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  • Clanram Competition

    Hi all.
    This has been an idea that I have been mulling over for a bit now.

    Lots of people have asked about T shirts and Caps with ClanRam on it.

    The big problem about this is I can not use the RAMS logo.
    Jason or J-Ram designed the shield that I use very sucesfully and thats OK on the web as the Rams will allow that. But as soon as money changes hands ..........

    SO, I would like to have 2 new ClanRam logos for merchantise.

    As with any comp, there will be some guidlines.

    1) It has to be in the Ram colours.
    2) It has to be bold
    3) It has to reflect the Clan Warrior idea.

    Interested ????

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

  • #2
    here is a combination idea

    I have used both of jasons designs here, just to get you started.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


    • #3
      That's a sweet logo. I really like the Ram flexing. Definitely keep that. That's why i'm glad the Rams got that Ram head finally instead of just the Horns.

      That one looks really good.


      • #4
        Damn. That's pretty good!!


        • #5
          Whoa! Put me down for one of those bad boys!


          • #6
            here is one without the claymores

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


            • #7
              either looks sweet, but i say keep the swords...


              • #8
                What about a football somewhere, like at the end of the two swords or something?


                • #9
                  Now that would be cool!


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                    Not to worry! Here are a few suggestions!

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                    Name the new ClanRam Logo
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                    Right them, get it named.;

                    The one who's name gets picked will win a ClanRam T Shirt

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                    South Dakota, so we'll keep the light on for em. GO RAMS, bag the Aints. :mask:
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