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  • Preseason Games

    Should once again be exciting to watch. The last few years we have been bored with the same ol' players starting at every postion but we have a list of players that will make a impact this season and should make for an interesting preseason


    Al these players could be HUGE impact palyers this next year, and have a chance at cutting the starting line-up.


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    Re: Preseason Games

    In my opinion, the most important thing about preseason games and training camp for that matter, is surviving without injuries that adversely affect the season. I remember in 2002 hodgins breaking his foot in the san diego preseason game and what a terrible impact that had on our running game as we dug the hole with the 0-5 start. I guess once in a lifetime a big preseason injury, ie trent green, still can result in a superbowl title-thanks capt. kurt!

    ramming speed to all,

    general counsel


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      Re: Preseason Games

      I agree that preseason will be exciting and worth watching this year. The biggest part of that is because we have young, competitive players at skill positions that could very well start for the Rams in the near future. It'll be fun watching Jeff Smoker, Steven Jackson, and Kevin Curtis working on the field at the same time. But above all, as GC pointed out, I hope they all come out healthy.


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        Re: Preseason Games

        The one thing I feel good about though is even though we will loose someone because of injury, I feel comfortable enough that we are deep enough, with the exception again at linebacker. We could loose a skill position and still win I think


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          Re: Preseason Games

          You need to add Hargrove to the list. If he can put some moves on other teams preseason guys, he will be interesting to watch in the regular season !!!



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          • majorram
            Do you think that we need Pre-season??
            by majorram
            The more I think bout this issue the more I hate Pre-season, it just seems a waste of great players, aka RT Jansen of the Redskins..and I'm sure the body count we grow.....What about reducing the number of games to two instead of four... is it greedy owners looking for more revenue???????....I know you need to see what sort of squad you have and get these guys up to game speed, look at different players etc....

            But to me I just PRAY that we get through these dam 4 games with NO injuries...

            Does anybody feel the same!!!!!!

            thoughts guys

            steve :ramlogo:
            -08-11-2004, 10:28 AM
          • Guest's Avatar
            Does Pre-Season Matter?
            by Guest
            Ah yes, the fun of pre-season. Does it matter or not? I see that a lot on these boards. One side makes "too big of a deal" about pre-season and the other could care less.

            What is your take on it, in detail?

            In my personal opinion -

            (Disclaimer; This is my opinion and as such I am in no way attempting to be needlessly negative and hereby allow anyone to ignore such perceived negativity in anyway. Furthermore, I would ask that you not respond to me if you see this as unnecessary negative and wish to argue with me which, ironically would result in a lot of negativity and a waste of time arguing over opinions.)

            - I think pre-season is important to bad teams. I think how the starters look, is important.

            Nothing cements this in my head more than after the 99' Superbowl, we were playing Tennessee in the pre-season rematch. Our defense could not stop anything. There was a clear and scary drop off. Our defense went on to struggle during the regular season.

            So yes I think Pre-season matters. Especially with bad teams. The good teams usually rest their starters so much that you can't make judgements. Bad teams on the other hand usually try to play everyone as long as they can. Injuries do cloud things up a bit of course, but those injuries could linger into the regular season anyway.
            -08-23-2009, 01:07 AM
          • Guest's Avatar
            preseason games-a former players perspective
            by Guest
            I had lunch today with a business associate, a former redskins qb. We discussed the value or lack thereof of preseason games. I agree 100% with those on the board that believe that the most important goal of the preseason is to make it through without injuries.

            When i presented the argument to my friend regarding the unnecessary risk of injury posed by preseason games, he did not agree. He made the following points:

            1) There is no greater risk of injury in a preseason game than in a team scrimmage. If there are no preseason games, the teams will just scrimmage live more against themselves. Failure to do so would cause a major competitive disadvantage when the season starts.

            2) it is so competitive in practice scrimmages, that without them, you would not believe how uncoordinated your team would look in week one. he felt that the games really do help prepare the teams for the regular season.

            interesting perspective.

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel

            ps. if winslow is worth 16.5 mill up front, pace is worth $20 million or more.
            -08-11-2004, 06:15 PM
          • shower beers
            Preseason Takeaways
            by shower beers
            We had 12 this preseason, compared to just one last year. I don't care if it is the preseason, that's something to get excited about. You can't chalk up 11 additional takeaways to "it's just the preseason."

            -09-04-2009, 07:27 AM
          • AvengerRam_old
            I hate preseason. How about you?
            by AvengerRam_old
            When I was younger, I used to love preseason. After months without football, I was just thrilled to have it back.

            Now, no so much. I find preseason to be stressful, due to the fear of injuries. I also find myself constantly tempering my reaction to what the Rams do on the field. I know that strong performances don't guarantee regular season success, and many great teams have poor preseason showings.

            So, how do you feel about the preseason?
            Its the delicious appetizer before the main course that is regular season football.
            It is a bigger tease than the plastic-wrapped copy of Maxim at the news stand.
            Glad to have football back, but this is not REALLY football.
            -08-15-2011, 11:33 AM