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    Marc Bulger is in charge as St. Louis Rams begin training camp
    Canadian Press
    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    MACOMB, Ill. (AP) - On the first day of training camp, Kurt Warner was out of sight and out of mind for the St. Louis Rams.

    "To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about No. 13," wide receiver Torry Holt said after the first of two-a-day workouts Wednesday. "He wasn't even in my thoughts."

    Nor those of Marc Bulger, the uncontested No. 1 quarterback.

    "Our practice goes so quick and you're so worried about your own job, you don't have to sit there and ask where Kurt is right now," Bulger said. "Maybe the first game or something."

    Bulger is 18-4 in the regular season as the starter. He stepped in after Warner sustained a concussion in the season opener last year, and never looked back.

    Now, with Warner with the New York Giants, this is truly his team.

    "It's sad to see Kurt go with everything we've been through and the things he's done for this team, but a fresh start might do good for everybody," offensive guard Andy McCollum said.

    "We're here to protect Marc. He's the man now."

    Bulger was anointed the starter by coach Mike Martz in April, then he signed a four-year, $19 million-US contract in May to seal the deal. In June, Warner signed a free-agent deal with the Giants where the two-time NFL MVP will try to resurrect his career while helping break in Eli Manning, the first overall pick in last April's draft.

    The new backup, 38-year-old Chris Chandler, is no threat to the No. 1 job.

    "That saga is over, and he can just concentrate on being the quarterback for the St. Louis Rams from the beginning to the end," Holt said.

    "It's up to us as a team to help him, and we will."

    Long ago, Bulger won over his teammates with his quiet, unassuming production. Last year he threw for an NFC-leading 3,845 yards and completed 63 per cent of his passes, leading the team to a 12-4 record and NFC West championship. To top it off, he was the Pro Bowl MVP.

    "He's played very well for us," Martz said. "We're all excited about Marc being in this position."

    Bulger doesn't feel the need to proclaim that the Rams are his team. And the status won't go to his head. Bulger turned down a chance for radio and TV shows last year, and he'll turn them down again this year.

    It's just not him.

    "If I have to say no to whatever amount of money because I want three hours off on a Monday, I will," Bulger said "It is challenging sometimes, and you get opportunities, but you have to stick to who you are and will you be happy?

    "Doing a show maybe for an hour a week on a Monday, it's not going to make me happy."

    Another indication that Bulger hasn't gone Hollywood: He didn't resist being surrounded by media while moving into the Rams' dorm on Tuesday, beginning the interview session while lugging a portable television.

    "The way Marc carries himself, when you see him I don't know if you would guess he's a quarterback in the National Football League," safety Aeneas Williams said. "He's so down to earth."

    Hitting the field was something of a relief for Bulger, though, after all that's transpired. It was the first tiny step in a long summer of preparation.

    "All the hype and the buildup and everything this summer, to finally get here and get it over with, the first one, is nice," Bulger said. "Now you can concentrate on getting better.

    "Now we can get into a rhythm."

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    Re: Bulger in charge - AP

    It's all about the rythm.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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      Re: Bulger in charge - AP

      "Maybe the first game or something."

      I hope he is not looking for Warner the first game...


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        Re: Bulger in charge - AP

        This sad team will be looking for Warner for years to come!


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          Re: Bulger in charge - AP

          Isn't it sad that the only questions the reporters can come up with have to do with how the team is doing without Kurt Warner? Who was it that said now that Kurt Warner is gone Bulger won't have to live in his shadow anymore?


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            Re: Bulger in charge - AP

            Hey mokler, you have 13 in your avatar and bunches of QB's in your sig, but no Bulger?



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              Re: Bulger in charge - AP

              Hey mokler, you have 13 in your avatar and bunches of QB's in your sig, but no Bulger?
              One has to EARN their way onto Mokler's sig pic....there are no free rides! :king:
              Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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                Re: Bulger in charge - AP

                Originally posted by moklerman
                Isn't it sad that the only questions the reporters can come up with have to do with how the team is doing without Kurt Warner?
                I guess you didn't see this thread.

                I would imagine it's only natural for reporters to do a "How's it feel without Warner here?" on the first day of camp without him. But obviously that's not all they're bringing up.


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                  Re: Bulger in charge - AP

                  My signature pic isn't that much of a mystery is it? Dig a little deeper Tex, what do they all have in common? I'll give you a hint: Chandler, Miller, Bono, Rypien, Walsh, Banks, Warner, Bulger, Covington, etc. aren't there either.


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                    Re: Bulger in charge - AP

                    uhhhhhh....they all throw the ball? LOL

                    Never noticed that before. That's pretty slick. Good job.


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                      Re: Bulger in charge - AP

                      Where's Vinny? I saw him on TV the other night doing a spot for the SO CAL Pipe Fitters Union. It was kind of stange to see him. :mask:
                      JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                      "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                      Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                        Re: Bulger in charge - AP

                        I give up.....what is the commmon link?


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                          Re: Bulger in charge - AP

                          Yeah what is the common link?

                          I am thinking they were all draft picks by the Rams.......?

                          Curly ~ Horns


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                            Re: Bulger in charge - AP

                            The common link is that all are LOS ANGELES Rams qb's. Basically I was doing it chronologically from the 50's until I got tired of trying to find reference.

                            You're right Rebel, it was a mistake leaving out Vince. He's my all-time favorite.


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                            • RamDez
                              Bulger is QB of choice in St. Louis
                              by RamDez
                              Bulger is QB of choice in St. Louis
                              Low-key personality belies determination to lead Rams
                              By Dan O'Neill
                              Aug. 10, 2004

                              He is a Marc-ed man now. The St. Louis Rams, at least those grazing on the offensive side of the ball, officially will come under his care and direction this winter. Lock, stock, and Bulger.

                              “I really don’t think things have changed,” Marc Bulger said. “It is challenging sometimes; you get opportunities that you want to do. But you have to stick to who you are and what will make you happy.”

                              The Rams have done their part to make Bulger happy. In April, coach Mike Martz declared Bulger would be his starting quarterback this season. Shortly thereafter, the organization made it crystal clear, giving Bulger a four-year, $19.1 million contract and releasing former league MVP Kurt Warner. Warner resides in New York now, trying turn the pumpkin back into a coach, keeping the seat warm while The Apprentice, Eli Manning, gets his feet wet.

                              Undisputed No. 1 this season
                              For the first time since he came off the bench and played surprisingly well for an injured Warner in 2002, Bulger will enter a season as the Rams’ undisputed heavyweight quarterback, no controversy, no questions asked. He will call his signals without Warner — literally and figuratively — looking over his shoulder. Or as offensive lineman Andy McCollum put it: “We’re here to protect Marc. He’s the man now.”

                              In turn, “the man” has looked the part. Bulger is throwing short, intermediate, and long passes with precision and purpose, he is making the right reads, choosing the right receivers. He threw for an NFC-leading 3,845 yards and completed 63 percent of his passes last season. He was named the Pro Bowl MVP when the season was over. All that was before he officially had the job. Now that he is entitled, he is infuego.

                              “I’ve very pleased with him,” Martz said. “He’s been consistently very good. He is markedly improved from a year ago, no question about it, in terms of just getting the speed of seeing things and getting the ball to the right guy.”

                              Bulger will tell you the presence of Warner wasn't negative. At 27 years of age, Bulger is modest and respectful, qualities that endear him to his teammates. He insists he appreciated Warner, tried to emulate him, learn from him, lean on him. But the absence of Warner World should make for a significantly less stressful environment. The new second-in-command at the quarterback position in St. Louis is 38-year old Chris Chandler, an experienced hand who has no delusions at this stage of his career. Chandler won't be standing on the sideline with a helmet in hand and a hankering to prove he can still pilot the ship. He is a walking insurance policy, and the deductible will only be exceeded on an emergency basis.

                              Outside distractions avoided
                              There is no media...
                              -08-10-2004, 02:39 PM
                            • RamDez
                              There's no marked change in Marc Bulger
                              by RamDez
                              There's no marked change in Marc Bulger
                              By Jim Thomas

                              Of the Post-Dispatch

                              MACOMB, Ill. - Marc Bulger became Joe Millionaire when he signed a four-year, $19.1 million contract in May.

                              All that money, including a $9 million signing bonus, represents a commitment by the Rams' organization to Bulger as its quarterback of the future. At least, of the near future.

                              But money aside, Bulger remains Joe Quarterback - just a regular guy when it comes to his approach to the game and all that comes with being a QB in the NFL.

                              He doesn't necessarily avoid the spotlight, but doesn't seek it out, either.

                              He has never been about the glitter, the endorsements, the radio and TV shows. And that doesn't figure to change, even though his life changed in a big way with the new contract and the departure of Kurt Warner.

                              "I really don't think it will change," Bulger said. "It is challenging sometimes. You get opportunities that you want to do. But you have to stick to who you are, and what will make you happy.

                              "And I don't think that doing a show maybe for an hour a week on Monday is going to make me happy. I had opportunities to do it last year, and the year before, and it's just not something that appeals to me."

                              For one, he no longer needs the money. For another, he likes to keep his own time his own time. For yet another, he wants to keep his eye on the target.

                              "Now that I have a new contract, I'm pretty secure," Bulger said. "I can concentrate on football. I'm not going to go looking for things to do. When you get those few hours off, you need that to rest. You need that to get refreshed for the next week. And I think doing too many things would hurt this team rather than help it."

                              So you're probably never going to see Bulger with a Monday night show on St. Louis television. ("Highly unlikely," he says.)

                              You're not likely to see him pitching cars, or cell phones, or plasma screens any time soon. (OK, he does have a shoe contract.)

                              And no disrespect to Warner, but you're not going to see Bulger at a table signing autographs for 45 minutes following every practice in training camp.

                              "There's not going to be a table," Bulger said. "I don't have my own football card to give out (as Warner did), so I can't get the table going. ... I'll sign my share but I'm not going to go out looking or anything."

                              The fact that Bulger seems intent on avoiding the trappings of success has not gone unnoticed by coach Mike Martz.

                              "Football's his passion," Martz said. "It's pretty much his life right now, and he's not interested in anything else. He's squared away. He doesn't need those things. And I think that's the attraction of Marc
                              -08-01-2004, 05:29 AM
                            • RamWraith
                              Bulger didn't really defeat Kurt's ghost
                              by RamWraith
                              By Bryan Burwell
                              St. Louis Post-Dispatch
                              Bryan Burwell

                              TEMPE, ARIZ. — He's been competing against the legend of Kurt Warner for more than three years now, but until now Marc Bulger figured it was always this impossibly elusive, ethereal thing. How exactly are you supposed to chase a ghost of greatness, anyway? This was never a fair fight, and he knew it. It was as fruitless as grasping at clouds or clutching at a whiff of smoke.

                              But Sunday afternoon in the energy-draining desert heat inside Sun Devil Stadium, Bulger was no longer chasing the wispy apparition of Warner's magical past. This was tangible stuff. This was a head-to-head, winner-take-all showdown that could have allowed Bulger to finally measure up fairly against his old mentor.

                              But at the end of this long day, even after Bulger's Rams had beaten Warner's Arizona Cardinals 17-12, the simple truth was that Bulger didn't do quite enough to douse the flames of this heated, passionate football morality play between Warner's past and Bulger's future.

                              This game could have been the defining statement game that finally would make Warner lovers find just a smart place in their hearts for Bulger, too. But instead, his numbers were nothing spectacular - 18 of 29, 216 yards, one touchdown, one interception, four sacks, one fumble - and they could have been a lot better.

                              For the second week in a row, the 28-year-old passer was not as sharp as he could have been.

                              "I'm curious," he asked me as we stood in front of his locker stall as his teammates slowly filtered out of the cramped old place. "What are you comparing us to, '99 to 2001, or last week?"

                              There's a large slice of folks who always will compare everything Bulger does (or more accurately, doesn't do) to everything Warner did do during his halcyon "Greatest Show on Turf" years. I'm not so demanding. I'd just like to see a little more of the Bulger who was so dazzling towards the end of last season.

                              "You know," I told him, "You had a chance today to close the door on all this Kurt versus Marc stuff."

                              "Oh really?" he said, chuckling. "And how's that?"

                              "Well, if you had put up some better (passing) numbers," I said.

                              Like a fine defense attorney, Bulger objected. "Look at this week's NFL statistics. It shows that we're ranked at or near the top in total offense after last week (fourth in the NFL, first in the NFC), and what good did it do us last week? We still lost. So we didn't get the numbers this week, but we won," he said with a slight shrug of the shoulder, and a sly smile.

                              "You guys can pick apart the stats all you want, but I've told you before and I'll say it again. All I care about is winning."

                              Winning is the...
                              -09-19-2005, 05:23 AM
                            • Nick
                              Bulger shoulders the load
                              by Nick
                              Bulger shoulders the load
                              By Jim Thomas
                              Of the Post-Dispatch
                              Saturday, Jun. 04 2005

                              When last seen on a football field, Marc Bulger was being tossed around like a
                              pinata on the floor of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. En route to a 47-17 Rams
                              playoff loss to the Falcons, Bulger took a beating. By the end of the game, he
                              had an injured left thumb and a sore back.

