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  • Let me say this right now!!

    I cetainly hope the Rams don't plan on playing this brand of offense this season. They have been absolutely pathetic! What's all this crap with lining up in the I formation with a FB? I certainly hope this is a Rams ploy to reveal as little as possible about the offense in the upcoming season. Because if it is not, and this is the new look Rams, I think heads should roll! Bottom line: The Rams are great by not playing this tired brand of football. Point 2: If Warner or Faulk goes down, we are finished, dead, capoot, no two-ways about it. Most of the second teamers are a joke. The second team line couldn't block a pee wee team!
    I was holding my toungue all pre-season and trying to be positive. If the Rams feature this against Philly, it's all over this season. Mark it down!

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    It's ok. Faulk played minimumal and Warner not at all. If the starters played, Bubby wouldn't have to lose the game for the Chiefs. Though, you can bet Trent would make it a good game.


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      Maybe I was..

      a little harsh, after re-thinking it.But the second OLine still can't block a pee wee team!


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        Porkchop, Porkchop, Porkchop, its PRE SEASON. Martz always plays PRE SEASON games like this.

        And because of that, I think the team cares not about PRE SEASON games.

        You watch this coming Sunday ................ The GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH will let the NFL know, its back. :cool:

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          I think it has been the most successful preseason the Rams have had in years. Think about it, no one is hurt for the year and the defense actually plays like a defense. Candidate is healthy, Faulk is rested, Warner is healthy, O line needs work but lets just hope they come around. They will. Looking forward to the Philadelphia game, just wish it wasn't at the Vet.


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            I also think the pre-season was a success.The main goal was to improve the defense and that has happened.Im not going to worry about the offense until the Eagles game.I still think Martz is going to unleash some wicked offensive fireworks next Sunday.If our offense looks like crap next week then I will be worried.Right now my only concern is the back-up QB situation.I just pray Warner doesnt go down this season,I dont have total confidence in either back-up.I thought Germaine would be fine,but last night he looked awful.Our back-ups are a huge question mark.

            GO RAMS!


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              Do you sometimes chat online at ChatStLouis at MSN? There's a porkchop who chats there and he sounds alot like you?


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                Re: Porkchop

                Originally posted by MsWistRAM
                Do you sometimes chat online at ChatStLouis at MSN? There's a porkchop who chats there and he sounds alot like you?

                I added you to my MSN Messanger MsWist. I've never seen the MSN Rams Club until I saw your pictures, any Rams Club is better then the AOL one which will put you to sleep. GO RAMS!


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                  Actually the one at msn is a bit of a snooze too. Not many posts there. I keep hoping things will pick up. This is the only site where things are active without being overwhelming.