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Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

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  • Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

    Ferter, if you are going to watch the carolina tape, please also try to review the critical play in the second quarter where brian young fails to fall on the fumble that was right in his hands at the goal line. I thought that play really changed the game. If they cough it up there and get no points, the momentum swings all the way back to us even though we werent getting td's in the red zone, which ultimately bit us in the butt.

    My memory is that i can not believe to this day that young couldnt cover it. Archuleta tried to pick it up and run with it and score a td like he did in the ravens game. Adam really didnt have a shot since the ball bounced the other way. A little luck and the ball bounces into aruchlettas hands and he is gone for a td and we win that game for sure.

    general counsel

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    Re: Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

    Oh man, you had to bring that up....LOL

    That was surely one of those agonizing plays that seemed to be governed by the football gods and unfortunately they chose to favor the panthers on that one. I will definately have a look at that as well. It seems like Arch could have grabbed that ball, but just as he was about to do so, Young swiped at the ball and batted it to the ground and the panther player (forget who, I think muhammad) fell on it in the endzone for a td.
    Curly ~ Horns


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      Re: Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

      Ok gc, just reviewed the tape.

      I was wrong about who batted the ball. Just as Arch was about to grab the ball and most likely take it all the way, deshaun foster batted the ball away from him and towards the goal line. Young tried to fall on the ball, it was right in his bread basket and somehow he just whiffs on the recovery. It was right in his hands. Then the ball bounces closer to the goal line and the last clear camera shot of the ball shows it short of the goal line. The refs rule it was recovered in the endzone, but there is no clear view of this on replay. The TD is challenged by Martz and it is reviewed for a lengthy amount of time. There is no camera shot to overrule the call on the field of a TD, but there is also no clear view that it was indeed recovered in the endzone. Ruling stands as called.

      Note: It was 3rd & goal from the five on that play by the panthers.

      Another interesting note on that scoring drive by the panthers. That was the drive where stephen davis breaks off the 64 yard run and pulls up lame with the hamstring injury. Davis broke an arm tackle by polley on that play, but the guy who had the best shot at the tackle and completely whiffed was none other than jason shehorn. If he makes the tackle it is probably only a 15 yard run.
      Curly ~ Horns


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        Re: Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

        Originally posted by Ferter
        Davis broke an arm tackle by polley on that play, but the guy who had the best shot at the tackle and completely whiffed was none other than jason shehorn. If he makes the tackle it is probably only a 15 yard run.
        I'm sure you can guess how shocked I am at that information. ;)


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          Re: Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

          thanks for the review ferter. I dont have the heart to ask you about the last play of the game and i wont. I will just live with the belief that sehorn not only should have made the tackle, but that he actually had a shot at the int. At this point, sehorn was such a debacle i would just as soon let him remain in my memory as one of the most destructive rams of all time.

          general counsel


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            Re: Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

            Originally posted by Ferter
            there is also no clear view that it was indeed recovered in the endzone.
            That really bugged me whenever I watched the game. I also remember seeing no clear evidence that the ball had crossed the goalline, which made me wonder why it was ruled a touchdown in the first place.


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              Re: Ferter, as long as you are watching the carolina tape...

              correct me if im wrong, but didnt he end up in the endzone after all the smoke cleared? now, he was most likely down before that, but in order to keep consistency they had to call it like that. either way, that play sucked big time. what really pisses me off is that they got rewarded for a bad play which started with little tipping a pitch to foster. the panthers were just destined to win that game no matter what it seems.


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              • AvengerRam_old
                What play(s) still haunt you?
                by AvengerRam_old
                Maybe we can get off of Marc and Torry's back for not completing the long pass against Carolina and talk about some other plays in Rams history that still haunt you to this day.

                A few come to my mind...

                NFC Championship against Dallas - Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson picks off Pat Haden and seals the deal in a 28-0 rout.

                Super Bowl against Steelers - Nolan Cromwell drops interception that would have been a sure 6 points.

                The Jim Everett "Phantom" sack.

                The non-call intentional grounding by Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.

                What plays are you still not over?
                -07-03-2004, 08:20 PM
              • Barry Waller
                The Immaculate Reception and Bert Emmanuel Play Complaints Don't Hold Water
                by Barry Waller
                Watching this show about the most unbelievable play in NFL history, that started t alk of replay and changed the rule book. Of course every RAider and Raider fan is screaming bloody murder to t his day, about what they say are t hree no calls on that play.

