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Time to kick this subject off --- Are they right or wrong ??

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  • Time to kick this subject off --- Are they right or wrong ??

    Are the Ram coaches right to hold out most of the starters till the last pre saeson game ???? yes or no
    Yes - it makes sence
    No - it make little sence

    The poll is expired.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    any way you can add a third answer...i think it's ok, but i don't think the first teamers are getting enough reps...kinda in between yes and no.


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      On coaches and coaching...

      Good question / poll RamDez.

      Yes, I think they're right. In fact, I believe that this year's events at training camps, overall, have set a more defined precedent for what these NFL preparation periods will be in the future.

      Protection. That is obviously the keyword here. Coach Martz had Faulk and Warner, two major starters - stars in "under observation" health status since sufferring their respective injuries last year. It only seems logical for the entire Ram organization to want to protect such valuable investments --the leagues MVPs two years in a row.

      Common sense is the least common of all senses. We can just imagine the heat (forget the heat, it would have been the fire) that Mike Martz would have taken had he placed these two starters --among others-- in a greater risk situation during preseason games ...not to mention the catastrophic crisis if either one would have suffered a serious injury early on during exhibition games.

      In addition, awareness of what goes on at TCamps, has become a more important factor too. The Stringer tragedy that occurred in the Vikings teams during training camp is as clear indicator as there can be regarding the need for greater precautionary measures.

      I think the whole concept of preseason activities and purpose is being carefully analyzed as a result of this year's experiences ;) --including Martz decision to cut back on exhibition playing time for some of the Rams starters.

      The early summer weather is a very real, very adverse condition in many of the team's camp locations. You've got more doctors talking about what should or shouldn't be, players, player's wives, fans and then the coaches themselves, commenting about 'old school' "no-water-breakes-tough-guy-macho" bootcamp mentality versus today's reality, pro, college or high school. Common sense.

      In the long run, I think, the coaches strategy of protecting certain players during preseason will well be recognized, rewarded, and welcomed.

      All right then! it's a YES... GO RAMS!!!


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        Allow me to get into my Clan Ram Commentating Spot

        I believe the Rams starters are fine and dandy just where they are. Why? A few reasons. Protection obviously has been pointed out as one, these guys don't need to be straining themselves in games (that are fun to win but still) that don't matter.

        Another reason? Experience and proven ability. These guys know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Get them hungry for the real thing and then let them loose.


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          These guys play more football now and train more rigourously in the offseason than ever before. I think timing will come with the offense, just look at how easy Germaine is making the SYSTEM work. I have honestly thought all along that the SYSTEM is what works. Quick 15 to 20 yard passes and let the RAC rack up. We have speed to burn, and speed dosen't need much practice. One thing you cannot teach is speed. The D is getting the work, for once I think I can honestly say that the priorities are being met. The offense is fine. The D needs the work and exposure. Guys, we are in for a rough season, starting with Philly in the opener. Miami, Indy, TB, Detroit on the road, we have it tough this year schedule wise. Let's get the D its "sea legs" and go after it.