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    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On his first day of camp)
    “I thought it was pretty good. I think you say the same thing every time, ‘you’re not where you need to be,’ and there was definitely some rust. But the guys seemed to be in good shape and we picked up right were we left off in June.”

    (On Steven Jackson)
    “Moving Arlen (Harris) to fullback and with all of the different formations we have with two backs, and using tailbacks, we will use a lot of guys so (Steven Jackson) will get thrown into the fire pretty quick. But he has done a good job so far.”

    (On Arlen Harris playing fullback)
    “It adds another dimension. When you have a player as good as Arlen you can’t have him sitting on the bench. Especially with Lamar (Gordon), and obviously Marshall (Faulk), and Steven (Jackson), we have three great backs. So to get (Harris) on the field we had to find a way, and I think coach did a good job in trying to mix him in at fullback. Our fullback position does more than most typical fullbacks. We move him around and use them more out of the backfield then most teams.”

    (On if training camp has become repetitive)
    “It’s good to get back into. All of the hype and build-up, and everything that happens in the summer, it’s good to finally get here and get (the first practice) over with is nice. Now you can concentrate on getting better, rather than when you need to get here and moving into your dorm. Now we can get into a rhythm and start getting better.”

    (On his wide receivers)
    “Torry (Holt) and Isaac (Bruce) come in the same shape, same way, every year. That’s a given. Those guys are going to be at an All-Pro level. Kevin (Curtis) was at a great level last year until he got hurt, but he has picked it up. Shaun (McDonald) seems a lot more confident this year. Dane (Looker) is Dane, Mike Furrey, I mean we have a slew of guys that can play, and we aren’t disappointed with any of them right now.”

    (On the number of repetitions he has gotten this year as a starter compared to last season)
    “It has been about the same. The first and second team usually get about the same amount, the third team a lot less. But it was comfortable last year and is this year too.”

    WR Torry Holt

    (On the talent-level of this years Rams’ team)
    “I hadn’t had a chance to really evaluate us like that yet. I think we do have some talent, I think when the preseason starts and we have a chance to step back and watch them play, I can get an opportunity to see where we are, talent wise. But I know there is some (talent) on this team, it’s just a matter of, can we get it out of them right now? Because we need players who can come out right now and contribute to this football team, and I think preseason and training camp will show that.”

    (On what he expects of Marc Bulger)
    “I’m just looking for Marc to have fun. I’m looking for him to continue to grow, to lead us, to make good decisions, be smart with the football. I think that is what everybody is looking for him to do. If we can get that out of him, as far as being smart with the ball and getting the ball where it’s supposed to be, get it in the guys hands who is supposed to make plays, then I think we will be a good football team. And he can’t do that if we (the receivers) are not running the proper routs, or if the offensive line is not blocking properly, so everybody has their role that they have to play in order for him to have success. I think he can just continue to be (himself). We have enough personality on this football team where everybody can make-up for everybody. We are not expecting him to be a rah-rah guy, we are not expecting him to be quite, we are just expecting him to be Marc. (He just needs) to be a guy that comes out and controls the game for us and put us in position to win ball games.”

    (Thoughts on practice starting earlier)
    “If that’s what coach feels will make us a better football team and get us through training camp and get us to the point where we’re working efficiently and being sound at what we do then that’s fine. We just got to do it.”

    (Thought on Marshall Faulk being used as a receiver more often)
    “I would enjoy anything that we can get from Marshall (Faulk). He can do so much for this football team. If we have to line him up in the slot, that’d be great, or at tailback and give him tosses off the tackle and pick up five or six yards. Whatever he can give to us this year I’m fine with.”

    WR Dane Looker

    (Thoughts on Rams receiving corps)
    “We have a great receiving corps. Obviously with Isaac (Bruce) and Torry (Holt) as the two front guys and we got a lot of young guys, including myself, ready to step up and make plays. Between the guys that were here last year, (Shaun McDonald), Kevin (Curtis), Michael Coleman, myself, we got great competition here.”

    (On his attitude while practicing with the second team)
    “Primarily my main responsibility is being a third down receiver so I take pride in that coming in and getting a first down and coming in as the third receiver and not letting the first two guys (Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt) down. Isaac (Bruce) and Torry (Holt) hold a standard that you have to live up to. I think they’ve done a great job of showing us how to play in the NFL. They really show us how to play out here and we need to step up to that level.”

    (On having the opportunity to start elsewhere in the league)
    “You always want to play. You always want to be the number one or two guy playing every down. Being in the St. Louis system as a third receiver is great. You’re going to get a lot of opportunities to make plays. Probably more so than number two receivers on other teams. I’m fortunate to be here and I just got to try and get better and try and reach where Torry (Holt) and Isaac (Bruce) are.”

