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  • yeeee haaaaaaa

    Damn, It's great to be back and can't wait to get this season started! Almost thought I was gonna 2 yrs but a technocality got me out. Who's ram wraith. I don't remember him on outsiders. Looks like this could be as close as ever to the offense in 99' . this is gonna be a good year! Just kidding about the 2 yrs thing. I just had a lot of trouble getting back to the sight! Hey TX, Bulger is gonna lose the starting job sometime this year. And the only thing that could hamper this team will be the "D". Give me your thoughts on that. Great to be back. BONZIIIIIIIIIII ! The plant!

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    Re: yeeee haaaaaaa

    good to see you theodus69!!

    RamWraith is the new and improved J-Ram. I got sick of the name and with the move I decided to change my name as well.

    Glad to have you home.


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      Re: yeeee haaaaaaa

      Damn glad to be back.When I looked at the list of guys on the home page J-ram was not on there. Should have figured you made a change.Let TX know that it is gonna be his Defense that makes or breaks us. BONZIIIIIIIIII! The plant!


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        Re: yeeee haaaaaaa

        Whats up Theodus.....glad to see you back partner.

        Yep, it is the defenses time to put up or shut up. If they don't, I look for another implosion ala like 2000.

        Bulger on the other hand, not too worried about him.


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          Re: yeeee haaaaaaa

          glad to see you to big T. Hope this is a great year, But you know how I feel about THE MARC ! The jackson signing is great. POOR MIAMI !