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    Here are all the submitted questions to the "Clan/Herd challenge". These are for your enjoyment. (answered posted some day)

    1) What former Ram was busted in a sting operation when he tried to sell the rams playbook? (Ramtime)

    2) Who was the last person to see Carroll Rosenbllom alive? (Ramtime)

    3) What NFL record does former Ram DE Fred Dryer hold? (avenger?)

    4) When the Rams held the Seahawks to -7 yards total offense in a game in 1979, what was the Seahawks longest play? (avenger)

    5) Who made a cameo appearance on the old HBO football comedy "1st and 10"? (molkerman)

    6) What two Ram players won Olympic medals? (Avenger)

    7) Who was the original "Voice of the Rams"?(RamWraith)

    8) Each year the Rams draft several players. What year yielded the most draft picks in one season??(RamWraith)

    9) Who were the three members of the Rams "Bull Elephant" backfield?(RamWraith)

    10) Who drafted Fred Dreyer in 1969? (RamWraith)

    12) Who was the first full time Rams special teams coach?(RamWraith)

    13) What Rams nickname in High School was "Hot Dog"?(RamWraith)

    14) What player had a mother that had a drug addiction for over 10 years, and sister that died after being raped and beaten??(RamWraith)

    15) Which player's father played for the Chicago Bears?(RamWraith)

    16) What was the name of the clothing store owned by Jack Youngblood and Larry Brooks in the 70's? (RamWraith)

    17) What Ram's middle name is Zubinski, in which his father just pulled out of a phone book?(RamWraith)

    18)Name the first sportscard featuring a rams player or coach. (general counsel)

    19) Name the former Rams kicker who was born without toes on his right kicking foot? (ferter)

    20) What is the the all-time series record between the Rams and forty niners and which team holds the advantage in wins?(ferter)

    21) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most seasons played? (ferter)

    22) Which season did the Rams become the first team in NFL history to finish undefeated in division play, one season after being winless within their division? (ferter)

    23) Which former Rams LB is the "Spirit of the Game" team award named in honor of? (ferter)

    24) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most sacks? A: (ferter)

    25) Name the player who holds the Rams record for rushing yards in a single season? (ferter)

    26) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most punts blocked? (ferter)

    27) Name the four defensive lineman of the Rams famed Fearsome Foursome?(ferter)

    25)Name the Rams first rookie QB to start a playoff game? (ferter)
    26) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for consecutive games played? (ferter)

    27) How many draft picks did the Rams receive in the trade that sent Eric Dickerson to the Colts during the 1987 season? (ferter)

    28) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most playoff games played? (ferter)

    29) Against which team and in what year and week number did Jim Everett make his first rookie start? (ferter)

    30) Eric Dickerson played three games for the Rams during the 1987 season. During which week of the 1987 season did Dickerson play his third and final game for the Rams? (ferter)

    31) Who acted as anintermediary between Don Klosterman and Bill Walsh when Carroll Rosenbloom wanted to hire Bill Walsh and fire Chuck Knox because Knox had not taken the Rams to a Superbowl.(Ramtime)

    32) How many times did Wendell Tyler rush for over 1,000 yds as a Ram?(fearlessone)

    33) What Ram established the first version of the "three end" attack. (Ramtime)

    34) What was the defensive scheme called by Ray Malavasi when he coached the rams in the late 70's?(rampete)

    35) In which game did the rams hold the opponent to zero first downs and zero yards at the end of the 1st half?(rampete)

    36) in which game did the rams hold the opponent to less than one yard gained and only one first down the entire game?(rampete)

    37) who was the first full-time special teams coach to be assigned by the rams and when?(rampete)

    38) jim collins led the rams and the league in tackle in 1984 with 185 but was left out of the probowl. who was sent to the probowl to start despite having a substantially lower total in tackles? (rampete)

    I think I got everyone's questions. Thanks all that was fun! Good luck to the rest of you in answering some of these question! WOW!

    How did you score??
    32-38 ---- RAMS GEEK
    25-31 ---- RAMS FREAK
    18-24 ---- YOU KNOW YOUR RAMS
    0 - 2 ---- WHINER FAN!!!!
    Last edited by RamWraith; -07-14-2004, 05:56 PM.

