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  • Rams Redzone Stats

    There was some discussion in a few threads recently about how the Rams did in the redzone. Some stats were discussed and questions were asked. The stat sights I look at do not seem to have much in the way of redzone info. Anyways, I found a good site for redzone stats and thought I would share it with those of you who might be interested. Clicking on the different categories at the top will show how the Rams ranked in that particular category.

    Here is the link: -- *see note

    *After further review this is a chart from 2002.

    Here is a link to a current chart:

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    Re: Rams Redzone Stats

    Thanks, Ferter. That's a very interesting site. Here's a few things I couldn't help but notice. Overall, we appear to have been about average in red zone numbers last year. We ranked 17th in RZ TD% and 19th in RZ FG%. We ranked 21st in total trips to the RZ. One that I didn't realize was that the % of run plays in the RZ has us next to last. Only 42% of our plays in the RZ were running plays. I had no idea we got so pass happy last year in the RZ. And as far as Bulger, he ranked 24th last year in RZ TDs.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: Rams Redzone Stats

      Originally posted by HUbison
      One that I didn't realize was that the % of run plays in the RZ has us next to last. Only 42% of our plays in the RZ were running plays.
      Something else that's interesting to note. If you rank the teams based on percentage of passing plays in the red zone, we're ranked third in the entire league. Now rank the teams based on redzone touchdown percentage and look at the results. Notice that the average percentage of red zone passing plays for the top ten teams in this category is 45.8%. That's more than ten percent less than our percentage of passing plays! Nine out of these ten teams ran in the red zone more than they passed -- only one team in the top ten of this category passed more than they ran. Meanwhile, if you look at the league leaders in percentage of achieving no points in the redzone, only five of them ran more than they passed, and four of them passed more than they ran (one team was an even 50/50).

      Therefore, I can only conclude that if we want to score more and be more efficient in the red zone, these stats would indicate that the best way of doing so is to balance out our offense and better our ground game since the teams that have the best percentage of scoring TDs in the redzone are either more balanced offensively or actually run the ball more than they do pass in these situations.


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        Re: Rams Redzone Stats

        Man, I would have expected more people to respond to this.


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          Re: Rams Redzone Stats

          I agree, Nick, but I think in general, people are looking forward instead of back.

          Last season is, well, last season.

          Hopefully, and likely, the red zone will be an area of improvement this year, and these stats will become irrelevent.


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            Re: Rams Redzone Stats

            In a number of debates in other threads, the team's red zone efficiency has been brought up and discussed. I only figured that these kind of stats would continue those kind of debates and shed light on some of the misconceptions running around.


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              Re: Rams Redzone Stats

              Originally posted by NickSeiler
              Man, I would have expected more people to respond to this.
              Nick, you remember earlier, you and I discussed a discrepancy between some red zone stats for Bulger. I believe your stats had him at 15 RZ TDs while this site had him at 10. Well, I just noticed that this site has both Ernie Conwell and Jamie Martin with the Rams. I'm wondering if maybe this link is to 2002 stats. I mean it can't be last year's stats.
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                Re: Rams Redzone Stats

                I'm wondering if maybe this link is to 2002 stats. I mean it can't be last year's stats.
                You are correct, sir!


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                  Re: Rams Redzone Stats

                  Good pick up!


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                    Re: Rams Redzone Stats

                    Sorry guys, I guess I failed to dig deep enough. I went to the home page and it was current, but apparently this chart is not. Again, I apologize for the confusion. I am now still looking for a site with a similar stat chart dedicated to the redzone. So far I have not found one that I like as well as this, but I did find a current chart.

                    Here is the link:

                    Does anyone else know of a good redzone chart?
                    Curly ~ Horns


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                      Re: Rams Redzone Stats

                      The new link appears to be from 2003, although we don't have any player names and stats on this chart to confirm with.


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                        Re: Rams Redzone Stats

                        I can't confirm that this is indeed compiled from the 2003 season, however, everything else from the home page, in the way of stat charts, does appear to be compiled from 2003.

                        This is all that I have found.

