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  • Armey on KTRS

    Armey on KTRS
    Posted by PhillyRam on the HERD Board


    A lot of rosey comments, but afterall the guy is the GM so don't expect anything negative. I listen to him and just notice who he omits or who he does not talk up when asked about a player and figure that guy is not cutting it.

    The only negative vibe he gave was when asked about D.Lew. Said something to the effect that after 3 years if you haven't defined yourself as a player then maybe that player is not the player he was expected to be. So he mentioned that Lewis has to step up this year.

    On Turley and the OL:

    Thinks Turley just pushed it too much, but they (doctors) don't think it will sideline him for too long. Says he will be fine and they just have to be more cautious with him. Said the 1st round of tests were favorable, but they are sending him for some more to be sure.

    Also cautious with Wohlabaugh because they need him when the season starts, but he feels he should be ready for the opener.

    Again he commented on how good Turner and Tercero look. Tercero has been playing some OT at both LT and RT as Martz thinks he has a future there.

    Said of the UDFA's he likes Morgan and Noll. Says that Jackie Slater has said that Noll is the best UDFA guy they have and has looked good.

    Says he feels they have a lot of good young players and he credited McCutcheon and his staff for finding these guys.

    On Jackson:

    Say's that he has been very impressive in the "live" plays that they have run. Says that Faulk has commented that he has to run at lower pad level, but Faulk has been impressed with him.

    On Manu:

    Says that he has lost some weight (about 280) and has looked good running and catching as he is at the weight they want him at. Last year he was up around 300. Also said his blocking has been solid in this camp.

    On Kennedy:

    Kennedy has looked good and Bill Kollar is proud of the way he has worked this off-season. Armey said he just needs his voice to change. In other words he has to still grow up and mature a little mentally and physically.

    On Polley and the LB's:

    Says he has really stood out and Vitt says he has been the best. Could have an all-pro year this year.

    Says that Justin Smith has looked the best among the back up LB's and he feels they have a lot of good players there. Also mentioned that Chillar has looked good.

    On Instincts:

    I think he was commenting on Justin Smith, although it wasn't clear, and why he has impressed and he compared him to Looker as a guy that has instincts.

    He then went on to talk about how important instincts are and that speed is not everything. He said that he timed Jerry Rice twice when he cam out of college and he ran a 4.73 40 and a 4.71 40. Yet the guy used the speed that he had very efficiently and was the greatest of all-time.

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  • RamWraith
    Armey on KTRS
    by RamWraith
    Posted by dmoff206 on the HERD Board--
    Armey on KTRS

    Just getting my notes together and making sure someone else didn't post it first. Not much of a note taker and sometimes things are hard to read, but here we go.......

    As we already know, Truley's on the IR for the year, but no talk about a problem between him and Martz. Armey feels Pace will be back this week and with him back the Rams will have 3 solid tackles to start the year. Armey had nothing but praise for the offensive line and the way they protected on Friday Night with all the blitzs they came with.

    We've heard this before, but after Friday Nights game it's pretty clear that this can be a good offensive line this year, especially once Pace gets back

    Armey couldn't say enough good things about Steven Jackson and the way he runs the ball. He compared him to Marshall as a receiver and to Dickerson as a runner. But even with those comparisons he says Jackson is really his own person and does things differently than other RBs that he might be compared to. He made the comment that they (the Rams) couldn't believe Parcells let this guy slide by. He is the perfect Parcells type runner. Armey also says that Martz is so happy about this Jackson situation that he can now do things on the offensive side of the ball he could never do before.

    Establish a running game?

    One of the biggest surprises this preseason has been the play of Chillar. When originally scouted, Chillar looked like a player who could excell at everything he attempted on the field and so far it's been true. He's made some rookie mistakes, but overall his play has been solid. He's actually playing like anticipated but he's doing it in his rookie season. That's the big surprise.

