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It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

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  • It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

    And here's why...

    According to Fox Sports, Robert Gallery, a rookie offensive tackle taken second overall in this year's draft, will be getting a $14 million dollar signing bonus. According to ESPN, the deal he's verbally agreed to will give him a total of $18-19 million in guaranteed money.

    If a rookie is going to make $14 million in signing bonus money, I'm inclined to believe the Postons are going to shoot for a much higher number for their multiple Pro Bowl former first overall left tackle.

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    Re: It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

    There is only so much room. Pace anyway has to sign the tender offer first before anything can happen.


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      Re: It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

      Well, now we'll see how sincere OP was about getting a deal done. I understand the market place and all that, but there's only so much money available, and both sides know this. If the Postons get stupid and OP doesn't step in and take a bigger hand in handling his own business, this is going to be ugly. It doesn't have to be.


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      • Nick
        ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?
        by Nick
        Agents could facilitate long-term deal
        Updated: Feb. 27, 2005
        By Michael Smith,

        INDIANAPOLIS -- In what will perhaps be the first step toward finally reaching some form of resolution to what has been a contentious eight-year relationship with his team, St. Louis Rams left tackle Orlando Pace has settled on Kennard McGuire and Fletcher Smith of Skokie, Ill.-based CSMG Sports as his agents, a source said.

        Pace has been the subject of trade rumors, and a new deal would be his first long-term contract since the one he signed as a rookie.

        Considered one of the game's premier performers at one of its marquee positions, Pace had been without outside representation since firing his original agents, Carl and Kevin Poston, in September. Pace then acted as his own agent in signing his one-year, $7.02-million franchise tender.

        Two weeks ago, the Rams designated Pace as their franchise player for the third year in a row. Another one-year contract would pay him a guaranteed salary of $8.424 million, or 120 percent of last year's earnings.

        The sides have until March 15 to reach agreement on a long-term deal. If not, the Rams cannot sign Pace until July without losing the use of the franchise tag for the length of the contract. The hiring of McGuire and Smith increases the likelihood of a settlement of some kind, not so much because of who they are as who they aren't.

        The Rams have been at odds with Pace's representatives since St. Louis selected the 6-foot-7, 325-pound tackle first overall out of Ohio State in 1997. Pace missed all of his first training camp and three preseason games before coming to terms on a seven-year deal (it voided to six) and hasn't participated in the past two training camps because, technically, he was not under contract and, therefore, under no obligation to do so.

        No matter, it seems. Pace, 29, has been selected to each of the past six Pro Bowls. He's started every game in six of his eight seasons, including each of the past two, and 115 of 119 games played. He's also started eight playoff games.

        Last year, Pace rejected a seven-year, $42-million offer from the Rams that included a $13-million signing bonus. But Pace later told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that a signing bonus in the area of $15 million to $17 million would suffice; his agents, meanwhile, had at one point proposed $27 million in bonuses, which Rams president Jay Zygmunt famously termed a "ransom note." The Rams also spoke with the Browns about a possible trade last year.

        The Rams reportedly have had discussions with the New York Giants regarding Pace. But a Rams-Giants deal seems unlikely considering New York does not have a first-round pick -- it belongs to San Diego as part of the draft-day trade that landed the Giants Eli Manning.

        The contract to which Seattle recently signed Walter...
        -02-27-2005, 07:50 PM
      • AvengerRam_old
        Will you feel silly...and will you admit it?
        by AvengerRam_old
        All of you who have ripped Orlando Pace and screamed for him to be traded...

        Will you feel a bit silly when he signs a long term deal this week?

        And will you admit it?

        Just wondering.
        -02-27-2005, 09:07 PM
      • RamWraith
        Pace to be traded...Balzer
        by RamWraith
        Thought you all might like the info...

        Balzer stated yesterday on 1380 that from what he has found out that he thinks Pace is going to be traded.

        Pace's agents, while not asking for Poston money, are looking for a deal that is structured very similar to the deal that Walter Jones just signed. The problem with the deal is not the signing bonus but the amount of guaranteed money and high base salary that Jones has in the first couple of years in his new deal. Apparently the size of the deal will kill the Rams' cap situation next year (anticipating Turley dead money) and they are unable to give him that deal.

