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  • Cuts

    Hey, any surprises !!!

    I think Zimmerman was a surprise, also Bush (but martz says he may be back).

    Wynn was a bust. Wheeler, I thought might have made it
    St Paul, after all the early hype, disapointing as was Blevins and Gideon

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    I certainly hope Bush is back, he sounded like a pretty solid prospect in the secondary (not the White House) ;)


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    • Guest's Avatar
      Martz licking his chops at Bush?
      by Guest
      Can you imagine with the Texans having the #1 overall pick and Martz a possible candidate for the position. I bet he is drawing up all kinds of crazy plays for Bush.
      -01-02-2006, 09:58 AM
    • LaRamsFanLongTime
      Hey Mr Bush
      by LaRamsFanLongTime
      Heisman baby that is awesome he deserved it. He will prove that come Rose Bowl. Man thats gonna be awesome.
      -12-11-2005, 01:30 AM
    • LA Rammer
      How Good Will Reggie Bush Be?
      by LA Rammer
      How good will Reggie Bush be? In that pre-season game versus the Titans he cutback just like Faulk. Maybe we should have traded up. This guy has juice. But will he make the Aints a winner. Dont know. Will be exciting What do you all think?

      I loved watching him with USC.
      -08-15-2006, 03:05 AM
    • Nick
      Reggie Bush = Overrated? CBS's Mike Freeman thinks so.
      by Nick
      Bush is fast becoming 21st-century Mandarich
      By Mike Freeman National Columnist
      Sep. 26, 2007

      This is who running back Reggie Bush is starting to resemble. He's beginning to look a lot like Tony Mandarich.

      You remember Mandarich. It was Mandarich who literally fooled the entire NFL industrial complex - coaches, general managers and the media. Everyone. In the months leading to the 1989 draft, stories of Mandarich's athletic prowess grew to almost legendary status. He was Paul Bunyan Mandarich. He could pancake a defensive lineman with one arm tied behind his back.

      The legend of Mandarich grew so rapidly and suckered so many people it remains one of the great draft con jobs of all time. What Mandarich did was take a good college career - he was an All-American player at Michigan State, an Outland finalist and twice was the Big Ten lineman of the year - added some Guns N' Roses tatts, talked smack about how he could beat up Mike Tyson, acted like he loved the smell of Napalm in the morning and soon enough, people bought the tough guy act. He was right.

      Sports Illustrated put Mandarich on its cover and actually wondered if he was the best offensive line draft prospect in history. Incredibly, Mandarich was selected by the Green Bay Packers ahead of players like Deion Sanders and Barry Sanders.

      Mandarich is without question the most overrated draft prospect in the history of sports. And this is where Bush comes in. He's not so far behind Mandarich when it comes to creating a magnanimous image that isn't real. Not so far at all.

      In fact, as I revise my list of the top 10 most overrated athletes of all time, not just draft selections, but all professional athletes, Bush is quickly advancing past the top five. My top 10 now goes something like this:

      10. Vince Carter -- His terrible shooting makes him one dimensional.

      9. Chris Webber -- Average NBA career but grand name recognition.

      8. Jose Canseco -- Has had more of an impact on baseball post-career with his mouth than he ever did with his bat.

      7. John Daly -- Could easily be top three.

      6. Bo Jackson -- Both overrated and underrated. Overrated because his career was so short; underrated because he is one of the best athletes sports has ever witnessed.

      5. Reggie Bush -- This from former Denver offensive lineman and current analyst Mark Schlereth: "You look at Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush doesn't know how to run between the tackles right now. He's a guy that's an edge runner. He's a guy that right now is not fulfilling his part of this offense."

      4. Joe Namath -- 220 interceptions, one championship and a lot of horrible seasons.

      3. Michael Vick -- Good player but career shortened due to stupidity.

      2. Mike Tyson -- Devastating puncher and one...
      -10-05-2007, 11:06 PM
    • THOLTFAN81
      Reggie Bush
      by THOLTFAN81
      Any takers if he is cut by the Saints?

      I know he has had a knock of being scared to take a hit, but we already have that RB in SJ39

      He has exceptional speed to go along with exceptional hands and could thrive I think in McD's offense.

      -01-27-2011, 08:59 AM