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Martz on the Mike - 7/30

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  • Martz on the Mike - 7/30

    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, July 30, 2004

    (On the increased spirit and contact of this mornings practice)
    Yeah, thats what this games about, a lot of contact. Especially for the young players, they have to learn the speed and collision part of this game and for the guys that have been around awhile we keep them protected from those environments. Still, in those nine-on-seven periods it is time to get things rolling pretty well. Its an attitude and we feel like weve answered some personnel questions and now its time to get them in the right spot and get them physical.

    (On live, contact session)
    Weve done it the last few years. When you have young lineman on both sides of the ball and a rookie linebacker and a new fullback you want to see how well they compete. The adrenaline is flowing, the butterflies are there, and you know everyone is watching. I think its very healthy and you get to see how guys respond.

    (On RB Lamar Gordons improvement)
    I think hes done a good job. So far in the last five practices it would appear that hes a little bit better with each practice. He still has a way to go and hes making the right progress. Hes taken on the new challenge.

    (On keeping Gordon healthy)
    You cant worry about that. I know what youre saying, but you cant go into practice or a game worrying about a guys health. You just go into practice and play him and whatever happens happens. The warm can turn so to speak. Well see what happens.

    (On the importance of veteran players)
    I think they know how to respond in so many different situations, particularly as the season gets going. When thing are a little difficult with practices out here and being tired, they know how to respond. They know how to respond. Theyve been here before. The encouragement from those guys that were going the right direction is always healthy.

    (On QB Marc Bulger)
    Im very pleased with Marc, very pleased. Hes been consistently very good.

    (On the lack of quarterback controversy regarding Bulger)
    Youll have to ask him. I know that he has markedly improved from a year ago in terms of the speed of seeing things and getting the ball to the right guy. Theres no hesitation, everythings accurate, and hes running the team. Its all been good.

    (On G Ryan Schaus early departure from practice)
    His back just cramped up on him. Thats all. A lot of times these guys are not ready for football condition. Theyre in weight room condition, but not in football shape yet.

    (On RB Joey Goodspeed)
    He might be the best fullback weve had. Im very confident about that. Im very very high on Joey. Hes not going to ever come out here and practice poorly or have a bad day or make mental mistakes. Hes smart and physical. Hes a pro. Hes what you want all your guys to be. I couldnt be more pleased.

    (On Goodspeed improving through the offseason)
    Its just like Marc (Bulger). When a guy has all that time to prepare and he knows hes a starter and has time to focus, all those are good things. Watching him over summer in the weight room, hes incredibly strong. As big and strong as he was, hes really continued to develop. Its going to help him throughout the season. Also, hes one of our top two or three teams players.

    (On QB Russ Michna)
    Russ has been a very pleasant surprise for us. Normally, the fourth quarterback in camp has about a one in a thousand chance of making the roster. From what weve seen of him, I would be surprised if hes not on our roster in some capacity this season. Im very pleased with him. Hes a talented young man. Were going to give him a little bit of an opportunity. Hes smart, accurate, live arm, grasps what we do to some extent, has some composure, and is very competitive. For the things that we grade quarterbacks in he has some pretty good marks.

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    Re: Martz on the Mike - 7/30

    Pretty good bet that michna is one of the 8 guys on the practice squad this year.

    general counsel


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      Re: Martz on the Mike - 7/30

      Originally posted by general counsel
      Pretty good bet that michna is one of the 8 guys on the practice squad this year.

      general counsel
      Yea, maybe, but remember he is a WIU kid and Martz is making those comments on the WIU campus. Gotta keep the hometown folks happy.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      • RamWraith
        Martz on the Mike
        by RamWraith
        Head Coach Mike Martz
        Monday, September 6, 2004

        (On T Orlando Pace being back at practice)
        Were all excited to have Orlando back, and I know he feels good about being back also. Its a relief to have him here, were all just very pleased hes here and we can get going.

        (On Orlando Paces physical condition)
        He came into camp this year 16 pounds lighter than he did last year. Hes obviously trained very well, and hes prepared himself to come to camp. Watching him out here at practice, hes a little rusty with some things, but hes a pretty unique individual.

        (On if four practices is enough to get Orlando Pace ready for the game)
        I guess it will have to be. We havent changed what we do, the calls or terms or anything. Some of the things that we do, in terms of protection, hes just has to get use to it. Weve been doing the same thing all these years, it hasnt changed, so its not like he just got here and is learning the offense.

        (On signing S Zack Bronson)
        Weve been interested in him for quite some time. We were interested last June and weve maintained our interest. Fortunately, Jay (Zygmunt) was able to get something done. Hes a veteran thats played at a high level for a long time in our division. Im excited about having him, I think he brings a great deal to us. Last year he had three injuries, and kind of struggled a little bit, but hes healthy now. Up until that point, he played at a very high level. Hes a guy that is going to have to get back in shape also. Obviously, were not asking him to come in and start right now, but within a short period of time, I think he should be in the swing of things. Hes been here through the weekend, studying the playbook, hes a sharp guy, and very professional. Were happy to have him.

