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  • Rams roster into training camp

    During the ceremony my daughter and I held tonight at exactly 5pm central, as the players were checking in for camp, i did my best public address anouncer imitation for her and recited the entire 53 man roster from memory as she cheered for each guy. I believe that barring injury, the offense is basically set unless sump beats out furrey for a receiver spot in order to serve as the return guy.

    bubble spots- backup linebackers (special teams key). we will carry six, two spots available for tony newsom, spoon, lloyd, justin smith, trev faulk, mwilliams.
    Defensive end- Will moran make the team? I predict no.
    Defensive Tackle _ Will brian howard make the team. I predict practice squad.
    Punter- Will Landetta get beat out? Could go either way.

    Here is what it looks like

    bulger, chandler, smoker
    faulk, jackson, gordon
    goodspeed, harris
    bruce, holt, looker, curtis, macdonald, furrey (sump)
    mamliamula, cleeland, jensen
    pace, turley, williams
    wolabaugh, turner
    timmerman, mccollum, king, tercero

    Wilkens, Landetta/Nicasso, Massey

    Little, fisher, tyoka jackson, hargrove, flowers (moran)
    pickett, lewis, kennedy, holsey (brian howard)
    thomas, pisa, polley, chillar, two of the following (spoon, lloyd, newson, burley, justin smith, trev faulk, mcwilliams)
    fisher, butler, garrett, groce
    aeneas williams, archuleta, coady, shivers, lucas

    Biggest variable, outside of the backup linebacker spots is injuries. Hopefully, we will make it through camp and the preseason with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises here and there.

    ramming speed to all, as always, i would love your analysis of the roster,

    sign the big man

    general counsel

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    Re: Rams roster into training camp

    My predictions for the final 53 man roster based on who's going into camp with the Rams...

    QB: Bulger, Chandler, Smoker
    RB: Faulk, Gordon, Jackson (Jackson takes #2 spot by the end of camp and pre-season)
    FB: Goodspeed, Harris
    WR: Holt, Bruce, Looker, Curtis, McDonald, Furrey
    TE: Manu, Cleeland, Jensen
    OL: Pace, Turley, McCollum, Timmerman, Wohlabaugh, G. Williams, King, Tercero, Turner

    DL: Little, Fisher, Jackson, Hargrove, Moran (I think Flowers gets the axe), Pickett, Lewis, Kennedy, Holsey
    LB: Tinoisamoa, Thomas, Polley, Chillar, Newson, Spoon
    CB: Fisher, Butler, Garrett, Groce
    S: Williams, Archuleta, Shivers, Coady, Lucas

    ST: Wilkens, Landetta, Massey

    Even though I'd like to see someone really challenge for Landetta's spot, I think the vet wins out and the challenger is put on the practice squad.


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      Re: Rams roster into training camp

      Nick, it wouldnt surprise me too much if flowers got beat out by moran, but flowers does have youth on his side. Should be a pretty close call either way, same with the backup linebackers.

      There cant be many other teams in the nfl whose rosters are this close to being set going into camp.

      general counsel


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        Re: Rams roster into training camp

        Originally posted by NickSeiler
        Even though I'd like to see someone really challenge for Landetta's spot, I think the vet wins out and the challenger is put on the practice squad.

        A dead man could compete with Landeta. Give the corpse a reason to roll over in his grave and sheer physics will take care of the rest - just the "opposite and equal reaction" will give greater distance and well ... the corpse has to have the edge in coffin corner placements ...


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          Re: Rams roster into training camp

          Originally posted by adarian_too
          A dead man could compete with Landeta. Give the corpse a reason to roll over in his grave and sheer physics will take care of the rest - just the "opposite and equal reaction" will give greater distance and well ... the corpse has to have the edge in coffin corner placements ...
          Proof positive that the "Funniest Poster" Clannie went to the right guy!
          Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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            Re: Rams roster into training camp

            Originally posted by Yodude
            Proof positive that the "Funniest Poster" Clannie went to the right guy!

            Yo, dude ... the weed in The Hollow won't jumble thoughts as much. As much as I appreciate the "props", the "Clannie" for funniest went to Bob-L-Head inspite of our alliance and he never did need my minority party votes to control the Parliament.


