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  • Rams' Marshall Plan

    John Czarnecki / FOX Sports

    Rams' Marshall plan

    Rams coach Mike Martz once again is planning to take an easy approach with star player Marshall Faulk when training camp opens next week, which is the smart thing to do when a high-profile running back is 31 years old.

    However, the key is that Faulk is feeling better than he has in recent summers, now that doctors apparently have corrected a "cartilage flap" that has been making his right knee sore.

    We haven't had Marshall 100 percent for a couple of years," Martz said Tuesday. "At times, I think he might have been 70 percent, but he still played at a high level. He's above that now."

    There have been all kinds of rumors that the former MVP might be retiring, forced from the game by his knee injuries. This is hogwash, according to the Rams, who are prepared for the rumors to resurface when Faulk is virtually inactive for the first couple weeks of camp, which has been the norm.

    The team did draft Oregon State's Steven Jackson in the first round, but it makes sense to prepare for the future. There will come the day when Faulk won't be able to run, but that is not the case now. Faulk had another surgery in the off-season and it seems to have corrected a nagging problem. The team believes he will be able to crank it up in late August and be ready for the season opener on Sept. 12 versus Arizona.

    Without question, the Rams still need Faulk, who is ideal in Martz's sophisticated offensive system. When he was a FOX broadcaster, Lions General Manager Matt Millen called Faulk "the smartest player in the league."

    Indeed, Faulk at 90 percent is better than most runners at full steam because he knows how to play; he especially knows how to get open on a passing route. Jackson should be a plus in the red-zone offense, where his physical stature can blend with Faulk's elusiveness. The bottom line is that the Rams still have high hopes for Faulk and, barring another injury, he should be ready to fly this season.

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    Re: Rams' Marshall Plan

    Well at least someones talking. Here's to Marshall having a great "MVP" season !!!



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    • Nick
      More from Hadley (Re: Faulk)
      by Nick
      Friday, July 9

      04:11:37 CDT


      Updating storylines I discussed on KTRS this week.

      MARSHALL FAULK: My sources are indicating that Marshall Faulk remains an enigma for the 2004 season with training camp on the horizon.

      The level of anxiety differs with sources; however, the common dominator has each individual, unwilling to guarantee Faulk is ready for action.

      As one source said, "There are reasons to believe that Faulk won't play this season but I expect to see him run through tunnel at The Ed (Edward Jones Dome) on the 12th (opening day, 9/12/04)."

      Faulk has indicated to mutual acquaintances that he remains concerned whether his knee will be 100% for training camp and there is a chance that he will not play in 2004.

      "I won't mislead you, there is an incertitude permeating through the front office into the coaches offices about the situation. You will not get anybody to confirm on the record, unless they have a position waiting with another organization. Write it if you want but he ready for the wrath of Coach (Mike Martz) and number 28 (Marshall Faulk)," were the words of another source.

      Based on various conversations the consensus is that Faulk will play in 2004 however his role will be lessened (likely more than advertised).

      A third source said, "I would say it's fair to question whether Marshall will be ready but never underestimate his toughness, mentally, or physically. I will say this; we need Steve Jackson and Lamar Gordon to be ready. Gordon is the real question. I have the utmost confidence that Jackson can fill the bill but if Marshall can't go, Gordon must elevate his game supporting Jackson for this offense to operate properly.

      Faulk has managed, in the past, to rise to the elite level after rehabbing injuries, his badge of competitiveness is worn well, and there is ample reason to believe he can do it again.

      Please read this carefully, I'm not communicating that Faulk won't play this season. I'm simply reporting that it's a possibility. Additionally, I'm communicating, if he does play his role could be even more limited than discussed in most circles. The news value is simple... Faulk donning the Rams uniform isn't "a given."

      Let me repeat, so that the information isn't misrepresented, mangled or altered by those on forum boards or airwaves... I'm not writing the final chapter of Faulk's career. I'm simply conveying the fact Faulk isn't near 100% nor ready to rock 'n roll.

      Simply stated, the pulse of uncertainty regarding Faulk's future is beating rapidly (at Rams Park). There is a chance he might not play; best-case scenario passed along by sources has his role more...
      -07-10-2004, 02:13 AM
    • argpdt
      Marshall Faulk as a slot receiver
      by argpdt
      Does anyone think that there is a chance that Martz will use Marshall Faulk as a slot receiver, when Steven Jackson is in the backfield? It seems logical to find another way to use Faulk other than just as a backup to Jackson.
      -05-31-2005, 03:01 PM
    • RamWraith
      Faulk's knee remains uncooperative
      by RamWraith
      By Bill Coats
      Wednesday, Jul. 19 2006

      Rams running back Marshall Faulk still is having significant knee problems as
      he tries to determine whether to attempt a 13th NFL season, his agent, Rocky
      Arceneaux of St. Louis, said Wednesday.