                              "I don't know if (the thumb) was broken or not," Bulger said Saturday. "If it
                              was, it was something minor. My back locked up."

                              He got over the thumb and back injuries soon enough in the offseason. However,
                              problems with his throwing shoulder, the result of an injury that sidelined him
                              for two games in December, lingered into early spring.

                              "My shoulder actually bothered me for a couple of months, because the cortisone
                              started to wear off," Bulger said. "But the middle of March to late March it
                              started to come (around)."

                              Normally, Bulger doesn't begin throwing until the beginning of April, resting
                              his arm for a couple of months after each season. But because of the shoulder
                              injury, he waited even longer this offseason.

                              "This year, I waited until the beginning of May to start throwing," Bulger said
                              after the Rams' Saturday minicamp practice. "It feels fine. I was a little
                              worried that it might be sore. It takes a little longer to get warm, but it
                              doesn't get sore after. So I'm not worried about it at all."

                              Bulger did some extra weight work on his shoulder muscles this offseason. As
                              for his frame, Bulger has just about given up trying to get bigger.

                              "Every year I try, and every year I get to about 210 (pounds), and I kind of
                              stick right around there," he said. "So I'm done."

                              On the field, the early minicamp workouts at Rams Park have been a little
                              sloppy offensively.

                              "It's obviously not the same as the regular season," Bulger said. "That's the
                              last time we were all together. But it's to be expected every minicamp. If it
                              was the middle of August and we were still playing this way, I'd be a little
                              scared. But we're going to have some bumps right now."

                              Part of those "bumps" are due to the fact that offensive mainstays such as wide
                              receiver Isaac Bruce and guard Adam Timmerman are sitting out this minicamp;
                              Bruce because of an abnormal heartbeat on an EKG exam, Timmerman because of
                              surgeries in the offseason.

                              Bulger likes the offseason moves the team made to bolster the offensive line
                              -signing Orlando Pace to a long-term contract, adding veteran Rex Tucker to
                              play left guard, and drafting three...
                              -06-05-2005, 01:15 AM
                            • eldfan
                              Bulger get Advice from Warner
                              by eldfan
                              BY JIM THOMAS -


                              Marc Bulger didn't suffer the most "famous" pinky injury in St. Louis football history. But he's trying to reach the quarterback who did — Kurt Warner — for some advice.

                              "I may talk to Kurt," Bulger said Tuesday. "I tried to get in contact with him (Monday). Just to see how I can get back quicker, or something like that. ... I know he did this in 2000."

                              At the height of the Greatest Show on Turf, the 6-0 Rams were trailing the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Oct. 22, 2000, when a snap from backup center Steve Everitt just before halftime caught Warner wrong on his throwing hand.

                              The result was a broken bone just below the knuckle of Warner's right pinky finger. Warner was sidelined five weeks. It was Everitt's first and last start with the Rams. He was in the lineup only because injuries forced shuffling on the line.

                              Warner needed surgery; Bulger won't. But Bulger will be sidelined at least two weeks after taking a snap off his right little finger in practice Monday from starting center Jason Brown.

                              "I was a hair of a second early," Brown said. "His hands weren't fully open, so I caught his pinky in an awkward situation. It was a rough day for me (Monday). I never want something like that to be on my watch."

                              It's quite possible that Bulger is done for the preseason. He said Tuesday, in his first comments since the injury, that he's targeting the Sept. 13 regular-season opener against Seattle for his return. The injury won't be completely healed when he returns, Bulger said, so it will be more of a pain tolerance issue.

                              When asked if he'd like to get in a series or two in the preseason finale Sept. 3 against Kansas City, Bulger

                              replied: "We'll see. If Coach (Steve Spagnuolo) feels it's important, I'd love to come back and play with the guys. But (Monday) when I was at the doctor, No. 1 on my list was Seattle. ... I'm 100 percent going to be in for Seattle. That's all I'm thinking about now."

                              Concurring with what Spagnuolo told reporters Monday, Bulger said, "There was no major damage. It's just a chipped bone that we're trying to be careful with right now. I'll be out there as soon as I can."

                              In the meantime, there's not much Bulger can do but just let time heal the injury.

                              "It's not going to be healed when I come back, obviously," he said. "But just getting the inflammation down to where my body feels comfortable with it — I've never done it before, so we'll see. The good thing is I don't think it's going to get any worse."

                              Over the course of a season, from the start of minicamps through training camp and the regular season, a quarterback takes thousands of snaps from center. Jammed fingers aren't uncommon....
                              -08-19-2009, 08:17 AM