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  • A Little Help : )

    Hey everyone, I'm writing an article and am in need of a little help in the research deptartment.

    Can anyone who has a decent collection of Ram media guides, please look up yearly home attendance figures for the Rams for the years 1980-1995?

    It'd be much appreciated, and if the one providing the info is coming to the bash this year, you've got a few brews waiting on you, courtesy of me : )

    Thanks again in advance for any help you might be able to provide


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    The source...

    Hi Rudy!

    Interesting research you've got going there! You might want to e-mail RamDez directly --either here in ClanRam or to his e-mail address-- to see if he can provide you w/that info. I believe it is he thats has quite a collection of Rams media guide which go way, way back.

    Q. Do you know what kind of attendance is forecasted this year at the Rams games?

    Best wishes to you and your project. GO RAMS!!!


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      year season home
      1980 = 994,574 (16 games) 500,403
      1981 = 958,677 (16 games) 484,024
      1982 = 472,733 (9 games) 258,451 (5 games)
      1983 = 869,139 422,239
      1984 = 860,135 435,637
      1985 = 885,687 448.068
      1986 = 949,083 474.282
      1987 = 660,074 (15 games) 331.690 (7 games)
      1988 = 951,304 435.749
      1989 = 926,926 470.770
      1990 = 935,512 479.356
      1991 = 935,263 412.685
      1992 = 871,135 382.486
      1993 = 795,401 363.211
      1994 = 791,657 338.497
      1995 = 942,921 496.486

      now where are those beers ????
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        Thanks DEZ Buddy!

        There are sitting on tap at the Drury, and will be frosty cold when we meet up after our plane arrives : )


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