    Armey was then asked if the preseason was too long. He says there's two ways to look at it. IF you have a vet team, then yes it is too long. But for most teams, you need the time to prepare. "You only get good at this game by playing it". He is really high on the way Martz prepared this team over the last two weeks. He really believes the Rams are nearing the point of being totally ready for the beginning of the season. Says he was impressed by the Friday Night game.

    The final talk was about the waiver wire. Armey says they are going to be watching the wire for good players. Interesting point, Armey claims the best teams to watch are the ones with a turnover in staff from the pervious year. He says these are the teams who most likely will cut a solid player. He says there will be a good number of solid players on the waiver wire after the last two cuts. Two interesting points, Armey says that most of the Rams that will be cut will be picked up because their scouting department is so good. And there are 79 former Rams on other teams at this point in time.

    -08-29-2004, 11:57 AM
  • Nick
    Armey on Sirius Radio
    by Nick
    He's supposedly coming on soon, so I'll try and post a summary of anything important.
    -09-06-2004, 09:41 AM
  • RamWraith
    Armey on KTRS
    by RamWraith
    Posted by RubberSoul:

    They interviewed Armey today on KTRS. This is what he had to say:

    He commented on the Hadley rumor since Hadley was the one interviewing him. Basically he said that he will be ready on training camp, but he also will not be worked as hard in camp eitehr just due to his age and the fact that they need to get Jackson and Gordon some work. Although he said he would not bet against Marshall having a big year. However, he was quick to say they feel they are strong at RB with Jackson, Gordon and Harris playing behind Faulk.

    He then went into the Pace situiation and actually compared it to Faulk and said that one of teh reason PAce sits out camp, so he dioes not take a beating in camp and is fresh for the reg season. (I don't quite buy that)

    On Curtis:

    Was asked about Curtis and agreed with Hadley taht he could have a good year, but was quick to give props to Looker and gushed about him and his contributions last year. Went on to say that the WR is deep and is part of what he feels is a very strong roster.

    On Training camp:

    The thing he loves about training camp is watching an unknown come out of nowhere to make the team and make a contribution. Cited Harris last year.

    On Kennedy:

    Said Kennedy has not missed a day this offseason and has been at Rams park everyday (I assume he meant that he has been there everyday that he was scheduled to be there) Said something about Bill Kohler working with him and being pleased.

    Seems very excited about Cardinals baseball.

    Marshall's knee. Despite what has been said, everything he has been able to learn from the Rams trainers and the professionals is that his knee suregery was successful. It can be tricky when a guys is operated several times on the same knee but he knows no reason now that Marshall shouldn't have a big year "if properly used", should not be carrying the load.

    Says Martz is aware that Faulk doesn't need the reps like Jackson and Gordon. Armey very happy with Rams running back situation. Affirmed Hadley's comment that Jackson can contribute significantly as a rookie and said Gordon had two good minicamps.

    Armey didn't seem too worried about Pace. Say Pace is playing for next year's contract; unlikey to come in early, will focus everything on having a big season. Last year Pace came in ten days before first game, sounds like a repeat this year.

    Hadley predicted great impact by Curtis. Armey agreed but wanted to point out the contribution of Looker, so reliable, like #87.

    Still loves training camp. Loves for the guy who comes out of left field to make a competition.

    Good things about Kennedy. Says Kennedy has not missed a session since the end of the season. He and and Martz are so proud of what Kennedy has done.
    -07-11-2004, 08:17 PM
  • MauiRam
    Good story ... and apparently the Rams are interested ...
    by MauiRam Page 2

    Friday, April 27, 2007
    Updated: May 1, 6:16 PM ET
    Glasper learns the hard lessons of football

    By Alan Grant
    Special to Page 2

    There's a difference between pain and injury. Pain is fleeting. Even in various degrees of discomfort, it's possible to function at a very high level of competency. Any athlete knows this. But injury is lasting. Injury has the power to rob us of our dreams. Injury makes us mortal.

