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  • Lost in Austin

    Just moved to Austin, TX from StL, and I'm worried about finding a good place to watch the games w/ other Rams fans. Hate the Cowgirls w/ a passion, and I'll go nuts if I have to watch them every week on local TV.

    Any ideas?

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    Longhornrams, how are you? Got you covered with the Rams games, Fridays on Cesar Chavez plays them every week. I know, I dialed in the Direct TV.


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      txramsfan, you are the man!! Looks like I know where I'll be every Sunday to watch the games....look forward to seeing you there!

      Going to be a great year....what do you think of the new defense?


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        I will feel better when three things happen:

        1. Lewis gets his first sack.
        2. Archuleta gets back up swinging after being torched by a WR for the 5th time this season. (It will happen, he just has to stick with it.)
        3. Herring is healthy and directing traffic back there.

        We haven't done anything yet, but I like the direction. Last year, we looked confused on D even before the snap. This year, let's see how simplification helps.


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          I agree...a little worried about Warner's head, but we'll see how the O-Line can protect him against the Eagle rush.

          No doubt the defense is unprove, especially Herring, who, although a former Pro-Bowler, hasn't played a down in a game as a Ram yet.

          Don't think I'll be @ Friday's this Sunday b/c the game is on local Austin TV, but you'll see me in weeks to come. Let's hope we get this season started on the right foot at a tough road game. Should be a great test for the defense and offensive line!


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            It's good to see die hard Rams fans in Texas. Being I live in the southwestern USA myself it seems like Arizona, New Mexico, & Texas is haunted with Cowboys fans. Whats the attitude in Texas about the Houston Texans joining the league next year? Are they excited or is it just the Oilers reincarnation to them? GO RAMS!


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              I worked in Houston all summer, and there is a LOT of excitement about the Texans. They were supposed to unveil the uniforms last week, but that was understandably canceled in light of world events.

              The stadium is pretty much sold out, and there is merchandise in all the stores. We'll see what happens as they begin to field a team.

              Trust me, although there a plenty of Cowgirl fans here, there are just as many of us who can't stand the silver star in the Southwest.

              Go Rams! and more importantly, God Bless America


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                Nice to see fans across the country. Being from Western NY, and going back after grad...i HATE the cowgirls...see SBs XXVII and XXVIII. I don't mind Houston and hope they can keep the team this time. The name and logo look sweet. Nice to see we're going back to basics with Titans and Texans and all that.


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                  If the game isn't on here.....

                  Head up to Friday's downtown at the Radisson. Already have a TV reserved.


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                    Weekend Game


           is reporting that the game is on local tv....guess we'll put of Friday's at least one more week, but I'll be there the first time we're subjected to a sh***y Cowgirls game w/ Anthony Wright at QB.

                    Go Rams (lets make it 5 in a row vs. the Niners!)


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                      longhornrams,I know how you feel about the Cowboy crap.Here in Oklahoma I have always had to worry if the Rams And Cowboys play at the same time since Fox always shows the Cowboys.I'm glad to see Rams fans in Texas.It does my Cowboy hating #%^ good.Anyway,good luck catching as many Rams games as you can this year.

                      GO RAMS!
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                        Fish Game TV

                        Southwest Rams Fans,

                        I find it now my duty to report on TV schedules here in Texas, especially to avoid dreaded Cowgirl telecasts.

                        The Dolphins-Rams game will also be televised on local TV (NBC this week b/c its an AFC team at a NFC stadium) in Austin and San Antonio (not sure about the rest of the state).

                        With next week's Monday night game, that will be 4 straight Ram telecasts on local TV in Austin. Nice!

                        Go Rams (and I'll throw in a Hook 'Em for good measure)