                They claim the NFL wanted them to lose and they got cheated, but as I look at this play, after so many years, so many times, some t hings sem clear.

                1. The Steelers did nothing intentionally deceptive or illegal, on that 4th and 10 play, they just got very very lucky, as lucky as anyone ever, especially since Franco Haris HAD to score on that play or time runs out. Now the Raiders? They actually DID intentionally cheat to win a game, with the fumbleroosky play, They Changed the rule on that deal too so it CAN'T happen again, as they did the rule on a touched ball, so one like the Immaculate reception would ALWAYS be good.

                2. Conspriracy theory One, that Frenchy Fuqua touched the ball.
                Fact: The film is unclear who touche the ball, and the way it went backwards t hat far, shows that the impetus was caused by Jack Tatum trying to make a knockout hit, rather t han just stop the reception, or even just tackle Fuqua after t he catch.
                If he does that, game over time runs out.

                Fact, even if Fuqua and Tatum both touched the ball, under old rule, still good, play continues. If called good by Referee with instant replay, video is clearly incomclusive. AND now under new rule, doesn't matter who touched the ball.

                3. Villapiano wasn't clipped. The video does clearly show a hit from the side, at most a very borderline foul, one that would be roundly criticized if it were to decide a game. You must have a clear cut clip to make tht call.

                Also with the ball going every which way, the greatest officials in the world would have a hard time having just the right view of that block, especially the umpire, who would have been the guy making that call from the middle of the field.

                It was no more a clip that Az Hakim on the Ike Bruce TD play in the SB win.

                And also, there is no assurance that the 6-2 220lb Villipiano, no doubt exhausted, so much that a weak block knocked him sideways, would have tackled the 6-2 230lb Harris, no doubt a much fresher player at that point.

                It would have taken a Mike Jones effort.

                4. "Harris trapped the ball" Again a very tough call for officials on such a play, and no evidence exists that it was a trap, or at least t hat the tip of t he ball touched t he ground. Once again that rule has been changed, the Bert Emmanual rule they call it. If ruled a catch, still a catch with replay, unless todays replays would show at least one clearer view.

                Again, the refs have a split second to be looking in the right direction, and once the ball flies backwards, I doubt if anyone but Harris even sees it....
                -03-23-2013, 08:35 AM
              • sbramfan
                End of the Game Play Call
                by sbramfan
                OK, I know there are bigger fish to fry today and unfortunately Mike Martz is "damned if he does, damned if he doesn't" on this one, but......

                When the Rams got the ball with <1:00 to play and then there was an offsides call, which put the ball from the 38 to like the 33 (I think), was anyone here thinking that maybe they should try to pound up a few more yards into solid field goal territory, and then take a few pops into the end zone?

                FYI, I actually was one of those people who was OK with taking the FG in the Carolina playoff game, because when you somehow find yourself in a position to tie a game that you haven't been in for the other entire 59 minutes of the game, I would think you would want to at least tie it up.

                Realizing that football wouldn't be fun to me if the Rams and Mike Martz weren't a go for it type of team, but somehow I was stoked that they were almost in FG territory after that punt and remember thinking that bad things could happen if you try to force this into a TD, when a FG would tie it up. It's not like the defense was getting completely ripped if they had to risk the coin toss.

                Anyway, as for that INT, good teams seem to get luck, and lately the Rams don't seem to get the bounces like they used to, so I'm thinking that says something right there?
                -09-11-2005, 11:26 PM
              • general counsel
                Rams squander chances and lose 3-15 to Carolina; Sammy injured
                by general counsel
                The Rams blew every opportunity they had to beat Carolina on the road and made about every mistake you can make to cost yourself a chance to win an NFL game. In the process, Sammy injured his knee and left the sideline via the cart, in what may or may not spell the end of the Rams season, depending on its severity. Sammy was seen heading into the locker room on crutches. Horrific red zone play, stupid penalties, turnovers, dropped balls and awful short yardage offense continued to plague the Rams in an undisciplined and sloppy performance in which the Rams showed brief flashes of excellence and extended periods of untimely play.

                The Good

                Excellent first half run defense (28 yards allowed) and not a terrible overall effort (282 yards allowed).

