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Turley reinjures his back

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  • Turley reinjures his back

    Tackle undergoing tests on back
    Associated Press

    MACOMB, Ill. - St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Kyle Turley reinjured his surgically repaired back in practice Saturday and the team scheduled tests to determine the extent of the problem.

    The team characterized the injury as a strain and tests were done at training camp rather than having Turley return to St. Louis. Turley, who left the field on a cart during the morning practice, has been trying to build his strength and regain pounds lost since the surgery and he had been seeing limited action in workouts.

    On Tuesday, the day Rams players reported to training camp, Martz downplayed doubts about Turley's readiness.

    "He looks like he's in terrific shape," Martz said then. "There's no reason why he won't be 100 percent in camp."

    Last year was Turley's first with the Rams and he started all 16 games.

    A few other players also are dealing with back issues. Defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy, the team's first-round pick last year, rode a stationary bicycle during both practices and safety Rich Coady and offensive guard Ryan Schau were out.

    Other minor injuries were sustained by linebacker Tommy Polley (sprained toe) and tight end Cam Cleeland (hamstring).

    Aside from Turley, Martz didn't appear overly concerned about any of the other players.

    "Unless it's a real serious injury, I just don't pay a heck of a lot of attention to it," Martz said. "Whoever shows up, we're going to practice and there's nothing you can do about the rest of the guys.

    "When you get them back, you get them back."

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    Re: Turley reinjures his back

    Well all we can do is hope it is just a strain and nothing more serious. The last two seasons the injury bug has hit hard. Hopefully our luck will change this season.



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      Re: Turley reinjures his back

      Lets all hope for the best. this is a potential disaster of biblical porportions.

      general counsel


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        Re: Turley reinjures his back

        Yes, hope for the best. Get well soon. :upset: I mean it!

        KT is a definite tough guy, but an injury like that ... at this point, when we're just getting started for a season that hasn't even started and is so full of unknown factors ... no, we can't afford to be without this tackle!



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          Re: Turley reinjures his back

          Boo. back injuries are not good. Hopefully Turley can get thru this one before the season opens.


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            Re: Turley reinjures his back

            You know what, can't we just have some good news!!!!! god I just hope the Turley is fine and that it's a sprain...HHHHMMMMMM

            steve :ramlogo:
            "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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              Re: Turley reinjures his back

              According to, Turley himself said it was a potential career-ending injury....

              I agree. Let's hear some good news.....


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                Re: Turley reinjures his back

                Even if Turley can't go, I don't think our season's anywhere close to over. Grant Williams could be a starter on a lot of teams in this league. He's no Turley, but he's no John St. Clair either.


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                  Re: Turley reinjures his back

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                  I declare my home a Rams home. There will be no talk of the Whiners, Seachickens, Cards, Cowgirls, Chefs, Bores, or any other team. My woman will be a Rams fan, as will my children. That is all there is to it!
                  This is classic!


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                  • thoey
                    Turley and Martz Confrontation
                    by thoey

                    Tuesday, December 28, 2004

           news services
                    NFL security has questioned Rams coach Mike Martz and offensive tackle Kyle Turley over an incident where Turley allegedly threatened to kill Martz, ESPN's Chris Mortensen has learned.

                    Martz and Turley allegedly engaged in a shouting match which resulted in Martz filing a report with NFL Security regarding the death threat, Mortensen is reporting.

                    The argument began when Turley heard that Martz questioned the tackle's dedication to rehabbing his injured back and decided to confront the coach, Mortensen reports. Turley is on injured reserve after re-injuring his surgically repaired back early in training camp.

                    For his part, Turley denies having threatened Martz. And on Tuesday evening, Martz issued a written statement through his agent, Frank Bauer, denying the report of a confrontation with Turley. "This story is absurd. It is offensive to Kyle Turley and Mike Martz. There is no truth to this story."

                    Despite missing the entire season with back woes, Turley has said he wants to return for the 2005 season. The seven-year veteran, who has ruled out a second surgery to correct his back problem, has no plans for now of retiring.

                    "Wanting to play has never been an issue," Turley said earlier this month. "I've given everything to this sport and dedicated myself to this, I think, as much, or in some cases more so, than most people. That's been the goal from Day One, to get back. To get back on the field."

                    From the time his back began to flare up again early in training camp this summer, Turley insisted he would retire rather than face another surgery. He said doctors have apprised him that, with proper posture, increased core strength and additional flexibility, his back in time will compensate for the disc problem.

                    How long that process will take, however, is not certain. Turley's goal is to be in camp but that aim might not be a realistic one.

                    "But if it takes [until] the middle of next season, then so be it," he said. "Or if it takes even the year after that, I'm going to make it back. I'm 29 years old. There's time. I'm going to make it back and play in the league."

