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  • The we factor????

    Well here is a topic that might have been brought up b4. I have been with the Rams for a long time despite the fact that im only 27. I feel I have been through hell with this orginization. When they were down in the 90's I was down, living in Nor Cal for most of it, pure torture. When they left I almost left them, but I love my players way too much. The emotions I put into every season as a fan is unbeleivable at times. I look back at times and get mad at myself for being so mad. When they lost in the Super Bowl I felt how like they looked on t.v. I was devistated. I still have not fully recovered. Last years Carolina game was surely no help.

    Anyways to the point. Lately I have been getting called out when speaking about the Rams. Everyone is asking why do you say we? "You do not play for them." Tell you the truth it kinda pisses me off. I mean we the fans buy the Jerzees, we go to the games, we buy the stuff that is on the commercials during the game, basically my point is we pay alot of money to those players and that orginization. Add that with the commitment, the emotion, and sometimes the torment we receive from rival fans (had to throw that in living in Whiner country so long) we deserve to say we. It is we , we all go through the pain of losing, we all go through the rebuilding years, we all get saddened when we have fallen heroes. So We are all Rams in my opinion.
    What do do my fellow Clan Rammers think I would love to hear your opinions on this.

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  • RamsFanSam
    OK, convince me!
    by RamsFanSam
    I have read plenty of posts from people saying fans shouldn't look at the bright side of last night's defeat, that instead we should all don sackcloth and ashes, and mourn the death of the 2008 season for our Rams.

    Convince me why I should!

    I watched only the first quarter, but I did listen to the entire game. Of course, the TV broadcast was done by the Titans Network, meaning that the commentary was biased in favor of the Titans. The other 3 quarters was a mix of NFL's gamecenter and KTVI audio, niether of which was very good.

    What I came out of the media barrage I witnessed is the following:

    1. Marc looked a little rusty. Of course, considering that there was only TWO others on the offense who had ever played in Saunder's system, I expected to see some confusion. But, I guess that since Marc didn't launch a 99 yard Hail Mary for 6 on the first possession means that Marc is all washed up. After all, when a reciever isn't in the right place at the right time, it's always the QB's fault.

    2. I also saw a really good defense beat our O-line. Considering that these front five guys have NEVER played a single game together before, We know it's all Pace's fault. He is all washed up, and we should have traded for Jake Long and then overpaid him to take Pace's spot.

    3. I saw 2 passes go long, so long that no one on either team had a chance to get to them. It didn't matter that both times the recievers were double covered and had no chance in hell of breaking away, those recievers must suck, so we should have traded them for some untested rookie. Darn Linehan for drafting someone who has skills that our offense could use instead of some other rookie!

    4. I saw our defense get beat up. Badly. Even though they made a solid stand in the red zone, we know they suck. It doesn't matter that some of our starters were out, we should have beaten the Titans back into the stone age with undersized, inexperienced rookies. It's all Haslett's fault for not having UFA's and rookies available that we can afford.

    5. Our "wannabe's" didn't come back in the second half and win the game. Of course, they have had a whole 90 days or so to forget everything they ever learned about football just to learn football all over again. I forget that other millionaires such as Bill Gates have been there before. Didn't he have to forget everything he knew about Windows 98 to learn Windows XP in just 90 days? He didn't? Oh my. Those rookies and coaches have to go....NOW!

    So, as you can see, I am NOT saying everything will be OK by next week. In fact, I'll be happy if we win 3 of our first 8, and come out 8-8 this season. I know all is not well in St. Louis as of yet, and I didn't expect it to be. Last year I had hope, because everything was in place. This year, we have a tougher schedule, most of our great players are either gone or they are getting...
    -08-10-2008, 04:41 PM
  • RockinRam
    After Two Decades of Agonizing Rams Football...No Remorse and Other Thoughts
    by RockinRam
    Look. I get it. The non-call on the PI will live in infamy as being one of the most blatant misses by an officiating crew for a long, long time. And I understand the Saints fans anguish. If we were in their situation, we would likely be saying and complaining about the same things.

    But do I reaaaaally care?


    And neither should Rams nation. For the fans that have stuck with the team through the small amount of highs and the massive amount of lows over the past 20 years, this is the moment we’ve been dreaming of. Every Sam Bradford check-down pass, every ex-Titans cast-off performing poorly, every Jared Cook dropped catch, every time the camera panned to Scott Linehan standing around looking confused on the sideline, every time we felt so sorry for Steven Jackson for sacrificing his body for a horrendously performing franchise, every time Craig Dahl looked like he was running through quicksand to try to tackle someone, every time Jason Smith got beat, every time Alex Barron false started…we would tell ourselves in our head that one day the Rams would be winners and that our current struggles would be worth it. Or at least I would.

    And now the time has finally come. Not only have the Rams made it to the playoffs in back-to-back years, we are going to the SUPERBOWL. Honestly, it is still pretty surreal to me. How are we finally this good? Are we prominent again? Or is this fleeting and the football gods are just teasing us? Whatever it is, this is our time to enjoy the moment and bask in the glory of some of the most legitimate football I have seen this team play since I became a fan.

    For those that are still trying to lead the crusade against the naysayers who claim that we don’t deserve to be in the Superbowl, I say just let it be. We indeed deserve to play on February 3rd. The Saints, for all their complaining about the refs, did not seem to complain when they had zero penalties called on them until 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. Let them cry out. I would too if I was starting to realize that my future HOF QB is no longer the same talent that he was and was looking to place blame on anything else but my team.

    But you know what? What a time to be alive as a Rams fan. And what a time to be a member of this board. I think we’ve all gone through some highs and lows together. I know I have personally been pretty hard on people or would get in frequent quarrels. Looking back, I think its because we all care so much about this team that we even care enough to argue over an internet board.

    This board means a lot to me. Growing up (and still today), I am basically the only Rams fan that I know. None of my friends are Rams fans. I still remember attending my first Rams game during the 2017 season in Los Angeles and walking around feeling honestly a little weird. I had never been surrounded by that many Rams fans before. Over the course of my fandom, this has...
    -01-22-2019, 09:27 AM
  • Will51
    i just don't get it
    by Will51
    I don't know what it is about this team I swear I feel that just because I am a fan I have cursed this team. How are we 0-6? Are we really that terrible? It sucks so bad because every week I go to the local sports bar with 3 of my friends who are also die hard fans of their respective teams and win lose or draw their teams always put up a fight/or have wins. It's a shame I mean we have excellent players such as laurinitis, jackson bradford long and mikell and other good players. What is it? I just can't figure it out. Every year we play terrible football while watching teams like the lions raiders bengals and many others surpasses us. I have not missed a game in over 6 years and it is just dreadful to have a team this bad. It hurts and every sunday I leave asking myself why us? why me?
    -10-23-2011, 07:35 PM
  • RamWraith
    We whine when...
    by RamWraith
    we can't stop any one. We whine when we can. We whine when we are aggressive. We whine when we are conservative. We whine when we can't score all the time. We whine when we do. We whine when we call time outs. whine when we do. We whine when Marc throws for 400 yards and we whine when he doesn't. (this list could go on and on and on...)

    What am I missing here? Did we lose against a playoff caliber team?
    -09-11-2006, 02:30 PM
  • RamWraith
    We don't rebuild; we reload!
    by RamWraith
    Just wanted to stop in and say "Hi" to all my brothers and sisters of the Clan! You all are missed and not forgotten.

    It is so nice to see a season of hope and the franchise beginning to gain a little respect. As always I commend all my fellow warriors that have stuck by the team through troubling times. You all know my belief as fans...we are together in the fight even if battles are lost. If you have jumped shipped and got of this train...I say, stay the frick off, we didn't need you then and we don't need you now.

    To all the youth here at the Clan...rise up, you are our future. Stand proud, wear your blue and gold and keep the faith even in the darkest hours. You have a responsibility to this team. Anoint our new heroes! Buy their jerseys, go to the games, tailgate with fellow fans...make the world take notice of our beloved team!

    This team now has a face in Sam, James, Steven, Chris and Danario. Our future is bright and there is finally some hope. Thank you Coach Spagnuolo for everything you have done, and we as fans apologize for the doubt that crept into our minds and faith.

    Finally, My heart goes out to our beloved friend and family member...BIG RED (Randy). You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers...keep fighting the good fight my friend!! The world is a better place with you in it!!

    Keep living the dream my friends...and keep the Clan running strong. If you need anything most of you know where to find me. Love you all, and here is to the next Super Bowl run!

    I will be back here when the Rams are in the playoffs!!
    -10-23-2010, 12:22 PM