      "It's when he does a lot of those football things, like cutting ... it just
      blows up," Arceneaux said. "And I'm talking about just light pounding. His
      doctor gave him some tests to do, and he wants to see how he responds with the

      Faulk, 33, had surgery on both knees earlier this year. One knee has responded
      well, but the other has been balky. More surgery might be necessary, said
      Arceneaux, who described Faulk's chances of playing in 2006 as "a coin toss."

      "For a while, we thought it was going to be Marshall's decision, but the doctor
      pretty much took it out of his hands. He'll make the decision," Arceneaux said.
      "You know Marshall: If it were his decision, it probably wouldn't even be a
      decision. He'd just get up and go."

      Arceneaux met Tuesday with Jay Zygmunt, the Rams' president of football
      operations. The purpose, Arceneaux said, was mostly to update the team on
      Faulk's condition and to discuss a timeline for a decision to be reached.

      The Rams "are being very, very accommodating, very patient," Arceneaux said.
      "They know (Faulk is) fighting, and we certainly expect some determination will
      be made before training camp starts (next week). It's just a decision he can't
      rush." Zygmunt assured that the Rams wouldn't pressure Faulk for an answer.

      "With a player of Marshall's stature, this is a right he's earned," Zygmunt
      said. "What's most important is that he makes the right decision for himself.
      It's just one of things where it's not a black-and-white decision."

      Several options are available if Faulk isn't ready to play: He could retire; go
      on the injured-reserve list, which would keep him sidelined for the season; or
      be placed on the "physically unable to perform" list, which would make him
      eligible to return six weeks into the season.

      Faulk also has hinted at doing television work for year and then attempting a
      comeback in 2007.
      -07-20-2006, 05:06 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      I want Marshall Faulk to retire
      by AvengerRam_old
      Will Marshall Faulk retire?

      I don't know. Nobody here does. Marshall's not saying, and everything else is mere inference and speculation.

      Do I want Marshall Faulk to retire?

      Without question... yes. Yes I do.

      I am a big Marshall Faulk fan. I think his performance from 1999-2001 was the greatest three year run by any RB in NFL history, bar none. We can all talk about Martz, Warner, Bruce and Holt, but make no mistake... the element that made the GSOT one of the greatest offenses ever was Marshall Faulk's ability to be a threat on every single play.

      I know many are holding out hope that Faulk can play another year or two at a high level, even if that means being more of a role player in Steven Jackson's shadow.

      I have my questions as to whether Faulk, or, more specifically, Faulk's knees, can still do that.

      But the main reason I want Faulk to retire is my impression of where Faulk's head is right now. From all I've heard, read and seen, Faulk's words and actions this offseason are those of a guy who just doesn't have that drive anymore.

      Who can blame him? I'm sure its hard for him to accept that he's no longer the feature back. I'm sure he's feeling unsure of what his role will be under a new coaching staff. I'm sure he's concerned about returning at this stage of his career to a team that went 6-10 last season.

      If he does return, what would be his reason? Money? Records? Glory? Faulk has all of these things.

      Some players reach this stage of a career and are still the kind of players you want around because of their "locker room demeanor." Faulk's not that kind of guy. He's not a vocal leader of the team, and he has had the reputation of being a difficult personality when he's not happy.

      Add all of this up, and I can only conclude that the best thing for the Rams this year would be to have Faulk ride off into the sunset. Frankly, I think that may be what is best for Faulk as well.

      All good things must end.
      -06-23-2006, 07:11 AM
    • argpdt
      Rams Owe Marshall Faulk Playing Time
      by argpdt
      I find it disgusting the way that the Rams are "utilizing" Marshall Faulk these days. The past 5 or 6 games Faulk is getting very few on field plays with even fewer touches. I think that now that the season is over, the Rams should let Faulk start and see if he brings anything to the running game. Steven Jackson may be the back of the future for the Rams, but his performance has helped contribute to this lost season. When Jackson catches the ball he can be a threat, but he doesn't make people miss in the open field like Faulk either running or receiving, and Jackson has looked like he has hands of stone on far too many passes.
      Faulk needs less than 40 yards receiving to be #1 all time amongst NFL RBs and the Rams owe him that honor.
      -12-06-2005, 02:38 PM