                Great long throws by Sammy to Quick (73 yards) and Austin (63 yard td, which was called back by a tripping penalty on Jake Long.

                Solid game for Quinn, a sack and three tackles for losses.
                Eleven tackles for Laurianitis and a sack.
                Nice play by Simms to record a safety.
                Bradford was pretty solid overall in my view (21-30-255 1 td and 1 int). He was sacked and pressured and i repeat my mantra, he can only throw it, he can't catch it also. He made a nice throw for the TD to Zac Stacy, and had another TD throw that Pettis could have caught (although it was a touch catch, it was still catchable). His passer rating was 93.1 and i still thought at the end that we had a chance to pull within one score again before sammy got hurt.

                Excellent goal line stand in the second half, led to holding carolina to a field goal which kept the game alive.

                A pulse from Austin, who had some nice plays, one diving catch, a couple of decent returns, and a long TD called back.

                Zac had a nice 20 yard run, and a few other nice runs, but the overall numbers werent there for the running game, as a team the Rams managed 21 carries for 63 yards.

                The Bad

                It's going to be tough this week to sort the bad from the ugly, but here is my best shot.

                The Rams defense could not hold Carolina in the second half, giving up two long drives as the Rams were trying to get close. A brutal hold on Trumaine (who appeared to injure his arm late in the game) prevented a sack by Tree from getting the Rams a three and out to start the second half. Our pass rush was erratic and i have no idea why we continue to play our corners 10 yards off the line on 3rd and 9 (which allowed a huge conversion in front of Trumaine again). Say what you want about Finnegan, we miss him. After the Trumaine hold, same series, we jump offsides on 3rd and 3 with Newton on the bench for one play and everyone in the stadium knowing that Derek Anderson is going to hand the ball off up the middle.

                We forced no turnovers. Hard to win a game with a minus 3 turnover ratio, let alone...
                -10-20-2013, 02:01 PM
              • Trevor
                My view from the endzone.
                by Trevor
                Attended my first NFL game ever today and had front row seats at the endzone! Here's my take after watching them from behind and in front of them.

                This team is a lot better than what their record says! No doubt about it.

                Offensive Line: They let Davis get crushed a couple times, with jake long pushing the defender right into him (That play was right in front of me, the one where they recovered the ball for a TD), and a couple other sacks, other than those few sacks, pass protection was actually pretty good today in my opinion. Davis had time to throw the ball on numerous occasions. Run blocking was decent, in my opinion they need to bring in Robinson to replace Joseph and Wells seems to get pushed back easily.

                Defensive line: You can't really see how well the defensive line does from the view on the side. But they did extremely well. They didn't have many tackles or sacks, but you can't see that they really plugged the running lanes extremely well. Mccoy was dancing most of the game and most of their runs came from running on the outside. They had nothing on the inside. In my opinion, I think the game plan was more centered towards stopping the run more so than rushing the passer. Now onto Quinn, he was up against Peters which I think is one of the top LTs in the game? I remember reading that Quinn shined last season because he switched up his technique in game and did different moves. What I saw at the game is him trying to do the same swim move to the outside and getting pushed to the ground when trying to get around the LT consistently, I think Quinn is trying way to hard. I think this defensive line misses the presence of Chris Long, because I didn't see much from the left side of the line. However, plugging up the holes seemed great.

                Linebackers: They did decent, nothing that stuck out to me. Lauranitis misses tackles quite a bit. However, they did decent at stopping the run. Although, they allowed the bigs runs on the outside.

                Defensive Backs: They blew the coverage on Maclin on the one TD (Play was in front of me). It was blown coverage by TJ Mcdonald, I think he was supposed to come up over the top because Mcleod went down. However, it was pretty tight coverage for most of the game, EJ Gaines had a nice interception. Most of the Eagles receptions came from cross routes.

                Quarterback: Man Austin Davis looks very good. He has great pocket awareness and steps up in the pocket and does not seem panicky whatsoever. He was blindsided a couple times from Jake Longs blown blocking but overall, I see the pocket presence as his strong suit. He'll drop back and if necessary will step up and keep his eyes down the field. His throws are on point as well and it was nice to see all three TDs thrown at the end zone where I was sitting. It was a treat. The only bad thing I saw from him today was that there was a couple times where he missed a wide open guy. Especially at the end...
                -10-05-2014, 08:22 PM