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Player Quotes--Friday, July 30, 2004

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  • Player Quotes--Friday, July 30, 2004

    Player Quotes
    Friday, July 30, 2004

    DE Leonard Little

    (On how he can keep his numbers comparable to last year)
    Last year is in the back of my mind right now. Im trying to do my best to help the team this year.

    (On if playing for defensive line coach Bill Kollar forces Little to not focus on last year)
    A little bit. Hell get on you a little bit if you mess up, but Im used to him now, and used to his tactics and coaching style. He is just trying to help me out and help me become the best.

    (On rookie DE Anthony Hargrove)
    Hes in a good position. He has all the tools to become a great player, and (coach) Kollar is going to continue to work with him until he becomes that player. Its only a matter of time before he will be that player everybody expects him to be.

    (On if he feels he is the veteran of the defensive line)
    No, Ty (Tyoka Jackson) is the oldest guy. Hes the seasoned veteran. We are just trying to work together and make each other the best we can. We work together out there and try to improve on everything we do, and try to make corrections.

    (On the importance of filling DE Grant Wistroms position)
    Well we have three guys that are real good. Tony (Anthony Hargrove), Bryce (Fisher), and Eric Flowers, there are some real good players. We just have to see if each one can fit into the situation given. Im pretty sure well have a guy over there that will make some plays and helping us defensively.

    (On if losing to Carolina left a bad taste in his mouth)
    It gives us a chance to get better. We have to be a better nine-on-seven team, run team, and we know that. Thats the great thing about coming into this year, we know what we need to improve on.

    (On defensive coordinator Larry Marmie)
    I think he challenges you mentally. Hes real, real quiet on the field and in the meeting room. But with the plays hes calling, he challenges you mentally and wants you to be a better mental person out there. He makes you think a little more when you are playing.

    (On being around his teammates)
    Its great. Everybody on the team knows each other. I mean, nobody else is going to know us. Its great to be out there with my teammates to go out there and run around.

    (On training camp)
    Its going good. Im a little rusty, but Im getting back now. So well see where it goes.

    (On what part of his game is rusty)
    Out there on the field. I havent played since the last game of the season, last year. And my reads are a little rusty. But its getting better and better each day.

    S Jason Shivers

    (On his first big hit during practice)
    It makes you feel real good, I showed a little bit of enthusiasm after I made the hit, but not like I really wanted to because I had to go on to the next play.

    (On getting the afternoon off)
    After the first two-a-days it feels real good, you get to catch up on a little bit of sleep, after staying up late studying. Everything kind of works together and flows together, I think Coach Martz does a good job keeping us fresh mentally and physically.

    (On his reaction to hitting his teammates in practice)
    When youre in practice its offense against defense. Sometimes hell say lets hit, Im a safety and thats what Im suppose to do, Im going to bring the wood.

    WR Dane Looker

    (On QB Marc Bulger feeling less pressure this year)
    I think the big factor was Coach Martz naming him captain this year. I think that really made him realize that hes our leader offensively. With Kurt (Warner) being gone obviously that helps also, but I think that he and Kurt had a great relationship, so I dont think there was too much pressure on Marc (Bulger) to perform that well. He has to be feeling good, he looks great out there, hes confident so hes our guy.

    (On what he thinks about the offense this year)
    I think more of the same, Marshall (Faulk) is healthy hes going to be looking great out there, and with our other running backs coming in, the bigger guys like Lamar Gordon, Steven Jackson and Arlen Harris, theyre going to come in and pound the ball a little bit more. We expect to execute very well, throw the ball around out there and have some fun.

    DT Tyoka Jackson

    (On impressions of DE Anthony Hargrove)
    I love his ability, hes going to make mental mistakes because rookies do that, hes working hard to get it down. But when I look at Hargrove I see a bigger Leonard (Little), and that sounds pretty good to me.

    (On Defensive Coordinator Larry Marmies new coaching philosophies)
    Were basically doing the same thing, and I like that because we have some veteran players who have been doing this for at least two some of us four years now. I think thats a smart thing not to change much, hes doing some things for the better that we can work on, but basically its the same defense. Thats what this game is all about trying to be consistent and getting better at what you do, and try and do what you do better than everyone else does what they do.

    (On being one of the veteran players on the team)
    Leading by example is what is important, thats what I hope that Im doing, if Im not I need to do a better job on it. Not by just having the number by your name is not were you earn your respect, you earn the respect by showing that experience has shown you how to prepare properly, how to practice properly, how to get yourself ready to play mentally, and thats what you hope that the young guys see. And the fact that youre playing well they will want to be like that, the mental and physical preparation and the way they approach the game thats what people want to look at, and I think thats what comes along with experience.