    S Aeneas Williams

    (Thought on his defense adjustments)
    “I’ll stay busy mentally. I’m still making the adjustment to the safety position. So compared to last year I’ve probably only reached 10% of my potential I’ve reached so far. I haven’t even come close to doing well there. Not only physically, but continuing to make mental adjustments as well as physically with the angles and communication to be more of a quarterback on defense.

    (Thoughts on practicing once a day)
    “I’m in the military under orders, if it was up to me I would practice every one of them. Coach Martz has done a fantastic job, I’m probably one that would error on the other side doing too much. Under Coach Martz’s supervision I’m taking it easy for one practice and then going full-go for the next practice.”

    (On whether sitting out one practice last year helped during the season)
    “Last years hard to determine because I was coming off of a major injury. But physically I feel excellent, I definitely could do each practice. So it’s more looking down the road and having the vision that Coach Martz has verus when you’re a player you want to get into it believing you can only do it one way physically. I’ve since learned that there are both sides of it that I have to look at when I’m not doing the physical work.”

    T Kyle Turley

    (On Marc Bulger coming into camp being the starting quarterback)
    “I think the confidence level not playing under the shadow anymore, obviously there is still a level to play up to with a two-time MVP position that he replaced. Hopefully he can do that this year, he has a lot of talent, tremendous character, great work ethic, and he’s young so he has a bright future ahead of him.”

    (Thoughts on if the team is in transition)
    “Defensively we lost a few key guys, Grant Wistrom and Brian Young, it’s something that we definitely have to address. Offensively, I had major back surgery in the off-season and have to recover from that, and that will happen. We have four weeks now to get ready for the first regular season game, we just have come together as a team and work out all the kinks.”

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  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    (Injury update)
    “Chris Dishman is questionable. When they did the MRI here the other day, there was no damage to the capsule, fortunately, or to the muscle, or ligaments. It was just a strained capsule. We should be able to get him back in short order. Just how soon, I don’t know. How much he can do this week will probably be limited, we’ll just have to get a feel for that. Arlen Harris, who did play the rest of the game on a strained hamstring, is also listed as questionable, and we will just have to see where he is. I would expect we would have him in some capacity, but we’ll just have to see. Then Tony Newson, with the ankle sprain, what they call a ‘grade two’, is questionable, and probably, we won’t have him. We do get DeJuan Groce back. We do get Trev Faulk back. These two guys have looked real good here in the last few days, and Trev now is almost 100 percent with that hamstring (injury). And DeJuan, with that knee (injury), looks pretty good and should practice today. That helps us a great deal on defense with another linebacker and another corner.”

    (On preparing for San Francisco)
    “San Francisco week, as you all know, is a special week for us. It’s a divisional game that has been our long-standing rivalry. We are excited about it. Defensively, they have done a good job over the years. They have really proven their speed defensively, probably over the last four or five years. Bryant Young, right now, is playing the best football that I have ever seen him play. He is absolutely outstanding. Obviously, Julian Peterson, Derek Smith, and (Jeff) Ulbrich, the linebacking crew is as good as you will find in football. I think they are outstanding. They have real good speed on defense, and they do a good job of matching up. Offensively, I would expect (Tim) Rattay to start at quarterback. Everything we hear, anyway, sounds like he will start. Kevan Barlow, as we all know, can be a very explosive and physical runner. He is a threat to go the distance at anytime. We have seen him do it. It doesn’t get any better than this. An old time rival, early in the season, at San Francisco, and it’s a Sunday night game. We’re excited about it.”

    (On where S Aeneas Williams will be playing)
    “Aeneas will be going back to safety, with DeJuan Groce back at corner. Aeneas spent so much time getting himself ready to play safety, and has played so well in terms of his keys, breaks on the ball, lining guys up, making calls, and then to move out to corner is very disruptive. It’s a totally different world out there. That’s a hard thing to ask somebody to do, but we were at a bind at that point. Going back to safety, I’m sure he’s relieved. I haven’t talked to him about it, but I’m sure he’s excited. He had a lot of pass break-ups on plays where you didn’t expect a free safety to make a play, early in the year.”

    (On if San Francisco’s...
    -09-30-2004, 11:58 AM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Thursday, December 2, 2004

    (Opening Statement)
    “It’s 49er week. Big week. We took the extra day off like we always do after a Monday night game. We’re trying to get these guys back physically. Today will be a Wednesday practice, tomorrow will be a Thursday, and we’ll do some light work on Saturday morning. We’re excited about being back in the division with this game, and the *****, here at home. We’ve spent the last few days as a staff preparing for this game, and we’re ready to go.”

    (On playing the ***** on their down year)
    “I don’t think that ever has anything to do with anything when you line up. Whoever it is, whether it’s the ***** or anybody else, if you coach or play this league long enough, you understand when you line up it’s hard every week, no matter who you are. Nobody takes anybody lightly. The ***** certainly, defensively, are very stout. I think they are playing better than they were earlier, and I thought they were very good earlier. They play with a great deal of emotion, and they fly around. They present a lot of blitz issues for you. I think they are somewhere around 15th in the league on defense. They have good people, outstanding linebacker crew, and they make you spend a lot of hours preparing for them. They are a good football team on defense. They’ve struggled somewhat offensively at times. It seems to come together at times too for them. It will be a tough game.”

    (On if opponent’s records fools some players)
    “I think some players do. I think this league is full of players that do that, that’s why they don’t win. You can never do that. I think young players have a tendency to do that. They have not been through that, and experienced a season to know how hard it is week-to-week. In a veteran group, you won’t find that happening. Not on a team that wins.”

    (On if he is anxious to play this week)
    “Anytime you lose, you’re anxious to get that feeling out of your stomach. No matter what kind of game it was, and that one (Green Bay) was a hard pill to swallow. You’re always anxious to line up and play again.”

    (On if he thinks the Ram’s defense plays with the same intensity as the *****’ defense)
    “No we don’t. That’s what we have to resolve. It’s a major issue for us. We’re not like we’ve been at times. I think we have some guys that are afraid to make mistakes. They are very tentative. It’s not a ‘want to’ issue at all, or having heart, or being tough, it’s not any of those things. We’ve just got some guys that are very tentative for various reasons. We’re trying to get them away from that and get back to playing with a smile on your face and leaving the ball carrier in a bad mood.”

    (On the *****’ blitzing packages)
    “They are kind of selective in terms of who they play. I think, anywhere from 50-60% of the time, you’re getting some kind...
    -12-03-2004, 04:44 AM
  • RamWraith
    THe Coach and Ike speak 7-29-07
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    July 29, 2006

    (On today’s practice and the effects of the heat)

    “Our guys managed it very well. I feel very good about how they pushed themselves through it. I thought it was our best full, intense practice of camp. We kept our intensity from start to finish and that’s what’s really, really important at this time. You can’t get caught up on the success or lack of success on either side of the ball as long as we’re sound and we’re playing through it and playing tough. That’s all we can ask (for) right now.”

    (On why DT La’Roi Glover didn’t practice)

    “He dropped too much weight last practice. He got it back to where he was probably medically cleared, it just didn’t make sense. You’ve got to manage the guys that have extreme weight loss. He does it every year. He’s a guy that sweats a lot and loses a lot of water weight. He’s had three good practices. He probably still lost weight out there coaching the young guys and trying to help. We just wanted to give him a break.”

    (On getting acclimated to the training camp schedule)

    “We’re on schedule now, everybody, coaches, players and everyone in the building. I think it’s a relief because now we can get into our routine and dig our heels in.”

    (On the intensity of training camp thus far)

    “It’s getting better. You always have to push the intensity, especially in the dog days, the two-a-days. I see a lot of the players doing it themselves. I always talk about policing yourself. I’d rather have them discipline themselves so others don’t have to. They do a very good job of that.”

    (On Claude Terrell’s place on the depth chart)

    “I think it’s pretty simple. He has to play well. He’s a big fella and conditioning can be an issue for a guy that competes at the highest level. He dropped his weight from where he was in the offseason, so he’s making positive progress there. He had a wrist injury that was nagging, so he fell behind in that area because he wasn’t able to practice. He’s come out here and showing why we were pretty impressed with how he played last year as a rookie.”

    (On DB OJ Atogwe’s potential as a FS)

    “One of the benefits we have, especially with having a veteran defensive staff, is that (OJ) was evaluated by everybody in the league last year. You can only pick so many (defensive backs), we had 10, but I’m sure we all had a pretty good grade on OJ at that time. The problem was that he didn’t play (last year), so he wasn’t evaluated off of playing last year, but more off of his potential and how he played as a college player. He fits all of the characteristics in a free safety. He has great size and range and toughness and I think his ball skills are very good. You’ve got a guy back there, a centerfielder....
    -07-29-2006, 02:51 PM
  • RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    by RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    (Opening comments)
    “We’re making progress, we have a long way to go. Efforts terrific but as we all know efforts not enough. So we have to do things right, and that’s what we’re here for. We’re going in the right direction, I’m pleased with the effort, after the first day there’s not a whole lot to tell you.”

