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  • Yo

    I am confused on why the Rams think Yo Murphy is our best bet for our 5th receiver. No othere teams in the league have kept him around. His age is a down side. What about this Gidieon kid? We should be looking to the future.

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    1. we need to win now, a guy who will be a good receiver down the line doesn't win games this year and there is no guarnatee that the potential is fulfilled
    2. he's a good special teams player with decent return skills
    3. he has a good work ethic and will be a good presence in the locker room
    4.he's got better with age, his experience in NFLe and the NFL are a plus, he will not make rookie mistakes
    5 AND most importantly , he 's a Claymore after cutting Keith Miller before he even got to camp they owe us Claymore fans one or am I biased x1000


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      War tested

      That is correct sir!

      I agree with DodRam's pointers. Yo is --or could-- become a very positive addition to the Rams roster this year, possibly next year as well. Timing is key for this year's strengths, that is, the combination of players we now have is, I believe, mature and ready, rookie draft picks, veteran newcomers and all.

      Claymore or not (although I like the big swords being part of our ClanRam image :p ), Murphy, at 30, is good enough to contribute as a backup either on the receiver corps or as alternate on the special teams squad. But more importantly, as metioned in other posts, is what seems to be this guy's smarts and sense of team ethics, of responsibility to be part of a winning organization.

      Having the crowd chant a long, loud "YO!" when his name comes up might also be a plus!

      GO RAMS!!!


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      • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
        Are the Rams really that "Devoid of Talent"?
        by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
        Before and after this year's NFL draft, I, and Im sure just about all of you, have been getting the "devoid of talent" in regards to the Ram's roster force fed down our throats. Even after the draft it seems that it has remained a mainstay in in Ram 2010 prospects.

        So my question is, are we really devoid of talent, or experience?

        QB: Before the addition of Sam Bradford we definitively were short on perceived talent. A.J Feeley, Keith Null, and (at the time) Mike Reilly, left much to be desired. With the addition of Bradford, who has been called one of the best QB prospects of the 2000s (behind only Carson Palmer and Eli Manning according to Casserly), the talent question mark has been erased and instead replaced with the experience one.

        RB: Everyone knows Sjax is one of the best backs in the league. Behind him is only a bunch of question marks like Ogbonnaya, Toston, and Darby. None have done anything to say if they have talent or not, and one (Darby) doesn't look to have anything special based on what we've seen of him.

        WR: Here's one of the biggest question marks on the team. What do we really have here? Laurent Robinson has flashed "go-to-guy" ability in a Ram's uniform but has been consistently bitten by the injury bug in one form of another. If he can remain healthy he has the talent to be a number one guy it would seem. He has talent, just not experience

        Donnie Avery is a bit of an enigma. He definitely has talent. With his special speed, he can stretch the field and make big plays. However he seems more fit to be utilized in this role rather than the reliable possession guy. His hands are suspect and so far he has not been reliable enough to be counted on to make the catch. He has talent, just not experience

        Brandon Gibson could be a compliment to Avery. He has great looking hands, something Avery has not shown. He also shows an ability to make YAC with his quick hips and moves. He does not possess considerable speed however. If he can stay healthy, he could be a very effective role player or starter. He has talent, just not experience

        Mardy Gilyard was a steal in the fourth by all indications. He is the classic case of a guy not being flashy on paper (unless you look at his production:eek: ) but just flat out MAKES PLAYS. He is just at 6 feet, if that, and his 40 time isn't eye opening with a 4.5 average, but his agility and quicker than normal change of direction ability makes him a slippery guy after the catch. This also gives him an advantage in route running and returning as it allows him to stop on a dime and make a cut without losing too much momentum. His hands are also fairly reliable, rarely will you see him drop a pass watching the tape. Above all however, the guys is simply a playmaker. He gets behind the defender despite his perceived lack of speed and he is a pain in the open field with his quick hips...
        -06-07-2010, 11:39 AM
      • DODRAM
        Rams re sign Murphy
        by DODRAM
        In other developments, the Rams have signed two exclusive rights free agents to one-year deals: Safety Willie Gary ($300,000) and wide receiver/kickoff returner Yo Murphy ($375,000). Exclusive rights free agents have fewer than three years experience.

        Good to see the ex Claymore and the Claymore to be, getting new contracts. Yo certainly did enough at the end of last season to justify his place on the team
        -02-22-2002, 11:28 AM
      • DODRAM
        Go Yo
        by DODRAM
        Just to say I'm really pleased to see Yo getting a chance to return kicks, Trung may be the No1 pick but Yo is the guy who wants to return kicks.

