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    Who do you think is going to challenge the Rams the most for the NFC title??

    Seahawks- are much improved.
    Vikings- signed some good D-Players
    Packers- are awlays in there
    Panthers- had a nice run last year
    Philly-you can always get on the band wagon
    Giants-got Warner
    Cowboys-One never knows with Parcells

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    Re: Which team

    I think it's ours to lose. We had two gapping holes last year and they were different sides of the same coin...running the ball. Offensively, we couldn't do it. Defensively, we couldn't stop it. I think Jackson and a more experienced line improves running the ball, to a degree. But defensively, we will show drastic improvement on the interior D-line. Hide and watch, it will be what puts us over the top.

    But if I have to pick....

    ...I will go with Philly (which makes me sick, because it is the most unoriginal of the picks). Assuming McNabb & Kearse don't have health issues, assuming one of the running-back-by-committee members steps up, assuming their revamped secondary plays well, and assuming TO doesn't prove to be the East Coast version of his own West Coast cancer-self, the Eagles are legitimate contenders.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: Which team

      I agree we should be able to handle any challengers, as long as we stay healthy and play to the level of our potential. That being said, I think both Philly and Seattle can put up a good fight. Both added to already strong squads, but I worry about the Eagles more. Their potential to do major damage is pretty substantial. Great coaching along with experience in championships games make them our biggest obstacle. They however like us, need to stay healthy, keep the distractions to a minimum and play to the level of their potential. In a matchup where both teams play their best, we win hands down.


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        Re: Which team

        There is always a surprise, us in 99, Carolina last year.....and this year my team that is going to not necessarily surprise but actually live up to their potential is the Washington Redskins.


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          Re: Which team

          Originally posted by txramsfan
          There is always a surprise, us in 99, Carolina last year.....and this year my team that is going to not necessarily surprise but actually live up to their potential is the Washington Redskins.
          I'm curious why you went with the skins, Tx. Is it the coaching change? Did they finally spend the right money on the right FA? What's got you leaning thier way?
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: Which team

            I voted for Phily if only because McNabb has a target now. Their defense is weaker, but you should never discount the dangerousness of McNabb, especially now that he's got Owens to throw to. The Eagles are strong at running back and very strong on the O-line and at TE. Kearse, if healthy, should help mask the weakness of the Phily linebackers. They're a team that's been in the NFC championship game for three years running. I think they have to be the biggest challenge for any NFC team hoping to compete.


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              Re: Which team

              Originally posted by HUbison
              I'm curious why you went with the skins, Tx. Is it the coaching change? Did they finally spend the right money on the right FA? What's got you leaning thier way?
              Tx is trying to get on my good side now, picking the skins :smile:


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                Re: Which team

                Good side? Utter I didn't know you had a "bad" side.......LOL

                Anyway, I like what the Redskins did this offseason. Especially with Joe Gibbs. Also, the addition of Clinton Portis will really help the offense. The LB's and secondary for the 'skins is still solid.

                Also, in that division, I'm still not sold on the Cowboys. They did it with mirrors last season. Why do you think Parcells stock piled draft picks this year? He knew the Cowboys really aren't there. Maybe a year away. The Giants aren't very good, and the Eagles lost alot in the offseason.


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                  Re: Which team

                  GOOD SIDE ...BAD SIDE...
                  I smell a spoon *LOL*

                  sorry couldn't resist


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                    Re: Which team

                    Originally posted by TxRamsfan
                    the Eagles lost alot in the offseason
                    What did they really lose, Tx?
                    1. Carlos Emmons - replaced and surpassed by Dhani Jones
                    2. Bobby Taylor - 30 year old CB coming off an injury
                    3. Troy Vincent - 33 year old CB whose stats have been declining for 4 years
                    4. Duce Stayley - just more reps for Buckhalter & Westbrook
                    5. Marco Coleman - Career back-up DE
                    6. Bobby Williams - Career back-up OG

                    There may be a ? with their secondary, but I don't think they really trailed off much if any.
                    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                      Re: Which team

                      Originally posted by Ramwraith
                      GOOD SIDE ...BAD SIDE...
                      I smell a spoon *LOL*
                      And the Devil said: "Give me a task and upon completion I will take your soul." ... the disoriented Ram Fan replied ... "After you have moved the ocean from one side of the boat to the other with a spoon you can have my soul."

