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  • Here is a "Little" question

    What will happen if the NFL suspends Little for a year or more. Or lets say he goes to jail for awhile. What happens to the Rams and the salary cap implications? Would he count? And if he did, why? Is this something the Rams are looking into?

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    Re: Here is a "Little" question

    I can remember HowardB saying something about an escape clause written into every contract (or maybe just Little's, not sure) about if a player cannot perform due to legal implications, then the contract is null and void with salary cap implications, i.e. Rae Carruth. Little should play all of this year, what is up next year is anyone's guess at this point.


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      Re: Here is a "Little" question

      so you are saying that a team can put in a contract that "if" something happens they are not responsible for the salary including what is reported the the NFL?


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        Re: Here is a "Little" question

        Originally posted by txramsfan
        I can remember HowardB saying something about an escape clause written into every contract (or maybe just Little's, not sure) about if a player cannot perform due to legal implications, then the contract is null and void with salary cap implications, i.e. Rae Carruth. Little should play all of this year, what is up next year is anyone's guess at this point.
        A sad but true necessity.

        Tx, I'm not sure I understand. I see where the Rams would be free and clear of the contracted amount if Little goes to jail, but what would the NFL do with the salary cap implications?
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: Here is a "Little" question

          Well, if someone is in jail they cannot perform their duties right? The NFL cannot punish teams for things legally out of their control especially if the clause is written into the contract which I do believe it is.

          Now, if Little was riding a motorcycle and breaks his leg....different story. However, especially in LL's circumstances, if he breaks the LAW and goes to jail, his contract I believe is null and void and the Rams have cap space. Cap space they don't want, but cap space none the less.


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            Re: Here is a "Little" question

            I recently asked Mr. B this question on the old site and here is what he told me. I am paraphrasing here.

            If he is convicted of a felony, we have the right to waive him. We would then be entitled to receive back from little the unearned prorated portion of the signing bonus. If we were able to get little to repay the remaining portion of the signing bonus that had not been allocated to the earlier years of the contract, we would then be able to have no adverse cap effect. If little didnt pay back the money, we are still on the hook for the remaining portion of bonus money that was paid, on an accelerated basis of course if we waive him.

            Recovering money from Little is tricky for many reasons, one of which is there is no way to know what his financial situation is, especially once he gets done paying his lawyers. You would hope he had the money available to pay it back, but whether he would do so is another story. He could declare bankruptcy and discharge the obligation all together, but only if he lacked the assets.

            should be interesting.

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel


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              I just finished reading an article that stated the Rams are still in fairly good shape financially. 11.5 million dollars UNDER the cap....not bad!

              But, with Leonard, Carriker, and Bulger left to sign, how will we fare?

              I guess that there will be about a 4 million dollar difference once these contracts are signed, leaving us with about 7.5 million.

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              First, the issue of the (more or less) stagnant salary cap. This may change in the medium- and long-term, but at least for the next couple years the salary cap is expected to remain relatively flat. This affects the merits of backloading contracts and/or using huge signing bonuses to delay salary cap charges. One of the major advantages to delaying salary cap hits when the cap is growing rapidly is that the same charge is a smaller fraction of the salary cap in future years than in the current year. Let's say the salary cap is $100M (just to use a nice round number) and you have $5M in charges that you need to take. That's 5% of your team's salary cap. But if you delay the charge for a couple years to when the salary cap is (let's say) $125M, the same $5M represents only 4% of the salary cap. Salary cap inflation has solved part of the problem for you, essentially reducing the "cost" of that salary cap hit by 20% (from 5% -> 4%), while still allowing you to pay your player $5M in cash this year. If the salary cap remains at $100M though, 5% is 5% no matter when you take it.

              Second, the rookie wage scale. The days of massive (relatively speaking) rookie contracts are over. Sam Bradford signed a 6-year/$78M ($50M guaranteed) contract while a year later the #1 overall pick Cam Newton signed "only" a 4-year/$22M ($22M guaranteed) contract. But holding the overall salary cap constant, rookies making less means veterans making more. With players receiving a larger portion of their career earnings in their veteran contracts, it makes these contracts more important for them. It also means that rookies should put a larger premium on the safety of long-term contracts, especially if you are talking about offering players extensions while they still have a year or two existing under their current contract.

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              steve :ramlogo:
              -04-29-2005, 03:40 AM
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