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  • Better then the Horns?

    It is that time of year again when we collectively scratch our heads wondering what has yet to be discussed about the Rams. For the sake of discussion and hopefully a little arguing I pose the following question to you.

    We all know that it is an indisputable fact that the Rams have the best helmet logo in all of football :helmet: . While the horns have enjoyed being at the top their entire existence, what has been ignored or overlooked or at minimum glossed over is the name ôRamsö itself.

    As you can see the synonyms for Ram or Rams describes NFL Football.

    Driving or forcing something by impact
    Strike or drive against with a heavy impact
    Force into physically
    Undergo damage or destruction on impact

    Certainly there is no other football team name that can come close to describing the state of the gridiron as does the Rams. Given the evidence above surely like the Horns, the name Rams is indisputably the best name in the game which unfortunately puts us Ram fans alone at the top. Quite frankly it gets boring without a challenge from other team fans on these extremely important off season issues of best name and best logo. So since there is no other football team name that can come close to the name "Rams" and there is no logo that can compare with the "Horns" it gives us no choice but to compare the name "Rams" with the helmet logo "Horns". Obviously like Love and Marriage you cannot have one without the other. Scratch that. Well you get the point. For the sake of discussion at the top of the football world, which is better the Name or The Horns?

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  • AlphaRam
    What Name Would You....
    by AlphaRam
    What name would you hate to have? There are some really screwed up names out there in the world. I thought about this when my wife asked me about Pliney the Elder. I would kick someone's arse if they named me Pliney!

    What kind of chick (if any) would want to bang a dude name Pliney???

    So, what name have you heard that would make you fighting mad if it was your name?
    -02-17-2007, 03:06 PM
  • RamWraith
    Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo
    by RamWraith
    Pro football team and fan group think Suffolk should change mascot
    Matt West
    Issue date: 4/1/08

    ┬ The Suffolk Ram has been our university's mascot for as long as most people can remember. There are many logos that accompany Suffolk's mascot, one of which has brought the school under scrutiny by a professional football team. Recently, the St. Louis Rams'-located in Missouri-largest fan club, the Association for a Glorious Rams Future, have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the university, on behalf of the NFL franchise.
    John Wytrash, the leader of the AFGRF, is said to have been on vacation in Utah, when he saw what appeared to be a St. Louis Rams logo emblazoned on a jacket. The windbreaker was worn by a Suffolk student, who is a member of the hockey team.
    People close to the group said they were irked when they were that told teams around the country used their logo prominently. Said one source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, "John is a very powerful and prideful man, and he wants the term 'Ram' to be synonymous with his accomplished football team."┬
    In his lawsuit, Wytrash lamented that Suffolk was in blatant disregard of the copyright laws in place. He asked that Suffolk immediately desist using the logo and mentioned the possibility of the school being forced to change its mascot altogether. He offered that the school change their name to the Rats, due to the rodent's prominence on Beacon Hill.
    "Their name used to be the Royals, what do these guys just steal mascots until they get caught? The Rats would be fitting," said Wytrash.
    It would seem unlikely that anyone could bring a lawsuit like this on a university, considering the wide usage of mascots around the country. It would also seem that Suffolk is not the only school using a mascot similar to another school or professional organization. Teams such as the Seaton Hall Pirates and St. Josephs Hawks are also colleges with logos similar to that of professional teams.
    Anyone who has been in or around Suffolk has seen the symbol emblazoned on sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous products; athletic or otherwise. When discussing Suffolk athletics, it is not uncommon to refer to them as the "Suffolk Rams." The specific article of clothing in question carries a less-used version of the Suffolk Ram, which may make this lawsuit seem trivial to many onlookers. But it is important to those who are involved with the university as Ramses was the name of Suffolk founder Archer Gleason's brother, which the mascot is named after.
    To hear that their mascot may be removed because of this lawsuit upsets many of the students and faculty. Said one disconcerted member of the Communications department, "I am extremely surprised something like this would happen to this University. In all my years teaching here, I have never seen anything like this."
    -04-02-2008, 02:24 PM
  • LA Rammer
    Belichick's Name Changed
    by LA Rammer
    To Belicheat!!! Heard it on the radio, thought it was hilarious and yet quite disturbing.
    -09-12-2007, 10:01 AM
  • OldRamsfan
    What's In A Name ?
    by OldRamsfan
    What's In A Name?

    How did the Rams get their name?
    According to Hal Lebovitz: Homer Marshman, founder of the Cleveland team, met one day with reporters. Realizing he had to come up with a name for the team, he asked their suggestions. The consensus was that it should be a short name so as to fit easily into a headline. Fordham, in New York, was a big football school at the time, and their team name, "Rams," seemed to fit the criteria perfectly. Saying, "We can't get one shorter than that," the name was adopted by the Cleveland team.
    According to Mike Sebastian, his grandfather told this story: Mike Sebastian, the grandfather, played for the Rams in 1936 and 1937. During a meeting attended by the owner, coaches, and some players, several names were written on a blackboard. "Rams" and "Titans" were two of the names listed. Sebastian was partial to "Titans", but "Rams" was finally settled on. It is not clear whether Sebastian and Lebovitz are referring to the same meeting, or whether the meeting in the Sebastian version was prior to the meeting in the Lebovitz version.
    -11-16-2005, 07:57 AM
  • bruce4life
    Can you name them all?????
    by bruce4life
    Since it is the offseason and there will be not much Rams new to talk about , I want to see if Clanram as a whole can name every receiver that has been on the Rams active roster since oh lets say 1980.

    Sorry if this seems like a stupid thread guys i'm just bored here in San Diego missing football already.

    My Rams receiver I will name is Az Hakim since he is a SDSU alum and I am almost done with school down here...
    -01-03-2009, 12:01 AM