    Boston College safety Ryan Glasper, who went undrafted this weekend, knows pain. It's the kind of pain that accompanies many citizens of New Britain, Conn., or "Hard-Hittin' New Britain," as it's called. The city of 70,000, once a thriving factory town, is now known for its housing projects. As a kid, Glasper was innately rambunctious, engaging in activities like jumping off the second floor of a house onto a mattress. His mother, Brenda, suggested football was a great way to deal with his reckless sensibility. This proved a great solution. He was a natural at running into things.

    The family had what he calls financial difficulties.

    "I didn't really know it at the time," he says. "I was a happy kid. But looking back on it in retrospect, I can see we had it hard."

    When it became evident Brenda could no longer provide a home, Glasper's Pop Warner football coach contacted Jude Kelly, the football coach at Southington (Conn.) High School. He and Glasper's mother determined that the best thing for the young man was a change of address and a school district that offered him better opportunity for growth.

    Glasper moved into the Kelly residence and once classes began, so did the pain. There were only about five black kids in the school. His wardrobe was typical inner-city: Roca Wear, worn in a baggy style.

    After playing through a hip injury as a senior, Glasper went undrafted.

    "I wasn't wearing Abercrombie and Fitch," Glasper says. "I stood out, so they called me a thug."

    In the first week, one white student called Glasper the n-word.

    This led to a violent retort, the first of many. By the time that first semester ended, Glasper had been labeled a problem.

    "Let's just say I was written up a few times," Glasper says.

    He was something of a problem at home, too. Kelly was Catholic and attending mass was a regular habit for members of the Kelly household. But Glasper wanted no part of it, so he resisted the way any adolescent resists.

    "I used to call him Pope Kelly because he went to church so much," Glasper says. "If communion started at 11:40, I would argue with him until 11:35."

    But it takes just one...
    -05-02-2007, 12:17 PM
  • RamsFan16
    Renteria proving to be valuable
    by RamsFan16

    Renteria proving to be valuable
    Veteran shortstop has been a hit this season with the Braves
    By Mark Bowman /

    SAN DIEGO -- When Edgar Renteria made his first Major League start for the Marlins on May 18, 1996, at Wrigley Field, the third baseman positioned to his right was Terry Pendleton, a man who had an immediate influence on the then-20-year-old shortstop.
    Almost exactly 10 years later, when the Braves begin their three-game series against the Cubs at Wrigley Field on Friday, one of the most important weapons in their lineup will be Renteria, a man who is still profiting from the lessons Pendleton continues to provide.

    "He was a kid that wanted to work and wanted to be better," said Pendleton, who now serves as the Braves' hitting coach. "He's still like that. He listened well."

    During the first two years of his career, Renteria was surrounded in the Marlins clubhouse with the likes of Pendleton, Devon White and Bobby Bonilla, talented players who respected and understood the game. When he moved to St. Louis in 1999, he savored the influence Willie McGee provided.

    Wanting to learn what it took to succeed at the Major League level, he spent countless hours asking them questions and learning what it took to be successful on and off the field.

    "I wanted to learn how to play the game right like they did," Renteria said.

    As he blossomed into a superstar, he became a standup individual like those aforementioned former teammates. When it came time for Braves general manager John Schuerholz to find a replacement for Rafael Furcal this past December, he certainly loved the fact that Renteria had been a four-time All-Star, with three Silver Slugger Awards and two Gold Gloves.

    But just as important was the fact that Renteria had become a true student of the game, a leader and somebody who would be a positive influence in the clubhouse.

    "Everybody who was ever around him said the same thing -- that he was the best teammate, best pro, you'll ever have on your team," Schuerholz said. "He came well advertised."

    Given that Renteria had hit just .276 with 70 RBIs -- disappointing numbers only for someone of his caliber -- last season with the Red Sox, he also came with a warning label. But it was one the Braves chose to ignore, while focusing more on their belief that he would thrive in the less stressful, competitive environment that they could provide.

    "We had every expectation that over here, back in the National League, in this environment, playing for [Braves manager] Bobby Cox, that he would thrive," said Schuerholz, who received Renteria and a guarantee of at least...
    -05-25-2006, 04:14 PM