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              Updated projected 53 man roster
              by Guest
              Updated 53 man roster to reflect the recent moves (praying of course for no injuries in camp that effect this)

              Offense (26)

              bulger, chandler, smoker
              faulk, jackson, gordon
              goodspeed, harris
              mamliamula, cleeland, jensen
              bruce, holt, curtis, looker, mcdonald, furrey
              pace, turley, williams
              timmerman, mccollum, king, tercero
              wohlambaugh, eby or turner (the other makes the practice squad)

              Defense (24)

              pickett, lewis, kennedy, holsey/brian howard
              little, fisher, jackson, hargrove, flowers/moran
              thomas, pisa, polley, chillar, two of the following (newsom, spoon, lloyd, trev faulk, justin smith, mcwilliams)
              fisher, butler, groce, garrett
              a williams, archuleta, coady, shivers, lucas

              specialists (3)

              wilkens, massey, nicassio/landetta

              Other guys with a shot, but more likely candidates for the practice squad (unless someone gets hurt)

              nick burley, sheddrick copeland, nijrell eason, brian sump (kick returner)

              Other practice squad candidates- the 4th qb, coleman (wr), anyone else??????

              If Moran gets beat out, he probably gets waived. If brian howard gets beat out, he probably winds up on the practice squad, along with two linebackers and at least one guy from the secondary.

              Any updated thoughts from anyone?

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel
              -06-21-2004, 08:50 PM
            • ZigZagRam
              53-Man Roster
              by ZigZagRam
              Here's my take on the 53-man roster. I can't remember if we IR'd Kennedy or not but here it goes.

              QB: Bulger, Chandler, Smoker
              RB: Faulk, Jackson, Gordon, Harris
              FB: Goodspeed, Massey
              WR: Holt, Bruce, McDonald, Looker, Curtis, Furrey
              TE: Manumaleuna, Cleeland, Brake
              OT: Pace, Williams, Tercero
              OG: Timmerman, Tercero, Dishman, King
              C: McCullom, Turner
              DE: Little, Fisher, Jackson, Hargrove, Flowers
              DT: Pickett, Lewis, Howard
              LB: Tinoisamoa, Thomas, Chillar, Polley, Newson, Faulk
              SS: Archuleta, Coady
              FS: Williams, Lucas, Shivers
              CB: Butler, Garrett, Groce, Anderson, Fisher
              K: Wilkins
              P: Landeta

              Notable Cuts: Greg Randall, Erik Jensen, Sean Moran, Brandon Spoon, Tom Knight

              Your thoughts?
              -08-31-2004, 09:40 AM
            • RamWraith
              Rams-Bears: Things To Watch
              by RamWraith
              QUARTERBACK: Marc Bulger experienced some arm soreness - aka "camp arm" - last week. But after resting his arm for a day, Bulger says it now feels great. He has been very sharp thus far in camp, but figures to play only a couple of series tonight. Look for rookie Jeff Smoker to get a lot of work.

              RUNNING BACK: With Marshall Faulk sitting this one out, and Lamar Gordon recovering from ankle surgery, Arlen Harris, first-round draft pick Steven Jackson and undrafted rookie Dusty McGrorty will handle the rushing chores.

              WIDE RECEIVER/TIGHT END: Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce figure to have cameo appearances only. Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald, both 2003 draft picks, must continue their good work so far in camp to make a dent on the depth chart.

              OFFENSIVE LINE: Dave Wohlabaugh's hip injury has forced Andy McCollum back to center, so the left guard spot could be Andy King's to lose. Good showings by Grant Williams, Scott Tercero and Greg Randall would help ease concern about the tackle position.

              DEFENSIVE LINE: DT Damione Lewis is off to a good start. Can he transfer that into game conditions? DT Ryan Pickett is healthy but heavy and still is getting into shape. Rookie Anthony Hargrove has been slowed lately by ankle and knee injuries but has been impressive to date.

              LINEBACKER: There is spirited competition for three or four backup spots behind starters Tommy Polley, Robert Thomas and Pisa Tinoisamoa. At the moment, Trev Faulk, Jeremy Loyd, Tony Newsom, Justin Smith and rookie Brandon Chillar are closely bunched.

              SECONDARY: DeJuan Groce probably will start tonight in place of Travis Fisher (ankle) at right corner. Groce and Kevin Garrett are off to good starts in camp. Rich Coady, Justin Lucas and rookie Jason Shivers are jockeying for depth-chart position at safety.

              SPECIAL TEAMS: It appears that Harris and Jackson will get the first cracks at returning kickoffs, with McDonald, Groce and Brian Sump all possibilities on punt returns.
              -08-12-2004, 04:41 AM
            • RamDez
              Inside Slant
              by RamDez
              Things are different for Dane Looker as training camp approaches.

              Once hailed as "Little Ricky" because of his style of play is similar to former Rams receiver Ricky Proehl, Looker accepts the compliments, but wants to be his own man.

