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Rams vs. Bills, my first game

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  • Rams vs. Bills, my first game

    Hi all, i wish I could make it to the bash, no money to go to the Big Easy. But I will have my own bash in Buffalo. I told my Mom that I bought tickets for this game, she told me how proud she was of me for staying with 1 team since 1973, I was six years old. Now I am making my pilgramage to Buffalo. I have never been to a Rams game or any football game. This will be one of the best day's of my life, except the birth of my son. I hope to see anyone there from the Clanrams.
    Can anyone give me advice, I will be in enemy territoty with my Blue and Gold jersey, hat, gloves and anything else blue and gold that I can get my hands on? :ramlogo:

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    Re: Rams vs. Bills, my first game

    Well, the crowd can be hostile.... Just maintain a level head (no Bills Suck chants, etc.) and you should be alright.

    There is generally some away team memrobilia across the road from the stadium in tents, but not too much.

    I will be at the game too... How are your seats? I bought mine 3 minutes after the on sale time, and could only get upper bowl seating. Hopefully I can find some scalpers outside the stadium to trade up with, but I'll have to see.

    Mabey we could meet up outside the stadium for a few beers.


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      Re: Rams vs. Bills, my first game

      Cool hope to see you there, section 102 row 4 right behind goal away from tunnel.


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        Re: Rams vs. Bills, my first game

        Originally posted by BigGame
        Well, the crowd can be hostile.... Just maintain a level head (no Bills Suck chants, etc.) and you should be alright.
        Ah,thats what I did wrong the last time I visited ................... mmmm, need to remember that for the next time ..... dont shout Bills suck, :tough:

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Re: Rams vs. Bills, my first game

          LOL... Or remind them of their 4 SuperBowl losses, even if it comes to desperate times. At a game the last two years, friends of mine have had beer dumped all over them for simply stating their opinions.

          Some people are just irrisponsible, but that population may be a bit higher among Bills fans.


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          • rampower
            Thinking of coming to the bash?
            by rampower
            If there is anybody out there who is lucky enough to have the time and money to attend the bash and is sitting there wondering if they should attend.

            Heres the answer.

            DO IT!!!

            It will be the time of your life.

            You would love it.

            All these people you post with you could meet for real.

            How could anyone not want to meet big red for real?

            You think this guy is a crazy scream on here?

            Wait till you see him at the bash! He is the guy you want to sit beside when opposition fans are coming!! Strong in muscle and in words.

            Dez is the life and soul not only of the clan but of the party.

            Alpha ram has just the best sense of humour, both he and PA girl just rock.

            Mix in Ramcableking, MaineRam and Majorram and you will not only have a good time and make the best of friends, but you will end up in a bar, always.

            These bashes have changed my life.

            If you can, please come, we welcome all.
            -07-17-2008, 10:11 AM
          • AlphaRam
            Rams vs Dallas on Sept 30
            by AlphaRam
            My wife and I will be going to the game against Dallas on September 30. We purchase a package from the Sheraton Grand hotel near DFW. For 2005, I was at the 40 yard line, Row 1, right behind the Rams bench. The package included a room for a night, a great breakfast buffet (top notch), 2 game tickets, and transportation to and from the game. I think the package for 2 people cost $430 this past season. Extra nights were $79.

            The hotel has a sports bar that is pretty good size. For those that went to the Bash last year, this sports bar is about 4 times larger.

            They have shuttles to DFW airport every hour. Also, there are shuttles to Grapevine Mills Mall (largest mall I have ever seen). Also, My wife and I will drive our van down for the trip.

            The person to contact is Donna Thomas ([email protected]) at the DFW Sheraton Grand to get on her mailing list. You might mention my name (Jack Gossett) so that we can possibly get seats together. No, I don't get a cut - just helping out my fellow Rams fans.