                      Don't ask me what that has to do with whose Rams' competitors will pose the biggest challenge ...


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                        Re: Which team

                        don't you know what spooning is adarian...

                        man, woman, side, bed,....


                        You have to go back to one of the fantasy football threads to apprciate the tx, utter thing ;)


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                          Re: Which team

                          Originally posted by RamWraith
                          don't you know what spooning is adarian...

                          man, woman, side, bed,....

                          Actually I was trying to not go there and just add some other nonsensical reference to "spoons". The last time I crashed an Utter thread I got cuffed up side the head so I thought I definitely not stray into shrapnel-breeding ground. Back - front - whatever - still seeing how much can be done before the devil's task is done ...


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                            Re: Which team

                            Originally posted by adarian_too
                            The last time I crashed an Utter thread I got cuffed up side the head so I thought I definitely not stray into shrapnel-breeding ground. Back - front - whatever - still seeing how much can be done before the devil's task is done ...
                            Oh please adarian, spare me. You LIKE the attention. I am not buying this "I am being cautious" and staying clear of the shrapnel story. :tongue:


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                              Re: Which team

                              Originally posted by UtterBlitz
                              Oh please adarian, spare me. You LIKE the attention. I am not buying this "I am being cautious" and staying clear of the shrapnel story. :tongue:

                              Ok ... so I don't care about shrapnel ... but I do worry about the devil ... and if I can keep its attention distracted ... I might have more time to make sense of what little the Rams' FO has done ...


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                              • AvengerRam
                                The Rams are contenders, but....
                                by AvengerRam
                                I think the Rams have enough talent to contend for the Super Bowl this year.

                                The only problem is, so do at least four other teams in the NFC: Eagles, Saints, Vikings and Falcons.

                                Behind them, there are two teams, Dallas and Green Bay, who could be viewed as "dark horse" contenders.

                                In fact, if you look at the NFC, there are few teams who lack sufficient talent to make a playoff run this year.

                                In other words, its going to be a tough road.

                                Perhaps the Rams' biggest advantage is that they are in the NFC West. Unlike the other divisions, who have at least two legit/dark horse contenders (on paper), the Rams are probably the only contender in the West. I'm not buying into the Niners hype. While I think they will be improved, I don't think they are ready to make a major run quite yet. The Seahawks are in a transitional phase and, while they still have some elite talent, they also have a lot of holes. Finally, there's the Cardinals. Although the return of David Johnson will be a plus, their QB situation will be in flux as they decide between Bradford and Rosen, and their defense has some issues.

                                Still, the biggest factor in the NFL will likely be health. Each of the contenders has 2-3 key guys who must stay healthy.

                                All this said, there's one thing that is undeniable... its great to be one of the teams with a legitimate shot!
                                -05-09-2018, 08:41 AM
                              • thoey
                                Seeing Things in a Different Light
                                by thoey
                                While I used to be a semi-active regular on this board, I have been lurking here for the last six weeks. A combination of frustration at what I believe as a waste of POTENTIAL by management, some concern at injuries of key players led me to have a bleak out look on the future, and also some comments made by other regulars here on this board, made me feel that I should come here to read the stories, get the information, but, maybe it was better if I didn't respond, even if I felt I had something to add.

                                The regular season record ended up about where I thought we would, and should be, the idea of getting into the playoffs was a dual edged sword. As a RAMS fan, I was very happy to see us have a chance for glory. I was also happy that with all of the adversity that this team has gone through this season that the TEAM stood up and played when they needed to most. But I was also concerned with the idea of the TEAM going in and embarrassing themselves, our history, and us, the fans.