              That was tough for a while, as he struggled to make an NFL roster. He was an undrafted free agent in the Rams' 2000 training camp, and was opening some eyes when he was surprisingly traded to the Patriots on Aug. 7 that year.

              He made New England's roster, but ended the season on injured reserve and was then released on July 31 because of a hamstring injury. Looker was right back with the Rams for three weeks, but he wasn't healthy enough to make an impact. Out of football for the rest of the year, he re-signed with the Rams in February and excelled in NFL Europe, but the numbers game caught up to him again.

              Released on Sept. 2, he spent most of the season on the practice squad until being added to the active roster for the final three games of the season.

              Last year turned out to be his coming-out party. Making the roster also resulted in him being the holder for kicker Jeff Wilkins. Wilkins wanted him all along after the departure of, you guessed it, Proehl, but there was no guarantee Looker would make the roster.

              He helped Wilkins tie a league record with 39 field goals and offensively was third on the team with 47 receptions for 495 yards and three touchdowns. More important, 27 of his catches, including 18 on third down, were first-down plays.

              Despite his success, Looker takes nothing for granted.

              "We've got some good receivers on this team, so I'm going to have to improve on what I did last year and play better," he said. "Nothing's a guarantee."

              Coach Mike Martz loves his work ethic and competitiveness.

              "Dane was terrific last year, and looking at him out here, he just picked up where he left off," Martz said during the offseason.


              —The Rams report to training camp in Macomb, Ill., on July 27 with the first practice scheduled for the next day. They will be in camp until Aug. 20, three days before a Monday night game in Kansas City.

              The Chicago Bears, coached by former Rams defensive coordinator Lovie Smith, will visit Rams camp for three days from Aug. 5-7. There will be one practice the first day, two the second and then a scrimmage on Aug. 7.

              Said coach Mike Martz, "Having a scrimmage there at the stadium on Saturday morning makes it exciting for everybody. It gives us a chance to look at a lot of our young players under competitive situations, and the same for the Bears. The most important aspect of it is after seven or eight days (of camp), you get a chance to look at your players in a different environment against other...
              -07-19-2004, 12:08 PM
            • RamWraith
              Inside Slant
              by RamWraith
              When training camp opened, the biggest question facing the Rams was how they would get through training camp with an unsettled situation on the offensive line, given the unknown status of tackles Kyle Turley and Orlando Pace and center Dave Wohlabaugh.

              Turley was recovering from offseason back surgery, while Wohlabaugh had surgery on his hip in the offseason. The Rams knew Pace would likely not be in camp as the team's unsigned franchise player, so how the line would be deployed because of the Turley and Wohlabaugh injuries was an issue.

              It turned out to be even bigger than expected when Wohlabaugh never made it onto the field and was released and Turley aggravated his back during the first few days of camp. Turley was placed on injured reserve in the cutdown to 65 players.

              Those factors resulted in frequent shuffling on the line in camp. Andy King began as the left guard, but lost that job after the first exhibition game and was replaced by Chris Dishman. Dishman had decided to retire before coach Mike Martz convinced him to sign, and he reported at 375 pounds.

              Grant Williams, who would be the right tackle as Turley's replacement, was forced to play on the left side throughout most of camp because of Pace's absence. Scott Tercero got a lot of work at tackle, even though most in the organization believe his best position is guard. Greg Randall, who was with the Texans last season, was signed when it became apparent Turley wouldn't be available.

              Guard Tom Nutten, who played for the Rams during their Super Bowl seasons, but left for the Jets last year and then retired, was brought back a few days before the third exhibition game against Washington and injured his toe on his second play.

              That's the type of summer it's been for a team that has deep offensive talent, but knows it could go for naught if the line doesn't come together.

              Complicating things even more was Pace's decision to stay away for the entire preseason. Last year, as the franchise player, he reported and signed 12 days before the season opener and was able to play in the exhibition finale.

              Not this time. Pace remained unsigned when the Rams played the Raiders Sept. 2, and for the first time, Martz voiced frustration with the situation.

              Asked about Pace not being with the team, Martz said, "To be honest with you I don't think about it. This is our football team right now, I would just assume he's not coming in. That's his decision, and we're moving on.

              "You can't let one player, no matter how good he is, or how good of a person he is, hold a team hostage waiting for him to come in. We have to move on, and get ready for Sept. 12th."

              For line coach John Matsko, he has to get this group ready.

              "Each year's different," Matsko said. "The challenge this year was to bring a bunch of guys...
              -09-02-2004, 11:34 AM