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  • demiurge
    Name this Ram
    by demiurge
    Perhaps the most underrated Ram of all time IMO.

    Member of the All-60s Team.

    Starter on the Rams All Time teams named in 1970 and 1985.

    3x All Pro.

    6x Pro Bowler.

    Rams record for most interceptions, career.

    Rams record for the most recovered fumbles, career.

    Rams record for most blocked kicks, career.

    Former NFL Players Association President.

    And almost no one outside of Rams die hards know who this guy is.

    Name him, and if you want you can post another who is this guy riddle.
    -11-26-2013, 07:32 PM
  • AvengerRam_old
    Separating Truth From Fiction
    by AvengerRam_old
    Five of the following 10 statements are true. Five are not. Can you telll which are which?

    1. The records for most receiving yards in a game, most total yards in a season, and most safeties in a game, are all held by a Ram.

    2. The Rams have never played in a state where wild rams can be found.

    3. The Rams once had red uniforms.

    4. A former Ram player had a recurring role on Cheers.

    5. BigRedMan will appear on the sidelines in drag this year at the new "Pom Pom Mom."

    6. Jonathan Winters is an honorary advisor to the Rams.

    7. The longest play in Rams playoff history did not result in a TD.

    8. The Rams have never won a Thursday night game.

    9. Congressman Bill Nelson of Florida played for the Rams.

    10. It took over two decades for the Rams to have their first 1,000 yard rusher.
    -04-08-2008, 05:56 PM
  • OldRamsfan
    Ok, it's time to test your knowledge on our Rams
    by OldRamsfan
    Rams Trivia: I hope everyone enjoys this I do , I really injoy learning about our RAMS and I still have alot to learn ... I think loving the RAMS is to know them and know them as well as one can ... I really hope you have fun with this I did putting it together ( the answers will be posted tomorrow )...
    Ok, it's time to test your knowledge....let's see just how well we know our Rams.
    I would suggest that you take a look at what "rambruce" did and how he gave his answers , That would help to see "What Up" !

    Part One

    1. How many yards receiving did Torry Holt have in SB 34?
    2. What high school did Kurt Warner attend?
    3. Who drafted Jim Everett?
    4. What round was Jim Everett drafted?
    5. Which Rams set a MNF record with the most yards receiving with 300+ in 2000?
    6. Name the Fearsome Foursome.
    7. Who started the season as QB for the Rams in 1979?
    8. Why did Vince Ferragamo end up in the 1980 SB?
    9. What University did Az Zahir Hakim attend?
    10. What year was Merlin Olsen drafted?
    11. What Rams receiver in 1945 became the first receiver in the NFL to ever gain over 250 yards receiving in one game with 303?

    Part Two

    1. What year was Deacon Jones drafted?
    2. What University did Merlin Olsen attend?
    3. Who was named the first head coach for the Rams in 1937?
    4. When did the Rams win their first NFL Championship?
    5. Who did the Rams defeat to win their first NFL Championship?
    6. How many players and draft picks did the Rams give in a trade for Ollie Matson?
    7. What University did Deacon Jones attend?
    8. How many passes did Willie "Flipper" Anderson catch to achieve his high game total of 336 yards against the Saints in 1989?
    9. When did John Robinson retire from the Rams?
    10. How many total yards did Faulk have in 1999?
    11. Which Rams runningback holds the record of 9 TD's on combined kick and punt returns?
    12. Who were the three members of the Rams "Bull Elephant" backfield?