                                But with input from this site and the others that I go to for sports news, a new feeling started appearing. Hope. I looked at the six teams in the NFC playoffs, the Packers, Vikings, Seahawks, Eagles, Falcons, and our beloved RAMS. There was not one team on that list that I could say did not have a chance to be in the Super Bowl. Including us. The Packers, Vikings, and Seahawks have had a hit or miss season all year. The Eagles have been dominant, but I think the loss of T.O. is going to affect them more than they HOPE. And the Falcons, they are just so hard to read. They have a solid defense, decent RB's, and the key to their success, Michael Vick. But, if Vick should have a bad day or go down, they are easily beatable.

                                As to the RAMS, we were getting healthy. Players were starting to get the system and gel as a TEAM. They were picking each other up, standing up for each other, standing with each other. The defensive line started pushing and penetrating. The linebackers and backs started popping a little harder and going after the ball. The offensive line started protecting. The young wide receivers started living up to their POTENTIAL, joining Torry and the Reverend Bruce. The two headed monster of Marshall and Jackson were pounding and sprinting.

                                And Marc Bulgar, yes, one I have been critical of, has started showing me that he has just started to play. He is making quicker reads all across the field. He is throwing both the short and the long ball. He is LEADING this team, something I didn't think he would never be able to do due to his quiet and introverted personality.

                                Finally, Mad Mike, our beloved Rain Man, has done what he does best. He put me on the edge of my seat, yelling at the TV, wondering what bullheaded or most amazing play he was going to run next. But, he some how also rallied this TEAM. Whether it was by...
                                -01-13-2005, 09:29 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Rams, Eagles Mirror Images
                                by RamWraith
                                Friday, December 16, 2005

                                By Nick Wagoner
                                Senior Writer

                                When the NFL schedule was released before the season, Sunday’s game between the Rams and Eagles was probably circled on most calendars as a potential playoff-altering contest.

                                In fact, even the Fox network had the game pegged as an important late season matchup with playoff implications. If anyone had told St. Louis before the year that it would have the same record as defending NFC champion Philadelphia at this point in the season, it probably would have been more than happy with where it stood.

                                “Anything can happen in this league,” receiver Torry Holt said. “I wouldn’t say I would take it, but I would have thought the Eagles’ record would have been a lot better than what it is with everything they had coming back. In the NFL, nothing is guaranteed.”

                                While nobody expected either team to be 5-8 and mathematically eliminated from the playoffs at this point in the year, the similarities between the teams are almost eerie.

                                When Sunday’s game kicks off at noon, both teams will be in the odd position of playing for something less tangible than a playoff spot. Instead, this matchup will award a sense of pride for the winner and a better draft position for the loser.

                                Not exactly what either team had in mind.

                                “It’s a different feeling around here,” center Andy McCollum said. “Even in the past when we didn’t make the playoffs at this point in time we were still fighting and we still had a chance to get in. It’s a different feel, but I have been there before way back. It’s not where we want to be, but you have to be able to make the best of it. You keep trying to get better, you keep trying to win and our goal is to finish 8-8 because that’s the highest we can do.”

                                Likewise, the Eagles would also like to run off three straight wins to finish at .500 and grab some momentum to carry into the next season. The surprising fall from grace for a pair of teams that were among the final eight left in the playoffs a year ago can be attributed to a number of factors.

                                Both teams have been victims of injury upon injury. The Eagles have lost starting quarterback Donovan McNabb, running back Brian Westbrook, cornerback Lito Sheppard and left tackle Tra Thomas, among others.

                                The Rams have taken their hits, too, losing starting cornerbacks Jerametrius Butler and Travis Fisher, quarterback Marc Bulger and linebacker Dexter Coakley, among others.

                                “Because of that we are kind of a mirror of each other,” defensive lineman Tyoka Jackson said. “Neither one of us has our quarterback in, neither one of us have our starting back field in completely, they are missing their Pro Bowl cornerback, their starting tailback is not there, their center and left tackle aren’t there so they are playing a bunch of guys who will get ….just like we are. That’s...
                                -12-17-2005, 05:56 PM
                              • sbramfan
                                not confident
                                by sbramfan
                                Ok, everything seems to be shaping up nicely this offseason. Most of the needs are being filled, and I think everyone agrees with what the needs are, including the Rams FO, which is odd!!

