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Bernie comments on Faulk rumors

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  • Bernie comments on Faulk rumors

    from Bernie:

    I spoke with Hadley. I understand what he reported. I
    also know who he talked to at Rams Park. What Hadley
    says has merit.

    BUT: you have to understand what he's saying here.
    Don't misrepresent or misunderstand what he's saying.

    Hadley's take: Faulk and the Rams are privately
    concerned about Faulk's knee. Martz is positive about
    Faulk; the last time I spoke to Martz he was upbeat
    and thinks Marshall will be fine. But others in the
    organization aren't so sure.

    Hadley isn't saying Faulk will retire. He's saying
    Faulk could be limited by the knee more now than in
    the past, and he is saying that there is at least a
    possibility that a frustrated Marshall will say,
    "enough." And I don't shoot that down at all.

    I think Marshall will try to play and he'll go from
    there. But there's some anxiety in the organization --
    which is understandable given Faulk's knee problems
    and age -- and Hadley was right to tap into that.


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    Re: Bernie comments on Faulk rumors

    Okay... okay... I think I've got it...

    Step 1: Hadley speaks with "somebody at Rams Park." (The Running Backs Coach? The Trainer? The guy who removes soap scum from the shower walls?)

    Step 2: Hadley adds his own speculation.

    Step 3: Hadley posts a shocking teaser message.

    Step 4: Bernie verifies that, based on his speculation, Hadley's speculation, of the speculation of somebody at Rams Park, has merit.

    And there you have it...

    "A story."

    Here's an idea.

    Maybe somebody should ask Marshall Faulk.

    Nah, that would make sense.


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      Re: Bernie comments on Faulk rumors

      You know I was thinking the same AV eeeeerrrrrrr he's right there guys at Ram Park every day, just wander over to him and ask!!! there we go boys....

      steve :ramlogo:
      "The breakfast Club":helmet: