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It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

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  • It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

    And here's why...

    According to Fox Sports, Robert Gallery, a rookie offensive tackle taken second overall in this year's draft, will be getting a $14 million dollar signing bonus. According to ESPN, the deal he's verbally agreed to will give him a total of $18-19 million in guaranteed money.

    If a rookie is going to make $14 million in signing bonus money, I'm inclined to believe the Postons are going to shoot for a much higher number for their multiple Pro Bowl former first overall left tackle.

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    Re: It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

    There is only so much room. Pace anyway has to sign the tender offer first before anything can happen.


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      Re: It's going to become ten times harder to sign Pace

      Well, now we'll see how sincere OP was about getting a deal done. I understand the market place and all that, but there's only so much money available, and both sides know this. If the Postons get stupid and OP doesn't step in and take a bigger hand in handling his own business, this is going to be ugly. It doesn't have to be.


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      • RamWraith
        Pace to be traded...Balzer
        by RamWraith
        Thought you all might like the info...

        Balzer stated yesterday on 1380 that from what he has found out that he thinks Pace is going to be traded.

        Pace's agents, while not asking for Poston money, are looking for a deal that is structured very similar to the deal that Walter Jones just signed. The problem with the deal is not the signing bonus but the amount of guaranteed money and high base salary that Jones has in the first couple of years in his new deal. Apparently the size of the deal will kill the Rams' cap situation next year (anticipating Turley dead money) and they are unable to give him that deal.

        The five-time Pro Bowl left tackle will make about $21 million this year, which includes a signing bonus of between $16 million and $17 million. He figures to make about $27 million over the first three years of the deal.
        -03-12-2005, 07:01 AM
      • AvengerRam_old
        Where's Orlando Pace?
        by AvengerRam_old
        What's your theory?
        Finalizing a cap friendly long-term deal (Hey, I'm not even that optimistic).
        Waiting to report because he doesn't feel like going to Oakland.
        Chained to the radiator in Carl Poston's basement.
        I don't know, but wherever he is, he's eating.
        Lost driving somewhere between Columbus and St. Louis.
        Cutting the final tracks of "Orlando Pace Sings Love Songs of his Youth"
        Administering flu shots to poor children in Bangladesh.
        Staring at his computer screen and thinking: "I think I'll make those fans sweat a bit more."
        Writing the final chapters of his biography, "My Shadow Weighs More Than You Do."
        I don't know, where do spoiled, unappreciative, lazy athletes hang out this time of year?
        -08-31-2004, 01:33 PM
      • RamWraith
        Pace weighs in on his stance in contract talks
        by RamWraith
        By Jim Thomas
        Of the Post-Dispatch
        Thursday, Sep. 09 2004

        There may be no way to close the negotiating - and monetary - gap between
        Orlando Pace and the Rams. But at least Pace has learned to make the most of
        his time away from the Rams in terms of conditioning.

        "I feel light years better than I did last year," Pace said Thursday. "Just
        losing about 20 pounds. I feel a lot quicker, a lot fresher."

        Pace reported at 325 pounds Sunday, about 20 pounds lighter than last season,
        when he also boycotted all team activities and skipped training camp in a
        contract impasse. After his initial practices last season, Pace felt winded.
        Three practices into his 2004 season, that hasn't been the case.

        "I feel great," Pace said. "Compared to last year, it's like night and day.
        After taking a few reps, you're a little winded as everybody is, but not nearly
        as bad as last year."

        Pace trained a little differently this offseason, but the major factor in his
        improved conditioning was an improved diet.

        "I cut down on my fried foods," Pace said. "I tried to cut down on my soda, and
        things like that."

        Even at the heavier weight last year, Pace played surprisingly well at the
        start of the season. So in theory, he could be even more impressive in his
        trimmer, better-conditioned state.

        "I watched (practice) tape, and it looks like he's been here all camp," coach
        Mike Martz said. "Honest to goodness it does. No mental errors. He's quick.
        He's physical. ... He's not sluggish.

        "At this time last year, he was very sluggish. The conditioning was a factor
        for him last year. So I'm very pleased with where he is. He's obviously been
        very conscientious about being in shape and ready to go, and it's much
        appreciated by all of us."

        If only things could go as smoothly on the negotiating front.

        "I'm always hoping that they can get a deal done - for security reasons, and
        things like that," Pace said. "The possibility's still there. But I think at
        the end of the year, they'll try to hammer something out, or else I'll be
        franchised again."

        Pace's "end-of-the-year" comment was curious, because now that he has signed
        the one-year, $7.02 million tender offer, the sides actually can begin
        negotiating again.

        Under league rule, any talks came to a halt following a March 17 negotiating
        deadline. Since Sunday, when Pace signed the tender, the sides can talk again.

        A few weeks after the Rams' playoff loss to Carolina on Jan. 10, the Rams
        offered Pace a seven-year,...
        -09-10-2004, 05:19 AM
      • Nick
        PFT: Postons will want paid
        by Nick

        Notwithstanding all the ass clapping in the NFL community about the Poston brothers losing their star client Orlando Pace of the Rams, don't think the Hard Ass brothers will not tried to get paid their fee incident to Pace recently signing -- listing himself as his agent -- the $7.02 million franchise tender offer with the Rams. In a article written by Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the suggestion is made that Pace could have saved himself almost $210,000 in agent fees (if the Postons charged him the maximum NFLPA-allowed fee of 3%) by sh-t canning the Torture Brothers before signing his new contract.

        We hear, however, that if Pace does not pay, the Postons will most likely attempt to recover their fee from The Mammoth One (or as much as they can get) via the grievance process promulgated by NFLPA regulations -- their argument primarily being that the signature by Pace on the contract sans agent was merely a formality and a byproduct of the ongoing negotiation process (is asking for a $27 million signing bonus negotiation or hallucination?), thereby entitling the Postons to their fee.

        In fact, this strategy can be confirmed by recent statements of Carl Poston, which he stated: "'I've encouraged him to come in. I've instructed him to sign the one-year tender. But I can't make the big fellow come in. He's frustrated with the team.'''

        Our prediction: Pace doesn't pay. Postons file a grievance. Pace and Postons eventually settle. It will interesting to see if the Brothers Harsh will be as tough in getting their own fee as they are in trying to get dough for their clients.
        -09-17-2004, 05:31 PM
      • Nick
        PD gives some updates on Rams' latest offer to Pace
        by Nick
        Rams raise offer to Pace
        By Jim Thomas
        Of the Post-Dispatch
        Tuesday, Mar. 15 2005

        If you put general managers from all 32 NFL teams in one room and asked them to
        decide among Orlando Pace, Walter Jones and Jonathan Ogden as the league's best
        left tackle - it would be quite a discussion.

        The three players are that comparable, and that close in skill. It is only
        fitting then, that the seven-year, $52.8 million contract Pace is expected to
        sign today with the Rams is on the same wavelength as the contracts for
        Seattle's Jones and Baltimore's Ogden.

        Under the Rams' third contract offer - a revised proposal made Tuesday morning
        - Pace will receive:

        -$18 million in signing bonus and base salary in Year 1, compared
        with $17.7 million for Jones.

        -$22 million in the first two years, compared with $21.7 million for

        -$26 million in the first three years, compared with $26.7 million
        for Jones.

        In addition, the overall value of the deal is slightly above Jones' $52.5
        million deal.

        As for Ogden, Pace will receive $2 million more than Ogden three years into the
        deal, and $1 million more than Ogden after four years.

        None of this was true just 24 hours earlier, under the Rams' previous contract
        offer. The Rams were offering Pace $5 million less than Jones after three
        years, according to a source familiar with the negotiations. And that was a big
        sticking point with Pace and his agents.

        For NFL players, money received early in a multi-year contract is important,
        because unlike other sports, yearly base salaries aren't guaranteed in
        football. That's a particularly important consideration for Jones, 31, because
        he will be 38 at the end of his seven-year deal with Seattle. The same is true
        for Pace, who turns 30 in November, and would be 37 at the end of a seven-year
        deal. They may not see the end of their deals.

        So Pace visited the Houston Texans, the Texans made a contract offer, and Pace
        hinted broadly about the possibility of a change of scenery. But the landscape
        changed Tuesday morning with the Rams' latest - and what one team official
        insists is their last - contract offer.

        "This is it," the official said. "He takes it; or he doesn't take it."

        If Pace does the unexpected, and doesn't take it, it won't be because of
        economic issues. It will be because he simply doesn't want to play for the

        Rams officials remained cautious Tuesday. Pace and his agent neither accepted
        nor rejected the proposal when it was presented. Perhaps Pace wanted to sleep
        on it.

        But the Rams are...
        -03-15-2005, 11:02 PM