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Coming Soon: The Clan vs. The Herd

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  • Coming Soon: The Clan vs. The Herd

    Hey guys and gals,

    I'm working with one of the Mods at The Herd board on an inter-board Rams trivia challenge.

    Essentially, it will involve each board posting a number of trivia questions on the other. The winning board will be the one that posts correct answers to all the questions in the shortest period of time.

    We're working out the details right now, and I'll post the rules soon. Once we set a date to post the questions, I'll need everyone's help (through PMs) to select some real stumpers. Then, once they post their questions, I hope that you will all help in coming up with the answers.

    This will be for bragging rights!

    Stay tuned.

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    Re: Coming Soon: The Clan vs. The Herd

    appreciate all the efforts to keep us all having fun this off season. This has been one of most exciting non-Ram related season I can remember.

    Thanks to David for all his hard work and new ideas!