        It's just a pity he's not had more chances at WR but it's a reflection of how lucky the WR's have been at avoiding injuries so far this year. It must be all that diving before they are tackled that the aints fans moan about.:p :p

        Gooooooo Yo:shield:
        -01-04-2002, 12:41 PM
        Very impress with this years move...
        by CRAZYHORNS
        IMO this years off season moves and draft has addressed team needs....

        In past drafts the Rams focused on picking up the best player available at thier position. Not bad it got us Jackson who I think is an upcoming star in this league....

        This year we had too many needs to fill and did not have the luxury of picking the best player on the board,,,

        What impress me with this season is the team identifying needs and going out and picking up affordable players to fill those needs...

        Rams weakness last year

        Stopping the run.....
        Pass protection...
        Run Blocking....
        Special Teams...

        Considering free agency, draft, and player development I feel this years team will be much more competitive than last year. You may ask HOW!!!!

        Well lets consider this....

        Weakness problem #1 Stop the run

        The team acquired to very good line backers. Also, Kennedy started to show signs of talent on the line. Not to mention some of the other younger talent like Hargrove will have a season under thier belt... Even if the improvement is slim the Rams should present more obstacles against the run game....

        Weakness problem #2 Pass Protection

        Last years injuries was too much for any team to endure on the line. I was very impressed how Bulger played without a line. The coaches deserve credit for the job they did..

        Last years weakness maybe this years strength. I feel that this line could compete with anyone in the league.....

        Weakness problem #3 Run Blocking

        Big line men picked up in the draft.... With Jackson and the OL I do not think teams will be calling the Rams SOFT?????

        Weakness problem #4 Special Teams

        For the 1st time in Martz tenure the team focused on picking up players who can contribute at a position as well as on special teams....

        Weakness problem #5 Secondary

        Numerous draft selections were used to add depth and competition in this area. The rams need 1 or 2 players to step up and show some consitent play in the secondary.....

        If the Rams improve just a little in each of the problem areas then I will be happy.

        8-8 last year could easily translate into 12-4 this year with a few adjustments and upgrades.....
        -05-04-2005, 07:12 AM
      • rNemesis
        HOW CLOSE IS THIS TEAM TO COMPETING?(VERY LONG)Please provide feedback
        by rNemesis
        First of all let me just say that these last few years have been VERY frustrating and embarassing for me as a RAM FAN and I'm sure you guys are just as disappointed. I have watched my team go from the greatest show on turf to, as a washington post columnist said after the redskins loss, " the most miserable mass on grass". MY main question here is , " How far are the rams from being a decent competitive rock solid team? Its a long way to go; it doesnt happen overnight but it shouldnt take FOREVER either.

        But I am not gonna sit here and talk about that all night. We know what has happened. We know what we've become. 13 straight losses dating back to last season. 3-13 in 2007 and 2-14 in 2008. 5 wins in the last 30 or so games? ( not sure exactly the stats) That is horrible.

        Let's go back year by year as to how we finished record wise.
        In the 1990's we were bad. But so were other teams which are now good today. But if you look at our 90's record to others, you will see that we were bad most of those years. Other teams had bad years too during the 90's but it was only really the lions, bengals, cardinals and saints. That should show you how bad of a team the Rams are. We never finished over 7 wins from 1990 up until 1999, which was our superbowl year. Which now tells me that the Rams have been bad, are now bad, and I hope we dont continue to be bad. But lately one has to believe that that is the penalty for our actions.

        2000- 10-6 DECENT
        2001- 14-2 ( excellent; we beat the pats that season but lost in the SB to the same :|)
        2002- 7-9 Not bad
        2003- 12-4 excellent
        2004- 8-8 not bad; competitive
        2005- I think we were 7-9 or 6-10 cant remember
        2006- 8-8
        2007- 3-13 horrible
        2008- 2-14 lousy

        I am not surprised at how we have fallen so badly. What I cant seem to understand is how fast we have fallen as such. How come we havent been able to stop the bleeding and bounce back like other teams have seemed to?

        So tell me guys. How far off is this team from competing? Well, I look at the league and I have noticed that most of the other teams have playmakers in a lot of key positions. Why is that? Because they do a great job of DRAFTING PLAYERS THAT FIT INTO THEIR SCHEME WELL. We on the other hand have not done that lately. We have drafted players that have done well IN THEIR SCHEME and so it didnt matter to the previous regime ( Jay ZYgmunt ) if they fit or not the point was they wanted them so much that they drafted them regardless of their college scheme and success. In the era since Martz left, we have drafted the likes of busts ( or so they appear to be) like Tye Hill, Adam Carriker, Claude Wroten, Fakhir Brown, etc. The list goes on and on.

        THIS HAS REALLY HURT THIS ORGANIZATION SO MUCH THAT IT IS REARING ITS UGLY HEAD NOW. Bad drafting has put us in such a talentless hole that...
        -09-29-2009, 06:43 PM