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    phil simms had two different isaac holt references last night. Ian eagle had one, but he corrected himself.

    What a couple of maroons.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: isaac holt

    GC,I heard that to,it's not like Ike and torry are rookies, maybe we should refer to him as Phil Strahan and see how he likes it.


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      Re: isaac holt

      One thing that tee-d me off was the blathering of the announcers. I would be willing to bet that the majority of viewers last night were either Ram fans or Charger fans -- not rocket science. The guys who called the game continually were jabbering away about other teams and whatever, while ignoring the action on the field. Don't they get it? Their yapping is not the reason we tune in. We watch to see our teams in action after a long off-seasson. Phil and his pal consistently ignored the play on the field and focused instead on their inane banter. After the first teams left the field, they didn't even attempt to identify players who were making plays on either team. I thought they sucked BIG TIME!!! Yes it was nice that Phil said some good things about the Rams at the end, but they didn't do their homework (which is a big part of what they get paid for) and that was abundantly clear ...


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        Re: isaac holt

        Al Michaels has been guilty of this on numerous occasions when the Rams were on MNF during the GSOT years.


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          Re: isaac holt

          Originally posted by jkramsfan View Post
          GC,I heard that to,it's not like Ike and torry are rookies, maybe we should refer to him as Phil Strahan and see how he likes it.

          ...maybe even Phil Hostetler.


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            Re: isaac holt

            I like Phil Simms and think he calls a good game.


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              Re: isaac holt

              They're NY commentators. Enough said.


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                Re: isaac holt

                Phil Simms, I've always liked him too (especially every time he was sacked big time by Rams LB Kevin Greene) and I think he does a good job as a sportscaster.

                The thing right now about all the non-Rams blah, blah, blah during Rams games is that all these NFL TV reporters are trying to "advertise" the whole league during preseason to perhaps elevate the hype for the regular season. I think that's why they often come across as indifferent to the game in progress, the game that we, the fans, are watching.

                And while watching my Rams, yes, that is frustrating.
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                  Re: isaac holt

                  Hey, at least he named a real person. Isaac Holt actually was a REAL NFL PLAYER a while back, and I bet Simms may have met him a few times.
                  At least he didn't do something like "Jimmy Carriker," "Kurt Bulger," or "Ron Hill."


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                    Re: isaac holt

                    Simms as an announcer is as boring and predictable as a Mortician embombing a body!!!!


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                      Re: isaac holt

                      I didn't think that PHIL SMITH , and IAN CROWFEATHER called a good game . whether it's pre-season or not , to not be able to decipher between BRUCE and HOLT , and what they bring to the NFL , and who they are , by NFL TV analysts , would be the same as calling a PATRIOTS - COLTS GAME , refering to the starting QB's as TOM PEYTON = vs BRADY MANNING in my opinion . it's not like this is a first time doing this for either one of them , they do this as a job , and they suck at it .... also , we watch pre-season , and they sell and advertise pre-season enought , they sould know what the heck is going on , and know that we are taking an interest in the rookies and new free-agents trying to make these teams . this was a total tv failure , and unprofessional in my oppinion


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                        Re: isaac holt

                        I'd prefer to have Phil Simms as the announcer/analyst for any Rams game than Joe "i know everything" Theismann. That dude will go so far as to tell you what a player thought about the taste of his cereal yesterday, then tell you why the player was wrong to think the cereal tasted good.

                        So believe me, this is not a show of confidence for Simms- simply my choice between two evils. Thinking back, I think there's been a few times that Joe Buck has been solid and appeared to do his pre-game research. If nothing else, he always pronounced the name of our Hawaiian and polynesian players' names right. So maybe that's why I extend him a small nod.

                        Originally posted by RealRam View Post
                        Phil Simms, I've always liked him too (especially every time he was sacked big time by Rams LB Kevin Greene) ....
                        Greene was a DE for the Rams.


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                          Re: isaac holt

                          Hey it's only week 2 of the preseason for the announcers as well.

                          I believe Kevin Greene played LB while he was on the RAMS?
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                            Re: isaac holt

                            Originally posted by laram0 View Post
                            Hey it's only week 2 of the preseason for the announcers as well.

                            I believe Kevin Geene played LB while he was on the RAMS?

                            Yes, he also played LB in addition to some DE. I have a figure of him in progress that I should finish this week.


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                              Re: isaac holt

                              I'll be sure to drop by your page and check out that Green fig.

                              I think another big part of it is because CBS NEVER does NFC games. They are always doing those AFC games. Plus, for some reason, our Rams are always overlooked. When talking about best WRs, it's like T.O., Chad Johnson, and Marvin Harrison are always on top. Usually SOMEONE will remind them of Holt, and they are all like "oh yeah..."
                              I'm glad Jackson and Bulger are FINALLY getting some props, but the media keeps ignoring Bruce and trying to ingore Holt.