                        If anyone else knows of a "free" redzone chart compiled from the 2003 season please post the link.
                        Curly ~ Horns


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                        • Barry Waller
                          Stats Fail to Support Critics of Linehan's Red Zone History
                          by Barry Waller

                          The national media has been taking new head coach Scott Linehan to task about the Rams Red Zone woes, which several writers have said is a problem with Linehan's offense throughout his history as an offensive coordinator.

                          Gregg Rosenthal of NBC Sports said " . - Keep in mind Linehan's history in the red zone. It is not good"

                          That's pretty much the tone of the comments hitting the internet and other publications.

                          When examining the statistics, something these pundits fail to offer in their commentaries, the results are not that clear, not enough that some failure in Linehan's red zone offenses may have been due to the talent available in Minnesota and Miami, especially when Daunte Culpepper, Randy Moss, and the Viking backs were hurt.

                          In Miami, Linehan hardly had an ideal situation at QB as well.

                          That could be why the Dolphins were 26th in the NFL in scoring TD once in the red zone. That % was .404 in 2005.

                          However, in 2003, and 2004, those Viking offenses were actually pretty efficient in scoring TDs from the red zone.

                          In 2003, Minnesota ranked 7th in the NFL in red zone TD % at .564.

                          In 2004 the Vikings were 12th , at .569 with several teams very close to that ranked above them. Just a score or two more could have catapulted the Vikings to a top ten finish that year too.

                          Those Vikings teams got into the red zone alot 56 in 2004, the sixth most in the NFL, and 58 in 2003, fifth most in the league.

                          In 2005, Miami got into the Red Zone 52 times, 12th most in the NFL.

                          The Rams offense, as good as it was, fared little better than Linehan's teams under Mike Martz.

                          In 2004, the Rams were only 14th in the NFL at .548 for red zone TD %

                          In 2003, they were 15th at .500

                          In 2005, with Martz out much of the season, as well as Marc Bulger, the Rams limped in at 19th, with a .471 %.

                          The teams that dominate the top of the NFL in red zone TD% share one obvious trait, that appears to be the #1 catalyst for Red Zone efficiency. THEY CAN RUN THE BALL !!

                          In 2005, for instance, the top seven teams were Seattle, San Diego, New England, Washington, Indy, Pittsburgh and Denver, who all had backs that know hos tyo find the end zone.

                          In 2004, the top five were San Diego, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Indy, and Carolina, again, all teams that could run the ball, with Donovan McNabb providing some of that for the Eagles.

                          In 2003 , the top five were the Chiefs, Packers, Eagles, Seahawks, and Texans, with all but Houston having very good running attacks.

                          The stats seem to indicate that Linehan has actually not had a bad history in the Red Zone, especially lacking a top running threat in Minny.

                          They also make it clear that it's less...
                          -09-16-2006, 04:35 PM
                        • r8rh8rmike
                          Red Zone Efficiency Questions Revisited
                          by r8rh8rmike
                          With new skill player additions and the expectation that things will improve, especially over our "suspect" red zone offense in 2006, here's a few numbers that may counter some misconceptions:

                          The Rams were 3rd in the NFL in red zone scoring percentage at .944 and 8th in the NFL in red zone TD percentage at .574.

                          The TD percentage number could be higher, but out of 32 teams in the NFL, we were near the top of the heap.


                          Marc Bulger has had his share of detractors when it comes to red zone efficiency as well. A few numbers for Bulger in the red zone for 2006:

                          47 of 79 for a completion percentage of 59.5, 21 TD's and a QB rating of 108.1, his best for any area of the field.


                          Just some food for thought as we look forward to 2007.
                          -04-19-2007, 01:49 PM
                        • emuen
                          Rams’ Red Zone Offense Among League’s Best
                          by emuen
                          Jonathan Webb
                          Website Intern -

                          While the Rams’ offense hasn’t gained a tremendous amount of notoriety entering Week 7, it has been among the league’s most efficient when inside the 20-yard line.

