished WR Dante Hall had called a fair catch on the muffed punt)

          “We trust his judgment and we’ll always trust his judgment. It’s easy to say now that we rather he caught it and returned it. Fair catch or not – a lot of times what people do is push and distract the returner by pushing...
          -09-18-2007, 05:04 AM
        • RamWraith
          linehan quotes
          by RamWraith
          Head Coach Scott Linehan

          September 10, 2007

          (Opening Remarks)

          “Orlando (Pace) is out for the year. He has a torn labrum and rotator cuff in his right shoulder. I feel real bad for Orlando. He worked very, very hard to get himself back from his triceps injury a year ago. He probably is in the best shape he’s been in a number of years. He really worked his butt off to get back to what I thought was his best condition, at least since I’ve been here. He had a real unfortunate injury. We’ll have to pick up the pieces for him as far as our personnel goes in our line. Next Sunday we’ll have our best five out there. Right now we’ll be working on a couple different scenarios. We feel very badly for Orlando, but the team will pick up the slack from that loss.

          “Pisa (Tinoisamoa) had a right ankle injury. He’ll be day-to-day this week. It’s not a high ankle sprain, but it is a sprain. We’ll know more as the week progresses.

          “Dante Hall came out with some cramps, but he’s alright. Richie Incognito is improving. We’ll probably know more with him by Thursday. Drew Bennett’s left quad is also improving. We’re hopeful for this week. There is no change in his condition until we start practicing full-speed on Wednesday, but we’re very hopeful for him.

          “Victor Adeyanju had a left knee sprain that got worse as the week went on last week. That’s why he was inactive – no other reason. He just was not able to go full-speed. On Friday it had actually gotten worse, so we opted to put him down for this last game. He feels much better today and with an extra day – tomorrow’s rest, he should be fine.

          “We had our opportunities and we did not take advantage of it. Carolina had theirs and they took advantage of them and executed what they had to do in the second half. The bottom line is you have to play your best football in tight games, in the second half, third and fourth quarters. As always you have to credit them for doing what we weren’t able to do. The biggest key is how we respond to a tough loss. It’s early in the year. We can’t do anything about it now other than learn from it, pick up the pieces, move on and correct the things that need to be corrected, as always. We need to be very, very positive, yet very, very critical of ourselves and what we need to do better and move on. It’s very, very simple.”

          (On if the tape showed LT Orlando Pace’s injury)

          “The tape didn’t show much. It showed the pass-set. He was helping on the inside man with his right arm. You really can’t see it, but it must have been a pretty dramatic blow to have that kind of damage in there. You see him turn out of that. He turns towards his man, but he was unable to do much. You can see his arm drop. I have not talked extensively to him about whether it was the punch or the...
          -09-13-2007, 06:29 AM
        • RamWraith
          Linehan's frustration continues
          by RamWraith
          By Jeff Gordon

          Yes, Rams coach Scott Linehan is frustrated.

          He liked the way his offense moved the ball Sunday against Green Bay, but he didn’t much like his team’s poor field position all game LONG . . . or the two bad-luck deflection interceptions . . . or some of the officiating calls (which he won’t comment on) . . . or the usual missed plays here and there.

          You get the idea.

          “You can stand here all day and describe frustration,” Linehan said. “I don’t think it’s going to do a whole lot of good. The disappointing thing was there were a lot of positive things that happened in the game and it didn’t show up in the win column.

          “Frustration is certainly very high when you aren’t able to win.”

          Here are some other highlights of the news conference:


          On his offense: “There were good things. It wasn’t a bad day offensively. Other than the second half – the inability to score was the toughest thing. We had two turnovers, which were tough luck plays, and other than that I think we were very aggressive about our approach and I think guys were ready to play and we were able to run the ball against a team that’s been very good against the run as of late.

          “We got some big plays in the passing game, we just weren’t able to get anything going in the second half. Really that started at the end of the first half coming away with no points in our two-minute drill. We started back after we moved down the field and had the early interception. We battled field position all day long as a team. When your average starting point in the game offensively is the 17-yard line and the opposing team’s offense is the 48 . . . I always go to that stat at the end of the game and that’s a pretty significant differential there.

          “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game where the offense had the ball for 14 minutes of one quarter and the opposing offense had it for one minute and got outscored 10-0, but it happened yesterday.”

          On the terrible kick coverage: “We can tackle better. I think it was missed tackles. We’re getting guys in position. The first one was a good return by them, but again, we had an opportunity to make a play and minimize the damage. The next two returns we missed tackles right at the point of attack. It’s no different than defensively.

          “If you’re having a tough day stopping the run as a defense, you go right to tackling. That’s been our issue a couple times this year. We’ve actually been a better coverage team up until yesterday for the last few games, but yesterday we did not get it done. I don’t think in any of our coverage, except for one punt, did we do a very good job.”