                              Hopefully after our Superbowl win we'll get our deserved coverage.


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                                PFT: Holt unhappy in Jacksonville?
                                by Nick
                                Torry Holt unhappy with playcalling in Jacksonville?
                                Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 21, 2009 1:43 PM ET

                                In last dark days of the Scott Linehan era in St. Louis, wide receiver Torry Holt often voiced his displeasure about the team's play-calling; sometimes right to Linehan's face.

                                Holt has a new team this year in Jacksonville, but he's reportedly still not happy.

                                Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union tweeted Sunday night that Holt was "screaming about some [play] calls" Sunday as if he was talking to himself, but clearly loud enough for everyone to hear.

                                Wright credits multiple sources that Holt was on the "verge of going off" about the Jaguars struggles. Wright told PFT Monday that his sources believe Holt is too savvy to complain about the issues publicly. (Good for Holt. And the Jaguars. It does not appear that they are worried about him being a malcontent.)

                                With that said, it's clear there is already some frustration bubbling underneath the surface of Jacksonville's 0-2 start. The passing game has been inept, due to poor pass protection, some inaccurate David Garrard throws, drops, and a lack of quality receivers.

                                Holt was a franchise legend in St. Louis, but it's questionable whether he is in the position to gripe in Jacksonville. The 11-year pro has nine catches for 112 yards in two games -- not bad -- but he doesn't scare defenses any more. Holt didn't create a lot of separation on his routes in his Week One performance. (Haven't watched the Cardinals game yet.)

                                Two of Jacksonville's top four receivers Sunday won't play again with the team this season, so Holt is going to be relied upon heavily the rest of the way.
                                -09-25-2009, 07:26 AM
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                                Torry to Niners?
                                by BEER
                                Is Torry Holt the Next to Visit?

                                A source at the ***** told my colleague John Crumpacker that they might be interested in signing former Rams' receiver Torry Holt, who was released Friday. A certain St. Louis receiver worked out well for them last year - Isaac Bruce became the first wide receiver to lead the team in catches since 2005, breaking the two-year hold of running back Frank Gore.
                                But if Holt signs, does that mean Bruce will retire? And can Holt be as good as Bruce was last year?
                                Holt and Bruce are friends, but those who know the Rams said Bruce wasn't thrilled when Holt surpassed him as the Rams' top option. Having them both could provide the team with a bewiskered yet potent corps. Take Holt and Bruce and pair them with promising youngsters Josh Morgan and Jason Hill, toss in Arnaz Battle and the freshly-signed Brandon Jones, and the ***** might even have a group a defensive coordinator would have to think about.
                                -03-20-2009, 03:50 PM
                              • sosa39rams
                                Torry Holt
                                by sosa39rams
                                Do you guys think Torry Holt will be retired a ram as well? And do you guys think he will beat out Isaac's records with the rams?

                                Also, who do you think is better Torry or Isaac? And why didn't the rams do this for Kurt?

                                I thought we would trade for Kurt and have him retire here as well.
                                -06-09-2010, 02:41 PM
                              • Goldenfleece
                                Who is the better receiver at this point in their careers, Torry Holt or Isaac Bruce?
                                by Goldenfleece
                                I just thought I'd stir the pot a little. Here are the stats as of 11/29/2008:

                                Player ------ Rec Yds Avg Lng TD | Cost against the Salary Cap
                                Torry Holt --- 42 496 11.8 45T 2 | $9.2 million
                                Isaac Bruce - 34 558 16.4 63 5 | $5 million (if he had been retained under his old contract)

                                So the question is which player is performing at a higher level at this point in their career? Torry "Big Game" Holt is four years younger, but "Reverend" Isaac Bruce may have less wear and tear on his body despite his age. Holt has more receptions with the Rams; Bruce has more yards, better average, and more touchdowns with the *****. Isaac has spoken fondly of his old team and how it is sad he was unable to retire as a Ram while Torry has half-jokingly talked of retiring as a Panther.

                                Pretend for a moment that we really were so perilously tight against the cap that there was no way we could keep both under contract...would we have been better off keeping Ike?

                                Edit: Just to clarify, the salary cap numbers are what it would cost for the player to be on the team in 2008, not the cap savings from cutting them.
                                Torry Holt
                                Isaac Bruce
                                They are at roughly the same level right now.
                                -11-29-2008, 03:54 PM
                              • MikeB1603
                                Giving Up on Holt?
                                by MikeB1603
                                There seem to be a growing number of people that sound displeased with Torry Holt this year. But has he really lost anything? He may be a step slower than years before but I never saw him as a burner anyway. His route running is what got him hall of fame credentials and he is still fine in that department. Holt is a smart receiver and he can adjust to his abilities to become a better player than before. I expect big things from "Big Game" on Sunday against the Cardinals.
                                -10-27-2008, 04:01 PM