                          The unit, led by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, currently ranks third in the NFL and first in the NFC with a red zone touchdown rate of 66.7 percent and a red zone scoring rate of 94.4 percent. The latter figure comes with a caveat, however, as the only instance in which the Rams had a red-zone possession and did not come away with points was an end-of-game kneel at the conclusion of a 34-20 win over Jacksonville.

                          “I think, ultimately, that’s where the games come down to,” Schottenheimer said at his mid-week press conference prior to the Houston game. “When you get down there, whether it’s from a sudden change in the defense or you get a return or something, you’ve got to be able to put points on the board.”

                          Last week served as an excellent example of Schottenheimer’s approach. While the Rams were held to just 216 yards of offense in their 38-13 victory, they could not have been more efficient on three red-zone possessions, scoring touchdowns on each drive. By contrast, Houston was one-for-six in their opportunities inside the 20.

                          The Rams’ production rate has been a direct byproduct of QB Sam Bradford’s work in protecting the football through six weeks. Bradford has been intercepted just three times—none in the red zone—despite ranking seventh in the league with 233 passing attempts. Among NFC quarterbacks only Dallas’ Tony Romo and New Orleans’ Drew Brees have more touchdown passes than Bradford’s 13, 12 of which have come on red-zone possessions.

                          The Rams’ early-season success rate in the red zone is no coincidence. Following a 2012 season in which the unit ranked 30th in the league with a red-zone scoring rate of 75.7 percent, the offense placed an extra degree of attention to such situations during the preseason, and the dividends of that work have been evident.

                          “We put a lot of work into the red zone this offseason,” Bradford said prior to Sunday’s game. “Last year, especially early in the year, it is an area that we struggled in. Obviously, to win games in this league you’ve got to be able to convert red zone opportunities into touchdowns. I think the success that we’ve had early in the year can be attributed to the fact that early in OTAs and early in training camp there was a lot of emphasis put on that.”

                          Tight ends have been featured prominently in the Rams’ offensive scheme no matter where they are on the field, but Bradford has given them a bit of extra attention in the red zone. Six of Bradford’s 13 touchdown passes have been to tight ends, including two last Sunday in Houston. The Rams took full advantage of their depth at the position on Sunday, as TE Cory Harkey became the third different tight end to...
                          -10-16-2013, 06:28 AM
                        • bruce4life
                          The Main Reason Why We Have Had 3 Straight Losing Seasons....
                          by bruce4life
                          PLAIN AND SIMPLE, RED ZONE OFFENSE... You get that corrected we win another 4 games this year.... Look at the stats from the niner game in week 2 of last year for example:
                          -we had over 400 yards of total offense
                          -I believe we were in the red zone 5 times and scored once with 3 turnovers in the red zone

                          with a better offensive line, SJ can make red zone woes into red zone success...
                          -03-06-2008, 05:19 PM
                        • MauiRam
                          RamTight Ends - 40 yd times -The Red Zone
                          by MauiRam
                          A great deal of press was afforded Vernon Davis and his spectacular 40 time, and no doubt he will score some long touchdowns. But what about our rookie tight ends? They do not have spectaclar 40 times. The Klopper posted respectable times while Byrd apparently was somewhat more pedestrian. Will these modest 40 times impede their production for the Rams? The offense mostly sputtered last year in the Red Zone and whether one blames Martz's playcalling or Brandon's rather consistent ineptitude, too often we could not cash in and instead had to settle for three points. This year I feel in my bones will be different. Barring injury both of the rookies will be able to contribute from the get go, and particularly in the Red Zone. When the field is compressed and the opposing D has less area to cover, it often comes down to the "jump ball" and this year I really like our chances. Last year opposing teams really only had to worry about Holt and to some degree Bruce, and too often Bulger tried to force it in anyway. This year promises to be different ... You don't have to run a 4.38 to jump high, and a 4.38 probably doesn't help much when one's team is trying to punch it in from the 15 yd line. Being big, strong, tall, and having great hands however, will help alot! Can't wait to see these kids tear it up!!!

                          -06-23-2006, 10:12 AM