        On if experience was necessary to bring in someone at this point of the season)
        The experience is necessary. You cant have too many young guys back there. These guys are back there making calls, and (Zack Bronson) has played and seen just about everything. With Zack, Aeneas (Williams), (Rich) Coady, and (Adam) Archuleta back there, you have four veteran safeties back there. And with young corners, thats important.

        (On if carrying a lot of young players is now the norm in the NFL)
        I think it is. Unfortunately, you cant afford to hold on to some of these guys. You lose them and you need to replace them constantly. You try to keep, what you think, are the core players. Its just the way the league is, and everybody is in the same boat.

        (On being pleased with the draft class so far)
        I think (Ive been pleased). There have been a couple surprises. Obviously Steven (Jackson) has made a very big impact in the preseason. Probably, better than I even anticipated. (Brandon) Chillar (and Jackson) have had the biggest impact, and the rest of those guys...
        -09-06-2004, 06:23 PM
      • RamWraith
        Martz on the Mike
        by RamWraith
        Head Coach Mike Martz
        Wednesday, November 10, 2004

        (On CB Travis Fisher)
        He got them fixed (his teeth). I think he got braces, and I think they wired it together. Hes fine. He can play, and he can practice. Hes in pain obviously, but theres nothing wrong with his legs.

        (On T Scott Tercero)
        Hes got that shoulder issue that just pops out a little bit, actually a lot. He just continues to play. But hes okay. You kind of have to probably keep him at a guard because its better suited for that shoulder than at tackle.

        (On the NFC race being within a game or two of each other)
        They understand that, and weve talked about that. Its way past that at this point; Im not worried about that. Im not happy with how were playing period, regardless of a division race or anything else. I think the way weve played in the last two games is embarrassing. Not so much whether you win or lose a game, just the way we play the game period. Were going to do everything we can to rectify that.

        (On if practice will be different)
        I dont know. Thats family business. What we do in practice, and how we change things is something I normally dont talk about.

        (On getting energized by looking at the Seattle tape from last game)
        I dont need to look at a tape to get energized. Not me. I dont have to look at a tape to go to a happy place to get energized. Thats just not who I am.

        (On the offensive line)
        We made our corrections. That is the exception to the rule with that group. Ive been very pleased with that group overall most of the year. That was not one of our better performances. I wouldnt single them out. I think as a football team we havent played well, period, and we havent coached well obviously. Otherwise we would play better. We can do something about all of those things.

        (On any personnel changes)
        Right now there isnt any significant. Well see as the week goes on though.

        (On doing something different in practice to get the intensity level up)
        I would expect us to come out and compete better, as a football team. We have a core of guys that you can hang your hat on. You can get them up in the middle of the night and go out and practice them, and you can get all theyve got. Now what were trying to do is to get them to get the rest of the guys up to that level. We were there for awhile, and weve fallen off a little bit in a couple of key areas. This is not about ability, never has been and never will be. Everybody in this league has the ability to play. Everybody is talented, everybody fast, everybody is big, and everybody is strong. If you think that is the difference, then youre sorely mistaken. This is purely a game of attitude.
        -11-11-2004, 06:46 AM
      • RamDez
        Head Coach Mike Martz -= Friday
        by RamDez
        Head Coach Mike Martz
        Friday, January 14, 2005

        (On the team's excitement)
        "I think the extra day off helped. They have their energy going. They are excited about playing. I think they needed that extra day off to help them recover. We've had a good week. It's very upbeat. This is a loose group."

        (On WR Isaac Bruce's status)
        "We'll see how he's doing. I think he'll be fine. We'll just check him out before the game to be sure."

        (On G Tom Ntten's injuries)
        "These are significant injuries. It's not, like some guys, who need a little attention. He continues to play, and play well. He's there for us, that's all I can tell you. He's always been there for us."

        (On putting the regular season behind them)
        "We've always had the attitude here that we are always looking forward. What's done, is done, whether it's a win or loss. You have to continue to get better, even if you are on a roll and you're undefeated. You can't be happy with yourself, in that respect. You are always trying to get better, and that was our focus all along. We had a long way to go. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome, and at this point we are just looking forward. We are pleased to be where we are."

        (On DL Tyoka Jackson's status) "(He's) probably not (going to play). He has a high ankle sprain, so probably not."

        (On if it will be hard to keep Bruce out)
        "He's got a small muscle strain in his stomach, which he'll probably play with. I'm not really concerned about it. We'll see at game time. It's just the smart thing to do, to keep him out."

        (On RB Marshall's Faulk's play against Seattle)
        "Big players make big plays, when they have to make them. That run in the fourth quarter, that set up the final touchdown, was outstanding. His blitz pick up, when you watch his blitz pick up, he throws his little body in there and knocks a guy out, or knocks them down so QB Marc (Bulger) can stand in there and throw. He didn't have great statistics, but his contribution was very significant in other areas. Who knows, maybe this week he'll have a lot of catches and rushing yards."

        (On DE Anthony Hargrove)
        "He was a quarterback in college and really sat out a year before the draft. He has come such a long way. He's accomplished so much. He's gone way beyond everyone's expectations at this point. That's Tony, and it's also (defensive line coach) Bill Kollar, getting him ready. When these guys start to taste success and do things well, and do things right, then they are really enthusiastic and I think that's where Tony is right now."

        (On DE Leonard Little's status)
        "He seems to be back, completely. I don't think there is an issue with him at this point."
        -01-15-2005, 03:44 AM
      • RamWraith
        Martz on the MIke
        by RamWraith
        Head Coach Mike Martz
        Saturday, December 4, 2004

        (On finishing practice early)
        We stopped early. We had two team sessions that we cut short. This close to the game, I was a little worried about some of the legs and stuff. We watched some things closely. We took some things out, and shortened the team (drills) down. We had good work, so we cut it short.

        (On S Antuan Edwards)
        I think he has a great feel for the ball in the air, and the range in terms of the passing game. Based on what we saw here in the last week, hes certainly a willing tackler, and a big force defender. His range back there, break on the ball, and his awareness is kind of natural for him. Im very pleased with him.

        (On the players being excited to see what RB Steven Jackson can do)
        I think we all are. I think were all kind of anxious to put him in that kind of a role and see what he will do here in the regular season. I think he will play very well.

        (On if DT Jimmy Kennedy will start)
        Im not sure what the rotation is right now. I havent talked to Bill (Kollar) about it. He will see a lot of playing time. He played very well last week. Hes making outstanding progress. I am surprised (about how much he is able to play). Hes made no mention of any soreness in the foot. Hes done everything weve asked him to do and hes getting a lot better.

        (On WR Isaac Bruce)
        We rested him completely. He just did individuals today and yesterday. The swelling on the arm is down. Hell be fine for the game. Theres just nothing to be gained from that (practicing) at this point. Hell do some work tomorrow, but that will be it.

        (On RB Marshall Faulk)
        He has a bone bruise inside the knee on the knee cap. He can play, but its painful. Well just kind of judge how he feels on Sunday. Im sure he will be up and available. Im not sure exactly when he did it, I couldnt tell you. Im not sure he knows. You get into the adrenaline flowing, and you dont remember when some of that stuff happens to you.

        (On RB Arlen Harris)
        Arlen is the best. Hes fine. I dont worry about Arlen at all, hes a good player.

        (On QB Marc Bulgers toughness)
        He hangs in there and makes throws with people all over him. Im very pleased with that part of it. I think at times weve really protected him very well. He does a good job of tucking it, and also getting rid of the ball too. Im very pleased with his toughness. That whole part of his game is very outstanding.

        (On the inconsistency in the NFC West)
        Im not sure. I havent really thought much about it. Ive been just looking in our own backyard, at our situation. I know the issues that we have and that weve trying to plug.

        (On keeping the teams spirits up)
        Thats one of the reason that we...
        -12-05-2004, 07:27 AM
      • RamDez
        Mike Martz/Player Quotes
        by RamDez
        Mike Martz/Player Quotes
        Monday, August 2, 2004

        (On ending practice early due to weather)
        We were obviously concerned about the lightning and the rain and since we were in full pads we tried to get as much contact work in as possible. We eliminated the seven-on-seven to speed things up. We tried to give these guys a little bit of a break. They started off a little slow this morning, but we had some good drills. Were trying to get these guys to be physical. We got some good work in. In the passing game, were actually ahead of schedule. That gives us a chance to get in full pads and concentrate on running the football.

        (On new T Greg Randall)
        He just got in last night, so weve probably got to wait. We obviously feel pretty good about him. Thats why we brought him in like we did. Hes played and we can throw him into some different situations in about ten plays out here. Considering he just came in last night hes playing pretty well. Grant Williams gave him a very strong endorsement. Hes a large man.

        (On still wanting to bring in G/C Chris Dishman)
        Hes a guy that weve discussed. I dont really know whats going on with that, but well look. Well just have to see.

        (On RB Dusty McGrorty)
        Hes a real good runner. You cant have the yards that he had in college and not have something to say. Hes a stout, strong guy who has some speed too. He can turn the corner.

        RB Dusty McGroty

        (On why he didnt get any offers from big schools)
        I came from a really small high school and I think I just got overlooked. I wanted to go to an Oregon school, and they recruit out of the bigger high schools. I just felt comfortable with Coach Olson down there at Southern Oregon. There was actually a back their before me that got a shot at the *****, so I figured I would go learn from him my red-shirt year.

        (On how small his high school was)
        I had about 250 kids at my high school. We had about twenty-five guys on our team. I played all three sides of the ball, I was a punter also.

        (On if he gets excited when Coach Martz calls him out there on the live sessions)
        I get a little nervous, not physically nervous, but mentally because Ive been doing the fullback for the OTAs and then I get back into halfback. Thats tough for me to transition over the plays and thats the only thing that made me nervous with the plays running through my head. It felt good to get out there and run the rock again, thats what Ive done all my life.

        S Jason Shivers

        (On how things are going in camp)
        I think everything is going good right now as far as the learning pace. Weve been putting in a lot of the defense, but we went over that in the spring practices. I think I did a good job of learning and adapting to it then, so right now Im just trying...
        -08-02-2004, 02:21 PM