Well here is a topic that might have been brought up b4. I have been with the Rams for a long time despite the fact that im only 27. I feel I have been through hell with this orginization. When they were down in the 90's I was down, living in Nor Cal for most of it, pure torture. When they left I almost left them, but I love my players way too much. The emotions I put into every season as a fan is unbeleivable at times. I look back at times and get mad at myself for being so mad. When they lost in the Super Bowl I felt how like they looked on t.v. I was devistated. I still have not fully recovered. Last years Carolina game was surely no help.

Anyways to the point. Lately I have been getting called out when speaking about the Rams. Everyone is asking why do you say we? "You do not play for them." Tell you the truth it kinda pisses me off. I mean we the fans buy the Jerzees, we go to the games, we buy the stuff that is on the commercials during the game, basically my point is we pay alot of money to those players and that orginization. Add that with the commitment, the emotion, and sometimes the torment we receive from rival fans (had to throw that in living in Whiner country so long) we deserve to say we. It is we , we all go through the pain of losing, we all go through the rebuilding years, we all get saddened when we have fallen heroes. So We are all Rams in my opinion.
What do do my fellow Clan Rammers think I would love to hear your opinions on this.