    (On where to begin in training camp)
    “We always repeat, when we were allowed to have two mini-camps, you just keep recycling things. We start off today just the same way we start off in mini-camp, same plays and same defense, all that stuff is the same. So they get reacquainted with the basics and the base of what we do, and then you begin to move on.”

    (On the new practice schedule)
    “To evaluate the effect of that will take some time. The way the practice is structured isn’t just for one day, it’s over a long haul. It allows these guys to recover in the afternoons. Because they’re not so tired in the afternoon they should be sharp. In the morning it’s a little bit cooler weather, and being in the morning they should be a little bit sharper. That’s kind of the logic behind it.”

    (On the different options at defensive end)
    “I know there’s a lot of concern, there’s a lot of emotional attachment to Grant (Wistrom) and he’s played so well for us for so many years we all thought that he was going to end his career here, as a Ram, he didn’t, it didn’t workout that way. On the other side of the coin, there’s six guys out there on the defensive end, on the left and right side, that you would be happy with lining up and playing with, I can safely say that. So whoever lines up at right defensive end, that’s who he is, and I’m sure whoever that is he will play very well.”
    (On moving Nick Burley to tight end)
    “One of the things, probably, he is a little slight in build, when you look at the numbers. He might make the roster, he might not. I think he has a terrific chance because just watching him catch the ball and run, his attitude is a little bit like we did with Robbie (Thomas). He (Robert Thomas) took to it. He learned it very well and it came easy to him. (Nick Burley) will have to adjust to some of the stuff in pads, being the hitter instead of the hitee, which always happens when you go from offense to defense and visa-versa. But for a guy who comes out with the right frame of mind and is an athlete like he is, he’s got a real chance to show himself. He’s a long ways away. It’s a bit of project here in the first few weeks until he gets things squared up, but he should be alright.”

    (On if Nick Burley played tight end at the off-season workouts)
    “He was there in OTA’s (organized team activities). We moved him early, when we thought he had a chance there. There are a lot of tight ends that you can go out and bring in the league, and we thought...
    -07-29-2004, 10:59 AM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Thursday, September 9, 2004

    (Opening statement)
    “We’ve had a couple of roster moves. We added a couple of offensive linemen in (G Darnell) Alford and (G Blaine) Saipaia, that we’ve added to the roster. And Dedrick Roper, a linebacker, we picked up off the practice squad of the Pittsburgh Steelers. So we have made a couple of moves. Nick Burley back to the practice squad. Some of these things we think they are really going to help us. Other than that, I think we are pretty healthy. Obviously, we are not going to have (CB Travis) Fisher in this game, or Tom Nütten, but other than that, by in large, we are pretty healthy. In terms of the Cardinals, it’s always difficult to play a team in the opener that has a new (coaching staff), and you’re really not sure what you are going to see on either side of the ball. Of course in preseason, so much of what you do, is not what you do in the regular season. They have made some roster moves lately, so it will be a little bit of a feeling out situation as we try to figure out the philosophy on both offense and defense. We think we have a good idea, but it’s always tough to do that.”

    (On S Jason Sehorn)
    “We brought Jason in to see where he was with his foot. After his second surgery, it hadn’t healed as well as we hoped, in which he might have considered coming back.”

    (On trading RB Lamar Gordon)
    “We did trade Lamar Gordon this morning to the Miami Dolphins. It’s all based on if he passed the physical down there, but I would assume he passed. I think Lamar is a terrific value. He’s a terrific back. This is a situation for him to go down there and become the starter. We do have three backs who have played well. Within the mix and getting all four players active, Arlen (Harris) has such a significant role on our special teams, Steven (Jackson) has done a terrific job, so this was an opportunity, value wise, that we couldn’t pass up. We talked to him this morning and he was excited about the opportunity. He feels great. The reason we gave him the ball 22 times (against Oakland), in the period of two quarters was that we needed to know if he was ready to go for us this year. Obviously, other people were watching too. I thought he was terrific in the game. We miss him. I think he is a terrific talent. It always makes you nervous when you have a talent like that move on, but none the less, I’m excited for him too. I think he will do very well.”

    (On if trading Gordon was a vote of confidence in Steven Jackson)
    “There is no question about that. I guess that would be the most obvious statement about the trade. We feel like Steven, at this point, is ready to play. We feel really good, also, about Arlen Harris. And the camp that Marshall (Faulk) has had, he has been outstanding in camp. We feel like all three guys are ready to go. It’s a little risky, but we feel like it was the right thing to do.”

    (On Marshall Faulk’s health)...
    -09-09-2004, 04:29 AM