            My wife and I will be doing this deal again in December to go see her stinking Eagles play the Crackboys.
            -04-13-2007, 09:43 PM
          • RamWraith
            '07 Bash Experience
            by RamWraith
            Here is what happened in a nut shell through RamWraith's eyes:

            ***If I miss someone or something I apologize. I am summarizing the best I can, and with so much information and good times I am sure I will miss something. So anyone that was there feel free to add to this thread

            Arrived after an hour and 10 minute flight from Minneapolis, in which I was held up at the security check point...I guess I looked shady. We arrived around 6:00pm. Got to the hotel and immediately ran to the free drink counter at the hotel before the time expired. Downed my drinks and 1/2 of my wifes and met Big Blue. Blue is a super nice guy. He hasn't posted much, but let me tell you he is a die hard fan. This guy puts the "B" in big. I would bet that if we could have introduced him to Linehan he just might have started at one of the line positions. The beer tickets ran dry so it was off to the hotel troth to meet Dez. Here is the best way to put it. Airline tickets; $600.00, Hotel Room; $550.00, Ram memorabilia $425.00, seeing Dez again; PRICELESS! I love my bro!! We (I) drank and caught up on old times. In honesty it was the highlight of my trip, and my favorite part.

            I did not realize how much I had consumed until I woke up at 6:00 with this awful taste in my mouth and a splitting headache. My wife figured I drank a little too much as we sat down and came up with the numbers...ooopppsss. It was off to breakfast where we met Dez again and his wonderful wife (she is as great as the big guy). This is when I finally met the guy I have heard so much about. Randy (Big Red Ram). All I can say is what a HOOT. The guy came dressed in his kilt and full Irish attire and not once did I see the smile leave his face. A few other came a short time later. r8rh8rmike was the first one I got a chance to meet. I love this guy. ALL CLASS!! He is as funny and exciting as any fan I have met. One of them guys that make you proud to have as fellow fan and friend. He keep me entertained all weekend with his wit and charm. RamGram also came with I believe was her daughter. She is one to the sweetest people you will ever meet. Her love for the Rams is as noticeable as the smile on her face.

            At this point after some good ol' B.S.'ing, we split up. The family and I went to the Brewery and the rest headed shopping. The Brewery was not a good place to be after a tough night the night before. The smells of hopps and barley were enough to make me pretty ill feeling, not to mention the 8 block walk around the facility. And then to top it all off...they gave me free beer. Needless to say a few sips was about all I could take. All in all it was pretty cool, it just should have been on better circumstances for me. After that stop the family and I power shopped. Hitting as many out of the main-strip shopping centers as we could. Wal-marts, Targets, and Sports Authority came away...
            -10-30-2007, 04:08 PM
          • RamWraith
            unoffical head-count
            by RamWraith
            who is planning on making this years trip to St. Louis for this years Bash??

            --Looking at getting a rough estimate for planning.

            OCTOBER 28TH, 2007. Against the Browns.


            You can put my name on the list

            1) Jason - RamWraith +2
            -06-22-2007, 02:04 PM
          • WilmRam
            My First Rams Game- Rams vs Panthers 20-Oct-13
            by WilmRam
            So my girlfriend bought me tickets to the Rams vs Panthers game in Charlotte on 20-October-13. I have been a diehard Rams fan since I first started watching football in 2000. I have never been to an NFL football game though, and have only tailgated at a small college game. We will be row 1 on the visitor's sideline about the 45 yeard line (yea she is a great GF...)

            I am not really sure how to behave in a visitor stadium or what tailgating will consist of. I am taking my girlfriend (I even got her a Bradford Jersey). So I want to have a good time.

            Is anyone else gonna be there tailgating? I am bringing my truck and my portable grill so I am gonna try to get the real gameday experience if I can!

            Does anyone have any tips on going to a game? Or since im so close to the sideline; any players that might be prone to sign something? Or thoughts on game behavior? I would really appreciate any gameday wisdom!
            -10-01-2013, 01:07 PM