          On Jeff Wilkins’ struggles: “He’s a human being. Great players have off games, off seasons, whatever you want to call them. For him, this...
          -12-18-2007, 06:32 AM
        • RamWraith
          Linehan, coaches won't use injuries for an excuse
          by RamWraith
          By Jeff Gordon

          Rams coach Scott Linehan put on his brave face Monday after telling the world that Steven Jackson is hurt.

          Jackson will miss at least one game – and possibly additional time – with a partial groin muscle tear.

          “We’ve been hit by the injury bug,” Linehan said. “But you can’t go there . . . look at it like we’ve got an insurmountable, on paper, challenge for us this week. We’re sitting here with no wins in three games and we’re playing probably the hottest team in defensive the NFC, maybe all of football right now.

          “If we keep our minds right, it’ll be the greatest win we’ve had since we’ve been here. It will be exciting to watch Brian Leonard and Travis Minor play. That’s the only way you can be.

          “You’re not going to stand here and create excuses for your football team. We’re going to suit up and we’re going to play ball against Dallas.”

          Linehan also reported that Mark Setterstrom will miss the rest of the season, as feared, with a serious knee injury. And he admitted that Bulger has been playing with two broken ribs in addition to badly bruised knees.

          Here are some other highlights of the coaching news conference:


          On the condition of quarterback Marc Bulger: “He almost didn’t make it out of the last game . . . he’s limited. He was limited going into the game. He has a couple of broken ribs, but he played with it. We’re not going to say that’s the reason why he didn’t have the best game of his career. That was not an easy task. He should be much better this week. He’ll feel much better in practice which will enable him to have a better week of practice.”

          On why he didn’t use back-up Gus Frerotte: “If (Bulger) is too hurt to play, he’s not going to play the game. We have 100 percent confidence in Gus, but Marc played with it last year. He had a similar injury and was able to perform. My feeling was, if he was able to practice pretty much Wednesday and Thursday without taking too many plays off, there was no question we were going to go there.”

          On the loss of Setterstrom: “We’ll be looking at some replacement possibilities in the next 24 to 48 hours.”

          On the fill-in guards Milford Brown and Claude Terrell: “They’ve got the size for the position. It helps us match up against the interior people we were playing in that game. It’s better in the run. You saw some of that from our success when we ran the ball this game, versus the first two. It should enable us to continue to do that.”

          On using Andy McCollum to fill in: “It’s an option. Obviously he’s been a great center for years and center is his position. Because of his experience, his ability and what he knows, he’s definitely an option.”

          On the status of Richie Incognito: “He is making strides....
          -09-25-2007, 06:12 AM
        • RamWraith
          Coach Scott Linehan October 29
          by RamWraith
          Head Coach Scott Linehan

          October 29, 2007

          (Opening Remarks)

          “Richie Incognito got back the results of his MRI and it showed that he had a subluxation of his knee cap which is basically a partial dislocation of his right knee cap. It will require surgery. The outlook doesn’t look that promising for this season. We haven’t ruled it out yet. There’s not anything official, on IR or anything, but it’s a pretty extended time out for that injury.

          “Steven (Jackson) came out of the game with some severe back spasms. He had it looked at today and it shows he has a disk bulge in his lower back which is treatable. We’re optimistic for his return even as soon as New Orleans. Maybe it’s good timing that we have the bye this week for him. He wouldn’t be able to play this week if that weren’t the case.

          “Marc (Bulger) has a bad bruise on his throwing hand. When he came out he had it X-rayed just to make sure it wasn’t broken. He came back in with that injury.

          “We had a conditioning practice today. We’ll have a practice against each other tomorrow and watch film on New Orleans and yesterday’s game. On Wednesday will push on to the next game as well as some more lifting and conditioning. The players will be off from Thursday through Sunday.”

          (On if G Richie Incognito’s injury is the same injury he had coming out of college)

          “It’s similar. It’s not the same thing. The knee cap basically moved. It wasn’t a dislocation; they call it a subluxation where it popped in and out. There are some cartilage fragments that came off due to that. Dr. (Matt) Matava said it is basically a simple surgery – go in and clean that up, but it’s somewhat of a lengthy recovery time.”

          (On if he was blocking on the play)

          “He was blocking. He got his foot caught. It looked a little awkward, right at the finish. It looked like it happened as he was being turned and he ended up stepping on (Marc) Bulger’s foot on that particular play. He came out and he was done.”

          (On when he will have surgery)

          “He’s going to get another opinion which is recommended on these. As soon as he gets that – sometimes they recommend rehab first, so it depends on what the doctors say.”

          (On if bulging disks develop over time)

          “I don’t know if there is any correlation between the groin and the back. I don’t know that anybody knows if there’s any connection. Usually bulging disks develop over time. They are treatable. When you start talking about herniation and all that. It’s not that and can be treated. Normally the prognosis is pretty good as far as getting back in a couple of weeks.”

          (On how to treat bulging disks)

          “They medicate it first and...
          -10-30-2007, 07:07 AM