    Part Three

    1. How many receiving yards did Torry Holt have in 2000?
    2. What Rams had the 2nd most INT's in the NFL in 2000?
    3. Name the NFL Europe team that Kurt Warner played for.
    4. What record did Kurt Warner set in both the Arena and NFL Europe leagues?
    5. When was Norm Van Brocklin drafted?
    6. When was Vince Ferragamo drafted?
    7. When was Cleveland Gary drafted and what pick?
    8. When was Merlin Olsen inducted into the Hall of Fame?
    9. Who led the Rams in rushing in 1981?
    10. Who drafted Fred Dreyer in 1969?
    11. Vince Ferragamo set the all-time NFL single game passing yardage record when he threw for 509 yards against the Bears on December 26,
    -01-31-2006, 10:12 AM
  • schut39
    Rams Fun Facts
    by schut39
    The Rams Name
    The franchise was originated in Cleveland in 1936 as a member of the American Football League. In 1937 the team joined the NFL. Principal owner Homer Marshman and his general manager, Damon “Buzz” Wetzel picked the Rams name because Wetzel had said his favorite football team had always been the Fordham Rams and Marshman liked the sound of the name. The original uniform colors were red and black, also the colors of Fordham U.

    The Rams Horn
    Halfback Fred Gehrke, an art major in college, made a pen-and-ink sketch of a ram's horn in 1947 and showed the rendering to Bob Snyder, the team's head coach. Gehrke suggested the design would make an eye-catching addition to the team's helmets. Snyder could not visualize the artwork, so Gehrke painted the design on the leather headgear. The following season, the Rams became the first pro team with a helmet insignia. Today, the Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team without a helmet logo.

    Gehrke's effort required considerable maintenance. The paint would chip off the helmets from the numerous player collisions during games. Gehrke would take many helmets home after games and retouch the horn. The problem was lessened in 1949, when the Rams went to a plastic helmet, and disappeared in 1972, when decals with strong adhesive backing were used on the helmets.

    Rams Facts, Firsts, & Records

    • Original Franchise Location:
      The team was originally located in Cleveland, Ohio (1937-45).
    • First Draft Choice:
      Johnny Drake, B, Purdue, 1937.
    • First Regular-Season Game:
      A 28-0 loss to the Detroit Lions, 9/10/37.
    • First Regular-Season Win:
      A 21-3 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, 9/17/37.
    • Original Team Colors:
      Red and black
    • First Winning Season:
      1945 (9-1).
    • First Playoff Appearance:
      A 15-14 victory over the Washington Redskins in the 1945 NFL Championship game, 12/16/45.
    • First Super Bowl Appearance:
      A 31-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIV, 1/20/80.
    • First Player Elected to the Hall of Fame:
      QB Bob Waterfield, 1965.

    • First All-League Selection:
      Johnny Drake, 1940.
    • First to Rush 200 Yards in a Game:
      Dan Towler, 205 yards vs. the Baltimore Colts, 11/22/53.
    • First to Gain 300 Yards Receiving in a Game:
      Jim Benton's 303 yards receiving vs. the Detroit Lions on 11/22/45, was a Rams and NFL first.
    • First 1,000-Yard Rusher:
      Dick Bass, 1,033 yards (1962).
    • Most Rushing Yards, Career:
      Eric Dickerson, 7,245 yards
    -09-03-2008, 01:29 PM
  • Guest's Avatar
    Better then the Horns?
    by Guest
    It is that time of year again when we collectively scratch our heads wondering what has yet to be discussed about the Rams. For the sake of discussion and hopefully a little arguing I pose the following question to you.

    We all know that it is an indisputable fact that the Rams have the best helmet logo in all of football :helmet: . While the horns have enjoyed being at the top their entire existence, what has been ignored or overlooked or at minimum glossed over is the name “Rams” itself.

    As you can see the synonyms for Ram or Rams describes NFL Football.

    Driving or forcing something by impact
    Strike or drive against with a heavy impact
    Force into physically
    Undergo damage or destruction on impact

    Certainly there is no other football team name that can come close to describing the state of the gridiron as does the Rams. Given the evidence above surely like the Horns, the name Rams is indisputably the best name in the game which unfortunately puts us Ram fans alone at the top. Quite frankly it gets boring without a challenge from other team fans on these extremely important off season issues of best name and best logo. So since there is no other football team name that can come close to the name "Rams" and there is no logo that can compare with the "Horns" it gives us no choice but to compare the name "Rams" with the helmet logo "Horns". Obviously like Love and Marriage you cannot have one without the other. Scratch that. Well you get the point. For the sake of discussion at the top of the football world, which is better the Name or The Horns?
    -08-02-2004, 01:22 AM