                                But here's my deal: For some reason I can't seem to picture the Rams being a dominant team next year. On paper, it's looking good. I think Kevin Curtis has come into his own, and with Jackson the offense SHOULD be pretty explosive.

                                I THINK the defense will be much improved, and the special teams in no way could be as bad as they were last year, it's just not possible.

                                I apologize in advance for the negativity, but this is me thinking out loud:

                                I just don't see these Rams right now (and continuing from last year) being anywhere near the Eagles/Patriots level. Perhaps it's just the parity in the League that makes me reluctant. I'm not sure if picking up Claiborne and Coakley are enough to fix the D.

                                Are we somewhat over-optomistic because they made a year end surge and won a playoff game? Although that's a positive, it was only 2 weeks prior that they were 6-8 and looking like it was going to be a long offseason. Which team is going to show up next year, the one that layed an egg vs. Miami and New England? Even though the Defense was outmatched vs. the Falcons, didn't our new D coordinator BLOW the game plan by trying to contain the outside, while getting gutted up the middle?

                                And lastly, this team was 8-8 last year. You are what your record says you are. If I look at any other 8-8 team in the league from last year, I would probably say "they aren't going anywhere next year". I'm sure they all picked up a few FA's to fill some holes as well.

                                Feel free to post the positives, but I'm just trying to look at it from the outside, and be realistic.
                                -03-17-2005, 12:12 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Goals for Rams: Get to high side of .500, build momentum
                                by RamWraith
                                BY JEFF GORDON
                                STLTODAY.COM SPORTS COLUMNIST
                                Monday, Nov. 14 2005

                                The reinvigorated Rams played good enough to beat a lot of teams Sunday -– but
                                not the Seahawks, not in Seattle.

                                So where does this leave Team Vitt? Needing to win six of their last seven
                                games to outrun the massive pack of NFC wild-card contenders and reach
                                postseason play.

                                There is a chance the conference will beat it self up so thoroughly that a 9-7
                                team could earn a wild-card berth this season. That possibility was illustrated
                                Sunday, when the Vikings beat the Giants and the Packers handled the Falcons.

                                How many of you bet the NFC North teams to win those games?

                                Mix in the contender-on-contender action -– like NFC South hopeful Tampa Bay
                                edging NFC contender Washington on Sunday -– and you can see how the playoff
                                race could bog down.

                                Bur the Rams are 4-5. At this point, they must focus on the good things that
                                happened Sunday and build the mindset of a winner.

                                The Rams are a different team with Marc Bulger throwing to Torry Holt. Steven
                                Jackson is still a powerful weapon that balances the offense.

                                Wasn’t it nice to see Marshall Faulk finally used as a serious receiving
                                threat? He can still do some damage when he gets the ball in space.

                                We liked the use of the tight ends, too, right up to the point when Brandon
                                Manumaleuna fumbled the ball away.

                                So there is a lot there, despite the losing record. The defense still has
                                issues, but it should be good enough to earn a few key stops and force a
                                takeaway or two during the course of the game. From here on out, the defense
                                has to be just sturdy enough to allow the offense to win games.

                                Here is how the rest of the season plays out:

                                Arizona at home. The Cardinals are a mess. Old friend Kurt Warner threw the
                                ball around pretty good against the Lions on Sunday, but the Gridbirds
                                struggled to finish off their drives while the game was on the line. This team
                                doesn’t run the ball very well, either. So the Rams should bank this victory
                                and move back to .500.

                                At Houston. The Texans are truly dreadful. They cannot run or pass the ball
                                very well. The Dom Capers Death March is well underway. Fans in South Texas are
                                talking about which USC superstar to draft and which offensive genius to hire
                                as the next coach. The Rams should win this game and move over .500 at 6-5.

                                Washington at home. This will be a tough game. Coach Joe Gibbs got himself in
                                tune with today’s NFL. The Redskins are in the playoff hunt and quarterback
                                Mark Brunell is making some plays. But he will also make the big mistake when
                                pressured. If the Rams have all their weapons,...
                                -11-14-2005, 04:21 PM