        The five-time Pro Bowl left tackle will make about $21 million this year, which includes a signing bonus of between $16 million and $17 million. He figures to make about $27 million over the first three years of the deal.
        -03-12-2005, 08:01 AM
      • Nick
        Houston makes offer to Pace - PD
        by Nick
        Houston makes an offer to Pace
        By Jim Thomas
        Of the Post-Dispatch

        Not all the "i's" are dotted, or "t's" crossed. But offensive tackle Orlando Pace has a contract offer from the Houston Texans, and according to sources familiar with the negotiations, it's one that is preferable to the current contract on the table from the Rams.

        So what happens next?

        "The ball is really in St. Louis' court as far as what they want to do, and the decision they want to make," Pace told the Houston Chronicle on Monday during his visit with Texans officials. "We'll see here in the next 24 hours or so."

        The Rams have until 3 p.m. Wednesday to sign Pace to a multi-year contract offer. At that point, a four-month negotiating blackout begins for the Rams and Pace. And that would mean another spring without Pace attending the team's offseason conditioning program - which starts March 21 - no minicamps and no training camp for the third consecutive year.

        Pace characterized negotiations with the Rams as being "at a standstill."

        Pace added: "This is typical of what has gone on for the past couple of years for me as far as being franchised. You're trying to get through that, and you really want security and a long-term deal and those types of things. ... I don't know if things are going to be resolved."

        Things are at a standstill largely because the Rams' latest offer - they submitted a revised proposal to Pace's agents Monday morning - doesn't match the Walter Jones contract in guaranteed money and money paid out in the first three years of the contract.

        Jones, the offensive tackle for Seattle, re-signed with the Seahawks before the start of the free agency period. Most NFL scouts, coaches and personnel men will tell you Jones and Pace are comparable players. Jones is more consistent, but Pace is more athletic.

        Jones signed a seven-year, $52.5 million contract that included a $16 million signing bonus. The Rams' latest offer to Pace is believed to be $51 million with a $15 million signing bonus.

        So the Rams are very much in the ballpark of the Jones contract, both in terms of signing bonus and overall money. But that's not the problem.

        The issue is the first three years of each contract. Jones will receive $26.7 million in the first three years of the contract, broken down as follows:

        $16 million in signing bonus.

        $5.7 million in base salary.

        $5 million in roster bonuses: a $2 million roster bonus due in March of 2006; and a $3 million roster bonus due in March of 2007.

        In essence, the roster bonus is guaranteed money, because the Seahawks aren't likely to cut Jones after the first or second years of his contract. So Jones is receiving $21 million...
        -03-14-2005, 11:41 PM
      • Nick
        PFT: Postons will want paid
        by Nick

        Notwithstanding all the ass clapping in the NFL community about the Poston brothers losing their star client Orlando Pace of the Rams, don't think the Hard Ass brothers will not tried to get paid their fee incident to Pace recently signing -- listing himself as his agent -- the $7.02 million franchise tender offer with the Rams. In a article written by Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the suggestion is made that Pace could have saved himself almost $210,000 in agent fees (if the Postons charged him the maximum NFLPA-allowed fee of 3%) by sh-t canning the Torture Brothers before signing his new contract.

        We hear, however, that if Pace does not pay, the Postons will most likely attempt to recover their fee from The Mammoth One (or as much as they can get) via the grievance process promulgated by NFLPA regulations -- their argument primarily being that the signature by Pace on the contract sans agent was merely a formality and a byproduct of the ongoing negotiation process (is asking for a $27 million signing bonus negotiation or hallucination?), thereby entitling the Postons to their fee.

        In fact, this strategy can be confirmed by recent statements of Carl Poston, which he stated: "'I've encouraged him to come in. I've instructed him to sign the one-year tender. But I can't make the big fellow come in. He's frustrated with the team.'''

        Our prediction: Pace doesn't pay. Postons file a grievance. Pace and Postons eventually settle. It will interesting to see if the Brothers Harsh will be as tough in getting their own fee as they are in trying to get dough for their clients.
        -09-17-2004, 06:31 PM