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  • Guam rammer
    started a topic Mistakes?


    Is it a coaching mistake that players jump offsides, false start, blow coverages, drop easy passes, fumble, and get flagged for pass interfearance and unsportsmanlike conduct?

    This is what killed our team this year. We are the most penalized team in the league at this point. And during close or crutial times of games we fumble, drop passes, and blow coverages.

    This season is comming to a close and reality kicked in last night that we won't be playing any extra games this year. We've been penalized out of the post season and its time to create an offseason program for our players to address these problems. players should be held accountable for the mistakes that cost us a season. Coaches taking the blame for player mistakes should be put to rest.

    I understand that Football is a team sport and a coach is only as good as his scheme, and personnel. but these players have been focused on playing football all their lives. Pop Warner, to the college ranks. they've been scouted and have been prepared to perform. Proper preparation is the coaches part, its the players job to execute.They were'nt brought onto this team because they make mistakes. They're supposed to have potential, and an unstoppable desire to be a winner....coaches too.

    An offseason program that stems into the regular season to eliminate these mistakes should go a long way, and should be given serious consideration. If there already has been a similar system in place... we've got serious problems.

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  • Ram Dragoon
    Enough carrot--its time to break out the Stick
    by Ram Dragoon
    Obviously, the carrot isn't working, its time to break out the stick.

    The Rams need to hold a secret team meeting with management present and put it bluntly to the are now playing for your JOBS. In the mean time there are a host of other released players in the NFL that can't be any worst then what the Rams have now. And just maybe someone hungry for a NFL career will arise.

    To that end the Rams need to sideline key assets and use them sparingly. With the O-line, just state it to them since they can't get the job done, there is little point risking injury to those the team aims to have next year.

    Right now it seems too many players think management will stand behind them and place the blame on the coaching staff...perhaps if the players see management standing totally behind the staff, perhaps it might wake a few players up
    -10-05-2009, 07:07 AM
  • Fat Pang
    The Search Continues
    by Fat Pang
    After another dreadful weekend, possibly the most dreadful but we can debate the magnitude of it later, some inhabitants of Rams Nation will have seen their 'To do' list get a little longer.

    A problem once thought solved with the departure of Scott Linehan looms large once more and it concerns the anointment of the 'Scapegoat'. Glib smugness has been replaced by worried consternation as the realisation dawns that cosmetic short-term firings can't possibly address the fundamental failings of the Ram football team. Namely the players.

    Not any player specifically but each and every player on the football team, with a few youthful exceptions, has to be seen as responsible and accountable for their approach to their profession. To blame one player or one coach has been demonstrated to be an exercise in denial, it cannot be maintained that change in any one single area will act as the catalyst to future success.

    Frankly, as one esteemed poster on this board has made clear, the players we have as of now just aren't good enough or they're not trying hard enough and in both cases change is needed.

    Losing games is one thing but the manner in which they are lost is something else.

    And this weekend was something else.

    So lets stop advocating the firing of X,Y and/or Z and instead consider the possibility that the team was never as talented as we felt it was and has proven to be half as interested as we hoped it was.

    Change has to be wholesale.
    -11-09-2008, 11:31 PM
  • RamsInfiniti
    And when the smoke finally settles ....
    by RamsInfiniti
    What are we going to see from this Ram's team?

    I guess this is a pre-camp prognosis of some sort. I typically try to look at the season each year, and I usually come up with a semi-inflated, overhyped outlook of the Rams. This is simply because I love the Rams. You always make things you love out to be better than they actually are ...

    Well, with this new, and improved, version of the Rams, I don't feel like I can make an accurate assessment. Honestly, I think this team can end up with anywhere from 4 to 10 wins. And there are a variety of reasons I believe this ...

    First, I've indicated time and time again that I am a firm supported of the theory that there is not much gap in talent from team to team across the NFL. When we talk about talent, we talk about the physical and mental ability of players to be successful and make plays. Just because a player has talent does not mean he will be successful in the NFL, it simply means he has a shot. There is a reason there is an NFL combine each year. It is to see which players can physically, and to some extent mentally, cut it in the NFL. From team to team, across the board, the talent is pretty similar ...

    What distinguishes how the talent translates on the field? Well, in the short term you have to look at experience, morale, the "system", the coaches. In the long term, you have to look at how well such players adapt to change, how versatile they are, whether they can stay healthy, whether they are content with where they are, who they are, and who they might be ...

    So what are the major problems with the Rams of 2009? Simply lack of inexperience from my point of view, at least at most positions. Lack of morale at others ...

    Look at what we have. A new upbeat coaching staff with a vision of a modern WCO and physical defense. A QB that is smart and accurate, a protypical freak of a RB, quick, agile fresh WR's, an established TE, a strong young offensive and defensive line, hungry young linebackers, world class speed and nice size in the secondary ...

    So what's the problem? A QB lacking morale after the beating he has taken, injuries to that chisled freak of a running back, questionable depth behind him, WR's with little or no experience, no proven depth at TE, an offensive line that will be learning one another, undersized defensive line that will have to learn to be creative to take advantage of opportunities, only one proven linebacker, and defensives back that have tons of talent but all seem to be missing "it" with the exception of Bartell and Atogwe (wait to see on Butler) ...

    So, what does this mean? The talent is there, no doubt in my mind. So what does this coaching staff have to do? It's three-fold in my opinion ...

    1. Make the players forget - Make them forget they are losers, start them off on a level playing field. Get them...
    -07-29-2009, 11:35 AM
  • Rambunctious
    Team Mentality
    by Rambunctious
    I have understood the philosophy of not calling beyond what you believe the players are capable of doing well. Thus we don't throw over 10 yards a lot.

    But last night I was working the Louisville vs USF football game. The Cardinals went for it on 4th and inches in overtime instead of kicking the field goal. They didn't get it and of course lost when USF made theirs' on the next drive.

    The locker room afterward was somber and the players were dejected.

    We were interviewing one of the players and he said the loss hurt the team. A reporter asked if the coach shouldn't have decided to go for it and the player basically said "Oh no... that would have hurt the team worse. They can't tell us day in and day out that they believe in us and then not have confidence in us come game time."

    He would have rather lost with the ball in his hands then to have lost on the sidelines.

    Sooooo... my point to the story is I'm starting to wonder if our offense is starting to believe they can't finish off a team because of the play calling?

    -11-14-2010, 09:09 PM
  • Guest's Avatar
    Don't get pissed off now. You created this monster
    by Guest
    Carolina could have sat down in straight jackets and the rams would have done their best to score points for them. When Dr. Frankenstein created his monster he later found it revolting. We should consider ourselves Dr. Frankenstein. And the Monster we created? Mike Martz of course. The praise and accolades along with the covering up of his flaws over the past 5 years were the electricity needed to keep the monster alive. Now we are smack dab in the middle of a playoff race and like cadavers we want the monster to die. It was the talent over the past 5 years that gave us the illusion that our monster was good. Conversely the lack of talent is now the reason why we find the monster revolting. So we have failed to realize the monsters shortcomings in the past and now are blaming the lack of talent on the monster. Hopefully most will see the absurdity in this. As I have stated in the recent past, itís time we stand by our creation because if we drive a stake through him now when we still have a shot at the playoffs then we will be left with a bad monster and a bad team. Sure when the season ends we should consider doing what should have been done years ago and rid the village of the monster. Right now this monster is all we have so lets just get this thing into the playoffs....
    -12-12-2004, 06:37 PM