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The turf in Philly....

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  • The turf in Philly....

    Saw a quick blurb on ESPN this morining stating the turf had
    been fixed, inspected, and passed for tonights game.

    Hope they keep the fix until the Rams play them!

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    Rams will be stomping...

    That's right Rickstir, the grounds in 'Delphia are ready for some new and heavy stomping by the Rams! Expect a lot of crumbled feathers left there at game's end -- and limping eagles -- and disappointed Philly fans -- and...

    GO RAMS!!!


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      This is going to be a tough test for our D. Especially Arch. He will have to monitor McNabb, and that is a tough chore. Nothing like baptism by fire.


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        it woulda been nice if AA had played against KC, but apparently something (hammie?) was tweaked so they let him rest. Lewis played damn near the whole game. I got confidence in Arch, he may get beat, but he's a rookie.

        If we get out of there relatively injury-free it'd be a huge positive.

        Fixed or not, that turf flat out sucks, theres nothing they can do until the new stadium.


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          What I want to get out of Sunday's game against the Eagles is a win and no injuries. If given a choice, I'll take no (or few or minor) injuries over a win. But I hope they can do both.


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            I'm not into injuries on either side of the field because I like to see a good clean game and the best team winning in the end. I root for the Rams but certainly NOT at someones expense. I think it will be an injury free game on Sunday and the Rams will come out victorious!