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  • Welcome to the IFN from

    I wanted to stop by and personally welcome ClanRam and all it's vistors to the Independent Football Network. You have a nice site here and we at hope you visit our site and participate in our message board.

    We actually have a few Ram fans who are regulars at our site. It appears these fans came over before the Superbowl game and continue to be regulars. We even feature a Ram fan in our Titans fan photo area. Go figure.

    Since we have a preseason game Friday night, I hope others from goTitans come by to talk a little friendly smack. Feel free to do the same on our site.

    In particular, we are extremely happy to have Fred Miller and Kevin Carter as Titans now. Fred and his wife just make a very generous donation to a charity which helps newborns from needy families. We think Kevin has enjoyed his reception in Nashville and will be more active in the community over time.

    Let's hope Friday night's game is injury free and we meet again in New Orleans in January.

    Smack warning: Jevon and Kevin will make Warner the main ingredient in the first Titan Sack Sandwich!!! *grin* Go Titans!

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    And Mr.Mcnair gets to test his scrambling abilities against our new defense.I hope he gets to meet Lewis,Pickett,and Little on the flat surface of the TWA Dome.LOL!

    GO RAMS!
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      Well hello TitanJeff, I, on behalf of all the ClanRam (as the Chieftan ) wish your guys all the best on Friday. As you say, lets hope its a good injury free game (we could do with one) Not to bothered about the outcome myself (its only preseason) smack warning --- us Superbowl champions keep the real stuff for games that count unlike your Mr Fisher (last seasons pre season super bowl hahahahahahahaha) :p

      I hope the IFN works well for the ClanRam as well as the rest (its agreat idea) PS. thanks for the heads up on you front page.

      Hope to see you in New Orleans .... we WILL be there ;)

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Hail mighty Rams

        Look forward to a god game tonight. May both teams play well!!

        And I hope it's a bit better of a game the last night's was.


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          Quite unique!...

          Hi there TitanJeff/Titans!...

          Yes, most interesting, in fact, "unique" have you guys here in ClanRams land! From Scotland to Italy, form Mexico to Oregon and throughout the world :p --we are...
          R-A-M R-E-A-D-Y my friend! Yeah!!! :mad: Bring them on!!!

          Best wishes for, as you said, an injury-free game tonight.

          Let's go RAMS!
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            A legit postcript...


            Say, I forgot to mention: ClanRam is looking better all the time! As said before, I feel privileged, proud to be able to read and share Rambling thoughts here with many fine and friendly fans. "Most :cool: "... Great job! ;)

            GO RAMS!!! :mad:


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              come on in the chat room.


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                I must say, the layout is looking better all the time. If you guys need any help, I'm offering my (limited) skills with graphics, etc.


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                  well thank you all for noticing

                  anyone notice the index page has been revamped as well ??

                  all help is always well recieved

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                    Thank you Dez,The Clanram site is by far my favorite.It is looking great.I didnt get to to do the chatroom during last nights game because I didnt have computer access.It was depressing because I didnt have anybody to complain with about the results of last nights game.LOL!Anyway Dez,Thank you again for Clanram.

                    GO RAMS!


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                      Re: Welcome to the IFN from


                      Smack warning: Jevon and Kevin will make Warner the main ingredient in the first Titan Sack Sandwich!!! *grin* Go Titans! [/B]
                      I hope the titans reach the superbowl again it was a hell of a game last time and I wouldn't mind seeing them match up again. Only this time we may try to concentrate for the whole game and not let you have a chance! (ha ha ) Nice to see some different fans spicing up the conversation!
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