                    Information from's Len Pasquarelli was used in this report
                    -12-28-2004, 08:23 PM
                  • RamWraith
                    Turley leaves camp to get ailing back checked
                    by RamWraith
                    By Jim Thomas
                    Of the Post-Dispatch
                    MACOMB, Ill. - A disappointed and frustrated Kyle Turley headed back to St. Louis on Sunday for further tests and evaluation of a back problem that doesn't seem to want to go away.

                    Meanwhile, the Rams are bringing in reinforcements for an offensive line that has been short-handed since the start of training camp. Offensive tackle Greg Randall arrived in Macomb early Sunday evening for a physical, and later was signed to a one-year contract. He is on the practice field this morning.

                    Randall started 16 games for the Houston Texans last year. He played his first three seasons in the NFL for the New England Patriots, and started at right tackle in Super Bowl XXXVI against the Rams.

                    The Rams also were attempting to bring in guard-center Chris Dishman, the former Arizona Cardinal, to help their depth on the interior of the line. But as of Sunday evening, the Rams had been unable to contact Dishman, causing some team officials to wonder if he was still interested in playing.

                    Before heading to St. Louis, Turley told reporters that he considered the latest setback career threatening.

                    "It was a threat to my career last year," Turley said. "But for it to have possibly reoccurred is definitely a bigger threat."

                    Turley experienced nagging pain in his hip last season. After the season, the source of the pain was diagnosed as a herniated disk in his lower back, and Turley underwent surgery in March.

                    Coach Mike Martz pronounced Turley fit at the outset of camp, but Turley has practiced only about half the time over the first five days here at Western Illinois University because of back pain.

                    "I came out here in hopes of everything being OK," Turley said. "And everything kind of felt fine. But I went through the first day of practice, and it didn't seem like it was completely right.

                    "I expressed my feelings about it. The idea was to come back out and see how it goes. We did it, and I don't know if that was necessarily the right thing to do."

                    In addition to getting checked out in St. Louis, Turley said he might see a specialist in Los Angeles.

                    "We're attacking it right now, with some heavy anti-inflammatories," he said. "And we're going to see these people and see what they have to say."

                    Turley had an MRI Saturday in Macomb and termed the results "not good."

                    Turley added, "I'm not doing the surgery again. I'm not going through that again."

                    With or without surgery, Turley is concerned that any additional deterioration of the disk won't leave much cushion between the vertebrae.

                    "The biggest fear is bone on bone," Turley said. "I don't want that to happen and be a hunchback...
                    -08-02-2004, 06:52 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    Turley goes on IR, is out for season
                    by RamWraith
                    By Bill Coats
                    Of the Post-Dispatch
                    Saturday, Aug. 28 2004

                    A veteran offensive tackle made news Saturday at Rams Park. But, no, it wasn't
                    Orlando Pace, whose arrival is expected soon but hasn't taken place just yet.

                    The report involved Kyle Turley, and it actually only made the inevitable
                    official: Rams coach Mike Martz announced that Turley had been placed on the
                    injured reserve list, meaning that he'll be sidelined for the season.

                    Turley, a seven-year NFL veteran, underwent surgery in March for a bulging disc
                    in his back. He sat out team drills at minicamp in May but participated fully
                    when training camp workouts began July 28 at Western Illinois University. After
                    three days of practice, Turley felt pain in the same area and soon thereafter
                    left Macomb, Ill., for tests.

                    His agent, Tom Condon, told the Post-Dispatch last week that Turley "herniated
                    the same disc, and he's got a bulging disc above that. It's just a matter of
                    what you do about it." Turley was obtained in a March 2003 trade with New
                    Orleans and he was signed to a six-year, $30 million contract. The Rams gave up
                    a second-round pick in this year's draft as part of that deal.

                    Turley will count $2.36 million against the salary cap this year.

                    A somewhat tight-lipped Martz said Saturday that he didn't know what Turley,
                    28, might do about his back. "I talked to Kyle today, and he was very vague
                    about his plans," Martz said. When asked whether Turley's loss would be a blow
                    to the offensive line, Martz said simply, "I'm happy with the guys we have."

                    Grant Williams, a nine-year veteran who has been filling in for Pace at left
                    tackle, probably will slide over to Turley's spot on the right side once Pace
                    shows up. Although Martz said Williams "had his best game so far" Friday night
                    in a 28-3 victory over Washington, he could face a challenge from Scott
                    Tercero, who has had a strong preseason at right tackle.

                    Andy McCollum is set at center, as is Adam Timmerman at right guard. Chris
                    Dishman, a free agent signed during camp, apparently has nailed down the left
                    guard job.

                    Loyd goes down

                    Joining Turley on injured reserve is linebacker Jeremy Loyd, who suffered a
                    torn pectoral tendon Friday night on a special-teams play. Martz said that Loyd
                    would have surgery and that rehabilitation would take three to four months.

