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  • Sponsor the ClanRam

    Hey All,

    some of you might have noticed the sponsor buttons being added to the forum.

    here is a run down on them.

    First, please dont feel that you have to do this, thats not the case.

    Would you like to sponsor the ClanRam?
    Do you want a forum banner added in the name of your family?

    We now you can

    You can choose between 1 to 12 months to support the ClanRam
    or you can choose to sponsor a game.
    Show your support when its Rams v Whiners week
    Cheer the Rams on with a special message that everyone can see.

    for 1 month the sponsor amount is $15
    for 3 month the sponsor amount is $40
    for 1 year the sponsor amount is $100

    and for one game (a full week) the sponsor amount is $5

    If someone clicks on the banner, it will take them to either a web site of your choice or to a made up site (that will be done by me) (other than the game week sponsors)

    Hope this is of interest to some

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Sponsor the ClanRam

    bump ....................................................

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Re: Sponsor the ClanRam



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        Re: Sponsor the ClanRam

        The president issued an executive order that this should be **bumped** ... said something about "keeping his name in front of the public" just in case some technological advances needed to be more widely distributed ....

        Now it has been permantly bumped and my job is over.
        Last edited by adarian_too; -08-25-2004, 02:03 PM. Reason: Just engaging in revisionist history making ...


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          Re: Sponsor the ClanRam

          Originally posted by adarian_too
          history revision


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            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Re: Sponsor the ClanRam

              Game day sponsors so far, come on, get your name up there


              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Yes, its what you have all been waiting for.

                The Brand new ClanRam 'BASH' T Shirts are being printed as I type this so get on over to this link


                And buy 5 for each member of your family and 10 for you (be good to yourself)

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                I don't know how Dez did it, but he managed to get two of the hottest male supermodels on the planet to pose in the new ClanRam t-shirts. Ladies, I must warn you, click on this link at your own risk. The mere sight of Avenger and me...errr... I mean.....uh.. these two international male supermodels may make you lose the one heart you have to give.

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                2. You will be directly responsible for the growth of this great site.
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                What if ClanRam doesn't really exist?
                by AvengerRam_old
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                Man... you really are sick!

                And what about this post?

                Is this the small sane part of your psyche trying to break through and prompt you to get help?

                Something to think about.
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