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titans doing a numbe ron our running game

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  • titans doing a numbe ron our running game

    just what has happened to the running game ???

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    What an ugly game! And what happened to the chat? My tv is not in same room as computer, but I thought someone would be there after the game. *Sigh*

    What is with the Rams inability to beat this team in preseason? I know, it doesn't count. But our defense made some strides, but obviously not well enough to stop them. And the offense, well, the numbers speak for themselves. A learning experience, for sure!


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      where's the offense???

      The offense was really disappointing tonight... too many turnovers and no sense of running attack.
      However, I believe Justin Watson is a terrific back. Why is he supposedly in Mike Martz's doghouse? I heard that someplace.


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        It's still the pre season,

        the Titans were up for the game and thought they had a point to prove.

        Better to get these games out the way and concentrate on the regular season. The result in itself is meaningless, the mistakes need to be learned from and if they're not learned from then somebody else will fill the roster spot.

        chill guys


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          I thought people wanted this forum to heat up. When we try to you tell us to chill. Forget it! That game needs to be commented on. I'm sure Martz has a few comments for the team.

          In the Rams defense though, they did just come off of a game this past Sunday. Five days is obviously not enough time to get back into it full swing.

          Gotta at least comment on disappointing performance by Holcombe, though the Titan's d has more to do with that then Holcombe's actual performance. Was more displeased that they (Germaine and Bulger) kept handing it off to him when he obviously couldn't break through their line.

          Ok, I'm done.


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            I agree with MsWistRam, although it is a pre season game and the SCORE does not mean anything. Nor the OUTCOME. The way our offense played on the running game was close to idiotic. I mean for mercys sake .... at one point we had 10 rushed for -1 yard, a fumble and a TD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            If anyone tells me that its just a preseason and we are meant to play like that then BULL****E ..... we are meant to play preseason games, not like the Titans (their superbowl) but to iron out kinks in the team. THAT means going out and puting up some yards ... not so much winning a preseason (thats for the Titans.. superbowl) but proving that you can move the bloody ball. Now lets get some heated talk going on in here.

            Im off to finish my front page at

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              Looked like a preseason game to me. I'm not concerned about the offence, they will be ok by the time the season starts. I was very pleased with the development of the defence. They played one of the best teams in the NFL and did ok. Considering the fact that this is a bran-new defence playing in only its third game ever!!! They did great. Can't wait to see them next week.

              ;) Go Rams!!!


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                What happened?

                Exactly what I thought would happen. Too much time on the defense. The defense is looking fine, not the '85 bears, but they're doing their part.

                The offense....sucked, especially the QBs. Warner had what, 2 INTs and a fumble, plus that Bruce pass that shoulda been caught. It woulda been a turnover if the f-ing titans weren't so hung up on flashy trick plays.

                That fake punt made us look stupid.

                MM even said the timing is off going into the game.

                Yes, it's preseason. No, the score "doesn't matter" but i think we all feel more comfortable with a winning preseason.

                The fact remains that we got two tune up games left and the offense has its timing off. It's still preseason, but if warner and co. can't get it done in the preseason....

                P.S. Sorry to those in the chatroom last night, computer conked out...


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                  What are we all worried about? Our 2 speed backs are sitting on the sidelines, and Tennessee DID have the best defense in the NFL statistically last year, better than Baltimore. Holcombe dosen't have much lateral movement, so of course you aren't going to have much of a running game. So, the D line pins their ears back and comes hard on every play. Wouldn't necessarily do that with Candidate or Faulk back there. Puts more pressure on the O line. We looked good the first O drive, that is important. Not worried about Germaine's performance. He just needs time in real game situations. The system will protect him when need be. Defense needs all the work they can get, and they played well last night. Weird bounces happened all game, so glad to get a "Carolina2000" game out of our system in preseason.


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                    Well would you rather run your trick plays and win a meaningless pre season game or keep them till it really matters

                    Would you rather Faulk suited up and the running game looked respectable against the Titans to save face or maybe it's better he rests and is fit for games that count towards the playoffs

                    Sure I'd rather we won the pre season games as well , sure I'd like to see Fisher with egg on his face today but I'd rather he has egg on his face when we win the SB again and he is ringless(still)

                    If you don't want to chill that's fine by me but I've enough hassles in my life putting my blood pressure up without worrying about the result of a pre season game. Sure worry about indivduals prformance but remember the guys that decided the result of the game were the 2nd and 3rd stringers those guys will make mistakes that's why they aren't starting.

                    mmm is the forum heating up?


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                      I completely agree that the final score is completely meaningless, however, the running attack was downright embarrassing and the QBs looked helpless. I would have liked to have seen a couple of solid mistake-free drives (I don't think that is too much to ask from the best offense in the league). I know we didnt have Faulk in there, but even better reason to see some good execution on offense. We cant rely solely on MFaulk.


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                        everyone is right in their opinions, but i agree with fuzzyram. No Faulk doesn't mean the running game should do so bad. TN did have the best D, but the offense as a whole had problems and seeing a solid drive or two woulda been nice. Just a preseason game, but we only have 2 more to go.

                        Not worried, but let's get the timing i said in another thread, need some controversy for some discussion so keep 'em coming


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                          I'm not too concerned with the offensive production from last night's game as every team has a down game here and there and in some cases just about every week! I'd become concerned if next week, holes didn't open and backs wouldn't find their lanes. The party's really going to start next week as alot of the team will be back, including the Marshall.


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                            It's interest that there is so much worry about the offence. The goal of the preseason was getting the defence going and to stay healthy. I think we are right on track. The injuries are not that bad and the defence is looking good. Can't wait till next week when we get most of the players back. The second to last preseason game is when we get ready for the season, the last game they just try not to get hurt. That makes this weeks game BIG!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

                            GO RAMS!!!


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                              The thing that concerns me about last nights game was some of Martz's decisions.What has he got against Watson?He sure looked more productive than Holcombe,and I dont think White or Cason carried the ball at all.I'm sure our offense will come together by opening day but I dont like seeing Martz play favorites.For example,has Gideon looked better than Murphy or is it just me?I dont know,but Jackson sure looked good on defense last night and I thought Little played good too.I also love Lovie Smiths attitude.He seems like a coach who will tell it like it is.

                              GO RAMS!
                              ST.LOUIS RAMS:THE MOST FRUSTRATING TEAM IN THE NFL!!!