                    Rams make cuts

                    Six players were released Saturday: tight end Nick Burley, wide receiver
                    Michael Coleman, cornerback Robert Cromartie, quarterback Russ Michna,
                    defensive tackle Justin Montgomery and cornerback Corey Yates.
                    -08-29-2004, 07:29 AM
                  • RamDez
                    Turley remains out of camp with bad back
                    by RamDez
                    Turley remains out of camp with bad back
                    By Bill Coats
                    Of the Post-Dispatch

                    MACOMB, Ill. - As Rams coach Mike Martz addressed a small group of reporters after Monday afternoon's practice, a cell phone went off.

                    "Kyle, is that you?" Martz asked.

                    He was joking, of course. Still, the training camp absence of first-team right tackle Kyle Turley has edged into its second week, and it's hardly a laughing matter. No determination has been made on how long he'll be away from Western Illinois University while having his back examined by a series of specialists.

                    Martz hasn't been able to reach Turley, but he indicated that Rams officials have spoken with Turley's agent, Tom Condon.

                    "Kyle's down in the dumps," Martz said. "This thing isn't as far along as he wants it to be, and he's very, very frustrated. ... I understand what Kyle is going through; I feel for the guy."

                    Turley, 28, had surgery in March to repair a herniated disc. He skipped the on-field work at minicamp in May, but participated fully when camp workouts began July 28. Within a few days, he experienced pain in the same spot of the original injury and he was forced to the sideline again.

                    Before he returned to St. Louis on Aug. 1, Turley acknowledged that he was concerned about his future in the NFL.

                    Turley has been examined by Rams physicians in St. Louis and by Dr. Robert Watkins in Los Angeles. He also is expected to see Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala.

                    Condon could not be reached to comment Monday.

                    "We've just got to get a conclusion medically in terms of a course of action he needs to take," Martz said. "Kyle's a guy that's played at an extremely high level his whole career, and now all of a sudden he's got something that's keeping him down. Guys as high-strung and competitive as Kyle is, that's hard to deal with. He'll be much better when he knows what the course of action is and he can focus on that."

                    Other absences

                    Three other Rams - center Dave Wohlabaugh, offensive tackle Jeremy Phillips and defensive end Kevin Aldridge - also were absent Monday.

                    Wohlabaugh, who started every game last season but has missed all of camp, is having further evaluations on his hip in St. Louis and in Ohio, where surgery was performed in March on a torn labrum.

                    Phillips, who has been troubled by stingers, returned to St. Louis to have his neck examined.

                    Martz said that Aldridge, a second-year player with a shot at making the 53-man roster, had been granted an indefinite leave to take care of "a very serious personal issue."

                    Back in business

                    Several Rams who had been nursing minor aches and pains were back on the field Monday after a 1 1/2-day break following Saturday's
                    -08-10-2004, 11:56 AM
                  • Nick
                    Martz opens up on his conflict with Turley
                    by Nick
                    Martz opens up on his conflict with Turley
                    By Jim Thomas
                    Of the Post-Dispatch

                    The rift hasn't exactly been a well-kept secret, which probably explains why Rams coach Mike Martz decided Tuesday evening to discuss his spat with offensive tackle Kyle Turley.

                    Turley visited Martz in the coach's Rams Park office on Dec. 13 in a meeting that eventually degenerated into Turley yelling obscenities at Martz. Things got so loud that employees on that side of the second floor of the complex could hear Turley yelling.

                    "Kyle came in to see me because he was concerned about the comments I made," Martz told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday.

                    What comments? Well, the previous week, when asked by a reporter about Turley's status for the 2004 season, Martz replied icily: "I have no idea where he is. I have no idea if he wants to play, or can play. ... I have not seen him."

                    Turley didn't like those comments, and that led to the boisterous meeting at Rams Park.

                    "He felt offended," Martz said. "He was agitated and offended by them (at the meeting). I wasn't shouting at him. But he was animated. Players get like that. Kyle's a very emotional guy. He wears his emotions on his sleeves. But by the end of the discussion, it was resolved. It was resolved and we move on."

                    It may be resolved, but Martz did file a complaint with NFL security that Turley threatened him. Because of that, Turley could be subject to a fine.

                    The root of the ill will?

                    Turley was angry because he felt he was rushed into action during training camp after having offseason back surgery. Martz claims the doctors cleared Turley to practice, so he practiced. Turley aggravated the back injury early in camp and ended up on the injured reserve list.

                    In turn, Martz was upset at Turley because Turley initially didn't return several phone messages from Martz, who was seeking to check on Turley and his status last August.

                    Despite all that, Martz said he wants Turley on the team next season, back injury permitting.

                    "I'd like to have him back if he can play," Martz said.
                    -12-29-2004, 02:24 PM